Chapter 7

15/06/2011 20:50

“Wanna have something to drink?” “Sure, what do you have?” “Let’s see.” I walked to the fridge and looked what we have. ‘Dang, look at that ass!’ Bruno thought. “We have milk, lemonade, Pepsi, orange juice, coffee, tea and of course water.” “Uhm… Can I have some Pepsi?” “Sure.” I got the cola out of the fridge and wanted to grab a glass. “Dang! Forgot!” “Forgot what?” “Uhmm… I’m too small to grab a glass. They said they would lower it!” “Wait, let me help.” “Wait! What are you doing?!” He grabbed me around my waist and lifted me up. “Aaahhh!” “Don’t scream, hold still and grab the glass.” I grabbed the glass. He let me slip through his arms so I would land softly. I put the glass down. “Uhmm… You can let me go now.” “Oh.. Sorry.” He let go of me. I poured the cola into the glass. “Here ya go. I didn’t know you are that strong.” “Lots of people don’t.” “Whatcha wanna do?” “Hear you sing a song.” “Except that.” “Why not?” “Cause I don’t wanna sing now.” I leaned against the dining table. ‘Why doesn’t she wanna sing? I have to figure it out!’  “But what do you want to do?” “I don’t know and to be honest I don’t care either.” “Well, then we’re stuck here.” “Let’s talk… We don’t have anything else to do.” “Okay, but let’s sit on the couch first.” We walked towards the couch. Bruno sat down next to me. “So what ya wanna talk about?” ‘All I wanna talk about is you sweetie!’ “Ladies first, so say it.” He said as he smiled. “I don’t know… how about your career?” “Now you sound like those interviewers.” “Sorry… But what do you wanna talk about?” “Uhmm.. What are your friends doing?” “They’re shopping.” “And you’re not going with them?” “No.” I said a bit disappointed. ‘Why did he have to come? These things always happen to me.’  “Why not?” “Why are you so curious?” “Cause that’s just who I am. But are ya gonna tell me?” “I don’t know yet.” ‘Damn! She keeps teasing me! Or there’s something wrong. I’ll find out!’   “Let me ask you this final question…” “Final question?” I look confused. “Are you gonna leave or so?” “Who knows but the question.. Why are you teasing me?” “Am I teasing you?” “Yes, you are.” “Then you’re making it that way cause I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Oh COME ON!” “What?” “Never mind…” “Geezz… And then you say something about me!” “What does that mean?” “Oh, you know!” “No really, what?” “Never mind…” An awkward silence followed. We just stared at each other. “You know, you have beautiful eyes.” Bruno said. It made me blush a bit. “Well, if you say my eyes are beautiful, it's because they are looking at you.” Our lips slowly moved towards each other. When they were just an inch away from each other, the door blasted open. “Guess whose back!” Chrissie said excited. We immediately backed away from each other. “Are we interrupting anything?” Isabella asked with a confused look on her face. “No, no, we were just talking about last night.” I quickly made up. They looked at Bruno. “Yeah, about last night.” He said and smiled showing his pearly white teeth. “Okay.” Chrissie said with a face. They went upstairs to drop there stuff and clean the mess up. “I’m sorry bout what happened.” He said a bit sad. “No, no, it was my fault too.” “Uhm… I think it’s better if I should leave…” “Yeah, I guess so…” We walked to the door. “Just one thing…” “What?” I was surprised he said that. ‘What would he want?’ He came closer to me. “Can I have your number?” He whispered in my ear. I giggled a bit. “What?! It’s a serious question. Am I gonna get an answer?” “Sure.” I walked to get a paper and wrote down my number. “Here ya go.” “Thanks.” He smiled, it was the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. I closed the door. And as I turned around to walk back I was surprised to see Chrissie stare at me. “What?! Why are you staring?” “Nothing…” She said as she walked down. “Just wanna know what he asked you.” “That’s none of your business!” “Oooohh… Somebody is getting a bit protective… Well, are ya gonna tell me or not?” “Maybe… Someday…” “You know, I really hate it when you’re acting so childish!” “It’s just who I am! Live with it…” As soon as Chrissie wanted to say something snappy back, I heard my phone buzzing. I looked and Chrissie looked along over my shoulder. “Oooohh… A text… Who is it?” “I have no idea.” “You can just say that you don’t want me to know, you know!” “No really, I don’t know, but I really don’t want to let you know what’s in it, so get a hobby!” “Fine little princess!” “Oh, shut up!” “Whatever…” And she walked out of the room. I opened the text, still wondering who sent it.


Hey Cam

I couldn’t wait with asking ya sooooo….. Wanna do something tomorrow?

-         Bruno


‘Aww.. that’s kinda cute’ I thought.



Sure, seems fun! What time and where?

-         Cam


I’ll pick you up J



So you wanna surprise me… Okay!


“I wonder what he has in mind….”