Chapter 7

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*** 3 years later *** October 8th

"Get out your useless now!" I scream as I'm thrown out of a car onto a sandy beach. I start crying mostly because it's finally over. I can forget about those horrible horrible things that they did to me. I look around and try to remember where they said they were going to leave me I think they said Waikiki, Hawaii. I grew up in Waikiki, my parents are buried here and there are so many memories here. I look around and there's not a house in sight. I sigh and start walking and then I see something shiny laying on the beach. It's a mirror. I pick it up and look at my reflection. I've really tanned 'probably from working on the farm' I think to myself. My hair is still blonde but it's just below my boobs. My eyes aren't the dark blue they used to be but instead there an icy blue. I look at my body and I have muscular looking arms and legs but I'm still thin and tall. I'd say that I'm probably five nine-ish. I look at my hands and start to fiddle with my ring. The diamond fell out some time ago but I still wear the band. I can't remember anything about who gave it to me but something tells me that that person was very in love with me and I was very in love with him. I kept walking and soon grew very tired. I decided to lay down and sleep for a while. ******************************************************************************

"Cuz you can count on me like 1-2-3 and I'll be there cuz that's what friends are supposed to do." The crowd went wild. "Thank you Waikiki Hawaii!" I put my guitar down and me and my band walked backstage. "That was amazing!" Said my best friend Phil. "Yea man straight up." "You going to the after party man?" "Naw I think I'm gonna go surprise my parents." "Alright man stay safe." Bruno walked out to his car and drove 15 minutes to his parents house. They were really surprised to see him so were his sisters. After he gave hugs and got all the latest news he walked outside by himself to the beach. It was really breath taking. The sun was setting and there was the ocean breeze blowing in his face. 'It reminds me of her.' He thought to himself. He looked around and then in the distance he saw something laying down a good ways down the beach. He looked around and once he was sure no one was looking he ran down to the figure. When he got close to the figure he realized it was a woman, sleeping. She looked so familiar she almost looked like Emily. But that was impossible he searched for her everywhere with her sister but he couldn't find her. He sat down and started to shake her. ******************************************************************************

I was sleeping soundly when I felt someone start to shake me. I woke up and saw a man, he was extremely good looking, he looked Hawaiian and he had curly black hair and beautiful brown eyes. He had perfect teeth and really cute dimples. He look really familiar but I can't remember who. I wake up and the man smiled. "Here am I?" For some odd reason I feel safe around him it's almost as if I knew him. He stands up and grabs my hand and pulls me up. "You fell asleep on the beach I'm Bruno by the way. What's your name beautiful?" I giggle "Emily.....err....I mean Shyloe nice to meet you Bruno. You look really familiar." ******************************************************************************

Bruno was dumbstruck. After all these years all he had to do was come back to Hawaii and he would've found her. He wanted to kiss her, he wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her everything is going to be ok now. She was on the verge of remembering him. He wanted to tell her everything but he knew he couldn't because of what happened to her he has to gain her trust. She changed her name but out of habit said her real name. He knew it was her. That voice, the laugh, the smile, and how she was shaped. Tall thin a bit muscular and about two inches taller than him. 'Patience.' He told himself 'Patience.' ******************************************************************************

I was scared. He had walls. I couldn't read him, I couldn't even pick up the slightest thought. All I got was that basic things like his name, age, etc. I tried reaching deeper but I only got walls. Big thick walls. I knew I couldn't trust him. Too risky. He was either one of them or had something to hide. After finding out that not only was I physic, I was also a medium I knew I had an advantage, but also a curse. My physic powers let me read the bad guys. I knew what they were going to do to me. It was risky traveling into their minds though. After listening to there thoughts and what they thought of me, I knew I never wanted to be involved with any man. Thankfully I'm a touch telepathic, so only once someone touches me can I read them. On several occasions I almost wasn't able to pull out in time and it left me physically exhausted to the point I almost couldn't breathe. Being a medium is ever worse, in a way, I can see the dead. All the poor innocent people that the men in black have killed or that have died period. I'm the only one who can see them, feel them, talk to them. They kept me company over the years I was there, they warned me about what the men could do. My first year as a prisoner I was always in pain. It wasn't until I disobeyed once, I was hit over the head and then they found out I was pregnant. They cut me open and removed the baby. When I woke up and saw what they had done, my mother appeared and explain what had happened she helped me fix myself and understand how to use my abilities. She said that when they hit my head part of my brain was shocked and then a high amount of electrical energy entered my brain and viola I became a physic and a medium. It was scary at first, but then I started to use it to my advantage. The voices told me things, like they would say 'The phone’s about to ring.' Then bam the phone would ring. I knew they were letting me out today and I knew I would fall asleep on the beach but what I didn't know is that I would awaken to a man who, for once in my life that I can recall, felt safe around, protected. It almost felt as if we shared a bond years ago. *****************************************************************************

Bruno knew she had changed. Not just physically but mentally. It seemed like there was a lot of energy in the air when she woke up. Almost as if someone flipped a switch. "So do you live around here?" She looked up, her brow was knotted up as if in deep thought and her eyes were dilated so much he could barely see the actually color of her eyes. He watched as they returned to normal and she finally answered. "Ummm.......Yeah." Liar. "That's cool......I've never seen you around before?" She bit her lip and said with a shaky voice. "I'm new here." He nodded his head. "So where do you live?" "What's it to you!" She said dryly. "Just wondering......" "Listen I gotta go bye." And with that she turned and started running. "Wait will I see you again?" She stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face him. "Why?" "I dunno....I just....wanna see you again." She walked up to him and got up right in his face. "The day you can find me Peter Gene Hernandez is the day that I will meet you ever again. A lot has happened to me over the years involving men and I have no desire to be with one or even trust one ever again. Understood? Good. Now goodbye." She turned and started walking off. " do you know my name!?" He tried to grab her but she started running. He sighed and looked around. He had no choice but to follow her. He had to make her understand......he had to! But something told him he had a long way to go. ******************************************************************************

I had to hide. I had to run. I couldn't trust him. I run until my legs finally give out on me. I flop down on the sand and start crying. I look around and decide to try to make a fire and shelter. I finally get a small fire going and I'm able to find enough palm fronds to make a blanket when I hear someone behind me. My whole body tenses. I try to reach out to the stranger but I can't pick anything up. I refocus my eyes and look around. It's almost completely dark out and all my senses are screaming run. I hear another crunch of the underbrush, closer this time. I spring up and start to run. I feel the stranger grab me and then it all goes down hill. He doesn't have walls. He thinks I'm a hooker. He's getting excited. "How much do you charge?" "I'm not a hooker!" I feel him tense and reach into his pocket. It's there he's holding the handle he's going to ask me again. "Are you sure?" I nod my head vigorously. "Yes." He pulls the knife out and stabs me. "Help me!" He keeps stabbing me. He wants me to learn my lesson. He wants to kill me. He thinks I'm lying to him. "Please someone help!" "Get off of her!" I don't even have to turn my head to know it's Bruno. He tackles the man and starts swinging at him. I scramble up and cry out in pain, I look at my stomach and it's completely scarlet, and sticky. I watch as the two start to fight. For the first time in my life I feel the urge to fight back, let him know he's messing with the wrong people, and I need to save Bruno. I run as best as I can over to them and the voice in my head is saying 'pressure point get the pressure point.' I grab the man and squeeze between his neck and shoulder. I start to feel him slowly relax and I don't let go until he hits the sand. I look at Bruno. He has a deep gash on the right side, thankfully, of his chest and a couple others on his arms and stomach. He hangs up and flops down on the sand moans. "Why did you follow me Bruno!" "I....I just wanted to see you again." "Well are you happy now? I could of fended for myself but then you got involved and now look at you! You going to be out of the singing biz for a while now and you going to be getting so much media attention from this!" He propped himself up on his elbows and look at me. "There is no way you could of fended for yourself just look at you! You look like Swiss cheese!" I'm taken aback. Never have I heard someone that upset. "Bruno I'm stronger than you think......I'm different....very different....but it's better if you don't understand." He let out an angry sigh. "I understand perfectly are different and thats why I fell in love with you almost 4 years ago. That's why I asked you to be my wife." ******************************************************************************

My words hit her. Hard. She gasps and looks at me as if I'm crazy. She tilts her head questionably and slides closer. She touches my hand and I watch as her pupils dilate again and her eyes close. ******************************************************************************

"Emily follow me." I shiver from the cold. Marybeth? "Yes it's I'm not dead but I'm a physic now too." How? "I'll explain later." Where are we going? "You have to see the truth. He's going to protect you. He cares about you." Who? Bruno? "Yes come on just look." I look into a small puddle. Strange I've never seen a puddle in the gray time before. I look into it and gasp. It's me and Bruno. Kissing. We’re on a beach. Now we’re singing. He's sick in a hotel and I'm taking care of him. Now Im running from one of 'them'. And now-oh my god!- he's proposing! And I said yes! Marybeth I'm still not going to trust him......he needs to prove himself. "And he hasn't yet?" I bite my bottom lip trying to figure all this out. Marybeth I just can't waltz up to a complete stranger and be fine and dandy around them after what's happened to me! It's impossible! Especially considering it's a man! I'd be better off if it was a woman! She sighs. "I know but I would never lead you in the wrong direction promise." I start to feel warmer and I start to refocus. Right before everything completely refocuses Marybeth whispers in my ear. "Heal him." ******************************************************************************

I watch as she stands up and walks to the water and kneels down. I'm not sure how long she's there but she stands up and walks back over and sits down. Her brow knots and she bites her lip. She looks up and her eyes open and start to refocus. "Em.....Emily?" She gasps and looks around. "Bruno I need you to tell me anything and everything you know about me......but first please tell me who you called." ******************************************************************************

"I called my friend Phil. I told him to come pick me up because it was an emergency." He said "Did you tell him what happened to you?" "No." I sighed "Good. Now you have to swear not to tell anyone about this or anything you know about me ok?" "Alright." "Ok now I need you to lie down and relax." He lies down and closes his eyes. "Ok now this may hurt a little." I put my hand over his gashes and focus all my energy to my hands. My hands start tingling and I wait until the sensation is gone. I slowly lift my hands and smile. "Open your eyes Bruno." He opens his eyes and freaks out. " did you do that! Are!?!" He starts unbuttoning his shirt. "Bruno please stop! Oh god! This is all my fault! Bruno just watch!" I scream. He stops and looks at me. I put my hand to my stomach and close my eyes and focus all my energy to my hands again. Then the tingling sensation begins again. *******************************************************************************

I watched as her eyes closed and a strange light emitted from her hands. As the light faded it looked as if she had never been touched. "What? How?" "Bruno there's a lot you don't know about me and a lot you never will." Headlights shine down on the beach and I hear the bus screech. With the headlights shining on her he could tell she was terrified. Had she told him something she shouldn't? Has she made a mistake? What's is she hiding? *******************************************************************************

As soon as I saw the headlights I knew I had stuck around too long. "Bruno please I'm begging you don't tell anybody about me ok? I've stuck around too long and you've seen too much. Oh and happy birthday Bruno." I run off and hear him run after me. I don't look back I just keep running. I stumble over a stump and start crying. No from the pain although it's probably fractured but now he's going to catch me. I hear him getting closer and try not to cry. But he finds me and picks me up with ease as if I weigh nothing. I scream. "Put me down! Help!" He slings me over his shoulder and I start banging on his back. "Will you stop! I'm trying to help!" I start panicking. Tears start streaming down my face and I start going into a panic attack. I can't breathe or think straight. All I can think about is getting away from him. I hear him open a door and start walking up steps. I scream louder. *******************************************************************************

"Phil tell the guys to get something for her to eat and something to change into." I put her down on the couch and she's shaking. "Look you need to calm down! Go take a shower and then come get something to eat ok. Then were going to take you to the hospital....." "No I can take care of it myself! I can't go to the hospital! I don't exist!" "Shower. Go. Now." I point to the shower and she shakily stands up and hobbles to the shower. She closes the door and the guys wake up and come see what all the commotion was about. I tell them everything I know and they seem happy for me that I finally found her but I don't tell them about the stabbings. I wait about 10 minutes and when she didn't come out I walk by the door. The waters still running and then I see the white light. Shes trying to heal herself. I turn to walk away when I see the light flicker instead of fade and then a loud thump. My gut knots up. I wait. I don't hear anything so I knock. Still nothing. I open the door and I think I actually squeal.


"You just don't know your limits do you?" My mom, dad, and sister are all standing in front of me in the gray time with their arms crossed and a scowl on their face. It's freezing in here! "Mom......" "I told you you had limits but you pushed to hard finally. Now you’re going to regret it."