Chapter 7

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“Ryan’s coming back tomorrow” I yelled from the Kitchen.

“What time?” Bruno yelled back

“Not too sure, maybe in the evening.” I said walking over to the front door.

“Okay, we’ll go together to pick him up.” He said while pulling me into a hug

“Sounds like a plan to me” I said giving him a quick kiss.

“For some weird reason….I don’t feel like leaving you home alone today.”

“What?” I said laughing “And why not?”

“I don’t know, I’m having this strange feeling inside.”

I looked into his eyes…he looked concerned…worried…afraid. “Baby, nothings going to happen, I don’t even know why you’re freaking out. We haven’t had any robber or criminal warnings or anything.” I touched his face, his skin was soft as always.

He kissed her cheek. “I love you babygirl, be careful alright. I’ll be home soon”

“I love you too, and I’ll be fine…go do some work.” I pushed him out the door. What has gotten into him, why did he seem so scared?

“Aunt kiki, aunt kiki…come here” Max yelled from his room.

“Coming sweetheart.” I ran up the stairs. “What is it?”

“I was practicing on my drums, I think I’m getting better….listen!” he started banging on his toy drums.

He was really too cute, and so amused by instruments. Ever since he met Bruno, all he wants to do is play the drums or the guitar, I even heard him singing in the shower one day. He stopped and looked at me, his eyes gleaming with happiness and hope. “You sound great champ, now how about we get you some lunch, I have a feeling Maya may be getting up from her nap soon.” And I was right, in minutes she was crying at the top of her lungs, I ran over to her crib and picked her up. “Baby want some food”

“Me hungry” She said sniffling

“Okay lets go get some food.”

I made them some sandwich’s and put a movie on for them, so they’d stay quiet for a few hours. I loved them to death, but sometimes I needed some quiet time. I was reading a book on the couch when I heard the phone ring. I looked at the caller ID. Bruno.

“Hello Love.” I said

“Hey babe. What’s up?”

“Just reading, what are you doing?”

“Making music, but I can’t think…I keep worrying about you.”

“But why Bruno, I’m perfectly fine…” I said getting a little scared. Why was he so worried?

“I know, I know, I just have a bad feeling. I think I may be going crazy”

“Darling, I swear I’m fine…just get back to work. I’ll see you soon” I said

“Okay, call me if you need anything alright? I love you”

“I love you too. Bye Bruno.” I hung up, all I could do was look at my phone and smile, he really was something special.

Just as I was about to get back to my reading I heard Max calling my name and running towards me. “Aunt Kiki Aunt KiKi! He yelled.

“Yes sweety, what’s wrong?”

“Maya keeps making this funny noise with her mouth and she’s spitting all over me! I can’t even watch the movie” He frowned. Maya came in laughing behind me.

“I funny! I funny!” She was saying.

“Yes” I said picking her up. “You’re very funny”

“She is not!” Max objected. “She’s gross”

I put Maya down. “Go on Maya, chase him for calling you gross and tackle him to the ground.” Maya looked up at me and smiled.

“Run Maxy Run.” She yelled. And off Max went running around the couch, all I could do was laugh while watching my niece and nephew play, they were so cute! All of a sudden I felt Max jump on my back.

“This is for releasing that crazy girl after me” He said tackling me to the ground.

“You little monkey, you know I’m a lot bigger then you.” I felt Maya come and sit on top of me beside Max.

“Well your no match for the 2 of us” He smiled, putting his arm around Maya.

“You 2 set me up!”

They laughed, and I heard the doorbell ring. Must be Bruno, he really didn’t feel like working today, him and his worrying. I got up too open the door, with Max and Maya following me. I swung open the door with the biggest smile on my face. “Well Hello Lov-“ I stopped as soon as I saw him. “Jamie? What are you doing here?” I said, a bit shocked.

“I came by to see if you were alright.” He said, and as he spoke I could smell the alcohol in his breathe, he was drunk.

“I’m fine thanks, you may leave now.” I was about to shut the door when he put his hand in front to stop me.

“Where are your manners, aren’t you going to ask me to come in? I came all the way here just to make sure you were doing alright.”

He was right, he did come just to see if I was doing okay, maybe I was just being crazy and thinking way ahead of myself. “Well alright” I said “Come in, I’ll make you some tea.” I could still smell the alcohol, it was strong. “Max, Maya” I whispered while walking to the kitchen. “You 2 go upstairs, and Max keep the phone with you, if you feel like something’s going wrong. Call Bruno.” I said, just in case. He nodded and took Maya to his room.

“Where are the kids?” Jaime asked, as I got back to the couch with his tea.

“They went to bed.” I said, not wanting to talk to him much. I handed him his cup. He looked over at my hand and his eyes were wide in shock.

“What the bloody hell is that on your finger?” He said grabbing my hand.

“It’s nothing” I said pulling my hand away.

“Looks like a ring to me” He said with this dumb looking smirk on his face. I sat down not wanting to look him in the eye. “So?” He said.

“So what?”

“Who gave the ring to you?”

“That really doesn’t concern you.” I said looking away. I wanted to tell him to get out, but the kindness in me was taking over.

“Oh does it not?” He smirked again, then came and sat next to me.

“What?” I said as he looked at me and smiled.

“You’re too beautiful to resist you know” He said putting his finger on my face. His touch, it made me feel uncomfortable and scared, so I just pushed his hand off.

“Well I don’t really think so but thanks.”

“Why do you get so jumpy around me Kiara?” He said still smiling.

“I don’t get jumpy” I said getting up, but I felt his hand on my wrist.

“Then sit back down.” His tone, it had changed from calm to crazy in a split second.

“I think its time you left.” I said, getting annoyed now.

“No, I think I’d rather stay here” He said coming closer to me.

“Jamie please, this isn’t right. You’re my brothers friend, please stay that way.”

I looked up at him, and saw the anger in his eyes, he pulled me close to him, his breathe was stinging my eyes, I felt like throwing up, the smell of alcohol was too strong. He squeezed his fingers around my arms. “Stop it, you’re hurting me” I said.

He let go. “I would rather be something more to you, then just your brothers friend.” He said smirking “I want you Kiara, I want you so bad.” He was starting to come closer again, like he was going to kiss me. I pushed him away.

“Well I don’t want you, and I don’t want you to want me! So please just leave” I said raising my voice now.

“NO! I will not leave, why do you let that Bruno touch you huh? Why is he staying here? I’m sure he’s the one that gave that ring to you. What the hell does he have that I don’t?”

“Everything.” I spit the word out.

He looked at me, angry…I got scared there was fire coming out of his ears and nose. “You little bitch.” He said pulling me against him. “You’ll regret picking that useless musician bastard over me any day.”

I looked up at him, anger in my eyes this time. How dare he? How dare he say such a thing about Bruno, he could call me all the names in the world I wouldn’t care but insulting Bruno. That was something I could not take. I pushed him away and slapped him. “Don’t you ever even think about insulting Bruno again. You will be sorry.”

“How dare you slap me?” He grabbed my arms, this time his grip was stronger. He pulled me closer and closer till I was an inch away from his face, I was turning my head from left to right knowing what he was trying to do. It didn’t work, I felt his hard lips on mine, I could feel his teeth sinking into my bottom lip, I cried out in pain. I tried to push him off, I couldn’t do it I was too weak, finally I managed to kick him and get him to let go. I ran into the kitchen, but he wasn’t far behind, he pulled my leg and I fell to the floor. I saw him grabbing a knife.


“Bruno. Man, why don’t you just go home if your so worried? Phil said.

“I don’t want you working here alone.”

“Well, you’re not much help right now anyways man. It’s okay go home.”

“No I’m good really, lets try working on this song again.” I walked over to the piano, and put my fingers on the keys. I started playing it and singing.

I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back
My neighbors think, I'm crazy
But they don't understand
You're all I have
You're all I have

At night when the stars light up my room
I sit by myself
Talking to the Moon, Trying to get to You
In hopes you're on, the other side
Talking to me too, Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

I stopped when I felt a strong pain in my arm. “Oww” I said holding my arm

“Dude, that was so good, why did you stop?” Phil said coming over to the Piano.

“I feel this weird pain in my arm, like someone just cut me!”

“What” Phil said looking at me confused.


“AHHHHHH” I screamed in pain as I looked at the deep cut Jamie had put on my arm.

“That’s what you get for slapping me.” He said sitting on top of me.

“Please” I said crying “Please let me go.”

“Never.” He said leaning down, coming closer to my face.

I moved my head to the side “Don’t even think of kissing me, you filthy jerk” He moved back and looked at me. He smiled that dumb smile of his again and took the knife and stabbed my leg. “AHHHHHHHHHH” I cried out in pain.


“Now my leg.” I said holding on to it. “Feels like someone just stabbed it”

“Bruno, dude…you’re freaking me out.”

“Sorry, I’m just telling you.” I said smiling at him. I didn’t understand why I was feeling all this pain all of a sudden, I usually took pretty good care of my health. I looked over at my phone, I hadn’t called Kiara in a while. “Maybe I should call Kiara, and see if she’s okay”

“Okay” Phil said handing me my phone, I dialed her number, the phone rang, but nobody picked up. That was weird, she usually picked up. I called again. No answer. I called again. Still no answer.

“She’s not picking up.” I said looking at Phil.

“She’s probably in the washroom.” He smiled, it still didn’t make me feel any better. Something was wrong.

“I don’t know---“ I was about to say something, when I felt my phone vibrate. I looked down at it and smiled, it was Kiara’s house calling. I picked up “Thank God, I was getting worried I called your cell so---“

“Uncle Bruno.” It was Max, and he was crying.

“Max????? What happened??? Why are you crying? Where’s Kiara?” I said suddenly panicking

“She…..she….Jamie came…and now….all we hear….is screaming and crying.” He couldn’t speak he was crying too much. “Please come…..home….we’re scared.”

“I’ll be right there Max, where are you and Maya?” I said grabbing my coat and my keys.

“I’m coming with you” I heard Phil say.

“We’re….in…….room.” He said still crying.

“Stay there. I’ll be home soon.” I hung up and rushed to my car, my hands were shaking I couldn’t even open the lock.

“Give me the keys I’ll drive.” Phil took the keys, and I went over to the passenger seat.

“I knew I shouldn’t have left her alone today, I knew it.” I was scared, what was he doing to her, why was she screaming and crying. Oh God, I put my hands over my face, I needed to be with her right now.


“Jamie please.” I said crying and pleading for my life. I had managed to push him off, I was going to run upstairs but then thought of Max and Maya, I didn’t want them to get into any trouble. So instead I ran into the study room, I had tried to lock the door, but I couldn’t he was too fast he came in and I was in the corner curled up in a ball, while he stood there in front of me holding a knife. He came closer and bent down in front of me, and within that second he took his huge hand out and slapped me, I fell down against the floor. I cried out in pain, my body hurt there was blood all over my clothes.

“You should have thought of all this before you slapped and insulted me for that good for nothing excuse of a man. You think I didn’t know? I saw him come into your house, I saw what you guys do every night. I watched you.” He stopped and ran a finger down my face.“ I pushed him aside, looking at him with angry eyes. He laughed. “I just want to touch you Kiara, I want to feel you.”

“You will never be able to do that, my heart body and soul all belong to Bruno.” I said spitting the words out at him.

He looked at me with furious eyes, he took the knife and cut my other arm, I cried out in pain…it hurt so much. I could feel the blood dripping down my arm. “You can keep cutting me all you want, but you’ll never have me”  He was about to raise his hand when I saw someone else grabbing it. I looked up and saw him.

“Bruno.” I said, crying. I saw Bruno grabbing his collar and punching him in the face.

“Don’t you ever touch her again.” He said angry.

Jamie shot me a look, then looked back at Bruno. “Oh yeah, and what are you gonna do about it?”

“Well, I’ll just have to kill you.”

“You don’t scare me.”

“I don’t, but they might” He said pointing over to the door.

Jamie smiled, but that quickly vanished as soon as he saw the police coming in…he tried to run, but that was a complete fail. The police had him handcuffed and out of my house in minutes. Bruno came over to me and helped me stand up, I looked at him and smiled which was hard since I had a bruised lip. “Thanks.” I said.

“Shhh, don’t say anything.” He carried me out of the room. I saw Phil and Emily standing in the middle of the dining room, with Max and Maya, they were both crying but their eyes lit up as they saw me. “Aunt Kiki” They said running over to Bruno and I. Bruno put me down on the couch.

“Where’s your first aid kit?” He asked.

“In the kitchen top drawer” I said, talking kind of weirdly because of my lip. He walked over to the kitchen. Phil and Emily came over to my side, Phil seemed like he was analyzing me.

“That’s weird.” He finally said. I looked at him confused.

“What?” I asked.

He touched my arm, then noticed my leg. “Everywhere you have a cut, Bruno felt some kind of pain there today.”

I looked at him, as confused as ever, was he saying that Bruno was feeling the pain of my wounds? “What?” I finally spoke.

Bruno walked over to me with the first aid kit, he cleaned off the blood, and put bandages around my wounds. He finished up the last one and was about to get up, I pulled him back down and pulled his shirt up to see his arm. I almost choked when I saw it. He had faint bruises. But how?! Was this even possible? He looked down at his arm, when he saw my eyes widen in shock. He looked back up at me and smiled. “It’s nothing, don’t worry.” He kissed my forehead, and walked back to the kitchen.

“See” Phil said “I told you”

“But….” I couldn’t finish my sentence.

“Your love is very strong.” Emily said sitting next to me, putting her arms around my shoulders. “You can feel each others pain”

“Aunt Kiki?” Max said walking over to me. “Are you going to be okay?” He looked so scared.

“I’m fine sweetie don’t worry.”

Phil, who was holding Maya in his arms, put her down and she walked over to me. She didn’t say anything, just kissed both my arms and looked at me with a smile. I started tearing up, she didn’t even need to say anything, what she had done was more than enough to make me feel better. “You two go sleep now, its way past your bedtime.”

“I’ll go put them to sleep, I put Sean upstairs in Maya’s crib…didn’t want him to see all this commotion.”

“Okay, and that’s alright, I wouldn’t want him to see that either”

Bruno walked back out. “Goodnight Uncle Bruno” Max said hugging him. “And thank you”

“No problem champ, go to bed now. Goodnight.” Max took Maya’s hand and walked upstairs with Emily.

“I’ll go help her out” Said Phil walking after her.

Bruno came and sat next to me. He didn’t look at me, he rested his face in his hands. “I’m sorry Kiara.”

I looked up at him in shock, why was he apologizing. “What?”

“I said I’m so---“

I cut him off. “I heard what you said, but why in the world are you apologizing?” I looked at him, getting a little angry. He didn’t even do anything.

He just smiled. “I should have stayed home with you. I’m so---“

I cut him off again. “If you say sorry one more time, I swear Mr. Peter Gene Hernandez, I will cut you in half”

He laughed. “Okay okay, I won’t…but that still doesn’t help me from feeling bad. Look at you, you must be in so much pain right now.” He touched her face.

I put my hand over his, I gently picked it up and brought his hand to my lips and kissed it. “I know you were feeling it too.” I said “Phil told me.”

“It’s not as severe as yours.” He said looking into her eyes.

“Bruno” I couldn’t help it anymore, the tears were coming. “You have bruises.”

He wiped her tears. “I already told you, that’s nothing.” He said quietly.

“It is something to me.” I bent over and kissed his arm. “How do you love me so much?” I asked. “How can you be able to feel my pain?”

“I wish I could answer that Kiara, I really wish I could.”

“I don’t want you to feel pain because of me.” I looked away, I couldn’t stand the thought of him being in pain because of me.

“Hey, hey” he said bringing me to face him again. “Don’t say that, I can never feel pain because of you. You’re my heart, and my heart can never hurt me.” He kissed her lips gently. “I love you Kiara, and I’m never ever leaving you alone again.”

“I love you too Bruno, but you can’t just drag me along with you everywhere. You have work to do, dreams to fulfill…I can’t come in between that.”

“Well, what do you want me to do? I can’t sit at work without having the thought of someone else coming and giving you pain.” He was getting a little frustrated. Why didn’t she understand that seeing her like this had broken him inside.

“I won’t be alone always, I have brothers too you know” I smiled at him, knowing that would probably make him feel better.

“Yes, and Ryan comes back tomorrow.” He stopped and looked at her. “And after he sees the condition you’re in right now, I don’t think he’ll ever go on vacation leaving you home alone again.”

“Oh shit! I completely forgot, he’s going to go crazy!” I said getting scared now.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here for you alright? I’ll calm him to the best of my ability.” He smiled. His smile was enough to make me feel better.

“Hey you 2…everything good?” Asked Phil coming down the stairs with Emily beside him.

“Yes, everything’s fine.” Said Bruno.

“Well, it’s getting late” I said looking at the time. “We should all get some sleep now. Phil and Emily you guys can have the guest bedroom”

“Oh no, we don’t plan on---“ I cut Emily off before she could finish her sentence.

“It’s too late now, you’re already staying.” I said smiling. “And tomorrow we can all go and pick up Ryan from the airport.”

They all agreed and we went to bed.