Chapter 7

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#Chapter 7 I went to the bar, ordered vodka, drank the drink bottoms up and left the club, angry.


A week later, things seemed to be back to the normal. 

Actually, the scandal happened a month ago now and Kaylee was more confident in the future so they could move on, enjoy to be together.


_Morning sweetheart! he said in his mellow voice

_Morning! she said lying on him and hugging him so tight. 

_Have you had a goodnight?

_Yes honey! he said, playing with Kaylee' hands.

_Me too! It was my first good night. she said in a little smile.

_I'm happy that things got back to the "normal" he said, grabbing Kaylee by her waist and throwing her on the bed next to him. He kissed her. 


She was laughing and he was tickling so she screamed out loud "stop it Bruno, stop it!". But he didn't mean to listen to her. He didn't stop until she couldn't breathe. He thought it was way too funny to stop it. 

She watched what time it was on her alarm clock then she ran to the bathroom and took a shower. Bruno didn't understand why the hell she was in a hurry like that. 


_What's the matter? he yelled through the door (she couldn't hear him if he talked normally because of the water).

_I have to meet some friends. 

_We don't spend the day together? he asked to her, disappointed. 

_Yes we do, I just told them we could met way before…you know…she answered. In fact, Kaylee wasn't ready yet to talk about what happened last month, the scandal. 

_Oh okay! he said. 

_Just jump in the shower when I'm done or we going to be late! 

_What? I have to come? he asked.


He doesn't really want to come.


_Yes, you come with me or I'll let you alone…


Bruno didn't answer, he was pretending to be mad at her but honestly how could he be? Kaylee was so lovely.

_Don't worry, we'll totally spend the night together…she said to cheer him up a bit. 

_Oh…he replied, thinking about some…things they could plan to do.


Now Bruno was smiling like an idiot. When Kaylee was ready, he came into the bathroom to take a shower. He took his underwear off, while Kaylee was still in the bathroom. It was…embarrassing! Seeing him naked…She shook her head to banish the picture from her thoughts then she kept on to put make up on her face. Bruno went out of the shower ten minutes after. He wrapped himself in a towel, he was topless. Oh my god, what a perfect body! He got a six pack! Well, the little chubby kid Pete completely disappeared and now it was "sexy Bruno". He was perfectly tanned and his little curls was wet because he washed his hair. His brown eyes was staring at her in the mirror, he was smiling because she was smiling too, just like a goof; but God, he was so cute. Bruno burst out laughing with his sexy laugh. The hell Bruno? 


_What? she asked, falsely surprised. 

_I see you in the mirror! 

_So what? 

_You were staring! he affirmed, pointing his finger at her as he would say "don't tell me it's wrong!". 

_Staring? at? at you huh? No way! she replied.


Bruno came closer and pressed his body against her back. She could smell his perfume. She turned her look toward him. Oh my god, his six pack…Kaylee was literally dying. 


_Touch them! Bruno ordered to her.

_Touch what? she asked as if she didn't know what he was talking about, actually she perfectly knows it.

_My abs, touch!


Bruno' abs were so tough, his torso was so muscled. How could he be hiding these under his tees? Kaylee couldn't barely believe it. 

Well, I know what you're thinking, Kaylee's Bruno's girlfriend so she's supposed to know how the hell he's cute and perfect. Yes, she already saw his perfect body when they were at pool parties or when he was at the gym sometimes, but she never realized it until now. They weren't together for a long time, it was less than a year like ten months maybe.


When he left the bathroom, i was hyperventilating! My face started to redden. 

He came back, still wrapped in his towel with some clothes in his hands. 


_Baby, tell me what I should wear. he told me. There are my radical red checkered jacket with my black pants or my denim waistcoat with my white t-shirt and my jean? 

_Honey, no matter what you wear you're still handsome!


Bruno came closer from me and kissed her. "Thank you baby" he whispered in her ear. He went in our bedroom and dressed with his denim waistcoats, his white t-shirt, his jean and his black converses finally, he wanted to be comfortable.

A moment later, the twosome was ready to go. First stop, Starbucks coffee. They didn't take their breakfast and Kaylee's best friend, Janae Ora was, waiting for them inside. 

In fact, Janae wasn't the real name of Kaylee's best friend, Janae was a nickname because she didn't like her real name which it actually was Rita. 

Janae never met Bruno in almost one year that Kaylee became her friend when she arrived in Los Angeles. Janae was so excited to meet her best friend's boyfriend, she totally fell in love with his voice, she couldn't stop listening to his songs, she got the whole album on her ipod. She thought he seemed so nice too tho. When the couple entered in the Starbucks, with their shades on, she jumped off of her chair and hugged them, especially Bruno. 


_Hi, i'm…

_Janae! Yes I know -Bruno and Kaylee removed their sunglasses-, I saw you on the tv. By the way, I love your songs! Kaylee is constantly watching your music videos on MTV so I watch it sometimes too. But, I have to admit that I ditch some episodes because I'm pretty busy with my music too but when I'm available I watch you. You should keep singing you're a very good songstress…you know?


Janae couldn't help but smile. Bruno Mars, her favorite singer was telling her that she did a great job as a singer, he wanted her to keep singing. She was in heaven. 

Suddenly, Girls who were in saw Bruno and Kaylee. They all screamed and ran into them, asking for autographs and pictures. Bruno didn't complain at all. In fact, Bruno liked meeting his fans. It meant the world to him when he saw how a picture, a hug and an autograph could cheer people up. He was making people happy and that's why he loved his job. The funniest thing was that they knew who Kaylee was, they knew she was his girlfriend and they also wanted her to sign them autographs and took pictures with them. Kaylee was flattered, it wasn't unpleasant to have fans after all. But Janae didn't remain alone, she had fans too. We could even say that Janae was one of the most famous people around there, her songs was the most recently listened in the USA. It wasn't nothing. Once they signed all the papers, took all the pictures and hugged all the fans, they came back to their conversation.


_So, you girls planned to do something special today? Bruno asked to them, breaking the silence. 

_Oh, we just want to spend the day together but of course you're welcome.

_Haha. Yes, thank you. Bruno replied to her, laughing. Kaylee already threatened me that if I wasn't come with you, or I'll be alone…I think she meant for the rest of my life!

_Absolutely…Kaylee said, with a nasty smile.


Everyone laughed and they decided to order their breakfast. Janae, Bruno and Kaylee had a really good time, talking about nothing and all. It was like the time had stopped. 

But when they got out of the café, the life became the wild it already was once again. Paparazzi were everywhere, stalking them, they were so close. Bruno, who was the only one man here took a girl in each arm, he held them tightly against him, to not allow anyone to approach them too closely. They walked like that until they saw a clothes store to go in. 


_Oh my god, I thought that they would never leave us alone! Janae proclaimed, laughing nervously.

_Yeah, I almost forgot this racing habit…

_Girls are you okay? Did i do a great job, protecting you? Bruno asked, proud of what he just did. 

_Hm…I guess we're okay Brunito…you don't mind if i call you Brunito? Janae asked to the young handsome. 

_Brunito is okay for me! He answered, smiling. 

_Okay guys, let's try on some clothes. 


You and Janae tried on some clothes, laughed and asked for Bruno's advice.

He said you were two beautiful girls. You nodded. 


_Okay girls, did you get what you needed? Can we go now?

_Yes Bruno we can go. Janae said, with a smile on her face. 


Suddenly, her phone vibrated. She took it and read her new unread messages. 


_Oh, I'm sorry guys but I have to go. Do we hang out tonight?

_Sure! Kaylee told to her best friend. Can't wait.

_But where? Janae asked.

_Hm…The Midnight Club in L.A center. 7pm?

_Perfect, I'll be there! Janae replied, happily.


Janae went out of the store, trying to hide herself from paparazzi and ran as fast as she could to reach her car while the twosome tried to went out of the store too without be harassed by paparazzi…failed.


_Bruno, Bruno! Just a picture please! Bruno…paparazzi constantly told Kaylee's boyfriend. 


Bruno put his arm behind my back and brought me back against him while we were walking. 


_Could you guys just shut up? No? Bruno asked to them, ironically.


Kaylee got a small smile stick on her lips. 


_Guys please, a kiss, please! a paparazzi begged them.


Bruno and Kaylee laughed. How could these paparazzi could be so annoying? or so stupid? It was simply insane.


When Bruno and I were finally home, I lay down on the couch. 

Bruno had a cute smile towards me. He straddled me. I put my hands on his ribs and kissed him passionately on the lips. I shivered when I felt his kisses on my neck. 

Then we couldn't stop kissing each other for a longtime, It never happened for a very longtime. 

I turned my head and watched the clock. 


_Jeez! It's almost the time to go! I said, pushing Bruno away from me and went out of the couch. 

_Are you kidding me? he said, confused. 

_No! Come on! Janae's going to kill us if we're late! 


Bruno growled and stand up.

We both checked out our faces in the mirror and got in the car, in the Midnight Club's direction, in L.A.


When we arrived at the club, the bouncer saw Bruno and had a kind of…smile.

Bruno showed him our pass. "I know who you are. Let me guide you to the VIP section" he told us. Bruno took my hand and we entered, came across the heavy fake and sugary fog -that you could find in clubs-, ran up against crazy people -drunk for the biggest part-. "Have fun!" the bouncer said, leaving us right in front of the VIP access. Well actually, the VIP access didn't seem really different from the "normal" access, the only different was that there were only rich or famous or both people in this room. There was the same fog, drunk people and even colored lights then loud music.


_Stay here, I go get your drink! Bruno screamed to my ears.


I obeyed but I wanted to find my best friend, the hang out was her idea after all. I looked at everyone in the area, I couldn't see her. "Where the hell could she be?" I thought. I turned myself and saw her. With Bruno. She had stick her heel in the bars of the iron chair so she was leaning back on the bar, touching a lock of her hair and looked at him straight up in the eyes, talking to my boyfriend. Do I have to add that she was wearing a very very plunging neckline dress -which it was a very very short dress too-? 

I sighed and walked until the bar. Bruno turned himself towards me.


_Oh baby, look who I found in here?! -Bruno gave me my drink-.

_Oh yeah, I saw. I said, faking a smile. 


Janae hugged me. 


_Oh, honey I missed you already few hours ago! 

_You quickly found someone to fill the void! I replied to her, being ironic but pretending I was joking. 

_No one can replace you! my boyfriend told me to put me at rest, put his arm around my waist.

_That's true! Janae added, all smiling. 


They both seemed sincere and I would have been silly to have doubts about them.

Ok enough pressure, I need to relax and have fun.


_Let's dance! I screamed out loud. 


They both smiled and took me on the dance floor. 

Bruno, Janae and I just had a lot of fun, dancing all the three of us and making ridiculous faces to make the other laugh.

We drank a little bit…I mean, I drank a little bit while Bruno and Janae was sinking few glasses of anything -even if I told them to be rational-.

B. danced with me for the most of the time but when "Wet the bed" by Chris Brown went on air, my best friend caught my boyfriend by the arm and quickly told me "I borrow him from you!". 

They were in the center of the room, all the looks were on them.


I am afraid to tell if that means I'm deep up in your ocean yeah


Bruno was pretending to sing….that part to Janae! What the hell?!  

He was making waves with his hands. 


Girl I drink ya down seeping on your body all night


He took his cup and he carried it to his lips then he put his hands back and forth in the air, pretending to rub her body.


I just wanna take your legs & wrap around, girl you're coming right now


Bruno put his hands around him then he took her hand and she was walking around him.


My head to ya chest feeling your heart beat girl


He beat his torso to make the "heart beat".


Swimming all in your sea, and you're sweating all over me,


He pretended to swim and touched his own body. 


Dreaming forward don't you run

I don't want to be a minuteman baby


He made a "no-no" move with his finger.


You're just like a storm raining on me girl your soaking wet

I'm gon' kiss it right, yeah, I'm gon' lick all night

Girl when I'm inside, yeah girl you heard what I said,


Bruno brought Janae back and forth from his torso, she laughed at the top of her lungs.

I couldn't help but stare at this awful sight. I couldn't see more. I straight went to the bar, ordered a glass of vodka, I drank the whole drink bottoms up and left the club, angry. 

A few minutes later, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned the head and saw Janae. 

I looked at her, she sat next to me on the sidewalk. 


_What's going on? she asked to me, confused. 

_What's going on?! I replied, dryly. Maybe you and Bruno wanted a room?


She sighed, looking in front of her with big eyes, in a ironical way. 


_That's not what you think! 

_Yeah yeah I know the song, "That's not what you think blah blah blah" …I'm sure that's what I thought it was! 

_I never meant to hurt you! she told me, sincere. It's just I wanted to have fun you know, Bruno too and we're a little bit drunk but I never wanted to be more than a friend for him…i don't even know him for over than a day! And c'mon you're my best friend! I would never want to hurt you! 


I stared at her eyes, desperate and lost. She said "aww!", hugging me. 

Well, she seemed pretty sincere. And she's my best friend! I felt a little better now.  

Suddenly, I remember that Bruno wasn't with us. "Where's Bruno?!" I asked to my best friend, worried. She stand up and picked me up to the club. 

We came back in the VIP room again. I saw Bruno, drunk, lay down on a table. He was talking to himself, with his eyes almost closed. I sighed and came to him. 


_Baby! he yelled. I missed you? Where were you? 

_Outside. I said, dryly, pretending to be mad at him. 

_Arh, don't be mad honey! he said, still lay down on the table, taking my hand. We had a good time no? he asked me with his beautiful smile. I honestly and simply melted. 

_No i'm not B.


He got up and hugged me tight. It was so cute! 

Janae had a smile, seeing us happy like that, even if Bruno was really…not himself. He just seemed like a baby, a fedora baby.


_Okay let's get out of here! she told us, tend her hand to catch mine. 


We both walked until Bruno's car. I drove Janae to her house and came back to Bruno's house with him, of course I was living there too.

I accompanied Bruno to our room, he lay down and started to sleep instantly, like a little baby. But what about me? I didn't want to go to sleep yet, I got a lot on my mind and it wasn't that late, I mean barely 11pm…

I stayed quiet in the living room. I took my computer and spent my time on. I was checking my timeline on twitter…all about Bruno. Haha it was so funny! I still remembered the time I used to do that too, all day tweeting about Bruno, harassing my friends talking about him, favoring everything about him on YouTube and retweeting hooligans tweets. I still do that, but I'm not feeling the same. When I look at his pictures -that Im keeping on steal on or google or you know…I feel like, "it's my boyfriend here" and I'm not completely used to it…

You could here steps from the first level, Bruno just woke up. He slept like a little more than one hour, he wasn't that drunk. He "healed" fast.

He came sit next to me on the sofa. 


_What are you doing sweetheart? he asked me, quickly looking at my computer screen. OH YOU'RE STILL STEALING MY PICTURES!! DAMNN YOU!! YOU EVEN GOT A COMPLETE COPY OF MY DRIVER, WHAT DO YOU NEED MORE THEN?! he told me, laughing. I redden. 

_Okay, I think I should get some rest, it's midnight. I said, turning off my macbook and got up of the couch, walking in the stairs's direction.

_What?! But I just woke up!

_Yeah, I know you drunk guy! I said, laughing.

_I'm not even drunk anymore! he said, walking after me.

_I don't care! I said, sticking out my tongue.


He opened his mouth and put my tongue in, he kissed me. I kissed him back, I wanted to make it last forever. He put his hands under my t-shirt and rubbed my body back and forth. I put my hands in his pretty curly hair, still kissing him. He caught me and carried me until our bed and threw me on it. He straddled me and unzipped my jean.


My name is Kaylee, I'm 18 and I'm Bruno Mars's girlfriend.