Chapter 7

24/07/2011 16:32

Bruno and Melody still stood close to each other. They stared into each other’s eyes for a second before giggling.
“Uhh, you first” said Melody, nervously.
“Ladies first, I insist.” Said Bruno. Melody sighed before grabbed his hand and pulling him over to the couch. His hands were so soft. She didn’t want to let go.
Melody sat looking at the floor for a minute, before taking a deep breath and looking back at Bruno.
“I’m thinking of going back to Hawaii” she finally said.
“For how long?” asked Bruno. Deep inside, he knew what she was going to say. But he didn’t want to hear it.
“I… I’m thinking of moving back there.” Bruno felt his stomach drop.
“I think it would be good to spend time with my family for a bit, just get back home for a bit… get back to my roots.” Melody looked at Bruno. She didn’t want to leave Bruno. “I have to do this for me… I don’t know who I’ve been trying to kid for a whole year, I miss home.” She felt tears welling up in her eyes. She missed her mum. She missed watching the sunset on the beach and the warm air. “I think I’m going next week. It’s soon but I feel like I need it. Everything’s been so serious here lately, I just need to have some fun.”
Bruno nodded. He understood, although it was not what he wanted to hear. “Do whatever makes you happy, Mel. I’m always gonna support you.” Said Bruno. This made Melody smile.
“I just don’t know how things will go if I move there. I mean, with my friends here and stuff. And I’ve come so far in my career, I’d have to start all over again.. And keeping in contact with you would be really hard.” She sighed.
“I know. But you have to do this for you. Go and find the Melody that you left back at Hawaii when you came here. It will be good for you.” Bruno gave a sweet smile that made Melody felt relieved. She gave him a big hug, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“What was it you had to tell me?” asked Melody. Bruno pulled away from the hug at looked at Melody. He looked at the girl that was happy to be going back home. Her smile said it all. He didn’t want to complicate things between them, especially for her.
“I just wanted to say you’ve been so strong overnight. It’s very admirable, Melody.”
Bruno spent the day with Melody at the apartment. He should’ve gone to the studio, but chose not to.  He felt like this would be the last day he would see Melody for a long time. He helped her pack some boxes. He talked to her about Hawaii, how the sun would be shining everyday and how she was going to love being back home. It was 4pm and Melody walked Bruno to her front door.
“I’m leaving for Europe in two days. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I don’t know when I’ll see you.” Said Bruno. Melody had mixed emotions. She needed to go back to Hawaii to see how she really felt about her dad, Sean, Bruno…. It would be good for her. At least that’s what she kept trying to tell herself.
“We’ll talk when we can. Goodbye Bruno.” She spoke quietly. Bruno took her hand, and slowly let go of it as he walked away. She had hoped he would turn around, asking her to stay. Anything that would give her reason to think Bruno might have thought of her as more than a friend. But he simply continued walking.
Melody walked into the terminal of the airport. She looked around for a head of long, black, curly hair. A patterned dress caught her eye and she saw her mother coming towards her with her arms open. She embraced her mum warmly. She hadn’t changed at all.
“I’ve missed you baby girl. It’s been too long.” Said Kathleen. Melody felt tears of happiness come out of her eyes; it was a relief to be somewhere she could call home.
The house hadn’t changed at all. Her bedroom still looked the same it did the day she left. She still had posters up of all the bands she loved as a teenager. Her floral bed sheets were still neat on the bed. Her mum walked in behind her.
“I wasn’t sure how you wanted it; if you wanted the posters down or-“
“It’s fine mum. It’s perfect. You know this is just until I can find my own place” said Melody.

“I know, but you can stay as long as you need.” She put her bags down on her floor and sat on the bed. Her mother came and sat next to her. Her arm reached under the bed and she grabbed photo album. As she began flipping through the pages, memories came flooding back. They talked for hours about how things used to be.
One week later and Melody was walking through the streets of Waikiki. She went into a record store and browsed through all the CDs. A yellow case caught her eye, and she sighed. Doo Wops & Hooligans. The scars on her body began to heal. But she almost felt like there was another scar forming that wouldn’t go away, over her heart. It sounded corny to her but she couldn’t help but notice how empty she felt without Bruno. He hadn’t called or texted her. She tried calling him, she left messages. She didn’t understand why he wouldn’t call her back. She thought he didn’t want to see her again, that she had too much drama in her life for him to keep up with. She had to accept that she’d probably never see Bruno again.
“That’s an excellent soundtrack. Trust me on that one.”
Melody popped her head up and a friendly man was standing behind her.  He had a thin moustache and his hair looked a bit like Elvis’. It immediately reminded her of Bruno. She gave him a friendly smile.
“I already have the album. It’s… absolutely amazing. Could listen to it over and over.” Said Melody..
“That’s the spirit.” Replied the man.  “So you like Bruno Mars?”

“Yeah… you could say I love him.” The man gave a smile back at her. He was very sweet; she couldn’t help but feel like she’d met him before. But it was Hawaii, everyone knew everyone there. No doubt she’d come across him a couple of times in her childhood. Someone across the room called out the name Pete and the man left without another word.
The roars of the crowd could still be heard as Bruno walked off the stage and through a number of hallways before making it to his dressing room. He used the towel there to wipe the sweat off his face and he plonked himself down on the couch. The energy of that crowd was crazy. He could practically feel the energy going through his veins. He took off his fedora and ran his hands over his sweaty hair. He heard the rest of the Hooligans walking down the hall conversing before going into their separate rooms. Phil opened the door and gave Bruno a high-five. “Great show, man.”
“I know! That was awesome, seriously.” Replied Bruno.
“Definitely won’t be forgetting that for a while, hey?” said Phil.
“What are you talking about? I never forget a show!” Bruno said this while punching at Phil’s arm. Phil gave a few light punches back and they ended up running around the room, jabbing at each other. “I got you on the run!” shouted Bruno.
There was a knock at the door and Bruno’s tour manager Derek popped his face in. He raised an eyebrow.
“What are you guys doing…” he shook his head. “What kind of question is that? You guys are always nuts.” Said Dee. Phil slapped Bruno on the back, laughing.
“We gotta be out in about 30 minutes. There’s fans already lining up around the back so I don’t know if you guys wanted to go out there or not?” asked Dee. Bruno gave him a thumbs up and the door closed.
“I’m gonna go have a shower and change, yeah?” said Bruno.
“But the lady fans like the sweat, young one.” Joked Phil. Bruno threw the towel at him. “How do you like that?” blurted Bruno.
“Not so much.”
Bruno laughed and walked over to counter where the mirror was. He looked at himself momentarily before rummaging through his bag to get his sweats. His phone buzzed on the counter. He peered down at it for a second before letting it ring out. Phil came next to him and saw the name on the screen.
“You gonna answer that?” he asked. The phone rang again and Bruno looked at it.
“I should just delete her number.” The phone stopped ringing and a small box saying 2 Missed Calls: Mel showed up.
“She’s gonna start wondering why…” said Phil. “Even I’m still wondering why.”
“-Because she doesn’t feel the same way, and I can’t keep talking to her knowing that. I can’t keep pretending I just want to be friends with her” Bruno’s voice turned serious. Bruno put both his hands on the counter and looked at himself in the mirror. “I haven't felt like this for a long time."
"Then do something about it, young one."


Melody walked over the grass, with her mother holding her hand. She had her fathers guitar in the other hand. The smell of flowers around her and the summer air mixed together smelled soothing. She stopped walking as she approached a couple of pathways. She turned to her mother, who instructed her to go left.

They walked through the cemetery until a tall, grey hedge stone caught their attention. Melody stopped to take a deep breath. She felt her mother squeeze her hand, which was reassuring. They approached the stone and sat infront of it. Seeing her fathers name hurt her. She felt herself starting to cry, she couldn't help it. She missed him so much. Her mum put her hand on her shoulder. 
"I'm sorry I haven't come to see you dad..." whispered Mel. 

The day of her fathers funeral, Melody sat in the back of the car. She’d never felt so hollow, so empty. She cried for days upon days. Her mum had to be sedated for two days because the shock was too much for her to bare. As they pulled up to the cemetery, Melody stared out the window. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t watch her father be buried in deep the ground, she couldn’t see him lifeless. So she got out and ran as far away as she could, until she found a secluded spot on the beach. She never visited her father’s grave.

They sat at the grave for a while. She talked to her father, she felt like he was right there. “I wrote this song for you dad. I’m sorry I didn’t play for so long; this is for you. I miss you.” She took the guitar and began playing.

“When I was just a little girl, barely strong enough to stand, I could always count on him. He taught me everything I know, and to this day it shows, he was more than just a friend…

…I wouldn’t be where I am, if my father didn’t tell me to never say I can’t, he’d carry me, and never let me fall, and the only thing he asked, right before he passed, was to never say you can’t…”

Melody finished the song, with tears in her eyes. She kissed the guitar and placed it in front of the grave. “This is for you dad.” Her mum rubbed her hand on Melody’s shoulder.

“How do you feel, sweetie?” asked Kath.

“I don’t know. I felt like I finally got to say goodbye him.”


Melody’s mum had gone back home while she decided to go for a walk along the beach. The oceans water was a clear blue. The sun’s reflection glistened against the water. It was the same place where Bruno kissed her as a teenager. She closed her eyes and saw it all happening before her eyes. The way her face turned red as he placed his hand on her cheek, the feeling of his lips touching hers…. It had been ages since they last talked. She’d given up on calling him. She gripped onto her necklace as she took in her surroundings. She missed Hannah back in LA. She missed having work to do. She missed Bruno. She did love Hawaii though. She let go of a lot of insecurities and negative feelings while she was there. She didn’t know what to do.

She went to move a piece of hair behind her ear when something to her far left caught her eye. As she turned her head, she saw a serious Bruno heading towards her.