Chapter 7

07/08/2011 23:37

7. Fun Fun Fun Fun

I backed off when he came closer. ‘’d you know where I was?’  I asked scared.  ‘Cade..he called you for me and that’s how I tracked you down..gotta love technology these days. Oh and I killed him afterwards..’ I cried ‘why!?’  My crying turned into hysterical crying. ‘WHY!?’ I yelled at him.  He smirked as evil as a person could.

‘cause I needed too.’ He came closer and closer. ‘Where is Joelle…WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?’

He sighed ‘she’s fine. But unconscious.’ I started crying again. ‘don’t be sad sweetheart’ he laughed. I smelled his alcohol breath, it made me want to throw up.  ‘what do you want from me’ I asked disgusted. ‘The usual.’ He smirked. ‘No.’ I said. I knew my answer was going to be my death but I refused. I won’t do this. ‘What did you say!?’ he asked screaming in my face. ‘NO!’ I yelled. He grabbed me by my hair and threw me on the couch.  I forgot the pain because there were just too many things going on in my head. I screamed, I kicked, I cried. But nothing helped. He overpowered me like a bear. ‘GET AWAY FROM HER!’ I was so shocked to hear that voice. My heart skipped a few beats when he turned around and let go of me. ‘KEEP YOUR HANDS OF HER!’ Joelle stood there with his gun in her hands.  ‘I hope you don’t mind. But I kind of borrowed your gun’  He laughed ‘stupid aren’t going to shoot your father.’ He said smirking. ‘watch me.’ She said.  She loaded the gun and pointed it at him. She looked fearless. He backed off and I took my chance to get away. This was all so unrealistic. It all seemed like a bad horror movie. ‘Joelle…stop this is not what you’re made of.’ I closed my eyes as I said that.  She was shaking as she pointed the gun at the ground. ‘You’re right..I’m not..’ She looked down. I rushed over her and gave her a comforting hug. She dropped the gun and started crying slowly. I heard him chuckle ‘You two are so stupid.’ He started laughing. ‘so..when are we leaving?’ he asked us like nothing happened. ‘I’m going nowhere with you’ Joelle was standing up again facing him. ‘Get out.’ Is what she said. Fearless. She was so fearless. I admire her so much. She’s like the stronger part of me.  He got mad. He grabbed her. Joelle yelled. ‘LET GO OF ME YOU FAG!’ she started kicking and screaming. Everything went black before my eyes. I panicked and grabbed the gun.  It sounded so loud. I opened my eyes and saw Patrick Jack Jordan aka my dad wounded. On the ground. In obvious pain. Joelle had her eyes wide open.  She stared at me. ‘Alissa…drop the gun.’  I stuttered ‘I..Did I…He…You..I shot him.’ I dropped the gun. He was screaming. And the blood on the floor made me sick. ‘He’s death.’



‘Alissa, Alissa wake up.  PLEASE WAKE UP!’  I heard someone cry. I woke up.  ‘J..Joelle?’ my head hurt. I had a sore throat and everything burned. ‘It’s okay they took him.’ I looked at her confused. ‘W..what?’ she was shocked. ‘Alissa.. Don’t you remember?  He dragged you to the couch and…he raped you.  Since then you past out..’ I looked around, the room was filled with police officers.  I looked at myself. Thank god I had my clothes on. Joelle was still holding my hand. ‘It’s going to be okay…I promise you. He’s going to be locked away for a while.’ I tried to sit. ‘H..he raped me?’ I asked her disgusted. ‘Y..yes’  she looked down. ‘It’s okay, he’s gonna pay for this.’ I blinked a few times ‘I didn’t shoot him?’ I asked her. ‘Shoot him? Hell no, what makes you think that?’ I closed my eyes while I sat down. ‘I dreamed that I killed him.’  She stared at me ‘Hey, Liz..look at me.’ I looked at her. ‘I’m here for you…always. I know sometimes I can be the sister you wouldn’t want to have but..I love you lil’ hoe.’ She said smiling. I chuckled. ‘I love you too bitch.’ We exchanged some smiles and that’s want a police officer came up to me. ‘Hi, I’m agent Lerman and I need to ask you some questions.’ I sighed. ‘fine.’  The pain in me woke up when I heard her saying my father’s name a couple of times..  It was a female cop. She sat down next to me and asked me many questions. I answered everything. I didn’t think. I answered her questions with the answers I had.  I wanted to take shower. I felt so dirty. Everything still hurt.  Hours went by and she finally finished.  Everyone left. Only me and Joelle were still here.  I took a shower it was already 7 PM so I threw on my PJ’s. I have never took a shower that hurt my body. But the hot water just burned my cuts and scratches. When I got of the bathroom I literally craved for food. I walked to the kitchen opening the fridge. Just like 6 hours ago. But then I got raped. I started singing while making myself a sandwich. My favorite song at the moment was Man Down by Rihanna. Why? Because of my dream.  I slowly started singing the lines of the song. I knew Joelle was listening and laughing at me. The television lightened up the room. I heard other noises. “Must be the tv.” Is what I thought. But then I heard Joelle talk ‘Don’t mind her..she sings a lot.’ Two dudes chuckled. I stood there wide eyed with my sandwich in my hand throwing it at Joelle’s face ‘DUDE!’ Bruno laughed. ‘ME DUDE, YOU DUDE! YOU THREW YOUR FOOD AT ME’ she said disgusted taking a salad leaf of her shoulder. ‘Nice voice!’ Bruno smiled at me. ‘…shut up.’ I said still looking at Joelle. I took the cookie jar and decided to just eat cookies. I walked my way to the living room area and sat down next to Joelle. Bruno giggled his manly giggle again. There was another guy, he was well shaved and he was wearing a hat. He was dark skinned and he had dimples. God I love dimples. They are so hot. I smiled at him while stuffing myself with cookies. Joelle laughed ‘Okay I forgive you sister.’ I swallowed. ‘I should forgive you! You know how much I hate it when people hear me.’  She laughed at me ‘I forgot.’ I glared at her. ‘Stop looking at me like’re scaring the fuck out of me.’  Bruno and the other guy laughed. ‘Oh, Phil meet Alissa, Alissa, Meet Phil.’ Is what Bruno said. At the same time we both said ‘Nice meeting  you’ I burst out laughing and so did he.  I yawned and rested my head on the couch. ‘Aww, you tired?’ I smiled a little ‘Yes.’ I answered Bruno with a soft baby voice. He laughed.  ‘What are you guys doing here’ I asked. Joelle was so sleepy that she just fall asleep. I laughed at her and looked back at the guys ‘We just..stopped by’ Phil chuckled ‘right. You missed your future wi..’ Phil couldn’t finish his sentence or Bruno punched him ‘Oww man. Be careful, my son wants a dad.’ He rubbed his arm gently. I smiled ‘Do you have a son?’  Phil chuckled ‘almost.’ It was almost midnight. I have never met two idiots that made me laugh so much.  All my problems let loose of me when I was with them. I had so much fun. Even Joelle woke up so she could laugh along. We have been goofing around till’ 4 AM. It felt like I was drunk.  We sprayed our sprayed cheese all over the building  I have never laughed so much in my entire life.  We were  a bad kind of bad delinquents right now.  After a half hour the can was empty. So that’s when we got bored. I actually never have been this tired. We walked back to the apartment. We  laughed a little. I didn’t notice what I was doing but everything just went black. I felt myself on a bed. My bed.  I opened my eyes and saw Bruno there.  Sitting on my bed next to me not looking as tired as I did.

‘Go sleep’ he smiled ‘Me and Phil will be gone’  I chuckled but I didn’t have the strength for it because I was just too tired.  He stroked my hair with his hand. ‘Goodnight’ he smiled at me. Butterflies went crazy in my stomach. ‘Goodnight..’ I said. ‘Be careful driving’ His beautiful smile disappeared. ‘…I will’ He blew a kiss at me and walked out the door.  ‘…I’m in love’ My mind was repeating that until I fall asleep.