Chapter 7

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Bruno. "V I'm so so so so so sorry. I feel awful and I wish I could change it. And then when you hung up on me earlier I got this weird feeling,like you were in trouble and you needed me so I caught the next flight out. And I jus-",I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. "Bruno,when are you going to forget about this? I'm not mad!",I said. "V I feel bad,what I did was horrible and-","Bruno,seriously. Shut up!",I said. I grabbed his hand and walked over to the couch,I sat down and patted the seat beside me. "Tell me about LA.",I said. Bruno frowned,"What did you think I was bringing you over here for?",I asked. He laughed,"I don't know,coming home present?". I laughed,"Nope. Now tell me about LA.",I said. "There's not much to tell,I've only been gone a month. I missed Hawaii and everyone here a lot.",he said. We talked for a long time and after a few hours I decieded to go to bed,"Where do you want to sleep,the couch or my room?",I asked Bruno. He smiled,"What do you think?","Alright the couch it is.",I said. "Noooooo!! Not the couch!",he yelled. I laughed,"Ok,I'm going to bed.",I said. Bruno got up from the couch and kissed me,"Goodnight baby. See you in the morning.",I kissed him back,"Goodnight.",I said. I went to my bedroom,layed down,and fell asleep. I heard yelling and I got out of bed to go see what was going on. I followed the voices outside and saw Bruno and Jason fighting in the yard,"WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?!?",I yelled. No one answered me,they just kept yelling at each other. Bruno punched Jason REALLY hard,"GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE!!". I ran over to them and tried to pull Bruno away,"Bruno please,can we just go back inside?". He still didn't say anything to me,he just kept punching Jason. "BRUNO!! GET THE F*CK INSIDE BEFORE I KICK YOUR A*S!!!",I yelled. They both froze and then stared at me,"YOU HEARD ME,GET INSIDE!!!! And Jason,GET THE F*CK AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!!!",I yelled. I grabbed Bruno's hand and pulled him inside,"Go sit!",I said,pointing to the couch. "What happened?!",I asked. Bruno laughed,"I kicked his a*s!". "Yeah,I could see that. But why?",I asked. "Cause he showed up then he got mad that I was here and he started talking bad about you so I punched him.",Bruno said. I went over to the couch and sat down by him,"It's sweet that you- What happened to your lip?",I asked. "Hu?",he said touching his lip with his finger. He looked at his finger,there was blood all over it. "I guess Jason did it.",he said. "You want me to take you to the hospital? It looks pretty bad.",I said. "Ok one thing though.",he said. I was just about to ask what when he leaned over to kiss me. After a few seconds I felt the metallic taste of blood and I pulled away,"What?",Bruno asked,"Blood?". I nodded,"I'm sorry,it just scared me a little.",I said. He nodded,"Sorry,I shouldn't have done that. Let's go to the hospital,I think I'm going to need some stiches or something.",he said. I smiled,"I wonder how beat up Jason is.",Bruno laughed,"We'll probably see him at the hospital. You don't get in a fight with me and live!". I laughed,"I don't think he's going to DIE.",I said. "Fine,whatever. Crush my dreams. Get your keys and let's go.",he said. I got Bruno a paper towle to put over his lip and drove to the hospital. When we got there I told Bruno to go sit in a chair and I walked up to the front desk,"Hello. How can I help you?",the lady asked. "My boyfriend has a busted lip and he needs to see the doctor.",I said. I felt someone come up behind me and wrap their arms around my waist,"Boyfriend?",Bruno whispered in my ear. I turned around and kissed his cheek,"Mhmm.","Awwww you two are such a sweet couple! I wish I had a boyfriend like that.",the lady said. I smiled,"Yeah,he's really really sweet but um..can you get him a doctor?",I asked. "Oh yeah,sorry. You can just go sit over there for a second.",she said. We went and sat down and a few minutes later a nurse came out,"Bruno Hernandez? The doctor will see you now.",she said. "I'll be back in a little bit,just wait here.",he said. I Leaned me head back and fell asleep,"Hey,V. V wake up.",Bruno said gently shaking me. "Wha? Where are we?",I asked. "The hospital,let's go home.",he said. I looked around and rubbed my eyes and I realized how tired I had been. Bruno picked me up and carried me out to the car and I fell asleep as soon as he put me down.

-The next day-

I woke up to the smell of waffles. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen,"What happened last night?",I asked Bruno. He laughed,"Man,you're acting like you were drunk. When's the last time you got some sleep?",he asked. "Um other then last night,probably three or four days ago.",I said. "What?! I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that's not good for the babies.",he said. "Awww look at you,already thrying to take care of them.",I said with a smile. "I know,I'm just so excited. I've always wanted to be a daddy.",he said. I froze,did he know they were his?! "I just wish they were mine...",he said. Good,he didn't know. But he looked really really sad,"Bruno. I wish they were too.",I said. I kissed him and he jerked his head away,"What's wrong? Oh your lip,I'm sorry,I forgot.",I said. "No,it's ok. It doesn't hurt that much.",he said. He pulled me close to him and kissed me,I could tell it hurt him but he didn't say anything. "Well I'm going to go back to bed now.",I said after we finished kissing. "You don't want any breakfast? Oh and where's Elvis?",he asked. "No,I'm good. I'm not hungry.",I said. I ran to my bedroom,jumped in bed,pulled the covers over me,and hoped Bruno wouldn't come in. After a few seconds I heard footsteps and then I felt Bruno crawl into bed beside me. He pulled the blankets off me"Hey!",I yelled. "V sweetie,tell me where he is. I promise I won't be mad.",he said. I started crying,"Jason has him!". "What?! Why would you let Jason have him??". "I didn't!! He broke into my car and took him!",I said. Bruno didn't say anything else,but I could tell he was mad,he looked like he was ready to kill someone. He looked at me,"You're naked.",he said. I laughed,"You're just now realizing this?". "Yeah,I was too busy being mad at Jason and worried about you.",he said. I smiled and grabbed the blankets to pull them back over me,"Wait. What's that?",Bruno asked pointing to a bruise on my arm. "It's nothing.",I said pulling the blankets up to my neck so Bruno couldn't see any of me except my head. "Jason did that to you,didn't he?",Bruno asked. I nodded and tried not to start crying. "I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!!!",Bruno yelled. "Bruno please,calm dow. It's no big deal.",I said. "Yes it is! Look at what he did to you!!",he yelled. Someone rang the doorbell and I got up to look for some clothes. I grabbed the first thing I saw,one of Bruno shirts and a pair of his boxers. "Stay here. I'll be back.",I said to Bruno. I went to the door and opened it,Jason was standing there. "What are you doing here?!",I yelled. Elvis jumped out of Jason's car and ran inside as fast as he could and hid,"I came to give you your stupid dog back. What the f*ck are you wearing?". I heard Bruno walk up behind me,"Oh f*ck.",I thought to myself. "Why are you here?! Get out!!",Bruno yelled. "Bruno please,I'll take care of him.",I said. "No,I'm going to kick his a*s!!",he looked at Jason,"I told you not to f*cking touch her!!". I looked at Bruno,"What?". He didn't say anything,"Let's go out in the yard. I don't want to get blood on her carpet.",Bruno said. They went outside and started beating each other up,I sighed and went outside to try to pull them away from each other. As sweet as it was that Bruno was protecting me this was already getting old. "Please Bruno,can we go back inside?",I asked. He stil wouldn't answer me,"Ugh ok I'm going inside.",I said. As I started walking inside I heard a loud crunch and I turned around. Jason nose was bleeding really bad and it looked broken,"MY NOSE!!! I"M GOING TO F*CKING SUE YOU!!!!",Jason screamed. I shook my head,"Bruno get inside.",I said. I walked inside behind him,"What's wrong with you?! You can't just go around beating people up whenever!". "V look at what he did to you! I'm just going to just forget about it! I love you and I'm going to protect you.",he said. "Ok fine,but no more. And what did you mean,you told him not to touch me?",I asked. He sighed and looked away,"Ok,I guess it's time for the truth. A few days before I left Jason told me he loved you and he was going to ask you out when I left. He told me he didn't want to see us together and if he did he would hurt you. The day I left I knew he was at the goodbye party and he was watching us so I stayed away from you,I shouldn't have though,it was so stupid. I didn't answer your calls or call you back because I felt like a piece of sh*t because of what I did and I felt like I didn't deserve a girl like you. V,I'm so sorry.",he said. I started to cry and put my head on his chest,"Why?",I asked between sobs. "Why what baby?",Bruno asked. "Why did you leave me? Why didn't you tell me?",I looked up at him and saw tears in his eyes.

-The next morning-

I woke up and rolled over,there was a dozen white roses,a ring from one of those bubble gum machines,and a note. I picked up the note and read it,"V I'm so sorry about what I did. It was an awful thing to do and I feel terrible. I don't know what I was thinking,I guess at the time I thought it would fix things but I was so wrong. And I guess now I'm doing it again...I'm going to stay with my parents for a while,I'm sorry but I just can't stand seeing the pain in your eyes. I know this note and the flowers and the ring won't make it ok but I just want you to know how sorry I am. I love you. -Bruno". I got out of bed and threw on some jeans and a shirt then I put the note in my pocket. I grabbed the ring and the flowers and walked into the kitchen,I hated not seeing Bruno there cooking breakfast. I got a vase out of the cabinate,filled it with water,put the flowers in it,and put it on the table. I put the ring on then went over and sat on the couch and turned the TV on. I looked down at my ring and smiled,to anyone else it was just a ring and some flowers but it was so much more to me. When me and Bruno were like sixteen he did something that had made me mad and he bought me some white roses to apologize,I hadn't ever seen them before and I thought they were so beautiful and ever since then Bruno buys me white roses when he makes me mad. And the ring thing started when we were like eight,Bruno asked me to fake marry him(everyone in our grade was doing it,not really sure why but it was sweet that he had asked me)and he gave me a ring he got out of the vending machine thing in the grocery store and he buys me a ring anytime he sees one of those things. My thoughts were interupted when someone knocked on the door. I ran up to go answer it praying that it would be Bruno coming back. I opened the door and saw Brandon standing there,"Hi. I heard you were pregnant so I brought you a..uh...casserole.",he said looking embarassed. "A casserole?",I asked. He laughed,"Yeah um I actually just wanted to see you again. Can I come inside?",he asked. I smiled and nodded,"Yeah,just make yourself at home.",I said. We went and sat on the couch together and talked for a really long time,"Well I have to go but I'd love to see you again.",he said. "Yeah that would be nice,I'll see you later.",I said. He got a little closer to me and gave me a hug,and when I started to pull away he kissed me on the cheek. After he left I went to my bedroom and layed down,"What the f*ck was that?",I thought to myself. I looked at my clock to see what time it was and saw a picture of me and Bruno,then I got an idea. I got out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote Bruno a letter. I drove to his house and went inside,"Hello?". No one answered so I went up to his room and put it on his bed.

-The next day-

I went to the store to get some grocerys because I had no food at all,when I came back I heard someone. At first I was scared that it was Jason but then I remebered there wasn't a car outside and Jason NEVER walked anywhere. "Hello?",I asked. No one answered,I put the grocery bags down by the door and walked inside quietly. "Who's here?",I asked. Bruno walked out of the kitchen,"Oh you're home.",he said. "How long have you been here?",I asked. "Thirty minutes. I came to check on you,my mom said she saw some guy cominginto your house last night and I wanted to make sure it wasn't Jason.",he said. I shook my head,"No. It was someone else,I'm fine.",I said. "Um...who was it?",he asked. I laughed,"Is Bru gettin jealous?","No! I just want to know who it was!",he said. "Fine,if you must know. It was Brandon Chaufty.",I said. "The one from high school?? He's a loser!",Bruno said. "He is not!","Ooooh looks like someone's in loove.",Bruno teased. "Whatever. Did you read the note I left you?",I asked. "No not yet,read it to me.",he said pulling the note out of his pocket and handing it to me. I unfolded it,"I don't really know what to say. I love you and NOTHING will make me stop loving you,no matter how bad it seems. Please come back,I miss you. You're only here for a year and I don't us to be apart. I need you here with me,things are hard and I know I won't be able to make it without you,you're the only thing that keeps me going. -Victoria". Bruno looked at me and smiled,"Don't worry,I'm here to stay. I told me mom I'm staying here,I missed you and I felt bad about leaving you again. "I'm SO tired,can I go take a nap?",Bruno asked. "Yep,but only if I can come with you.",I said. We went and layed down and when I woke up Bruno was gone,"D*mn this is getting annoying!!",I thought to myself. I walked into the living room,expecting to find Bruno watching TV but he wasn't there. I sat down in a chair and after a few minutes I heard someone playing the drums softly. I walked into the spare bedroom that I had turned into a mini recording studio for Bruno,it had a piano,a drum set,five guitars,recording equiptment,and some furniture(everything was red,white,and black)."What is this? It's amazing!",he said. "Oh it's nothing,it was suppost to be your birthday present.",I said. "This is crazy! How did you fit all this in here?",he asked. "This room is a lot bigger than my room so it wasn't hard,I got your dad to help me get the stuff for it and your mom designed the rest of the room,like the rugs and wallpaper and chairs and stuff.",I said. "This is so amazing,here sit down. Let's play a little.",he said pulling a chair over for me and handing me a guitar. He sat back down behind the drum set and started playing again,I started strummng the guitar. A little while later Bruno stopped me,"Wait,play that again!",he said. I played it again and Bruno started humming,"I feel higher than the...hmmm I feel higher than the...","Ceiling?",I suggested. "Oh that's good!",he said. "I feel higher than the ceiling cause I'm floating on this feeling.",he sang. After about thirty minutes he stopped working on the song,"Let's go out and eat.",he said. "Ok,I have to get ready though.",I said. He nodded,I walked into my room and got in the shower. When I finished I wrapped up in a towel and walked into my bedroom,Bruno and Elvis were laying in my bed watching TV,"I'll be ready in a little bit.",I said. "Mhmm",Bruno said. I went over to my huge walk in closet to pick out something to wear after fourty-five minutes I finally decieded on a short black dress and some strappy red high heels. I went over to my mirror dresser thing and put my makeup on,"Why do you wear makeup?",Bruno asked. "Cause it makes me prettier.",I said. "What?! That's not possible! You're the most gorgeous girl in the world.",he said. "Awww thank you.",I said giving him a kiss. "Now go,I have to finish getting ready.",I said shooing him away. I finished my makeup and curled my hair,"Ok,Let's go.",I said. "I still don't get why you get all dressed up just to go to dinner with me,you're amazing just the way you are.",he said. "Aww you're so sweet.",I said. "That's your line you know.",he said. "What?",I asked. "Remember in high school when people were making fun of me and I was really upset,you told me I was amazing just the was I was.",he said. "Oh yeah,you remembered that?",I asked. "Yep,I'm going to turn it into a song someday.",he said. I smiled,"It's going to be an amazing song. Can go now? I'm starving,it's already nine.",I said. "Yeah,come on.",he said grabbing my hand. We went to eat and by the time we were coming home it was eleven. Me and Bruno were talking and laughing but when my house got into sight he stopped laughing and his mouth dropped open,"Oh my god.",he said.