Chapter 7

04/09/2011 11:46


....and we kissed. My first kiss. And her first kiss. I pulled her hand to the dancefloor and we started to dance slowly to a slow song. I still cant believe we did kissed. In front of the people, my friends, hers. Teachers. My first kiss, I wont forget about it. 
"Hungry?" i asked her. I'll bring her to the restaurant, whether she said she's hungry or not.
"Starving," she said while our body still touching each other, dancing.
"Good," i pulled away. I pull her hand and she followed without asking. We both smiled at each other. I opened the hall's door and waited for my car. The same boy who parked my car drove it and passed the car key to me. I said thank you and Sasha hopped inside the car. I sat down on my seat and we both opened our crown and put it on the back seats. I started the engine and started to drive out from the hotel.
"Where are we going?" she asked me. I looked at her face.
"Just look" i smiled.
"Okay then," she replied. I parked the car in front of the 'Red Sasha'.

"BRUNO! Why are we here?" she looked suprised.
"We're going to eat dinner here," i winked.
"Really?!" she smiled. I wish that smile is mine. That lips. That....
"Lets go inside!" I can tell she's excited. 

"Table for two please," i smiled after i said to the waitress.
"This way," she smiled and showed us our table. The table is near to the beach and lonely. I can feel she cant stop staring at me. But I dont care as long as Sasha is with me.
"Thank you," i said and i pulled the chair for Sasha. She sat down.
"Thank you" she smiled at me. The waitress looked annoyed. She passed us the menu and walked away.
"You bring me here?!" she still cant believe it. But her face looked happy and excited.
"Yeah, you really wanted to go here. So, I saved some money to bring you here." i smiled.
"Aww, thanks Bruno!" she touched my hand on the table, gently, the touch of her soft hand, I cant believe I have feelings for her since i was 8. I dont even know what love means at that moment!
"Anything for you, Sasha." i smiled and we looked at the menu. She ordered a spaghetti carbonara while i ordered a lamb chop. I ordered a watermelon juice and she ordered a carrot juice. While waiting for our meal, we looked around the restaurant. The beautiful beach next to us, with some candles around the restaurant. The red theme. My fav colour. But i prefer a radical red. Need to say why? Because I'm radical. Few minutes later, the waitress came back with our meal. We finished our food and i paid the bill. Its 108 dollar. But who cares? I went here with Sasha ! We walked at the beach. And she sat down on the sand.

"So, first kiss for us." she looked at me. Smiling.
"Yes, my first kiss, your first kiss, our first kiss." I looked at her in the eyes.
"So, I need to go to L.A in two days. I'll stay with Jaime." i told her. Hoping that she'll beg me to follow.
"What?! And youre gonna leave me here?!" she said with a disappointed voice.