Chapter 7

07/09/2011 23:36

*Guys, in this case Bruno is 21 not 25, lol I think I messed up the age, sorry*


Bruno can't stop thinking about Kay. He really fucked up and regret about his attitude toward Kay. He admits himself as a coward and a childish man. But what can he do? He can't change the past..

3 months later..


I'm done with my Asia tour, now is the time for me to relax and write new songs. And through all the times I had to perform, its always Kay. She's been staying in my mind every second of it. I'm back home in LA, sitting in the studio with Phil, Ari and Rita. We just had a meeting for our next EP.

Rita and I become more closer, but Kay.. I miss her. I miss her smile, I miss seeing her goofin off with the others. I hate it but she makes me smile. She never fail for making me smile. If only I didn't do a stupid mistake..if only, I didn't act like an asshole. I tried to erase her from my mind, guess its not working. I told Rita about Kay, but never mentioned about liking her. I only told Rita, that I met her and Phil gave her a ticket. I told her she was funny and outgoing, I know nothing about her since the day we met, but I can tell some of her personality by looking at her having fun with the others. I shouldn't have told Rita, but I did. I guess my mind is full of Kay. She asked me if I like her or not, and I said no. I don't want her to know. I want to erase Kay out of my mind. And here I am today, its been 2 weeks that I'm in a relationship with Rita, just to distract me to stop thinking about Kay. Well, I'm not going to lie but it works....a bit. Probably 3 out of 10.


Phil: "what's in your mind dog? Kay, right?" He said whispering, not letting Rita hear the conversation.

B: *smile and nod*

Phil: come on. There's Rita besides you. That's the reason why you're in a relationship with her!

B: I know! Just please let me try to do this on my own!


Everything seems so wrong. I even yell at Phil. I'm not listening to my own brother, Eric. I'm a mess on the inside.


The band realize since the day Bruno meet Kay, Bruno is not acting like he used to be. He’s different. He gets mad easily.



Kay pov:


Its been a long time, I miss the hooligans! Phred, Phil, Eric, Jamareo, Kenji, and Dre. I miss hanging out with them. Oh, its been a long time too since Bruno embarrassed me in front of them. Daaamn. In 5 months I have to get a job. Im done with my university wohoooo.  aaand, yesterday I just celebrate my own birthday, I get the biggest surprise from my friends! I turned 18, finally! My family came by to my apartment and we had a quality time, my friends surprised me by pranking me all day long with the help from my crazy brother, Chace. I feel so dumb. Im so excited that Jess is finally back. I told her about everything, which includes Abb and Dee’s craziness to Brunoooo. She is so pissed too, after hearing my stories. I cant help but laugh. I think she hates Bruno much more than I did. Her face is disgusted too after hearing Bruno’s incident with me. I met a guy too, he’s a charm and he’s a very gentleman of all the guy I’ve ever seen. His name is Damian. He’s always there whenever I need someone to talk to beside Jess. He also knows about that jerk, Bruno.


5 months later..


I’ve graduated and now its time to get a job. I’ve been searching for a job that suits me. And 2 weeks later after I graduated, I got a call from my university saying that since im in a top 5 creative student in my university, the univ. got me a job which made me leave Asia. Apparently, its in LA. I don’t know if I should take it, but my family, Jess, Damian, and some of my good friends made me do it. So I take the deal and next week…they’ll flew me to LA. I cant believe im moving in a short period of time.


I spend my last week with my friends and my family. I rent a bar in a hotel to just hang out with my family and friends, celebrate my graduation and a job to LA.. I have no idea who will be my boss and who will I work with, but it seems to be a good opportunity.


In the airport:

The airport. It’s the most saddest place on earth after the graveyard and hospital. I say my goodbyes again to all my friends and the 2nd time to my family.

Damian: good luck Kay :) you can always call me if you need anything

Jess: cut it you two. Are you guys dating or something? – jess said with one eyebrow up

Kay: phhhbbtt what?! No way. We’re just friends.. – I giggled

Damian: yeahh, we..are..friends.. – he said with disappointed

I hug all of them. I hug Damian and he won’t let go.

Jess: *cough* lllooove iss in thhee aiiiiirrrrr *cough* sorry

Then Damian let go off me. I pushed Jess aside and make a face. I like Damian but only for a friend.

It’s the last call, I have to board. Im starting a new life in LA. It’s a long ride there, I sleep all the way from Singapore to LA. I get up only to eat.