Chapter 7

16/12/2011 16:48

All of the things you're gonna read about Chanel and the songs is TRUE. Sorry, I didn't have the time for the correction. Hope you like it :)

I sighed. Bruno Mars was officially a part of my life now.

"I knew I was going to find you here" I turned my head and saw Melly at the door. She was smiling. "Al wants to find a job" I explained. Yesterday night, he told me he suddenly wanted to have a job and bla bla bla … I didn't say anything. I just dreamily nodded. Al doing a job? Nope. Never. He could surf and skate every single time in his life but working? Haha, funny joke. "Nice" Melly said. She was trying to hide her laugh. She also knew Al was too lazy and stuff. "What are these?" She pointed at Peter's clothes I washed this morning and brought over here. I knew he was gonna show up today.

I explained her how Peter saved my life after I spent my day with him. "He likes you, you know" she said. I wanted to tell her she was wrong but I didn't because I knew it was the truth. And even if it tears me apart to admit it, I liked him too. So I just replied "How can you be so sure?" "I checked his twitter account. He follows 69 people, two girls. One is Jenifer Lopez and the other one is you" I blushed and looked away. Mel respected my silence. "And you, what's going on with Jay?" I knew I could ask her that now because it was confidences time. "He's awesome. I like him a lot. He likes me too. But nothing's going to happen" "Why?" I asked and the smile which was growing on my face two seconds ago faded away. But I already knew the answer. I sadly looked at her. "I know it's been hard love. But you gotta get over it. You're safe now. You have to live your life" Melly had a past in Germany. A very dark past. She was in love with this guy, Harry. But he lied to her and did awful things that I didn't want to talk to think about. She shook her head to make me understand she didn't want to have this conversation even though we both knew we HAD talk about this one day.

Of course, nothing happens the way you plan expect and guess who arrived at this very exact moment? "Heyyyyy, waddup?"

I locked my eyes into Peter's and looked at him in a way to make him understand it wasn't the time to joke around and that Melly was in pain. His brown eyes winded and he shut his mouth. I think we both thought the same thing : we could feel how the atmosphere was full of tension and embarrassment.

"By the way, thank you for your clothes. I washed them and they are waiting for you" I finally said and cleared my throat. "Oh thanks. You could have kept them anyway …" I shook my head even though I really wanted to accept his request. His cologne smelt so good. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Oh yeah, I nearly forgot! I wanted to thank you for my tee-shirt so I did a little thing for ya" While he took something off from his jean, I told him he shouldn't have to : he already saved my date yesterday. He ignored me and put a CD in my hand. "Er … Thank you?" He rolled his eyes and told me to listen to it. "Ohhhh, it's a song … Excuse me, mister, it could have been a DVD" He smiled. Teasing time.

"Erm, I hope you like it, I recorded it in two hours and I couldn't really remember the beat I used the first time" He was twinging his fingers and was definitely nervous.

The atmosphere suddenly felt 'released'. I looked around me and Mel was smiling like she always does. I felt at the same time released – she was back – but also annoyed. Even a retarded could have guessed why she was smiling.

The CD started and I thought that my whole body was going to die of happiness. Have you ever listened to a song and felt that your body was combined, bonded to it? That nothing could you make happier? Well, that what I felt at this exact moment. "Oh my God, you did that for me?" I asked with a pathetic high pitch voice. Peter sighed with satisfaction. "Thank God you like it" "Of course! This song, Top Of The World. It's … it's my song" I listened to it ten more seconds. It sounded a bit different from the live version but it was just perfect. "But when, where did you record it?" "I called my manager and he found me a small studio with drums, electric guitar … Just the right instruments to record Top Of The World" He smiled "But why have you done that?" I was still shocked "You could have gone clubbing or hanging out with the band …" "It's just that I felt bad that Alex spent ten bucks for Doo-Wops & Hooligans whereas you don't like any of my songs on it" He simply answered "Aherm. When I said I didn't like your album … I really didn't mean it" "Really?" His face brightened. I rolled my eyes. "Aren't you supposed to have four sisters?" "I do. But you sound very convincing" I laughed and he smiled. "So, you actually listened to my album?" "Why being so impressed? I must reckon that I did and I even put it on my iPod. It's an honor" He had a proud smile. "Which songs did you like the most?" "To be honest, I don't remember the names … But wait, I'll plug my iPod in the hi-fi and I'll tell you" "Let's do it" he said like he was going to enter into a boxing competition.

I suddenly realized Melly wasn't here anymore. I mentally wished THIS BITCH to be hit by a car, took my iPod in the speakers and sat at my usual place where Kenji's cap was waiting to be achieved. Peter sat at the opposite of the long rectangle table (it was usually used to the big meetings where we decided which caps were going to be released and how many). "Oh come on, I'm not gonna throw you a pen in your eye" He laughed and sat right next to me. It was a way more easy to talk. I put my iPod on shuffle and a reggae song came out "I wrote that song when I was drunk" said Peter. "Really?" I wasn't surprised actually. He was SO that type of dude. "No I'm kidding" he laughed and I hit his arm. "I had the hook and Damian Marley came from nowhere and Liquor Store Blues came out" "Damian Marley …" "Bob Marley's son" I opened my eyes of surprised. "You did a song with Bob Marley's son? That's mega huge" "I know right" he said with this little smirk I hated. "This song reflects the period of my life when I didn't know what I was doing. You know, I was 18, I could play 5 instruments, my voice sounded like MJ's, Hawaii loved me. I was persuaded that I was going to become famous in less than 6 months. So, I went to LA like a soldier to war without a gun. I was lucky that Motown Record signed me but I was too arrogant …" "Don't worry, you still are" I laughed. He pulled his tongue out and continued talking "I had thousands of idea, of melodies but nobody listened to a 18 years old kiddo and I was stuck. I struggled. For 7 years. The seven longest years of my life. I couldn't find a proper job, I suck at everything except music but there are so much good musicians in LA … Anyway, it was hard but I don't regret it. My voice changed. My MJ's voice tuned into this (he sang a note – I melted) and even if Mowtown didn't give shit about me, I met Phil." "Can I stop you a second? Are you and Phil … together?" "What?" "But … like. You two have got something special. It seems that you only have to look each other and you know what you're going to do" Peter smiled. "Actually, you're quite right. Even if Phil is getting married and have two kids, let's say he's my music wife" "But … As soon he's far away, you seem lost" "Noooo, I am not lost without him" He said that like I was stupid. "Sure you are. You don't even know how to design a cap without him !" He shut up and thought about it. "Gotcha" I simply said. "Yeah, maybe I count a bit too much on Phil" He admitted "Damn sure you are! It's not a complain, friendship is awesome but when it's over, it hurts. Even more than a heartbreaking. I remember when I was 15 and I had this best friend. She was awesome and I put all my loving into her. But then , she turned into a slut and well, my heart wasn't broke but it was my whole body. Friendship is complicated. But your relation with Phil is really strong. Anyone can feel it." Bruno was starring something on the the table. My words seemed to have keep his attention and I regretted to made him doubt. It wasn't my attention. I only wanted to tell him that human nature is made like this. "I'm pretty sure Phil isn't going to turn into a slut though" I said to make him laugh and it worked; he burst out loud.

"That's Just The Way You Are" I said when Liquor Store Blues FINALLY ended. I didn't have anything against this song but I made Peter insecure so I was glad we could change subject. Sometimes, I should stop to be straightforward and say what comes in my mind because it hurts some people whereas it's not even my intention! "Oh you actually know the name of this song?" Bruno smirked. "Thank you, I am neither retarded or deaf. This song was so much played on the radio that it became annoying so, yes, I know the name of this song" I answered with a Are-You-Fucking-Kidding-Me tone. He giggled then turned back to me. "What do you think of it then?" "I find it …" I started but then stopped. I looked into his eyes. "Why do you care about I think? I mean, people like you, your voice and your songs. Why asking ME? Ask your family or friends" He didn't answer immediately and thought about it a few seconds, like he was carefully choosing the words he was gonna use "Because I know that YOU are going to be honest. You're straight to the point, maybe a bit violent and brutal but we, people like me need some people to tell us the truth. Because we get so much compliments, supports and love that we're getting arrogant and pretend to be God. Promise me to tell me when I become a stupid ass, okay?" I bite my lips and sadly looked at the carpet. God, that came from from the heart. "I promise, I swear to God I will fucking beat you down if you turn into a douchebag" He both smiled. "Anyway, this song is a beautiful message. Every girl deserves to be treated this way" He had a satisfied smile. "But … tell me, did you write this song for someone?" I asked. It was obviously not the question to ask because Peter looked suddenly nervous. "Oh, it's okay … If you don't wanna talk about it, I'm not gonna oblige you to" I quickly added and looked away. "I want to explain you something before answering this. Each of my song is very personal. I can't write or sing a song which isn't a part of my life or my feelings. Some singers can but not me. I'm very emotional. Then … Just The Way You Are. I wrote that song for Chanel Mavard, my ex girlfriend" I didn't ask why Chanel became the ex girlfriend to be polite but I thought about very hard, hoping Peter would read my mind. "I … I'm a guy you know" he said looking in m eyes "Er … Well yeah … At least, I hope" He didn't smile. "Did you ever see a guy who wasn't flirting?" "Al doesn't" "Either he's gay, either he's inhuman then" I didn't laugh neither. Why the hell was he telling me that? "The thing is that Chanel never understood I was a dude. A NORMAL dude. Any normal guy flirts. But at the end of the night, he goes back to his girlfriend because he realizes all these sluts are nothing on his girl. But Chanel never understood that and she broke up and … well, I loved her. I truly did but it seems she wasn't the one for me" What Peter just said totally had an effect on me. I never heard a guy spoke his heart. He really meant that. He admitted that boys aren't perfect. But who is?

I was so inspired by his words that I didn't even notice that the song changed. The room was full of the beat of Grenade. I carefully listened to the lyrics. "Chanel wasn't the one for you. But … Do you think the Grenade girl was?" "Ohhhhhhhhh the Grenade girl. That's a long story." He sighed and rubbed his face. "I was in high school" he said "And this girl. Wow, she was so beautiful, so funny, so … untouchable. But I was a good musician and I think we became friends because of that. I wrote her so much songs for her telling how much I loved her. My sisters and Eric tried to warn me but … Ah, I think you know I am extremely stubborn. But it was only a game. A freaking game. Needless to say she broke my heart. But this girl … Man this girl, she's a girl you never want to let go." I sighed. This feeling he had for the Grenade girl was dangerous. I could feel it. Only the way he described her. Girls are bitches but the way she treated him … Come on, it was cruel! "Have you ever felt this way for someone?" he asked. "I'm afraid I did" He raised an eyebrow and I knew he wanted to learn more "Ya know, tall, muscular, sporty, curly golden hair … He lost me" "What was his name?" "Maël … But ANYWAY, who cares? Let's stop talking about old depressing times. I don't mind talking about bullshit but France. Worst times of my life."

I continued reviewing Peter's album and he explained me why he wrote them and his feelings about them. "I absolutely hate The Lazy Song." he told me. Indeed, he explained me the day he produced it, he wanted to write a big hit song but nothing came in his mind so Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just want to lay in my bed popped in his brain and The Lazy Song was invented. Talking To The Moon was the song that convinced his record to release his EPIt's Better If You Understand so he really loved this song …

"By the way, tomorrow is the big day" he said. "Uh?" "Phil is arriving tomorrow, we're gonna design our caps. It's gonna be fun" "Tomorrow? Already? We're gonna smash everything" I tried to sound excited but I wasn't because that meant it was gonna be the last time I would see Peter.