Chapter 32-36(1)

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Chapter 32

I'm guessing you guys my need this:


And of course this:


I wake up and it's 11:30pm and bruno is not laying next to me so I walked around the house not seeing him anywhere but when I got to the patio doors I see the guest house lights on so that must be where he is. I walked into the living room and looked over to the table where we put nothing but our wedding photos and picked one up *sigh* this was the best moment of my life saying "I do" to the man I love......


Bruno: "you still can"


Karri: put the picture down "well it's not going to be that easy bruno. I think i's best if we leave for a couple of months...."


Bruno: "but wha......"


Karri: "just until it's time for me to go in so that you can see when Neveah and Milani is born"


Bruno: can see tears forming in his eyes "I'm gonna be able to m,ake it without you and especially jayden and jaylen"


Karri: "I will let them come over on the weekend to stay the night and a few hours throught the week. I'm just getting a break and some time to think that's all"


Bruno: crying "Don't leave me please!! I mean I will sleep in the guest house while you guys be in the house I just wanna be close to you guys and make sure nothing happens to you cause lord knows if something happens to you or the twins or maybe both I will kill myself because whats the point of living when your other half is no longer here? time would be wasted trying to find someone like you"


Karri: "I understand but this is for me and the twins"  walking up the stairs


Bruno: following "Baby please don't go please"


Karri: "Sorry" packing her suitcase


Bruno stood there looking like a lost puppy it was so cute but funny and it took a lot out of me to not laugh at him, but I managed. so once I got done I packed up the twins luggage and we went downsatirs and I told the wins we were going to have some fun at the beach house. 


Bruno: stooped dow to the twins and gave them a hug "I will see you guys later ok and have fun"


Jayden and jaylen: "o'tay daddy"


Karri: "I will call you and let you know we have mad it there safe"


Bruno: knodded his head and hen tried to kiss me


Karri: gently pushed him away "see ya" walked out the door


I didn't bother to look back because I knew it would hurt me even more, but I had to do this he needs to learn his lesson. we make it to the beach house and I decided to call bruno to let him know that we made it, but he didn't answer so I shrugged my shoulders and we went into the house.




man it's been 3 stressful months since we have been seperated I am now 9 months preggers and is due any time and he's been going to all of the ultra sounds with me and knows that Im due any time and is really being protective over me about going anywhere so I told him that we will come back until I go in and he agreed to stay in the guest house I know still ain't got over what he did but It's not that easy to forget. I put my clothes on:


got the twins ready and we headed back to the house. once we got there bruno opened the door meeting the twins with open arms as they ran into them I just smiled at them and bruno came up to me and we hugged and I can say that it felt so good to be in his arms but just wasn't ready yet to give in so I pulled away. 


Bruno: gently grabbed my hand "commere I want to show you something"


Karri: "ok, come on jayden and jaylen"


we followed him upstairs and he led us to the nursery


Karri: "why are we going to the nursery?"


Bruno: "I wanted to surprise you now close your eyes" he got behind me putting his hand on my hips guiding me wherever he was taking me "ok open"


Karri: opened my eyes slowly and then they got wide "OH MY GOD!!! bruno I can't believe this it's what I wanted but I thought we couldn't afford it"


Bruno: "we can afford anything especially when my baby wants something and the my baby girls deserve the best"


karri: "it looks exactly the way I wanted it....omg bruno thank you" gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek 


this is what she saw but with two cribs:


Bruno: still holding me "I just wanted to see you smile again"


Karri: crying " well it's working. bruno?"


Bruno: "yeah"


Karri: "Even though I'm not completely over what happened 3 months ago, but can we just act like nothing happened and raise our children together but I'm not saying be together just yet"


Bruno: "Im still sad about it but ok. can I sleep in the house?" he said with a puppy face


Karri: "don't push it"


Bruno: "fine"


Karri: stared at him "just tonight and nothing else"


But I feel like something is going to happen tonight just don't know what it is. we all went out for dinner and to the movies to see lion king 3D

 and then back home. bruno gave the boys a bath and put them to bed while I was just getting out the shower putting on my pajamas:


and got in the bed. bruno was just now getting into the room stopping to stare at me because I was way bigger than I was with the boys 


Bruno: "Wow!! you're....."


karri: "DON'T even think about saying it"


Bruno: closed his mouth "sorry" taking his clothes off


Whooooo!! damn I missed that sexy body a whole lot Mmm and it looks like he's been working out more he catches me staring while biting my lip


karri: blushing "sorry"


Bruno: smiling "why be? it's all yours and only yours do what you want with it" getting in the bed


but he didn't come near me he stayed on his side of the bed while getting on his laptop I tried peeking at what he was doing but suprisingly he told me to come sit next to him to se work his magic I was confused then


Karri: "what are you doing? twitter?"


Bruno: "I have so many girls following me it's crazy watch this, one tweet and they are gonna go bananas"


I sat and watch him tweet something random to these girls and 3,2,1 BOOM his TL (time line) was going crazy with tweets I just laughed 


Karri: laughing still "you better stop doing that teasing them girls like that it's not fair and then you did it once and didn't retweet none of there tweets I mean I see some pretty good ones"


Bruno: "you think I should? I mean I try to avoid conflict"


Karri: "you don't have to if you don't want it was just a suggestion" yawned


Bruno: put the laptop on his nightsatnd "aww baby you tired let me turn this light out so you can sleep"


Karri: couldn't get comfortable 


Bruno: "baby you ok?"


Karri: "Bruno, will hold me?"


Bruno: he smiled "yes I can" scooting up against her putting his arm around her


Karri: "bruno?"


Bruno: "yeah"


Karri: "Put it up"


Bruno: turning red and cleared his throat "my bad"


Karri: "thank you"


they both fell asleep and in the middle of the night karri had to go to the bathroom and once she got on the toilet something didn't feel right so she got up and noticed nothing so she flushed the toilet and washed her hands next thing she felt a sharp pain


Karri: slightly bent over holding her stomach with one hand up under it "Oh My God!!"


It stopped and went back to washing my hands and once I dried them and was headed back to the room it did it again so walked up to bruno and tried to wake him ughh why do he have to be such a hard sleeper


Karri: "bruno? wake up"


nothing. so I took it upon my self to grab my pillow and hit him in the head with it he woke up then


Bruno: "WTF!! what you do that for?" rubbing his head frowning at me


Karri: bent over "Oooooh sheeeeit GET YO ASS UP IM IN LABOR DUMB ASS"


Bruno: eyes wide "omg uhm just sit right there let me ge you some pants"




Bruno: "ok" grabbing the keys and the twins and we headed to the hospital


By the time we got there the contractions got worst and they immediately took me to labor and delivery I had dialated all the way and these girls were ready to come out. so before I we started bruno was being a real pest


Bruno: "ok baby you ready?"


Karri: glared at him "WTF do you think bruno"


Bruno: "just making sure are you having any contractions?"


Karri: having a contraction but took it out on bruno "SHUT THE FU** UUUUUUUUP GOT DAMN YOUUUUUUU SH** that hurted like hell"


Bruno: "it's gonna be ok jus......" had him by his hair choking him up with his shirt struggling to talk "I....can't....breathe" eyes turning bloodshot read


Karri: "well shut up I don't want to hear another word from you DO YOU HEAR ME?"


Bruno: still struggling to talk "yesss"


I let him go and he collapsed unto the floor


Karri: "omg baby you ok"


Bruno: didn't respond


Nurse: "he's ok just passed out he will be fine, but for you it's time to have some babies"


Karri: "but he goota wake up I don't want him to miss out on his baby girls being born"


Nurse: "ok be right back"


she left the room and came back with this little bottle and she pulled the swab out and waved it in front of his nose and then he wakes up 


Karri: "aww you're awake"


Bruno: "what happened?" holding his head


Karri: looked at the nurse "Uhhh you got over excited and passed out"


Bruno: "oh ok"


Doctor: "alright it's time lets have some babies"


It took me almost two hours to have Neveah and Milani. Neveah was 4lbs and 5oz and Milani was 4lbs 4oz and they were so beautiful but how would I know I'm still sleeping.................



Chapter 33


*It took me almost two hours to have Neveah and Milani. Neveah was 4lbs and 5oz and Milani was 4lbs 4oz and they were so beautiful but how would I know I'm still sleeping.................*


*Bruno P.O.V*


It's been two days since Neveah and Milani was born and now we are at home waiting patiently for Karri to come up out of the coma *sigh* see what happened was after she pushed out the last baby *Neveah* she started hemorrhaging really bad to the point wear she went into shock and next thing we know she wouldn't wake up *Crying* It's all my fault she's going through this If I had of just been there and not been so stupid, damn. my family AGAIN is coming down to see the new additions to the family and help with the kids. After 3 hours my fam was at the the door and they greeted me with there warm embrace and I le them in and my mom headed straight for the girls


Bernie: eyes lit up "Omg!! bruno they look like little porcelain dolls *gasp* and look at all this hair they get that from both of you what are their names?"


Damn here we go I already had a heard time telling jayden and jaylen apart now I gotta do it with neveah and milani why did they have to be identical too


Bruno: "this little beauty right here is Milani and this angel is Neveah"


Everybody except bruno: "Neveah?!?!"


Pres: "where did that name come from it's pretty"


I walked over to the table and pulled out the drawer to get a piece of paper and wrote her name down and gave it to her


Bruno: "here"


Pres: "ooook you wrote her name down what is that supposed to mean?"


Bruno: sigh "flip the paper upside down blondy"


Pres: "jerk" she flipped the paper over and saw what it meant "Awww that is so sweet that is just beautiful"


Eric: "let me see" flipping the paper and saw wat she saw "oh wow that is cool that very different too she's gonna be something special with a name like that"


Bruno: "yeah" sounded down


Bernie: "oh sweetheart she is gonna be fine she's gonna come up out of it you'll see so in the meanwhile we need to get grandmas babies to bed"


Bruno: "ok"


me and eric got the boys while pres and mum got the girls


Pres: "omg that nursery is just beautiful it is perfect for them"


Bernie: "yeah who's idea was it"


Bruno: "well that's not what was in there at first this is what she wanted whe we were shopping for the nursery but I took it upon myself to surprise her with this  this is what she really wantted"


Bernie: "Aww that was so sweet of you, so tell me how are things going with you too since that accident you guys had you know what I mean"


Bruno: "she's having a hard time forgiving me we are still seperated"


Pres: "man you suck I can't believe you actually did that to her"


Bruno: "yeah me neither I don't know what made me do it"


Bernie: "that's every mans question to stupidity. only you know why you did it and now it's your time to fix it I didn't raise you to be no heartbreaker but to lov and cherish a woman and no settle for anything now you have this beautiful wife and kids and and you decided to mess around with some huzzy you know better than that bruno I better not hear again that you done did something stupid do you hear me?"


Bruno: looked her straight in the eyes "yes ma'am"


Bernie: "you boys go get some sleep out in the guess house and me and pres will stay in the house with the kids ok?"


everybody except bernie "Yes ma'am"


me and eric made our way to the guess house and went to sleep but I couldn't knowing that my wife was in a coma I just couldn't stand to be away from her so I grabbed my keys and drove to the hospital and I stayed in the room with her. the next morning I look over to her wishing and hoping for a miracle but, Nothing so I got a towel and wet it with warm water and wiped her face she hated a dirty face, hmm just the thought.....


**My Thoughts (bruno)**


Bruno: "come on give me a kiss"


Karri: "Eww noooo you have eye boogers and you haven't brushed your teeth"


Bruno: wiping my eyes "ok now"


karri: "OMG!! you're disgusting you have that crispy crap all over your fingers go wash that crap off and brush your teeth"


Bruno: acting like he was about to walk into the bathroom "ok"


next thing I ran up to her unexpectantlly and planted a big hug kiss on her and then ran in the bathroom


Karri: panicing "eww omg omg omg bruno that was just gross you IDIOT!!!


Bruno: pulling me towards him "I love you"


Karri: "whateva, if you did you wouldn've spreaded your germs all over my lips"


Bruno: "Mmm you mean like this" I kissed her passionately


Karri: smiled "I love you too"


*End Of Thought*


Later on that day I saw preesh and some girl I didn't recognize walk through the door


Phred: "Hey how she doing? anything?"


Bruno: shook his head "No"


Olivia: "Hi, I'm olivia karri's friend from germany"


Bruno: "oh yes so you're the famous olivia that she be going out with?"


Olivia: giggled "yep thats me. so how are the babies?"


Bruno: "oh they are doing awesome they're my little princesses"


Olivia: "Awww!!"


Phred: "well we just wanted o stop by to see how you and karri is doing and I will keep you both in my prayers"


Olivia: "yeah so will I"


Bruno: "thanks guys that really mean something to me"


they leave and it was just me and karri again until the doctor came in


Doctor: "anything happened?"


Bruno: "No, how long do you think she's gonna be in this coma?"


Doctor: "well we get this a lot from women after giving birth mainly caused from stress and depression did you argue while she was pregnant?"


Bruno: I looked at her then back at the doctor "yes, yes we did"


Doctor: "well that would have explained it" looking at his chart "she could have nearly harmed the babies  but sh some how managed to protect them well"


Bruno: "so about how long?"


the doctor walked over to her and examined her


Doctor: "she's breathing fine on her own to tell you some good news she's not in a deep coma she's actually in like a deep sleep like she's unconcious I would give her till the end of the week"


Bruno: sigh of relief "omg doc thank you"


Doctor: "you know she can hear everything you say it will be the perfect time to get it off your chest" walked out the door


I just looked at the doctor like O.o ok. just before I was about to say something my phone rings so I stepped out into the hallway to answer


Bruno: "hello"


Bernie: "how's she doing?"


Bruno: "I got some great news she's not in a coma"


Bernie: "then why is she not waking up?"


I explained to her what the doctor told me and she was just as excited as I was


Bernie: "omg that is great"


Bruno: "how are the kids doing?"


Bernie: "oh they are angels, but you don't worry yourself we got it over here just spend time with karri and call us when anyting else happens ok?"


Bruno: "ok"


Bernie: "ok love you"


Bruno: "love you too mum"


the day went by pretty much the same nothing new but I wasn't going anywhere until she woke ip well I did go home everyday for a couple of hours to spend some time with my fam and kids and then back up here but in a matter of minutes someone walked through the door that I truly didn't want to see


Bruno: "WTF are you doi........"


**End of P.O.V**


I'm struggling to to open my eyes but I don't hear bruno's voice any more I'm trying so hard but I can't but I'm not giving up come on karri you can do this after a few more tries I get them open but it's a bit blurry and I see movement I blink my eyes several times until I could get a clear view and once I did I had a smile on my face but that all vanished within seconds


Karri: crying "Damn, I should've stayed asleep"


Bruno: O.O



Chapter 34


I sat there and stared at the same Bit** that was in my house got her nasty A** lips wrapped around my husbands lips but he isn't so innocent either cause it don't look like he was trying to fight it


Karri: "you will never learn will you?"


Bruno: "baby Im sorry she came on to me and sh......"


Karri: yelled "SHUT THE FU** UP"


Daniya: "hold up you ain't gone be talking to my boo like that"


That's all she had to say to me and I got up out the bed weak and all 


Karri: walking up to slowly "what did you just say? yo boo?"


Daniya: gave me that yeah I said it look "yes my boo so you can back the fu....."


BOOM a punch to the face she got while bruno was trying to stop me and I was so angry and out of it I back slapped him to the grown and continued to beat this ho a**. so much weave was flying every where I mean what is up with him and these fake rats ughh!! 


Bruno: trying to pull me up off her "Baby stop she's not wort....." holding his mouth "AH!! FUUUUUUU"


he shouldn't had been in my way or he wouldn't have gotten elbowed in the mouth but I proceed trying to kill this girl bruno maybe an asshole but he is still MY husband. I get tired and walked backwards to the bed and sat down lookin at these two pathetic fools groan in pain LMFAO I just beat up my husband and his mistress at one time ah man this is funny I thought but then begin to cry. I demanded them to get out of my room and of course bruno begged me to forgive him but I couldn't damn I was so close to giving him another chance but he just screwed that up big time so now I'm gonna have to make him suffer and I had just the plan, but first I needed to talk to someone someone I knew would help me through this


Voice: "Hello"


Karri: "Hey mamas"


Voice: "OMG hey I heard you had the babies and that you were in a coma but you're ok now I'm so happy"


Karri: "yeah me too I miss you so much Ally"


Alyssa: "yes me too. so you and bruno still seprated?"


karri: "yeah" started crying


Alyssa: "ok what did he do now?"


I expalined to her what happened and she couldn't believe it. 


Karri: wiping my tears away "yeah I know I couldn't believe it either. So how is you guys and Alani?"


Alyssa: "we are doing great Alani is walking now"


Karri: "what? she's so little though"


Alyssa: "yeah that's what I was saying but the doctor say that it's perfectly normal"


Karri: "aww I remember when jayden and jaylen started walking it was over cause they were in everything"


Alyssa: "yeah Alani is too can we say child proof everything lol"


Karri: laughing "yesss I had to do the same thing" calmed down from laughing "I'm so glad that I got to talk to you because at first I was in no pisition to talk to no one but then I thought about you"


Alyssa: "Aw you're more than welcome to call me when you need to you're my non-related sister and always will be"


Karri: "thank you!!"


after I finished talking to alyssa the doctor examined me and told me that I could go home and I couldn't wait. I didn't bother to call bruno to come get me so I called Olivia and she came in minutes


Olivia: "Ahhh my homette is out the hospital im so happy"


Karri: giggled "yess me too girl takeme home so I can s what my baby girls look like"


Olivia: "yeah I heard what bruno did Pfft!! he such a douche bag for doing that why would he want to mess up on a girl like you?"


Karri: "Im screaming the same question and still haven't found the answer"


Olivia: "so how badly did you beat up that tramp?"


Karri: "I tried to kill that girl gone tell me  *imitating Daniya* hold up you ain't gone be talking to my boo like that!! I tried to beat the brakes off that ho but I got kids to take care of"


Olivia: dieing of laughter "OMG!! damn I should have been there" swirving the car


Karri: grabbed the wheel "whanch you better pay attention to the road before both be int the hospital bed sleeping"


Olivia: calming down "Whooo ok I got it" taking the wheel


Karri: "O'tay"


we finally made it to the house and everybody except bruno greeted me with hugs and I headed straight for my babies


Jayden and Jaylen: "Mommyyyyyyyyy!!"


Karri: holding both of them tight but gentle "how my big boys doing? mommy miss you guys so much"


Jaylen: "we miss you to mommy"


Jayden: "me too mommy"


Karri: "Awww I love you"


jayden and Jaylen: "we wove you too mommy"


I walked over to the two bassinets and looked at my little angels oh lord they are identical *why me* I picked Milnai how'd I know is that they had there names stitched into the bassinet I knew exactly who had this done such a sweetheart. Milani was so beautiful she looked like a little geisha doll her eyes were chinky like bruno's she was just beautiful. I then pick up Neveah and instantly sh opened her eyes and she had my eyes but there was just something about her something special I couldn't put my finger on it and that's when bernie walked up to me 


Bernie: "she's gonna have a gift I don't know of what but she is gonna be special"


Karri: "you think so?"


Bernie: knodded her head "yes"


we all sat down and chatted while brino was M.I.A probably with his barbie doll but I was wrong he was in the guess house looking sick in the face oh well not my problem. his family decided to stay until sunday which today is friday and they thought it would be a great idea if me, olivia and pres to go out even though I wanted to stay home with my babies but bernie insisted so I got dressed:


I came downtstairs and bruno was in the kitchen drinking some water out of the water bottle and almost choked


Bruno: raised an eyebrow "and where the hell are you going dressed like that?"


I just loved how he always get so protective over me hehe!!


Karri: "wouldn't you like to know"


Bruno: "yes I would. I think you need to go change like NOW!! ain't no wife of mine is gonna walk out the house dressed like that


Karri: squinted my eyes "Oh but it's ok for ole what's her name to dress the way she does huh?"




Karri: "yeah, that's what I thought. so pathetic!! but see ya soon" I smiled and winked at him and we left


I already had that feeling that bruno was going to show up and my instincts never fool me there he was standing next to preesh and I'll admit he looked sooo goood:


I smiled and raised my glass to him and drunk it down then grabbed olivia and pres hand and got on the dance floor the dj was playing Beyonce "End Of Time" and we were having a good time until this guy:


came up to me and started dancing with me but he wasn't touching me just having fun. I see out the corner of my eye bruno glaring at the guy very hard I just ignore him and continur to have fun


Guy: "Hi im trey what's yours sexy?"


Karri: "Karri" I knda yelled over the music


Trey: "Nice to meet you. so I see you're married" talking into my ear


but to bruno he felt like the guy was being flirtatious and was getting upset


Karri: "Yeah I am 21/2 years" I had to do something quickly bruno decides he wants to do something dumb tonight "he's over there" pointing to him as he raised his glass at us and winked but then gave me a really serious look telling me to get rid of him but I still ignored him I had to give him a taste of his own medicine


Trey: "ok that's what's up. why he ain't over here dancing with his beautiful wife? I know if I was him I would"


Karri: blushing "thanks!! he's shy" *lying*


And that was it one smile and blushing because of this guy was it and here bruno comes mad as ever and before he could reach us I told the guy that I had to go and I rushed towards bruno and pushed him out of the croud to a corner and lisen to him run his trap


Bruno: "WTF was that karri? over there blushing and smiling and shit"


Karri: kinda waisted "he was just being a gentlemen and dancing with me something you wont do cuz you to busy watching me waiting on me to fuck up, sorry boo boo that's been your job lately I think it's bout time for you to get a raise by now huh?" I raised my glass "well here's your raise" and I guzzled it down and stumled a bit when I finished


Bruno: caught me but had me close to him our lips almost touching 


Karri: bit my lip "you miss this don't you" I said seductively


Bruno: wanted to kiss me "we need to get you home you done had enough to drink"


Karri: pushed him "NO!! I am not gonna leave my friends here you go home party pooper" and made my wy back over to olivia and pres


bruno got so mad because we were getting so waisted that when the bar was almost over bruno had to call eric to come help them get us out of there. 


Olivia: laughing "I can't feel my leggggggs" laughing hard


Pres: "omg, karri I didn't know you had a twin....Hi!!!!!!!"


Olivia and Karri: bust out laughing


bruno and preesh just stood there shaking there head waiting for eric. bruno had to keep holding me to keep me from falling but because I was standing in front of him I was resting my butt on his you know what and "Big Daddy" ;) joined the party 


Karri: "Oooh!! bruno you naughty boy somebody has come out to play" 


Bruno: "chill out karri" 


Karri: kissed him on the neck "I'm not doing anything"


Bruno: got mad and pushed me out the way "I said chill" yelling at me walking to the car


I followed because clearly he done lost his damn mind I didn't even feel drunk anymore after that but I was


Karri: ran in front of him "hold up wtf is wrong with you? since when do you for the second time reject me from showing you some affection?"


Bruno: "don't start that shit with me karri I aint in the mood you drunk and you acting a damn fool"


No the hell he di int 


Karri: "no the fuck you didn't!! so you telling me you getting mad because I had to much to drink but it's not ok for me to get angry, frustrated and hurt because you going around fuckin these stray bitches leaving fleas behind is that wtf you trying to tell me bruno" I yelled at him


Bruno: yelled back "THAT'S YOUR FUCKIN PROBLEM KARRI YOU NEVER GIVE ME ANY TYPE OF CHANC TO EXPLAIN SHIT yes the first time I fucked up but the second time she came up to the hospital and kissed me without my permission she had me by my collar choking me so that I couldn't move and she saw you waking up that's why she did it I wasn't trying to be with her I swear, why won't you believe me?"


karri: put my fingers through my hair and grabbed it tight closing my eyes "I have been hurt so badly in the pass that now when something like this happens I have a hard time trusting again. *crying* I forgive you bruno, but I just don't know when I will be able to trust you again you hurt me so bad, but why bruno?"


Bruno: "to be honest I was being selfish and only thinking about my needs"


Karri: "I could have given you that but it's like when I was pregnant you didn't want too or something"


Bruno: "you were to far along I didn't wan to hurt the girls"


Karri: bust out laughing "what!! omg bruno what exactly did you think would happen if we had sex?"


Bruno: "I don't know hit them with it poke them in the eyes shit I don't know"


Damn I he had me dying laughing I had tears in my eyes and then I up chucked my liquor he ran over to me and pulled my hair to the side feeling Big Daddy again on my butt


Karri: gasping for air "jeez bruno can you atleast wait till I finish puking my insides out?" puking again


Bruno: blushed "this is kinda kinky though my wife puking while I hit it Aha!!"


Karri: puked again after he said that "you sick bastard" got the kleenex that he was handing me while laughing and I wiped my mouth "can you look in the car and gice me that water bottle and my tooth brush and toothepaste out the center console, please?"


Bruno: handing them to me "you keep this stuff in your car?"


karri: "yeah for days when I don't have time to do it when I'm in a hurry or something" rinsing her mouth out


Bruno: "Uhm karri?"


Karri: "yeah"


Bruno: "I know it's gonna take some time for you to trust me again but can you trust me enough to uhm you know get a busy?"


Karrin: "are you kidding me?"


Bruno: "seriously I haven't had none since before you found out you were pregnant"


karri: "boy please"


Bruno: "I'm foreal I put that on my future grave I didn't have sex with that girl"


karri: "Never?"


Bruno: he pulled me close "never. baby she might of had boobs for days" I pushed him and he giggled "but I knew it would never be as good as it is with you you got that fire"


Karri: "how do you know it wasn't going to be?"


Bruno: " because if it dodn't...." whispered in my ear the rst


karri: eyes and mouth widen "Omg!! Wow!! I do all that?"


Bruno: knodded his head "oh yes and it drives me crazy"


Karri: "how crazy?"


Bruno: "I will sing about it"


karri: "lets hear it"


Bruno: begin to sing "My favorite place is that space between your legs and yours hips ooh, got me licking my lips wanna get up on it It’s a special thing that we be doing

f’ina be bad boy girl I’m doing It ain’t no secret ’bout what it is come on girl serve me the dish"


Karr: clearing my throat "uhm....stay right there don't move ok?"


Bruno: giggling "what are you about to do?"


Karri: "just don't move" walking back into the club I saw that eric was coming and hurried up and told pres to get outside eric was out there and olivia poor thing I told her I wuld call her tomorrow cause she was done fo so we all hugged each other and went our seperate ways well olivia and preesh did


karri: "I wanna sleep in the guest house tonight" I hinted him 


Bruno: didn't catch on at first but then he did "for what?.......OOOOH!! yeah ok" smiling from ear to ear


Karri: "Aww silly rabbit"


once we made it back home we were all laughing and joking until bruno opened the door and that BITCH was in my house again and holding Milani at that. bruno looked at me and hurried over and got milani away from her


Karri: "wtf are you doing in my house"


Bernie: "she said that she was your best friend olivia"


Karri: "Really?" taking off my heels and earrings "Ok"


It's about to go down in this bitch I'm about to kill this Rat............................



Chapter 35


I can't believe this girl is in my house holding my baby at that


Karri: "Bring yo ass here ho Im about to mop the floor with yo triflin ass"


Daniya: getting scared "I didn't come over here to start no fight I just wanted to see how my baby was doing"


Karri: getting even more upset "bring yo ass here"


Daniya: "Bitc........."


Karri: grabbed her hair and started puching her in the face "Bitch?"


I was trying to kill this ho but as always bruno trying to stop me but I wasn't lettin up. she kept trying to run but I grabbed her by the hair turned her around and gave her a right hook to the eye


Daniya: yelled "Ahhh my eye"


Karri: "thats for for just looking at my husband" hit her in the nose 


Daniya: yelled again "STOP!!" 


Karri: "thats for sticking yo nose all up in my marriage" punchd her in the stomach


Daniya: trying to catch her breath


Karri: "that's for having the guts to try and take my husband" still holding her hair and put my heels back on and stomped on her foot


Daniya: yelled very loud hopping around like a damn fool while I still had her hair


Karri: giggled "and that is for walking up in MY fuckin house AGAIN without my permission BITCH!!" I threw her to the ground and turned to bruno and slapped the taste out of his mouth


Bruno: yelled "WTF you do that for?"


Karri: "that's for even messing around with this scandalous ho. now get rid of this pest problem and bring yo ass to the guest house


Karri: "Get out my house daniya, NOW!!"


Daniya: "ok bye baby" she tried to touch him


karri: "gave her the bitch I wish you would look and slapped her " bitch you think I'm playing with you? the next time I ain't showing no mercy you got saved by the bell cause my babies is up lookin down at me from the stairs now get the fu** out"


Bruno let her out and locked the door behind her


Bernie: "omg Im so sorry I didn't know"


Karri: "it's ok it's not your fault, but anyways how are you did the kids give you a hard time?"


Bernie: "no, but I see you guys must've had a really nice time cuz eric had to carry pres to the bed"


Karri: "y-yeah we did really nice time" I giggled at bruno "why are you ratting me out to your mom silently?"


Bruno: "no reason but uhm lets go put the kids to bed and mom you need to be getting some rest also"


Bernie: "Oh I will and I got the kids you two go into the guest house and spend some time together"


my eyes got wide as I turned red


karri: "But....."


Bernie: "no need to get embarrassed sweetheart I knew where this was going" she smiled and winked her eye and walked up he stairs "oh and be safe we don't want any more twins popping up"


Bruno: "Maaaaaaaaa!!! jeezzzzzz!!!


Karri: put my hand on my forehead smh "Oh my god!!"


Bruno: he chuckled


Karri: "Im gonna go grab something to sleep in ok?"


Bruno: "ok" tried to kiss me


Karri: stopping him putting my hand on his chest "uh uh I'm gone make you beg for it tonight"


I walked upstairs and put on something sexy because I was literally gonna make him beg for it I mean I deserve to be HBIC in this situation so any way I get dressed:


 and head to the guest house but as I was walking I was seeing that all the lights were off in the guest house but once I got in I saw light coming from the bedroom. I slowly opened the door and it was candles every where with one single rose laying in the middle of the bed music in the background playing Usher "Mars vs Venus". I picked up the rose and put up to my nose and out the corner of my eye I saw bruno standing in the bathroom door way wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist while the water trickled down his well maintained body and his hair omg it was wet *Ahem* cool it karri you supposed to be the dominate one here but he just stood there and stared at me biting his lip then he finally walked up to me my heart started beating out of my chest but I had to make sure that he couldn't tell I was getting weak


Bruno: wrapped his arms around my west and nestled he face in my neck "damn you smell so good" planting a butterfly kiss to my neck


Oh god karri you can do this don't let him get to you not yet anyway


Karri: "It's your favorite that's why I put it on"


Bruno: "I see that but what I wanna see is whats inside this robe" tried to untie it


Karri: moved his hand away "you will see, but first...." I pushed him unto the bed and straddled him "I wanna play a lil game"


Bruno: smiled seductively "OOOOO what kind of game?" rubbing my thighs


Karri: "you're gonna be drowing and I'm the ocean that you're drowning in ;)"


Bruno: caught on quickly "Mmm is that right?"


Karri: "There is no point of screaming for help because all the lifegauards have left you're at your own risk"


Bruno: "so when do I jump in?"


Karri: "how long can you hold your breathe?"


Bruno: laughed "What? are you serious?"


Karri: "answer my question?"


Bruno: "it depends. what exactly are you gonna do?"


Karri: "why you always gotta ask so many questions? you killing the mood here?" getting irritated and still a bit buzzed from the alcohol


Bruno: "ok ok I'm sorry"


Karri: "close your eyes"


Bruno: being a pest again "For what?"


Karri: got extremely irritated "OMFG!! forget it bruno I don't want to anymore what you don't trust me?" about to get off him


Bruno: pulled me close to him still laying down "No no no don't leave I trust you ok" kissed my lips softly and then down to my neck planting butterfly kisses very slowly


Karri: "close your eyes" 


Bruno: looked at me for one hot second and then closed his eyes 


I untied my robe and threw it onto the chair across the room and made sure my hair was still ok and told him to open his eyes


Bruno: eyes wide "Dayyyyuuummm baby!! I mean them kids did a number on yo body and I love it" about to kiss me


Karri: stopped him with my finger to his lips "MmMm baby boy momma got this tonight now get your hands off me no touching" I said dominately


Bruno: moved his hands quickly "yes ma'am" he giggled


Karri: forcefully placing his hands over his head "DID-I tell you to speak? you only speak when I tell you to do you understand?"


Bruno: breathing heavy and began to sweat and was about to speak but he cut himself off


Karri: "that's what I thought. now close your eyes and don't move if you even flinch or move im gonna make you suffer more"


Bruno: still breathing heavy "ok"


I look at him and smile and I began by kissing his forehead to his nose to the right ear gently biting is earlobe


Karri: "I'm about to take your breathe away" I told him seductively in his ear


I then proceed to the left ear and do the same. I slowly grazed my lips down his neck but tracing it back with my tongue planting butterfly kisses on the trail I made and do the same on the other side and man he was breathing hard I could tell he wanted to touch me so bad because he was trying to wriggle his wrist ou of my grip but I told him not to move so I continue to tease some more. so I kissed him from his chest down to his towel and jeez it don't take much for him to get excited ;) but it wasn't exactly fully erect. YET!! then I had a thought "what if?" I wanted to know what will happen if I make him think that I im about to go down on him or put my mouth on him? I looked at him and smiled and decided to give it a try. I started by kissing each side of his pelvic feeling squirm and hearing a light moan escape his lips I smile again then I kiss the creases of his legs by big daddy haha and man he let out a loud moan and I knew that what I was about to do was going to be EPIC!!.  but this time I kissed him in the middle of his pelvic and I could hear him breathing hysterically I proceed to the big finale and I pulled his towel down over big daddy slowly he's breathing heavy I blew a light mist of cold air to it making him breathe heavier biting his lip I couldn't help but smile at this so now it's show time I slightly opened my mouth and exhaled a burst of hot air onto it and OMG!!! he balled up his fist and he moaned so loud my eyes were WIDE!! lol I just knew somebody heard that and he always talking about me being loud Pshhh!! whatever


Bruno: Loudly moaned "oooooh sheeeeeit!!" I felt him tremble a bit


damn I didn't do anything really and this the reaction I get from just doing that, hmph I'm gonna do this all the time cause big daddy up and ready lmao, but I told him so I tease him some more. I take my bra off slowely but staring into his eyes while I do it and the intensity of this stare down was getting to me but I can't let that happen just yet and I threw my bra somewhere grabbing his hands and placing them on each boob and straddled myself directly on top of him, but something was missing it was just to quiet and I knew we were going to need some music to drown out the music that we were about to make so I leaned over him to reach for the remote to the iHome but when I did I felt him slowly lick my nipple with the tip of his tongue making me let out a small moan but I pulled back quickly and waved my finger at him smh with a smile cause now he about to suffer for that. I turn on some music: (Ludacris ft: Trey Songz) 


And I started dancing and grinding on him doing figure eights as he watched me but he looked so helpless I knew he wanted to touch me


Karri: "what's wrong baby?"




Karri: giggled "you can speak"


Bruno: "omg baby please I want you so bad right now"


Karri: "be patient my love good things come to those who........Wait"


Bruno: "but ba....."


Karri: "Shhhh!! it's ok" I kissed him passionately and then pulled back


Oh I done did it now he ain't buying it right now and he flipped me over staring at me clinching his jaw while the muscles in his arms flexed I knew right then it was about to be a longggggg sexual night. he kissed me from head to toe but then he told me to close my eyes and I did with no question I ain't scurred, but when I did I felt a piece of ice being ran down my body it made me tremble and the most unexpected thing happened I felt it being put inside me and I gasped arching my body moaning very sexually as he whispered in my ear


Bruno: "I'm about to make you scream until you can't take it anymore and I'm not gonna show any mercy. you a big girl right? you can handle anything" he had a devilish grin on his face


but yet I'm still feeling this cold ice inside me so he goes down watching the ice melt inside me but catching every drop with his tongue driving me crazy and I mean screaming crazy but I wasn't about to give up yet. after he finished he came back up to me and kissed me passionately while he played with my body like his own little playground sliding his hand down my body underneath the sheet that's at my waiste he began to play with my arousel button smiling at the sound of me moaning in his mouth after five minutes I have the best orgasm possible screaming nearly at the top of my lungs and my ocean of love coming to shore and I knew it wasn't the water from the ice cube because that been melted but it got all over his fingers and that made him want me more and more. he tried to make his move and get on top but I was faster than he was and got on him and I dove into his mouth whilst he positions me to to take the ride of my life..........


After tonight I can pretty much say that I am definitely gonna let my husband back in the house....why? because he's been a BIG boy hahaha!! ;)



Chapter 36 (Part 1)


Oh....what....A.....night I say to myself smiling watching bruno sleep with a smile on his face, but not only did I deserve a night like this but I give him mad love for pouring his heart out while doing it. I caerfully got up trying not to wake him up and got in the shower and let the water run down my face and then down my hair, but then I feel a cold draft and arms wrapping around my waiste from behind I turn around and smile


Karri: "good morning" I kissed him


Bruno: biting his lip "I don't think I got enough last night that was......AWESOME!!! baby you did your thang I like that"


Karri: "Pshh!! boy please that was just a tease you ain't seen nothing yet"


Bruno: "Oooh so you holding out on me? well we just gone have to see about that"


Karri: "ok well Im about to get out of here and get dressed so I can go spend time with my little ones" gave him a kiss


Bruno: still holding her "see that kiss makes me want you really bad"


Karri: looked down "Aha!! I can see that. well there's the soap" winked at him and got out


after I said that I was in the room putting on my clothes:


and 2 minutes later I hear bruno yell to me


Bruno: "Real funny karri you wrong for that one"


Karri: "Is your brain on delay cause I said that 2 minutes ago?" laughing


Bruno: "you did this to me now I can't think straight"


Karri: "Hmph, oh just wait till next time I'm going to make you suffer from short term memory loss"


Bruno: "Damn" walking out of th bathroom with just his towel wrapped around his waiste damn deja vu


Karri: staring "Uhm, I am bout to head to the house and see what moma bernie is doing" not looking at him


Bruno: walking up to me "whats wron baby?" warpping his arms around my waist facing me "look at me"


Karri: hesitated to look "why?" still lookin dow


Bruno: "you know you want to"


karri: "Yesss i do but if I do I won't make it in the house to see the kids so if you will excuse me I am about to go in the house" walking away


Bruno:"ok" he said with a devilish smile "KARRI!!"


Karri: turned around quickly thinking it was something wrong "omg wha....BRUNO!! ugh you make me sick" seeing bruno was completely naked and ran out the guess house


Bruno: dying laughing "I LOVE YOU BABY" he yelled from the room


Karri: yelled back "LIARRRRR"


I headed straight for the house and as soon as I came in jayden and jaylen headed straight for me with there arms open wide


Jayden and Jaylen: MOMMYYYYYY!!


Karri: "hey, there goes mommy's big boys have you been good for grandma?"


Jayden: "yeaw, we helping gwandma took bweakfast"


Karri: "OOOh!! well lets go finish helping her ok?" grabbing both of there hands


Bernie: "well hello there! you guys finally awake?"


Karri: "yeah bruno will be in shortly. Mmm something smells good"


Bernie: "yes I'm cooking waffles, bacon, eggs and a fresh fruit salad which has canteloupe, watermelon, melon, pineapples, grapes, oranges and blueberries oh and some freshed chilled orange juice just a little taste of hawaii that's all"


Karri: "Wow!! that is awesome"


Bruno: came up behind me placing his hands on my waiste and kissed my cheek "Good Morning mum" kissed her cheek "Ah, my favorite breakfast of all times"


Bernie: "you know I had to cook my specialties b4 leaving today"


Karri: "Awe you're leaving today?"


Bernie: "yes gotta get back home with the rest of the family"


Karri: "I'm gonna miss you" tearing up


Bernie: hugged me "Ohhh!! sweetheart don't cry you, bruno and the babies are always welcome to come visit"


Karri: "I know it's just that you are like a seconf mom to me every since me and bruno been married you have done nothing but been there for us and I appreciate that and I mean that from the bottom of my heart"


Bernie: "oh geez about to have me crying" wiping a tear and laughed


Karri: giggled and wiped her tears "Sorry" she laughed again


Bernie ok enough of that bruno go get your brother and sister out the bed and tell them breakfast is ready"


Bruno: "yes ma'am" walking up the stairs


once he got up there pres was in Naveah and Milani's room getting them dressed and eric as usual was in the bed hanging halfway out of it. so bruno tried to wake him up but it wasn't working so bruno decided to yank the cover off him and jump in the bed


Bruno: jumping on the bed "!!!!!!!


Eric: getting mad "DUDE!! stop jumping on the bed and I hear you now get out"


Bruno: got down "well then get yo lazy ass up"


Eric: "LAZY? Aha!! well look at you lazy king I know you ain't talking about somebody being lazy"


Bruno: frowned "I am not lazy I just don't be feeling like doing anything that's all"


Eric: "one word LAZY!!!!!


Bruno: "whateva, get up"


bruno walked out and wlaked into the girls room and picked up milani 


Bruno: "Hey beautiful you wanna go see mommy?"


Pres: "yeah I think it's about that time she hasn't really seen them since she was in that coma"


Bruno: "yeah I know it's gonna be hard for her to see them y'know"


Pres: "yeah it would be hard especially not seing you babies after they are born yeah that is hard"


Bruno: "she will be alright lets go on and tkae them downstairs"


So they got the girls and and head downstairs. they approach Karri with the babies and handed milani to her


Karri: "omg look at them they look like baby dolls" 


Bruno: "yes they are our little princesses


Karri: "yeah but I smell a diva in one of them


Bruno: "just like there moher"


Karri: "Awe, I love you" 


Bruno: "i love you too"


Eric: "So which on of you was doing all that yeling last night?"


Bruno and Karri: O.O "Uhm...........