Chapter 7

23/01/2012 21:12

there’s a little part where it gets dirty. just little.

“You have to go.” She said.

“Why?” I asked.

“My brother, he’s gonna come here. He doesn’t know that I know you and he’s over protective.” She said trying to stand up.

“No, I won’t go.” I said pulling her closer to me.  I kissed her passionately, ran my hands on her back. She gently pulled my collar as she sits on my lap.

“I see someone’s happy.” She said and gave me a wink. Okay, I got excited. Well she’s pretty hot.

“Can you make this moment something I’ll never forget?” I asked and removed my hat.

“But Kali is here. And my brother.” She said. I bit my lip and searched the room for a place. I looked at the door and see it open. A familiar kid got is jumping.

“AUNTIE! OH MY GOD YOU’RE WITH BRUNO MARS!” Rianne said. It was the little girl I met earlier. Alyssa got off me and ran towards Rianne’s dad.

“Marcus, I’m sorry! I know you came back because you have to pick up Ashley’s shit…I’m sorry.” She keeps on apologizing to Marcus. He just nodded and smiled at her.

“Okay, so Marcus, this is Bruno, Bruno, this is Marcus my older brother.” She said.

“Oh my god! Auntie, I met Bruno like when we we’re at the hotel! And now I met him again!” Rianne said jumping up and down in front of Alyssa.

“Cool. Yeah.” Alyssa said and went towards the stairs and called Kali.

“Kali! Marcus is here! Bring Ashley’s stuff down!” She yelled.

“Is my sister Carrie there?” Kali asked as she brings two large bags walking down the stairs.

“No, because she in Houston, you dingdong!” Alyssa said. Marcus walked towards the girls and helped Kali.

“Okay, Ri, say goodbye to your dirty little aunt!” Marcus joked.

“Auntie is not dirty!” Rianne answered.

“Yeah! I am not dirty.” Alyssa said.

“I’m just kidding! Bye, sis!” Marcus said and hugged his sister and went out.

“I’m gonna be in Houston, Texas baby!!” Kali said following Marcus. She locked the door and I stood up, walked towards her and kissed her neck.

“Now, we are alone.” I said and she faced me and kissed me. Her finger glides through the buttons of my shirt and starts to unbutton them one by one. I can’t help but to really be turned on by this girl. She released from our kiss and puts her finger on the buckle of my belt. She taps her finger on it and runs her finger on the buckle. I looked down at her and saw her boobs just popping out from her shirt. Damn, I don’t even care if I just met her a few days ago, I can feel that there is something between us. She kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear.

“Follow me.” She whispered. She walked upstairs and I quickly followed her. She opened her bedroom door. It was a clean and amazing, there was a table full of books and shit but before I get to look around, Alyssa kissed me and removed my shirt. I pulled up her shirt exposing her white bra. I gently laid her down on her light blue bed and removed her shorts. I kissed her whole body and stopped as I reached near her panties.

“Oh my god, Bruno, just do it. Please!” she said. I smiled and removed her underwear. I kissed her thighs and put my tongue in her.  I listen to her moans getting wilder; she runs her hands through my hair. I got up and pulled her up. She starts kissing my neck and undoes my pants but then suddenly, her phone rang.

“Oh, shit.” She said to herself. She ran to the bathroom to cover herself with a towel and got back. She got her phone on the nightstand and answered it.

“Jam, hey. Oh, Bruno? Uhh. What? I’m sorry. Jam. No. Okay.” She threw her phone on her bed.

“Why?” I asked.

“It’s Jam. They’ll pick you up. They were worried.” She said. I nodded and got my shirt on the floor; I got myself dressed and sat on the chair beside the table which is a few feet away from her bed.

“Umm, please, get out?” She said. I smiled and walked out of her room. After a few seconds she got out looking like how I saw her when I came here. We went downstairs and waited for the hooligans. She heard a knock on the door she opened the door and there was Phil, Eric, Jam and Kam.

“Bro, we were looking for you!” Jam said.

“Bru, we are all worried. By the way, we have to be in the airport in like 40 minutes.” Phil said.

“Alyssa.” I said and held her arm.

“Good luck on your tour.” She said. I kissed her cheek and hugged her.

“Text me every day, okay? Let’s see where this will end up.” I whispered to her ear. I got out of her apartment with the boys. Eric patted my back and smirked.

“Be careful, always remember the story about her.” He said.

“That’s story’s just shit. I don’t care about that. What I care about is what I feel about her.” I said and Eric shook his head while smiling. I felt my phone vibrate and got it out and saw a text from Alyssa.

                I am gonna miss you. Hope we’ll know more about each other. (Am I too forward?) –Alyssa

                                I’ll miss you more. Just always text me or I’ll call you. (No, just right.) –Bruno