Chapter 7

29/01/2012 10:43

“HEY LOVE BIRDS GET THE HELL UP” Phil said yelling “What the heck, we fell asleep here” i wasnt sure how i didnt wake up earlier because it was freezing in this studio “Dang moi goi what time is it I didnt realize we fell asleep” “Its time to get to work, we have a lot to do” “Ok, well Bruno can you take me home, so I can get ready for the day” “Yes lovely, lets go, Phil ill be right back imma drop Sammie off real quick” “Ok make it snappy” “Yeah sure thang” he is so adorable in the morning, look at his lil fluffy curly hair awwwww, no, Bruno, dont put that damn hat on, awwww man, i love his hair like that… (walking out of the studio) “You should leave your hat off, i love your morning hair” “Really you do, its nappy as shit right now tho” “Its ok Bru, I like it just the way it is” 

MMMM, just the way it is.. “Yeah and i think your beautiful, just the way you are too” “Awwww Bru” shes so beautiful in the morning with no make up, gosh i wish she could see that she doesnt need all of that “I really mean that, with all of my heart” “I see you mean that Bru”… (They arrive at Sammies appartment) “Well im going to be at the studio for a few hours, but I want to see that beautiful face again tonight, will you let me” “Nope..its not going to be available its getting plastic surgery tonight.. sorry” “Your too funny girl, i’ll pick you up later” “oh, wait, before you go, um remember that Kam guy from the club” “Yeah whats up” “Well I seen him when we are at Denny’s heres his number” “damn, imma call him i needa get a band going, so we can start stuff up, weve been working hard for this Carnival thats coming up..they want a lot of bands to showcase” “Ok ill see you tonight bye” “let me get a kiss” shes so sexxxyyy damn, waaaaaoooohhhh… her damn lips “Ok that should hold you over till later” yeah it will Sammie it will, only does she know 

This boy has me going damn crazy in the head…”Damn girl, where in the hell have you been’ “ME, well mmm, did you come straight home last night or go to Ryan’s” “No I came straight home, I see somebody didnt” “Shut up” “So what are you feelin with this Bruno guy, youve been out more than a few times and you guys spend a lot of time together and you always smile when you come home” “ok , so what is all that suppose to mean” “ahhhhhhh YOU LIKE HIM” she always does this to me damn you Faith “Really, stop Faith, Im starting to like Fall In Love with this guy” “AWWWWW my lil Sammie, who is always so picky with guys, Is falling in love” “FAITH im serious…Bruno is like….speechless… I really cant explain him…PERFECT..thats the word” “No Sammie, there is no way in hell he can be perfect” “Yes he is… You wouldnt understand..but its better if you dont understand…hang on…my phone…”Hello” “Hey pretty Lady” “Hey..Who is this” “Its Kameron” “Oh yeah, I gave Bruno your number today, he should be calling you soon” “Thanks, so what are you getting into tonight” “Going out with Bruno” “Ohhh, ok well I was just calling to see if you gave my number to him” “ohhh, okkkkk, i did so ill talk to you later, bye” “Bye” “who was that?” “It was Kameron, that guy from the club that talked to Bruno about starting a band together, anyways what the hell was up with you and Ryan” “GURRRRLLLL let me tell yo ass” “WHHHHHATTT” “He is so damn sexy, no but nothing happened, we kissed that was it” “OHHHHH so im alllll bad for staying the night with Bruno when we didnt even touch eachother” “yeah whatever dont believe you” “ok Faith” “Yalll SOOOO fucked” “WHAT, no we didnt” “Yeah huh” “Nope my legs were closed”

“Yeah Bruh, snappy my ass” “Hey chiilllll, i hadda take a shower and shit chiiilll” “So what are we going to do about finding a band’ “Oh, I already got that covered” “What the hell how” “This guy Kameron, he has a crew of him and 2 other guys he plays the Trombone and they play the Sax and the Trumpet” “Damn bruh good fuckin job, did you tell Ari yet?” “Nah, but the guys are on there way over now” “This is all going to pan out bruh” “But hey, I have these lyrics I was thinking about today, Sammie inspired me this morning…listen… 

When I see your face, There’s not a thing that i would change 

Cause your amazing  Just The Way You Are 

And when you smile,  The whole world stops and stares for a while

Cause Girl your amazing  Just The Way You Are 

“Damn Bruh, i think I can smell a Grammy” “yeah me too and, I have a lot more where that came from” “Damn dawg she can get you going, she needs to stay around” “Yeah bruh she is, She might be around for a while” “Did anything happen last night” “Nah imma take it slow with her, shes special” “Wow dude Ive never heard you talk about a lady like this” “Im tellin you man she does something to me” yeah Phil just doesnt understand……Its better if he doesnt understand…..