Chapter 7

07/02/2012 10:21

ladiiiiiies ;) I'm trying to do sth different in this chapter -> I write from Bruno's point of view which is difficult as hell!!! so let me know if it's good so then I'll do it again from time to time...


After Caroline left I go back to the guys. I really like her. She's... different. There's something about her I haven't seen yet in a woman. On the one hand she's so classy, grown and professional. When she eases she can be funny as hell. But the best thing is there's another secretive side of her as well. And I'm dying to see this side! On the other hand she's so shy and reserved. Shame to the idiot who broke her heart! I can still see the pain in her eyes and then the death of her dad... No wonder she's so introverted. I just wanna make her happy and smile. I love her smile, it's so honest... And I recognized her love for music. She knows a lot about music. When we were working on the setlist she knew every song we mentioned even the old Motown ones we wanna mix with modern tracks and she could say if they would fit together or not. I was really impressed. And when she hummed the melody in the park it was so magical. Okay she fucked up a couple notes but my mind was as relaxed as it wasn't for a long time. It just was the perfect thing I needed after we went to Mandy and she made a scene again. I hope it was the last time I had to go there, the last time I ever saw her, ever think of her and most of all ever ever had to ask her for a favor! She accused me again for being a heartless betrayer and I know she's kinda right but what happened I can't change so I move on and try to not do the same mistakes again.

"Hey there he's back. Was it so hard to let her go hm?!" Ryan says jokingly when I entered the recording room. 

"Fux you." I bluntly say back.

He just smirks and continues typing something in his phone. I bet he's texting with another chick again! I did so too even when I was with Mandy. But I'm tired of all this messin' around. I want a true relationship! I wanna find a girl who stucks with me now when I'm broke, so that I can be sure when I'm famous and super rich that she really loves me! I sigh. I sit down behind the drums and play randomly on it. Eric, Jason and Brody left already earlier. Ryan, Ari, Dre and Brian are still here. I try to focus on the beat and ask Ari to play the instrumental again without the drums. When it comes to the bridge I speed up and play a little solo. I miss the beat and it sounds awful. "This sucks!" I say annoyed tossing down the drum sticks. "Let's work on that later." I stand up, take a guitar and sit down next to Ryan. I strum it a bit and think about the song. I wrote it for Mandy but it somehow doesn't feel right anymore. Whatever... we need to get it done by tomorrow. I can't change the lyrics all over I only can add more... I lean back and close my eyes. I remember earlier when I was with Caroline in the park. Her humming voice comes to my mind and I imagine her smile. Thinking of it makes me smile immediately too. I sit straight again and continue to play the guitar a bit. A lot of words start to come out of my mouth, they just bluster out. I tell Ryan to write them down. Having Caroline and her beautiful smile on my mind it seems so easy to just find the perfect sweet words. At the end we got enough for two more verses.

"So boi which lyrics you gonna take now from all this for the second verse?" Ryan asks me.

"I dunno I kinda want them all." I say back.

"So you wanna do a third verse?" Ari asks me. I shrug with my shoulder.

"Wouldn't that be too much for the song?" Dre throws in. 

Everybody looks at him and I smirk. I love it to have him as a friend. He doesn't know anything about music, well at least the music we do. But that makes him so precious. He listens to it fully with his heart what I sometimes can't cause I'm too focused on the right technique and the perfect sound.

"You're totally right, Dre." I say back. "That's why I think we should use half of it for the bridge..."

"Yeah that could be dope man." Brian agrees with my suggestion. And the others nod too. I lean back satisfied and smile.

Ryan looks at me and grins. "You good bro?" He starts. "I'm kinda surprised you could come up with all these lovely words after we were at Mandy's... You fully got her out of your mind, don't ya?"

I lightly nod. "Yeah man. It's all about the inspiration... and I think I found a new one! A even better one!"

He smirks and asks. "Caroline?"

I just nod and stand up. "Let's go record that shit." I say and go into the booth.

After 3 hours we're finally done and while Ari paste it into the track I write a message to Caroline. I know now I want her! I just wanna make her smile and laugh all the time. I also know it won't be easy to get her. I have to show her that I care! But not through words as usual. She's way to experienced to fall for some lovely words. She needs to feel it through acts. I've got nothing to lose... She textes back and so do I. I guess I confused her bit too 'cause she forgot the tapes she wanted to play to the client. Luck for me, I bring them to her right in the morning and so will see her beautiful smile sooner as expected... It takes 40 more minutes 'til Ari finished it and we all listen to the final track. I'm more than satisfied with it and I can't wait to play it to Caroline. We stay for a bit more in the studio but soon I get tired and head home. I can't really consider it as a 'home'. It's not mine, it's Eric's. It's more the place I sleep until I can afford my own crib. Also Eric said I can't stay for a long time there. Cindia already gets annoyed that I always sleep on their couch til the mid of the day. But I can't help I'm broke. I only can hope that soon everything will get better then I'll pay them back everything they do for me!

I lay down and put the blanket over me. Maybe it's just another crazy vibe but it makes me so hyper. I just can feel it... change to the better will come soon! With a happy smile on my face I fall asleep.

The next morning I wake up from my alarm. I look at my phone it's 8.31. I stretch myself, get up and go to the kitchen. Eric and Cindia are already out for work. Cindia works in a small cafe as a server and Eric in a music store but not as a vender he rather does all the shit like repairing and cleaning the instruments. He hates it but Cindia is 2 months pregnant now. He needs the money... As usual there's a note from Cindia lying on the table. 

Good morning sleepy ass, food from yesterday is in the fridge make it warm if u want some. Have a nice day. PS: I'm damn proud of you getting the job :) Love C & E

She's so caring and sweet although they have little they still share it unconditionally. I love them so much! I chuckle a bit cause you can't really spot the it's crossed out fatlyThat's her daily prank on Eric knowing exactly he's embarrassed of those small lovely notes and doesn't wanna have to do anything with it. So he crosses it out. I just wish one day I'll find such a true love like they have. I sigh. For a moment I have to think of Caroline. Maybe she's the one? Then I take a quick shower and make me a PB&J. I turn on the radio. They play 'Baby' and I immediately turn it off again. Anyways I gotta go now. I don't have a car, so I have to take the bus what will take me about 45 minutes. I don't wanna come too late, so I pack all the tapes and stuff I need in my backpack, put on my head phones and head out the door.

I arrive punctual at the office and walk in. I directly go to Caroline's desk, she's on the phone. When she sees me, she smiles her pretty smile and waves her hand hello. She mouthes something to me but I don't understand it and just nod.

"Yes Mister Brown, 12 is perfect!... No! I have to thank YOU for having time so spontaneously... Oh really? Thank you." She blushes a bit. I bet this Mister Brown complimented her. Somehow I don't like that. "I'm really sorry I didn't call you earlier. But I just got the tapes. What?" She laughs and puts a strand of her hair behind her ear. She straightened it today and it looks more silky. Yesterday it was wavy. It looked more natural and I liked it more. She looks good today as well no doubt but it's different, more elegant, business-like. She put on more make up and she wears a lightblue blouse and a tight knee-long skirt as much as I can see. I bet she dressed up because of this Brown guy. I feel I get a bit jealous over him, but force it down. I think he's the client so I can't have any anger against him. "Ok ok I stop." She laughs again. "Well then thank you again and see you at 12. I'm looking forward to see your beautiful house finally." Oh no, she gonna go to his crib?! And then he continues all this greasy flirting. I don't like that! After saying goodbye and thank him again she puts down the phone.

"Puuuhhh, that was exhausting!" She smirks and leans back. "I think I need a huge creamy shake now." 

"Hi to you too!" I say back smiling and a bit relieved that she doesn't like all the flirting of this Brown guy.

"Oh sorry... Hi Bruno. How are you today?"

"I'm totally fine. I brought all the tapes and 'All About You'. I can wait til you hear it!" I say proudly. "How are you?"

"I'm fine too. Great! I can't wait to listen to it too. Anyway we don't have much time. As you may heard I have an appointment at 12 and... if you have time I would like you to come with me." She responses and looks at me expectantly.

"Me? Why?"

"Well Mister Brown is the client we hired you to play for and you're the band leader so I think it would be good to meet him..." 

"Oh... yeah makes sense... then of course I'll come with you!" Yes! She's not gonna be alone with this Brown in his house. I bet he's damn rich and has a fancy house!

"Good. And now I wanna listen to a new hit." She laughs a bit and stands up. "But first let's go get a milkshake. You want one too?"

"Always!" I answer and follow her outside. It's a warm sunny day and I just feel happy. We buy 2 shakes at a cafe near the office and go back. She asks me to get my backpack and we go to a room next to Mary's office. There's a big TV on one wall and on the other a big white screen. On the ceiling is a beamer directed at the screen. In every corner there's a loudspeaker hanging on the wall and right next to the door on the wall stands a stereo equipment. Everything's only from the best brands.

"Wow you got some cool ass shit here." I spit out amazed.

Caroline grins at me. "Yeah I know. Sometimes I just come here and listen to some good music. The walls and the door are sound-insulated, so you can put it as loud as you want." She says and sits down on one of the big leather couches in the middle of the room. I sit down next to her.

"Really? That's dope, almost better than in the studio..." I grin back at her. "What was the last thing you listened to in here?"

She chuckles a bit. "Oohh you won't believe me!"

"Ok now I even wanna know it more. Com'on tell me!"

She smiles a bit embarrassed and scratches her neck. "Erm... Flo Rida."

"What?" I burst out.

"Now you think I'm weird, right?!"

"Noooo! Some stuff from him is really good! You listen to all kind of music and I noticed too that you know a lot about it. I like you even more now!" I say honestly. "So you like hip hop?"

"Yeah sure, mostly the old stuff... Tupac, Run DMC, Dre... The Chronic is far one of the best albums ever!" 

I only sit there amazed and stare at her. Oh god I love this woman! Full of surprises... She thinks exactly the same like I do. I try to stay cool even though I just wanna jump on her and fuck the brai... Stop it, Bruno! Stay cool! "And then you listen to Flo Rida?"

"Well... he will be at the show too. You know it's the sweet 16 of Brown's daughter and it would be nothing without a celebrity. He'll only perform 2 or 3 songs. But he'll be there and the best thing to talk about with guys like him is his amazing work. You got them when you compliment them..." She says emphasizing 'amazing' but in a sarcastic way.

"Wow I can't wait to meet him too! I see you know a lot how the business works..."

"Yeah a little bit... my ex is a singer too."

"Really? What's his name? Maybe I know him..."

"Tony Williams." She says bluntly.

"Tony Williams? Really? He was your boyfriend? He's on Kanye's album!" I say surprised.

"Yeah. I know and if everything works out he'll be on Jay-Z's next year as well. And actually he wasn't only my boyfriend we even were engaged for 2 years..." She says seriously.

"Oh wow. I didn't even know he was engaged. I always saw him at Roxy's high and with a bunch of gir..." I stop 'cause she sadly drops her head and stares at her hands in her lap. "Hm I guess that's why he's your ex..." I could beat myself telling her that shit. Great job, Bruno! Ruining her happy mood she had 'til now. I put a hand on her shoulder lightly stroking it. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to remind you of this jerk."

She tries to smile a bit. "It's ok. It's not your fault that he's an asshole. I'm over him!... Sooo didn't we wanna listen to the next number one hit?"

"Yeah!" I response and grab the right CD out of my backpack. I give it to her and she puts it into the CD Player. Then she takes the remote and sits down on the couch again. "You know that you were the inspiration for the lyrics, Caro?" I ask her before she pushes the play button.

She just smiles at me, rolls with her eyes and leans back.

"I'm serious! Without you I couldn't write it like that! I thought the whole time about you! You have to believe me!"

"Hm ok... if you say so I believe you."

"You don't believe me, do you?"

"No." She giggles.

"But you HAVE to! I mean it, Caro! You're amazing! I feel so good around you and I just wanna make you feel good too!" 

She looks at me with a small smile and puts her hand on my cheek. "You're just too cute, Bruno. But can we listen to it now?"

CuteCute. Cute? What the hell?! I don't want her to think about me like that! She should say I'm sexy, funny, manly as for me even nice is ok but NOT cute. I have to change that! I just guess the lyrics won't help much... I have to think of another way to impress her! Maybe I kiss her at the end? No! That's too much forward. What if she slaps me again? No! Kissing her might ruin everything again. I have to think of something else! Something special! Something manly! Hm... She already started the CD and the first verse is about to end. Then it hits me. Yeah! That is perfect! Oh she so gonna like that! Proud of myself to got this idea I smile and lean back. I turn my head so that I can watch her. She's fully captured in the music. Her head hangs down and she lightly nods it to the beat. Then the second verse comes up. I lean towards her and quietly say. "Now this is for you."

She turns her head to me too and smiles. Then out of the speakers my voice sounds...

Maybe I'm a fool for speaking up but I don't mind

'Cause a girl like you will come around like once in a million times

So what do I do?

Tell me what do I do?

I now watch her more carefully cause she doesn't know the rest of the lyrics and I wanna see every bit of her reaction.

And the look that you are givin' me gives me hope to believe

So for you baby I'll change my ways I'll wear my heart on my sleeve

Got nothin' to lose

I've got nothin' to lose

Then the chorus starts again and she nods to me. "I like it."

"But that wasn't everything. I wrote so much yesterday that I totally changed the bridge. It's more like a third verse now. But sshhhh only listen to it." I say. She looks surprised and only whispers "Ok". When the bridge starts I move my lips synchron to the lyrics. She chuckles a bit but then watches me and listens to the lyrics. I think she even blushes a bit. I'm happy that she seems to like it. 

Girl when you smile

not a place I'd rather be

Just stay for a while

then you'll see you should be right here with me

'Cause I love everything you do

That's why I have to take this time baby to tell ya

Oh and now you know

And now you know

We listen to the rest of the song. When it's over she silently stands up, takes out the CD and puts it back into the case. She gives it to me without saying anything. Then she walks towards the door. Right when she puts her hand on the door knob I yell confused. "Caro! Wait! Don't you wanna tell me how you find it?!"

She takes her hand off the knob and turns around with a big smile on her face. Her beautiful smile... "What you think? Of course I LOVE it! But we have to leave now, I don't wanna let Mister Brown wait. Com'on." She says and giggles.

I laugh too, grab my backpack and follow her. "Woman! You kill me!"

She just laughs and pushes with her fist against my shoulder. I tickle her waist a bit but she fast can get away from me and we go back to the her desk. She takes her purse and puts on the jacket that hangs on the back of her chair. It's darkblue and tight. She buttons only the middle button. She looks fully like a business woman now. I love it! I so want her! We just have to do this meeting with this Brown guy real quick and then I surprise her. I so gonna get her with that! I smile to myself while we're walking to her car. Then we drive off.