Chapter 7

13/02/2012 12:19

I'm sitting here next to Dwayne and he's trying to make convo but i'm really not in the mood to talk right now. I look over in the house and see Phred pacing back and forth and still on the phone with who ever it is. It must me important if he wont even tell me who it is, all I know it better not be Gina. I look over back at Dwayne and see him staring at me.

“Well?” he says

“What?.” I say

“You weren't listening were you?”

“Sorry, I got a lot on my mind.”

“I can tell.”


“No, it's OK. It's none of my business anyways.”

“What did you ask?”

“Nothing. It's OK.”


Okay, that was strange. We sit there in silence for a while when all of a sudden, I heard yelling and almost jumped out of my seat. It was Phred who was yelling but was still on the phone. I get up but Dwayne put his hand out and stops me from getting up but I pushed him out the way. I looked at him and he sat back down in his chair, I got this.

I walk into the house and Phred slams the phone. He sat on the couch and leaned back with his hands in his dreads. He was breathing hard with his eyes closed,his nose was flaring fast and hard. His face was flushed and I swear, if it was cold in here, you could probably see smoke coming from his head.

I sat down carefully next to him and touched his hand. Phred snatched it back and opened his eyes & they were full of anger and hurt. I seen his body relax and those eyes turn kind once again, he grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean too..”

“It's OK but are you OK.”

“Not really but I will be soon.”

“What was that all about?”

“Just nothing really important. Stupid stuff that could be avoided.”

“Oh. I see.”

“Yeah, but are you feeling better?”

“Better about what?”


“Oh, well not really but I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“we're you yelling? Your voice is a little raspy.”

“No, I guess i'm getting a sore throat.”

“So i'm guessing you won't talk about it.”


“So I guess we're both in a slump huh?”


“Well, i'm gonna change that, come on let's catch the 8 o'clock show.”

“I don't have any money on me.”

“I didn't ask that. Come on, lets go.”

He got up off the couch and pulled me up with him. We walked to his car, he let me in and kissed me With a big smile on his face, I looked at him with a confused smile. He was just mad not to long ago and now.. I don't know. It don't make sense,It's like he just swept everything under the rug with out a problem.

We ended up at the show and House of Wax was playing. Phred pays for the tickets, the popcorn and the drinks. We get out tickets checked,go into the theater, find some seats and sit down.

The movie was over and the whole time my arm was clenched onto his arm, Phred was over here laughing and smiling. We leave the theater and get into the car.

“That was an awesome movie!” Phred says

“That movie was too scary for me.” I say

“You barely watched it.”

“No, I watched some of it.”

“Awh, it's OK babe.”


I rolled my eyes and he just smirked at me. I looked over at him and smirked back. His eyes light up as he looks at me, I look back with the same expression.

“What?” I asked

“Nothing scarrdy cat.” Phred said

“I was not scarred!”

“Yes you were.”

“Ok, phred whatever floats your boat.”

“Aw, it's OK Alisia.”


I fold my arms and look out the window a little agitated. It's silly I know but I know I was scared but I don’t need him rubbing it in my face. Phred turned the car on and I glanced over he was looking at me.

“What?” I say

Oh so mature Phred sticks his tongue out at me but I stick mine right back at him and end up with a smile on my face. He leans over and kisses me and kisses me and kisses me, I kiss him back and lean him back. I bite on his bottom lip, suck then pull back into my seat like nothing happened. Playing with my hair, I look over at him and I can see him all ready to go and wink at him.

Phred smirks and shakes his head yes. Taking the car out of park and starting to drive I keep my eyed on his smiling face and can't help but to smile too. The look on his face tells me that he's thinking of a plan to get me back but oh he just don't know how much of a tease I can be.


We end up at Gi's dinner and i'm glad because i'm dying for one of his famous chocolate milk shakes. As we walk in and sit down at a booth, I see Alicia leaning on the counter talking to to Maria. They see us and Alicia’s eyes light up while Maria just smiles then walks to the back.

“Hey gurlie, hey Phred!” she says

“Hey.” we both say

“What are yall doing here? Together I see.”

“Yeah, we just came back from the show.” I say

“Oh did you see house of wax?”

“Yeah we did, well I did.” Phred says

“Shut up! I did so see the movie, I was there wasn't I?” I said

“You shut up chicken and yeah you were there alright but you seemed more occupied in my shirt.”

I scoff and roll my eyes as Alicia laughs, I squint at her and she smiles at me.

“Don't smile at me trader.” I say making a scrunch face

“What? I didn't do anything? But i'm not a trader, don't be mad i'm laughing at the truth.” she says

“Oh whatever trader.”

“I love you too.” she says smiling

“Well, well if it isn't Alisia.”

I turn around and smile at Gi. The owner of this joint, the biggest, smart mouthed, loud, softhearted guy I’ve ever met in my life. Gi is like a father to Alicia, Maria and I, he loves us like we're his own.

“Hey Gi, it's nice to see you too.” I say

“Yeah and maybe if you would have came to work tuesday..”

“Gi, I told you. It was...complicated.”

“Your dad again?”


“Maybe I should talk to him..”

“NO! I mean, it'll be a waste of breath so don't even.”

“Alisia, i'm a very convincing man. Just let me talk to him.”

“No Gi, it's OK. Can we talk about something else.”

“Yeah for now we won't but later on we will talk about this.”


“Alisia please, whatever you got to say I already heard it or said it so save it. She came in here this morning so I already know.”

I take a deep breath and bit my lip and shake my leg. My head starts to throb because i'm holding back the tears. Gi walks over to me and I just shake my head no, i'm tired of this. Done it enough this morning.

“Sooo who wants a milkshake? Chocolate for you?” Alicia says grabbing my hand

“Yeah, brownies and extra fudge.”

“Cool, how about you Phred?”

“I'll have the same.”

“Ok, i'll be right back with your shakes.”

“It's so quiet, let me turn on the juke box.” Gi says

“Ok, cool.”

Gi walks towards the juke and I look over at Phred. He's giving me this concern look on his face but I'm not in the mood to talk about this here and now. I hope Alicia hurries with that shake also known as my cure all.

“What's that all about?” Phred asks

“Nothing. It's nothing.” I say smiling

“Bullshit. You were about to start crying.”

“I caught something in my eye.”

“Again bullshit. Let's talk about this later.”

“I don't want to talk about it later, I don't want to talk about it now so drop it.”

“You can't hold it in forever Alisia.”

“I have and been doing fine thanks.”


“You know what? What about you? Mr you can't hold it in forever huh?”

“What about me?”

“You know exactly what I mean, you were on the phone & pissed off. What was that about.”

“That's different.”

“How is that different?”

“It's just is Alisia.”

“No, it's only different because i'm on your case about it.”

“It's personal.”

“You think it's not personal for me!”

“I never said that Alisia!”

“Shakes anyone?”

Alicia came just in the nick of time because I was just about to walk out of here. She looked at the both of us and frowned at me. I just rolled my eyes at her and she didn't smile at me, she knows what happened. Damn how many people knew what happened this morning?! Word moves fucking fast in this town which is just going to make matters worse.

Alicia put her hand on my shoulder and I got up and followed her to the back of the dinner outside. Maria was smoking her camels as usual, I leaned on the cool brick wall and closed my eyes. I need to cool down.

“I heard it all Alisia.” Alicia said

“Si, all the way out here.” Maria said

“Wasn't my fault. He kept pushing, so I pushed back.” I say

“That's understandable.” Alicia says

“Plus, he didn't tell me what was going on with him.”

“I wouldn't tell you anything with that attitude.” Maria said

“No one asked you Maria.” I said

“I can put in my 2 cents if I want too.”

“Keep those cents for a sandwich & not my business.”

“Your just proving my point by being a bitch.”

“Whoa Hold up! Who you calling a bitch?!”

“The one moving her lips obviously!”

“God don’t start this shit! Alisia calm down, Maria go back in the diner and talk to Gi please?” Alicia said


Maria stubbed her cigaret and walked back into the dinner. What is her problem? It's like every time i'm in a situation, she got to make it worse. It's like she don't want no one around her happy, sometimes I don't even know why we're friends with her I always got to be the victim type attitude.

“What's her problem?” I ask

“Nothing, look Alisia. You want to know what I think is happening here?” Alicia asks


“You're doing it again?”

“Doing what again?”

“Your putting up your wall and that's probably why he's putting up his. Think about it, he's reflecting you.”

“No, he don't want to talk about it because he's a man & men don’t talk about what's on their mind Alicia.”

“Alisia, stop making excuses & turning this around on him.”

“Stop trying to act like you know all about me Alicia.”

“See, there you go but since my words wont go through your hard headed ass head i'll just leave you be & don't talk to me about your problems if you don’t want my opinion about it.”

“I just need you to listen I don't need your opinion.”

“Imma just leave because you attitude is funking up the place.”

Alicia walks back into Gi's with a slam of the door, I end up kicking some rocks onto the street. She thinks she knows everything, she only know because Gi probably told her everything. She's only mad at me because I didn't tell her but I would just rather keep that information to myself. I go into my purse and pull out my almighty flask. Mmm it never burned so good..

I suck down my shake and watch as Alisia leave with Alicia and go into the back room or where ever they're going. I don't even care, just as long as she can come back with a better attitude. All I want to know is what the hell is going on.

At the movies I kept seeing her flinch every time she leaned over. When I touched her side, she flinched & when she got in and out of the car she flinched. That's probably why when we were going at it she stopped. I don’t know but something is definitely going on and i'm gonna find out sooner or later. She can get all defensive and the hell she want but sooner than later, it's gonna come out.

I look over my shoulder and see Gi coming over, he slides in the booth i'm in and sits next to me. He stares me down making me feel uncomfortable but I stare right back at him, I feel a trickle of sweat run down my face and Gi smiles. Damn it, this guys is making me nervous. It feels like forever but he finally speaks.

“Soo, you and Alisia huh?” Gi said

“Yes sir.” I say

“Since when.”

“A couple of days now.”

“Oh do you love her?”

I almost choked on my own air. Love? Was he crazy? I just got together with her and he talking about love but from how serious he's looking at me. I better give him an answer he wants to hear.

“I care for her sir.”

“You don't love her?”

“I mean as of right now, no but that don't mean that I don’t care for Alisia. Love just don’t come like that.”

“Ha, the first time I seen my wife it was love at first sight.”

“How did you know?”

“I didn't, I just felt. See son, you've got a lot to learn but there is one thing you better learn.”

“What is that?”

It happened so fast I didn't even seen it coming. Gi leaned over and grabbed me by my shirt and he got a pistol to my head. Oh shit, there is a gun to my head, I gulp but look Gi right into his burning eyes. Now I’ve dealt with a lot of overly protective people but this was new and as a man I still have to stand my ground. Even though I feel like i'm going to piss myself.

“You better learn that when it comes to my A candy, I will kill anyone who even thinks of putting her in misery and you see this little guy here? This is her brother P, and he likes to make sure he leaves a mark on anyone who does anything to Alisia, Alicia or Maria. You got that son?”

“Yees Sir.” I manage to get out

Gi let me go, fixes my shirt and sits back in his seat. Oh god, for a minute I thought he was going to kill me but then I though not even Gi would but Alisia in misery. Still, needless to say i'm shaking in my boots. The last time I had a gun to my head was back home.

Gi put “Brother P” into his pocket and smiled at me shaking his head. All I can do is stare at him.

“So now that you've learned something today, I need you to know something else.”

“Ok, sir.”

“Eh just call me Gi like every one else.”

“Ok, Gi.”

“Well anyways, when it comes to Alisia and family. We don't speak of, when she's ready to tell you she will but all that pushing her to speak it just going to push her away.”

“So, that whole argument was about her family?”

“Let's just say yes & leave it at that.”


“& one other thing.”

“What's that?”

“Watch out for her buddy jack.”


“Mmhm but enough of this talking. Go out there and get my girl, she's most likely in the back talking to Alicia.”

Gi got up and put his hand on my shoulder, I looked at him and he smiled at me with a squeeze on my shoulder. I guess he's giving me some kind of reminder of what he can do but all I want to know is, who the hell is jack? Was he an ex or something? I don't know, I guess i'll find out soon enough.

After I finish my shake I look around then grabs Alisia's shake. It's not like she was going to eat it and besides. It's melting and it was free. I get up and leave a dollar tip on the table just for the hell of it and walk out to the back and there she is. With the back porch light shining on her, I see something sparkle in her hand. She looks at me and quickly puts it away in her purse. What the hell was that thing?

“What do you want?” she says

“I'm ready to go.” I say


“You staying here?”

“Phred you don't have to be here if you don't want to.”

“Never said I didn't want to be here.”

“You just said your ready to go.”

“Yeah & I want to know if your coming with me.”


“I said are you coming with me.”


“OH? What do you mean Oh?”

“I though, you were just going to up & leave.”

“Wow, Alisia i'm not that type of person.”

“Well you was mad I was mad I thought that was it.”

“All over a stupid argument Alisia, I wouldn't just leave you here that’s rude.”


I walk over to her and put my hand out to hug her when I see her flinch again. What the fuck man. Somethings got to give, I need to know what's going on. I just turn around and walk towards the car. I can hear her right behind me and kinda sigh with a little relief.

I open the door for her and watch her get in. closing the door I run over to my side and get in. I start the car and start to drive.

We ended up back at her house because one, it's late & we both got school tomorrow and I don’t want to get her into trouble.

I turn the car off and Alisia is just sitting there in her seat looking straight ahead. I don’t even think she know's she's home.

“Alisia?” I say

“Hmm?” she says

“You OK, you seem out of it again.”

“Yeah, i'm OK.”

“..i'm sorry.”

She turns her head towards me and see the angry look on her face. To be honest, I'm surprised that she's looking at me like that.

“What are you sorry for?” she asks

“Earlier, I uh..didn't mean to..”

“Don't apologize, it's in the past and I’ve moved on from it.”

“Alisia, what's wrong?”

“Nothing, I just..never mind. I'll see you at school tomorrow.”

She leans over and kisses me before I could even say anything back to her. I pull her towards me and pull her shirt up but she just pulls back and that's when I see it. She looks at me for a split second and get's out the car in a racers pace. I watch her jog over to the gated wall and climb over it and disappear like a thief in the night.

Rushing home all I can think about is that damn bruise on her side. Who the fuck did that? I'll be damned if it was that guy jack! Who the fuck is this guy anyways, maybe that's why she was so distant. Maybe he put his hands on her and she didn't even want to tell me about it but fuck that buddy or not, i'll kill him.

Bursting into the house I run up to my room and don't even say hi to the guys. Right now, i'm not in the mood to talk and if I do imma say something I regret. I walk over to my phone and call Alisia but of course there's no answer. Damn it Alisia. OK, I need to calm down.

Still mad, I start to strip down until i'm naked and turn on the shower. Waiting for It to get hot, I look & from the corner of my eye I see something blue. What the hell? I bend over and reach for it, I sit back up and open my hand with a smile on my face. Alisia left her undies, they're all lacy and light blue I don’t even remember taking them off. Damn, I still remember how she felt on top of me. Her bedroom eyes staring down on me while I held onto her hips moving with her. Damn, I wish she was here right now.

I get into the shower and let the water spray my back until I feel myself calm down. I reach over for the soap & wash up then reach for the shampoo & wash my hair, Dread by dead & then my scalp until it feels clean. I start rinsing when I hear a noise. Shit the phones ringing. I rinse as fast as I can, tumble out the shower. Hold on Alisia, I'm coming. Wrapping my head up and turning off the shower I run to the phone.

“Hello hello?”

“Hey Phred, it's me.”

“Gina? what do you want?”