Chapter 7

15/04/2012 13:57

For the next few days I have been getting my studying done for my exams and I was so tired, but I think I got it under controlled. only two more days and carly will be coming down and I couldn't wait, but she was going to have her fiance here and I knew I was going to start wishing that bruno was here instead of feeling like the third wheel, but I guess I will have to suck it up until he gets back. I began reading a few chapters in my romance novel when my phone started ringing putting a smile on my face because I had my fave song set for when bruno calls..

Me: Hey brunz how are you?

Bruno: hey babe! nothing much sitting in this hotel room wishing you were here and I got you something

Me: Ah, I see. and what could that be?

Bruno: I'm not going to tell you until I get back. so what is my lovely girlfriend doing on this lovely night

Me: ahaha well I'm sitting in my room..

Bruno: OUR room you mean?

Me: claiming somehthing you have never been in hmm 

Bruno: okay okay 

Me: anyway I just finished studying and now I'm reading

Bruno: ah that's right! exams are coming up..damn I haven't done anything to prepare myself for it. I just been so busy with my music I lost track of time

Me: well it's not until next month so I can help you catch up if you want

Bruno: omg babe you'll do that? wow thank you 

Me: anytime babe. so how is your trip going?

Bruno: to be honest I wish I was there with you then being here. It's so boring right now I'm sufferring babe it hurts

Me: ahahahaha awww babe you don't have long to go

Bruno: I know but I miss you so much though

Me: I miss you too brunz

Bruno: that's good to here, but I have to go chelz I will call you tomorrow okay babe

Me: okay brunz ttyt babe

I hung up looking at my phone with a big smile on my face and finished reading my chapter, shortly after going to sleep. The next day I wake up and it was 7:30 and I was sooo late for class that I didn't bother to show up because I didn't want it tobe all eyes on me because of it. I brushed my teeth and put my clothes on noticing my phone light was flashing meaning I had a meesage. I picked it up to see who it was and it was bruno sending me a pic of him acting silly which made me laugh so hard and it had a message at the bottom saying "Just Killing Time, I miss babe" I thought it was the most cutest thing I just adore this man, but then it hit me...This is just too good to be true.