Chapter 7

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We got into Phil’s mini cooper and drove away from the house.

‘When are u going to drive your own car?’

‘When I’ll be back home.Speaking of home,i’m heading to New York next week.Then, I have to get back to the studio’.


‘and, if it’s okay with you and ‘granny’, I want to take you with me.If you want to’.

We got to the pancake restaurant and went in.A few heads turned around when Bruno got in.They looked at me too which was kind of creepy.I hide behind him.

We took our seats and made our orders.The waitress couldn’t stop looking at Bruno and she didn’t even asked me what to eat.I tried not to make it personal so I let it go.After she left,some of the other customers were still looking at me.

‘Why are they looking at me?’

‘Duh?You’re with the sexiest man on earth!!!!’

‘Haha.Right.It’s kind of creepy’.

‘Just chill.They don’t bite’.He smiled at them.

‘How did u get used to all the attention?’

‘At first it was weird but at the end of the day u’ll be fine.Just u have to watch everything u do and make sure u’re not doing anything bad or stuff’.

‘That’s sucks’.

‘I know.But that’s life’.

Our foods arrived a few minutes later.Yummy.I’m so damn hungry.

‘You know,you don’t have to spend money just for breakfast.We can still cook at home’.

‘Girl,you’re the one who said ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’...He imitates me.

‘Hey ,I don’t talk like that’.

‘Well,besides,the house needs to chill for a few hours.Wait till Phil’s back and he smells that,creepy man!’

‘We’ll spray more perfumes’.

Suddenly Bruno looked at me deep in the eyes.It was like he’s trying to read my mind.Oh no!Subject’s changed.

 ‘So,what’s up last night?Tell me’.

I wanted to talk but words just couldn’t come out from my mouth.I don’t want to remember about what had happened.I pictured last night and I wanted to cry even more.Wait a sec!Why am I crying?I shouldn’t cry.It’s not the end of the world and I wanted nothing to do with them anyway.Come on?I’m with the sexiest man on earth!



‘What’s wrong?You looked like someone who’ve  just seen a ghost’.

‘No...well,so you really want to know what happened last night?’

‘Yeah.Shoot’.He took a bite.

I inhaled and exhaled for a couple of times.The environment in the restaurant just turned peaceful so sudden.

‘So,I went to Edward’s last night.I’m so sorry I missed your show.I didn’t mean to but something’s just not right between me and Edward,me and you.I wasn’t sure about what’s going on.So,i decided to see Edward and thinking about getting back together with him’.

He just froze when I said the last part.

‘I was stupid, I know.I shouldn’t have come to his house.Turns out Lisa was there and they were making  stuff behind my back and I saw it!Damn it!I was just so stupid last night.I regret it so much and wish if I could just turn back times and...............’

I started crying and it was embarrassing  cause everybody’s looking at me.Bruno took the napkin and wiped the tears for me.

‘Hey,you’re not stupid,okay?Don’t ever say that again.If it wasn’t for last night,we wouldn’t have meet again.Karen wouldn’t found u and we wouldn’t have that fire emergency this morning’.

I cracked a smile. ‘You mean I should be grateful for this?’

‘I’m not saying that but........maybe’.

‘I’s too much for me.They both are my bestfriends.Well,were my bestriends and the fact that Lisa said that she just broke up with her bf and she needed someone to talk to was just unacceptable.She can call me.Not call him.I just broke up with him for like,less than 24 hours .Besides,as a bestfriend,you shouldn’t have hooking up with your bestfriend’s ex-boyfriend.That’s a total no-no’.

He looked at me,understanding.

‘Anyway,they even said that they thought that I’ve already moved on with you’.



‘Well,why didn’t u move on with me?Why do u feel unsure about you and me?’

‘Because.....because......’ I closed my eyes. ‘I thought u were seeing someone’.

‘What do u mean?’

‘Do u have a girlfriend or something?’


‘You do?’

‘Yeah.You’re my girlfriend’.

I frowned at him.‘Since when am I your girlfriend?’

‘Since you broke up with Edward.I thought u knew about that’.

‘You didn’t ask for my permission yet’

‘I should?’

‘Just to make it official’

‘Fine’. He holds my hand. ‘Katy Robinson,you stole my heart when the first time I laid my eyes on you.Would you let me enter your so beautiful life and make it brighter every single day?I promise to love you and not hurting you just like that asshole named Edward’.

I laughed. ‘I was just joking but wow.That’s long.You can just ask the simple one’.

‘I like to be dramatic.So??????’

‘Are u expecting me to say ‘no’????Of-course I’ll say YES!’

We kissed and then suddenly the whole cafe were filled with awwww and little clappings.It was weird.

‘So,if u don’t have a girlfriend,

‘I do now......


‘Okay okay...Serious’.

‘Then,who was the girl u’re with the other day?’

‘What girl??’

‘Well,my colleague ,Tess told me that u came to the cafe with a girl the other day’.

He gave a thought for a moment. ‘You mean Daniella?’

‘That’s her name?’

‘Yeah....She’s my old friend.She just moved here and she wanted to be a singer so I’m helping her out.We’re going to do a song together’.


‘Yeah. She’s not my girlfriend.OMG! She’s gonna laugh if she hears this’.He stopped. ‘Wait!Was that the reason why u wanted to get back with Edward?You thought I’m with her????’

Guilty. ‘Kinda’.

‘Man!You should have ask me next time’

‘I’m so sorry.Now I feel even more stupid.I really thought that she’s your girl that’s why I was unsure about you.I thought u might leave me and will forget about me........

‘I’m not going to forget about you,okay.And you know why all these people were staring at you just now?Coz u’re my mystery girl’.

‘What mystery girl?’

‘Told u shouldn’t miss my show last night’.

After we finished our foods,he called the waitress again to pay.She kept on trying to flirt with him that I thought was a bit funny.She flipped her hair couple of times,making googly eyes. Before we left, a few customers came to Bruno to take photos and signed autographs.It was kinda cute the way he treated them.

We walked outside and there were paparazzo’s here and there.We got to the car and Bruno  opened the door and tossed me in while he ran to the other side and got in.Camera flashes were everywhere which was a bit uncomfortable for me.He drove the car away instantly.

‘What a jungle’.

‘Haha.Sorry about that.What a wonderful morning to start with don’t u think?’

‘Right.What a crazy morning I should say’.

We got to the house and Bruno carried me inside.The burning smell had fade away but the kitchen was a mess.I wanted to clean it up but instead he took me to the bedroom.He put me down on the bed and  closed the door.Okay,I know where this is going.


‘Yeah?’ .He lay next to me and pulled my head to his chest.

‘I’m not sure about this...

‘What are u afraid of?’

‘I’m not afraid...just.....

‘Well,s’okay if u don’t want to do this..’

He kissed me and I can’t resist but giving it back.He was playing with my hair while I was playing with his.Okay,again he tried to flirt with me. Things were getting pretty on in there as he started to undressed me.I unbuttoned his shirt one by one.He looked at me.

‘Are u sure about this?’

Deep breathe.I closed my eyes.Bite my lips.

‘Just go with it’

We were making love for how long I didn’t notice. Time passed so quickly.We stopped a few times then got back on doing it.It was hot then it was cold.The weather outside had changed a few times too.In the end,we fell asleep.

I woke up and saw him still sleeping with no clothes on.I wanted to wake him up but then again,it’s not always I can stare at him like this without him noticing.It was 6 in the evening and wow,I never actually done nothing for a day in quite a long time.I’m usually busy so yeah,today’s definitely a classy lazy day.I took his laptop and decided to go on youtube.I watched the video where he performed last night and started to cry.

‘I want to dedicate this song to a very special girl.I wrote this song specially for her and if she’s watching right now  I just want her to know that I’m all about her’

I repeated the video all over again.I can’t stop smilling. Then suddenly I heard Bruno’s whined.His eyes were closed while his mouth saying ‘Hey babe’


‘What time is it?’

‘,nearly seven’

He pulled me to him and kissed my lips.His eyes were still closed.His hair’s just messier than ever.I put my head on his bare chest and playing with my hair.My mind was filling with a lot of emotions lately.Before all these chaos happened, I had a perfect family,at least I can called that.But happy didn’t always last forever.I had a little sister once but she died in a car accident and It was hard for my dad since I guess she was his favourite child.I’ve always been closed to my mother.Then,she discovered that she had breast cancer.She didn’t tell me at first  but then, I found out.She got into her treatments and I thought it was over but no.When she died,I was next to her just, it was painful to see her like that when a week earlier we spent our times together watching the world cup on tv.It was alright.She was alright.But then the next thing I know,she’s gone.A few months later,my dad met someone.Then they  got married.He asked me to stay with him but I rather not.He moved out of the house and stayed with that woman while I asked granny to come and stay with me.I’m grateful to have her with me.


I looked up. ‘Hey.Great sleep huh?’

‘ eyes just so tired’.

‘S’okay.U can continue sleeping’.

‘No no.My body will turn numb if I sleep again.what are u thinking?’

‘What am I thinking?’

‘Yeah.your face looks so serious.You alright?’

‘I’m fine’.

I got up stare at his beautiful face. He was smiling at me. Suddenly his phone rang. He picked it up ‘Hello?’

‘Hey Bru’

‘Hey girl’ He looked at me.

‘It’s Daniella’.He whispered to me.


The conversations...

‘So,you got her at last,huh?’

‘How do u know?’

‘Man,pictures are all over the internet.Somebody sent me some pictures and wow,she’s quite a beauty’.

‘Of-course she is’.

‘So,when can I meet her?’

‘You want to meet her?’

She wants to meet me?

‘Sure.I really want to know why is she so interested in you and I don’t’

‘Haha.Coz u’re a freak!You know what?She thought u and I are together that’s why she was acting cold the other day’

She was laughing. ‘Really?Gross....So,what’s up with her ex?’

‘Well.......ahh.....’ Bruno looked at me. ‘It’s complicated’.

‘She’s there,huh?’


‘Okay. so,how about dinner tonight?’

‘With you?’



‘Great!It’s a double date’

‘You’re bringing a date?Who?’

‘You’ll see.Well,see u tonight’

‘You too’

He put his phone down.

‘You told her about me and Ed?’

‘Man,u were eavesdropping?’

‘I’m sitting next to you,Bruno’.

‘She’s my best friend so yeah,I told her.You mad?’

I shook my head. ‘No.why would I?’

‘So,she invites us for dinner tonight’

‘Okay.Can’t wait to meet her too’. I got up.

‘Where are u going?’

‘Get ready.Come on.You need to get out of the bed’ I reached my hand to him.

He moaned. ‘It’s still early’

‘Right.......The sun’s down already.Come on’

We took our shower and got dressed.Again,i’m borrowing Karen’s clothes.He picked it up for me and it was a long sleeve black mini dress.

‘Wow,you look so sexy.Seriously’.

‘Haha.Right.I feel weird’

‘Why weird?You look amazing’

‘You too,Bruno.Enough with the pretty words’

He was wearing a dark coloured plaid shirt with his leather jacket.No hat today. ‘Okay,I always look good.See?I’m praising myself.We fair?’


We got to the restaurant and I saw a girl was waving at us as we walked in.That must be Daniella.

‘Hey Bru!’ She hugged him.Then she turned to me. ‘You must be Cat right?Nice meeting you’

Bruno looked at the guy she’s bringing. ‘Jamareo?’

‘Hey man’

Bruno laughed. ‘When did it happened?’

‘Well,just days’

‘Yeah,it’s not official’

‘And u guys didn’t tell me?’

‘Like u care’ Daniella said.

‘Hell yeah I do care’

Daniella rolled her eyes then turned to me. ‘So Cat,how did u end up with fro guy?’

‘I don’t know.....Just,it happened’

‘Right......Sorry bout your ex....Fro guy told me’

Fro guy.I looked at Bruno.He was gripping his teeth real tight.I knew he wanted to answer back but he’s in control.

‘Well,no need to be sorry.He’s history.Don’t wanna talk about it’.

‘Yeah....I kinda get it.Well,let’s just start a new book.I’m having a fresh new start coz the past has been crazy for me. My last boyfriend was a total shit so yeah.......’ She winked at me.

I looked at this girl.I don’t know her but her smile tells me that it’s gonna be okay,it’s gonna be alright.Life must go on.After we had our dinner,Bruno and I decided to leave.We walked to the car and Bruno opened the door for me.Then,I heard someone called my name.

‘Mr. Nelson?Mrs Nelson?’

Mrs Nelson hugged me. ‘ are u?’

‘Good.I’m good’

They both looked at Bruno.

‘Well,this is Bruno.Bruno these are Edward’s parents’

‘Nice meeting you,sir. Ma’am’

Edward’s dad shook his hand with Bruno while his mum just turned to me and not meeting Bruno’s eyes.

‘So Katy,how’s granny?Haven’t seen her in a while.Sorry,we’re just so busy these days’

‘It’s cool.She’s fine’

They both looked at each other.Bruno looked at the ground without saying anything.I looked at them both then at Bruno.Just plain awkward.

‘Well.....,we see that u’re about to leave so......guess we’ll see u around.Tell granny we said ‘hi’

‘Sure.Will do’

‘If u ever need any help or anything,just give us a call,okay?’ Mrs Nelson said to me and gave me a hug.She’s like a second mum to me.

The driving home was a complete silent.He didn’t say a word and just focusing his eyes on the road.I feel uncomfortable with the situation.Is he mad?

‘U okay?’

‘Yeah.I’m good’

‘See,don’t take it personaly’

‘Do they know that u’ve broken up with Edward?’

I sighed. ‘Guess no.Well....I don’t know’

‘No wonder they stared at me like that.They thought who is this guy with their son’s girlfriend’

‘It was Ed’s fault.Ughhh..Look,I seriously don’t want to talk about it.Made me sick just thinking about him’

‘Okay okay.I’m sorry’

‘Let’s just forget we even had this conversation’


We got to my house and Bruno opened the door for me.

‘Wow,I’m home’

‘What a day’

I looked at him. ‘Yup.What a day’

‘Guess I see u tomorrow’.He kissed me.

I really don’t want to let go of him but then the front door opened.


‘Hey gran’ Bruno waved at her.‘So,i better go now’.He kissed me again.

‘Sleep well’

‘Arghh...I sleep for a lot of hours I cant even close my eyes anymore.I feel so energize right now’

‘Okay.Well,don’t do anything stupid’

‘No promises’ he said with a sly smile.

He got into his car and drove away.I walked to the house and kissed granny on the cheek.

‘How was your day? She asked.

How was my day? Well, I don’t know where to begin. I walked to my room with a big smile for having the best day of my life.