Chapter 73

15/04/2012 14:42

Only one step away from the door Bruno stopped and both, Nyjah and him looked at me. The words ‘tensed up’ were obviously written on my forehead because suddenly Nyjah said: “Bruno doesn’t she feel good?” “Hmm I don’t know. I think she’s a little nervous.” “But whhyyy?” “Because there are so many new people in there she doesn’t know yet.”

I thought it’s impossible, but it seems like every moment with these two fellas together became cuter and cuter. The way Bruno talked to him showed so much love. And I was so happy that I was able to witness that.

I knew that Bruno is good with little kids. But the love he has for his family is overwhelming. I couldn’t wait to see how he would be with our kids!

Acting like I wasn’t present, they continued:

“Maybe she feels better when you kiss her again!” “Do you think that will work?”, Bruno asked him back. The men who know how to read women consult with each other.

“Try it!”, Nyjah answered back. He looked pretty excited for the things that will happen.

“Ok I will!”, Bruno answered. He looked at least as much excited as Nyjah.

I couldn’t help but smile more and more.

“You heard him? I need to kiss you! Then you’ll feel better!”

He loosened the grip on my hand and put his arm around my shoulder. He pulled me pretty close till our noses touched. I felt his warm breath tickle on my lips when he whispered: “I love you!”, and sealed that with one intensive kiss.

And as if this was this wasn’t already sweet enough, I felt those small lips of Nyjah on my cheek.

“Eyyy you kissing my woman?”

There was that ckeeky grin I already knew from Bruno. Nyjah clapped like crazy with his hands and laughed: “Yeesss!”

“I see where this is coming from!”, I laughed about them both.

“He’s just learning from the best!”, Bruno said proudly. “Do you feel good enough now?!”

“Hmm just a little bit better!”, I said teasing.

That moment Bruno turned back around to Nyjah and said: “You know what? I think I need your help to change that! You know what to do?!” All Nyjah did was nodding excited.

I had absolutely no plan what was coming.

“On count of three! 1 … 2 … 3!” And they both attacked me with their lips and gave me hundreds of little pecks. Brunos landed on my lips and Nyjah planted them all on my cheek.

“You never had so many men kissing you at the same time, huh?!”, Bruno said and they both swiped the real man out! They were too funny.

“No actually I hadn’t yet, but I’m happy, that I had now the best looking men.”

Bruno gave me another deep kiss and nodded to Nyjah. But instead of kissing me a last time on my cheek, he planted it fully on my lips as well.

“Heeyy buddy! That was not the plan!” Bruno tickled him up and down and Nyjah’s laughing sounded a little like the squealing of a dying pig. It was hilarious!

“But don’t steal her away from me! Your not allowed to play the cuteness card! That’s no fair play!”

“Like you said, boo! He’s only learning from the best!”

“Yeah I guess you’re right!”, he laughed, knowing what I was talking about.

“Ok … common! We should get in now!”

I nodded, going straight back to nervous again when I saw that he turned the door know.

He entered the house, sat Nyjah back down on the floor and pulled me in the house.

You could hear everyone laughing and talking.

Nyjah ran already forward and screamed through the whole house: “Muuuuuum!”

“Heeey he’s here!”, Brunos mum said loudly and came to us. She hugged him real tight and you could see the tears form in her eyes.

After a few seconds more Brunos mum pulled away and she looked at him like a proud mum looks at her child.

“Bruno you look so good!” “Thanks mum! I really do feel good! … So mum … You remember Nila?” “How could I forget her! Look at you! You look even more beautiful than the last time I’ve seen you!”, she said as she turned around to me and rubbed my arms motherly up and down.

“Thank you!”, I answered shy. My face was already after that as red as a tomato!

We talked over telephone already a few times, so we’re already over this ‘Mrs’ thing. But it still feels weird to call her Bernadette or even Bernie, when it’s almost two years ago that I’ve seen her. So I tried to avoid this situation and didn’t use her name at all.

“Come here! You’re family!”, and with that she pulled me into a heartily hug.

I looked over her shoulder to Bruno and smiled huge. He just looked at me with the ‘I-told-you-so-look’ but the the only thing I had on my mind was: I’m already more family than you think!

One by one came to greet Bruno and me. Bruno made always a good job and introduced me without a mistake as his girlfriend.

I really can’t tell who they all were! Definitely too much names to remember them all at once. I only wondered why there was no one of his sisters yet.

After a little while we made it further in the house in direction living room.

Suddenly Nyjah came running back to us and pulled a young woman behind him.

“Mum!! This is her!!! This is her!!! Bruno’s gonna marry her!”


“Really Bruno?! You will?”, she asked him with a smirk and punched him playfully in his tummy!

“Nyjah, what did we say about that? I haven’t even asked her yet!”, Bruno laughed.

This were going to be two crazy weeks when everyone around you is talking about you like you weren’t present.

“But hello sister! Nice to see you, too!” Bruno pulled her into a hug and ruffled her hair. She squirmed laughing out of his grip and turned around to me.

“So you’re the one and only Bruno can’t stop talking about!” She was Gorgeous. But hold her smile back as soon as she started talking to me.

“Well at least, I hope for him it’s me who he’s talking about!”, I laughed and tried to bring me somehow out of this awkward situation and pricked Bruno in the side.

So since he’s not able to introduce me: I’m Tahiti!” I saw that she thought for a few seconds if she should hug me, but then just shook my hand coldly!

Just that moment when she pulled Nyjah away from me, I realized that he was holding my hand and stood the whole time next to me. He’s was so sweet and nice. I really wonder where he got that from! Guess that came from his dad.

We’ll see you around!”, she waved at Bruno. Smiled and walked off.

Nyjah looked confused why she reacted like that, but didn’t protest any further.

See! I told you!”, I whispered to Bruno, when we stood for a short moment alone in a corner. “I just new it!”, I continued. Bruno squeezed my hand tighter.

Baby! I don’t know why she was like this! But I promise you it’s getting better. Trust me! She just needs to get to know you!” I felt his lips pressed on my forehead.

You are awesome baby!”, he whispered in my ear. “And if we weren’t here ….I’d love to fuck you right now!” “Oh my god!”, pushed him laughing away. “Did you really just say that?”

All he did was licking his lip and biting his bottom lip, nasty like he is.

Ahhhh here they are! Aww look at the two of you!” This has to be the next one!, I thought and felt already how everything in my stomach turned.

Hey you!” Bruno and her hugged each other real tight!

It’s hard to admit it, Bruno … but I missed you!” “Aww I missed you, too!!”

So..this is her, huh?” Gosh! How can they all be so gorgeous?? Life is not fair!

Yes! This is her!” Proudly Bruno swung his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. “And this ..”, he pointed to his sister, “is Tiarah!”

Nila was your name, right?”, she smiled so huge at me. It was unbelievable!

She pulled me into a hug! She pulled me into a HUG!

Then I gotta say: welcome in the family!” How can be two sisters so different?

Thank you! This means a lot!” I felt that I blushed again!

Wow … really Bruno! You didn’t overate it a bit! You are really beautiful Nila!”

I didn’t know what to say. I was so perplex. She was so nice and … just wow!

Tadahh!”, there came another girl. She jumped almost around the corner.

Uh here are you guys! … Hey Brunoooo!” She hugged him as well, but a little shorter than the other girls.

And I was already in the row! She hugged me so tight. I couldn’t breath anymore.

Uh..well, hello!”, I brought out when I caught my breath.

Bruno! I think you should get ready! Nyjah is totally in love with her and I can completely understand him!”

Oh my god, could this family please stop making me blush like this???

No one of them gave me really a chance to say something. But I thought it might be better like this, because I don’t know if I would have been even able to say something.

At least they all seemed to be really nice, except Tahiti who was a bit cold.

Out of the sudden came Ryan around the corner! … Ryan?

Hey bro, what you’re doing here?”, Bruno asked him, at least as much confused as me.

They hugged their manly hug. Came to me and hugged me, too. More quickly then heartily.

No man! The question is: What are you doing here! I told you that I’ll go home. You were the one who didn’t say anything!”

Well … this was kind of spontaneous!”

What ever! Your mum said food is ready!”


The lunch run pretty well. When everyone sat at the table I’ve seen there weren’t as much people in the house than I thought first. Not even Bruno’s uncle was there. He was talking so much about him.

It seemed like there were more friends of his sisters there.

But soon after the lunch most of them left, because they just wanted to say ‘Hi’.

It felt weird just sitting there and listening to the talk of Bruno and his friends who were still there. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, so they got a lot to talk about.

I decided to help his mum in the meantime to clear the table and wash the dishes. But as soon as I came in the kitchen she said: “No, no Nila it’s ok! You don’t need to help! Sit down and enjoy your time here!” “No! I can help you! It’s no problem.” “No really sweetie! Common sit down!”

I felt stupid sitting there and seeing her work, but I did like she told me. I sat down on the bar stool next to me in the kitchen.

I see you both are pretty happy together…”, she said after a few seconds of silence with a smile. “Yeah! He is so amazing. I couldn’t wish someone better!” “I see that. He really loves you a lot! The way you both look at each other … that reminds me of the time shortly after I got married with his dad.”

Oh my god! Does she know something?, was my first thought.

She continued: “We both were so happy and totally in love. Just like you both. You really seem perfect for each other! I wouldn’t mind when he marries you.”, she said with a wink.

Thank you! That means really a lot to me …. by the way. I wanted to thank you. He told me yesterday the story, that you pushed him, the last day I was here, out of the house. If you wouldn’t have done that, we weren’t together now!”

You know …that was nothing. I just didn’t want to see him running in his own misery! The whole time you were here, he was talking about you. You should have seen that!

I’m just happy to see him like this. That someone is there for him, now that I can’t take care of my baby when he’s so far away. Someone who really loves him!”, she came over to me and put her hands over mine on the bar, “I know you do! And the most important thing: someone who sticks together with him no matter what! I know it can be hard with him!”

Yeah in the beginning it was and it still is sometimes, but I try not to think about this too much! I can’t change it anyways. So I just take it the way it’s coming! I knew what it takes to be with him, but I decided for this way…”

You are really a good girl! Bruno really can call himself lucky that he has you!” She was still holding my hands.

I’ve heard my name?!”, Bruno came into the kitchen.

I looked at his mother with a smile and she let go of my hands and suddenly I saw her looking in shock down on my hands.