Chapter 74+75

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PART 74:

Just in the moment when I realized that she is starring on our wedding band I pulled my hands away and put them in my lap.

Hey you!”, I answered Bruno, trying to overplay the situation.

Bruno came behind me and put his arms around me and kissed my cheek.

What were you talking about?”, Bruno asked us both, not calling anyone in person.

I was just telling you girlfriend that you got the jackpot with her!”

She was saying the word ‘girlfriend’ so weird. That scared me! A lot! She’s not purposed to know what was going on.

Bruno interrupted my thoughts: “Yeah I really do! She’s wonderful, isn’t she?”

I couldn’t help but smile when I felt his lips on my neck.

“We planned to make a BBQ tomorrow night. Is that ok with you? Everyone wanted to come you know…”

“Yeah sure I’m ok with that! Sounds great!”, Bruno said quickly but looked then questionably at me if I’m cool with that.

“Yeah sure!”, I nodded. Even when I wouldn’t wanted to go, I couldn’t have said no to him. I mean it’s his family! But since everything was almost good with his family, I got absolutely no problem with that.

“Mum I’m really sorry, but I need to kidnap my lady now!” “But you just arrived here!”, she said almost a bit disappointed.

“We’ll be tomorrow the whole day here, ok?! I promise mum! And we got two weeks!”

“Ok then go you both!”, she said smiling, knowing that Bruno needed also his timeout and that this wasn’t only a ‘meeting the family’ trip.

“Brunz!”, Ryan shouted when he was running in the kitchen. “The guys and me wanted to play basketball. You’re comin wit us?”

“Uhmm actually we got other plans today!”

Suddenly Ryan shot me a look, rolled his eyes and said annoyed: “Yeah I see! Alright! You’re coming at least tomorrow to the BBQ?” “Yeah sure! That was the plan!” “See you!”

He sounded pissed and ran back out of the kitchen. I looked first at Bruno and then at his mum. But they didn’t seem to think about what just happened anymore. Did they even realize it?

“Ok…we’re going?” I nodded and stood up from the stool. Bruno went over to his mum and kissed her cheek. I gave her a hug and we thanked her for the lunch and walked out.

“And where are we going now?”, I asked curious. He took my hand and we started to walk down the street.

“I have no idea! I just thought since everyone was running out and no one wanted to spend time with their loved Bruno…” There was this dramatic look again.

“…I thought you might want get a little ‘meeting the new family break’!” “Sounds good! Even though I survived it pretty well!” “You did! I’m proud of you my girlfriend!”, he said laughing. He pulled me closer to him and put his arm around my shoulder.

We had a hard time just walking down the street. Even though this should have been holidays, we got interrupted minute by minute. You should mean in metropolises like L.A. and New York is it way worse, because there all the time people around. You never know where one of the papz hides. But I guess that’s not true at all.

EVERYONE knows him here! This is where he’s coming from. Everyone is proud of him. He can’t hide here. At least not that easily. Here are not those huge crowds of people where you can descent within seconds.

“I’m sorry sweetie! This was not how I planned this!” He pulled me into a hug and squeezed me tight.

“Don’t be! It’s not your fault Bruno! I’m sure it’s getting better!” “The good thing is, Dre is tomorrow here, then it’s getting hopefully easier!” “Yeah … we’ll get along with it! It’s not that they all are getting crazy and stuff! And I think we had the last days so much luck with that all.” “Look we are already 5 minutes alone!”, he said cheering. “You’re awesome!”, I hugged him again a little tighter and reached up for a kiss. Well reached up is a little bit overrated since he’s only a few inches taller than me.

After a few more minutes we continued walking. We were randomly walking threw the streets and here and there Bruno showed me places he wanted to take me to in the next two weeks. He was so excited!

It got later and we made our way back to the hotel, after we went back to the car at his mothers house.

This was a pretty long day and we were exhausted from all this walking around. I think this was the first time in the last few days, that I really could relax. That I shut all the worries and all the thoughts down. Everything that I really worried about was over. The wedding, meeting his family! And everything went well! I actually couldn’t be happier.

Bruno was right, I am thinking definitely too much.

On our way back to the hotel we made a stop to grab something to eat. We sat down at the promenade for a bit and watched the people passing by, without getting noticed. A refreshing breezed blow around our ears. It really felt good. Just sitting there watching the sun set.


“What are you thinking baby?”, Bruno pulled me out of my thoughts. “Hmm?”, I looked up from my hands, rubbing lotion on my arms.

“So serious thoughts?” He walked over to me in only his boxers and pulled my chin up to him. “What’s going on?” “Nothing…”, I shrugged my shoulders. “Yeah sure! And I am King Kong!” He sat down and rolled over on his side of the bed.

“Baby! You are King Kong!”, I said laughing. “No I’m not! … and come here!”

He patted the place next to him and I rolled also over.

So? What are you then?” “You know that I’m a dragon!” “A dragon?”, I asked rising my eyebrow, forming my lips into a smirk. “You are more a monkey than a dragon!” “Noooo! You hurt my feelings! I am a dragon! A sexdragon, if you know what I mean!”, he smirked with an eyebrow wriggle.

Soooo yesterday unicorns, today dragon … no pardon, sex dragon! So what’s coming next?” “Nothing’s coming next! I’m ya dragon!” “Ok dragon!” I gave him a deep kiss and turned back around, pushing my ass into him. “Sleep well, dragon!”

I waited a few seconds for him to wrap his arms around me, but nothing.

“Do you really think this conversation is over sweetheart?” I turned my head around and looked at him weird.

“Tjaha missy! You can’t trick me! Now tell me! What’s bothering you?” “Nothing big, really!”

“Yeah sure … now shoot!”

And I let all out!

“Do you think… Your mum knows something?” “What shall she know?” “She starred at my ring! And she made the whole time this weird talk like, how happy she and your dad were after they got married and that we both just look the same, so in love! And that she wouldn’t mind when you marry me and…” “And that means she loves you! And I told you so!” “Yeah but I’m serious! Do you think she knows something?”

I felt how Bruno’s arms wrapped tighter around me and how he pulled me closer to him.

“How should she?” “I don’t know …I mean, she’s a mum. They got these magic skills, you know?!” “Yeah because she is the dragon mum!” I felt kisses on my neck. That made me melt.

“Bruno … I’m serious!”, I whispered.

“Bruno? Who is Bruno?”, he said tempting.

“Dragon?”, I asked laughing. “Hmm that’s right?” 
“Bruno … maybe we should … the time we’re here … take our rings off?!”

“What???” Now he sat in the bed, and I tell you. The dragon is not amused.

“Hell no, Nila! No one here is taking anything off! I wont take my ring off and neither will you!” “But Bruno! What if they’ll find out?”

Slowly he laid back down and found his first position.

I felt how his lips brushed along my ear and then a soft bite.

“Baby! They wont! And I’m not going to deny that I’m married to you!”, he breathed.

I only hoped he was right, because I didn’t knew what to think!

I felt another tight squeeze from ‘Dragon’. Soon enough the heaviness of my eyelids took over and I was knocked out!


Suddenly I sat up straight in my bed. I looked around in our room. It was still dark outside. When I looked at the alarm clock it showed 3a.m. Bruno sounded still asleep. I heard a cat like purring. It made me laugh when I realized that this was coming from him.

Matter of fact. Why was I suddenly awake? I shook my head about myself, laid back and tried to fall back asleep. But as soon as I closed my eyes, they shot again wide open. There was no way that I could fall back asleep at this point.

I sat again in the bed. I looked again back over to Bruno. A feeling of boredom overcame me and I tried to find something to do. I got out of the bed and grabbed a glass water.

When I turned back around I could see Bruno moving in the dark. He turned around to my side and I wondered what he was doing. … He was grabbing my pillow …. and hugged it tied. Then he buried his face in it. Awwwww …

I walked over to his side of the bed. This bare skin of his back invited so much to snuggle up.

I crawled behind him and put my arms around him. Somehow I hoped he would wake up, cause I knew I still wouldn’t fall back asleep and I didn’t want to be bored alone. …But he didn’t!

For another minute I just lay there and thought what I could do now.

I stroke with my cheek over his shoulder. His skin felt so amazing. So soft like a baby bot. Especially the part from his shoulders up to his neck.

This small part is, I guess my favorite one on his whole body. I mean he got a neck and arms to die for. And those beautiful lips and eyes and … ok I better stop! He’s simply beautiful!

But this small part … is like heaven. It’s the perfect hole for my face to snuggle in.

And talking bout that, I did it. I slipped my arms with him under his blanket and hugged my boo a little tighter from behind, put my chin in my favorite ‘hole’ and snuggled myself again against him.

It was so comfortable and right in this moment when I didn’t want him to move he started to stir.

No no nooo don’t move boo!, I thought.

A few moments later I saw from the side how he opened his eyes a little. He looked right in front of him on the pillow. This cute confused face was awesome.

He looked a little longer at the pillow. I could almost see the little wheels in his head rattle.

“Nila?”, he whispered like he isn’t feeling that I laid against him. But then his one hand moved under the blanket and he put his hand on mine. No questions. A little smile formed his lips and so did mine.

Soon enough he closed his eyes back again. I nudged my nose in his hairline in the neck and let my lips touch his skin. But soon I gave the hope to fall back asleep up and laid there. Only breathing in his scent.

“Bruno?”, I whispered after a while. I got no answer. “Brunoo?”, I nudged him a little.

“Hmmmm?”, he moaned slumberous. “Are you awake?”, I whispered again. “Mhhmhmm..”, he moaned again. “But can you hear me?”, I replied automatically.

“Nila?”, he breathed. “Hmmm?” “Go back to sleep”, he continued turning his face in the pillow. “But I caaaaan’t sleeeep.”, I whined.

“This is not gonna work Bru…”, I said against his chest. He turned around to me and pulled me back in his arms. “I already tried to snuggle me into sleep against you.”

“And when I sing you something?” “I don’t knooow… I think … I want ice cream!”, I said dead serious.

“What?”, he burst out laughing. “Yeah …. ice cream …. blueberry!” “What? Baby? Is everything alright? You hate blueberry! Aside from the fact..”, he looked over my shoulder to the alarm clock, “…that is only a quarter past 3a.m!” “What? Can’t I change my mind? And I’m not kidding! I want it now!”

Even though it was still dark I could see how Bruno’s eyes shot suddenly wide open.

“Nila? Are you… Are you….???!?!?!?!?!”



PART 75:

“Am I what?” “Are you pregnant?”, he stuttered. “What?”, I started laughing.

“I mean … you know! You never liked this ice cream … and now … in the middle of the night. I mean…” I put one of my hands on Brunos cheek. “Would it be that bad?”, I interrupted him.

“No … I mean I want a baby with you … but we just got married and …” He was so confused.

“Baby calm down!”, I kissed the tip of his nose. “I can’t be pregnant! That is biologically impossible right now! And if I’d be … I’d feel this craving stuff … I guess the earliest in I guess something like a month. I couldn’t even test if I’m pregnant after … what? Like three days?” I laughed lightly. “Hey don’t laugh about me! I don’t know about all this girls stuff…”

I put my arm around his neck and kissed his lips lightly. “You’re cute Bruno! And now ….I want my ice cream!”


“Gosh this is so tasty! Why didn’t I eat this before??” … “Bruno? …. Hey dragon?”

I laughed about myself, saying this to him.

Aww my little baby fell back asleep against my shoulder. He still held the spoon in his hand but it looked like it fell anytime soon.

I took the spoon carefully out of his hand and put the rest of the ice cream on the night stand, trying not too move to much.

Actually it was pretty hard. But I didn’t want him to wake up again. He looked so cute.

But the longer he lend on my shoulder the heavier he became.

Somehow I made it to lift him up and placed him back on the bed. Soon after that I fell also asleep.


What is this?? I jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom. Right in time I made it to the toilet and let it all out.

It felt like I threw everything up I had in me.

“Nila? What’s wrong?”, I heard Bruno saying from the outside. But before I could react I chocked again.

“Shall I come in?” “No no please don’t!”

After I brushed my teeth I walked out and saw Bruno leaning on the wall to the bathroom.

“Not pregnant?”, he raised his eyebrow. “Nooo I can’t be! I guess this was the reason why I hate blueberry! Cause I do now again!” “You sure?” “Sure!”, I confirmed and we both went back in the bed, even though it was already morning, but we still had some time.


“Can you please stop looking so fuckin hot when we’re going to my mums?” “What???”, I started laughing as I wanted to take a sip of my water bottle. “It’s just a dress Bruno… calm down!”

I wore a mint green summer dress. It ended just a little above my knees and had neck holder straps. Nothing special. A simple dress.

As Bruno held at the stop light, he leaned over and kissed my shoulder. “You look in everything sexy! I could stare at you all day!”, he looked me deeply in the eyes, but after a few seconds I cracked a smile and turned his face back to the traffic light that switched already back to green.

Bruno cracked a smile, too and continued driving.

“Soo…” “Sooo?”, Bruno replied. “I hope …I get along with Tahiti today!” “I’m sure you will!”, Bruno smiled over to me and touched my hand when we arrived in the drive way of his mums house.

“Ready for round two?” A last kiss and we went back to the almost familiar place.

I really can get used to this. I’m not feeling at all as nervous as I felt the day before. There were still some doubts and thoughts on my mind. But I’m a big girl…I’m gonna make it. I have to make it!

It was already afternoon when we came into the house. Much later, than we planned to come over. So Bruno’s mum was already all the way excited to see us. And why is this house always full of life? It seems like the rest of the family and all their friends got no own home, but I don’t wanna complain. I like it this way. I’ve always been a family person, even though it’s so seldom that we’re all together. I hate to think about it every time when I’m in a lucky moment. But I miss my sisters so bad. And the next thought is always: Bruno hasn’t even met them yet. Only my parents…from time to time when Bruno is home and got the time, what is rarely.

No! I don’t want to think about it now! I’m happy, Bruno’s happy! We’re here now! Together and that’s what counts!

Speaking bout happy: The next person that came to greet us was Ryan! He seems to live here, too when he’s not in L.A. With that being said he hugged me just as cold as the day before.

What is wrong with this man?? I thought up to that moment we were cool?! I came always pretty well along with him. We had fun, laughed … I never saw a problem.

Or maybe I’m just thinking, too much, again!

“Heeey buddy!!”, Ryan said cheering and put his arm around his neck and pulled him down like he wanted to scuffle with Bruno.

So since I know you’re not going anywhere else tonight! What about a game now?” “Well uhmm we wanted…” “No, no Bruno go with him! It’s ok…” “Are you sure?”, he looked worried. And I had to laugh about it. It looked like he’d be worried I wouldn’t survive without him.

“Yeah I’m sure! And now go!” He came over, kissed me and whispered: “Thank you!”

If I wouldn’t know it better, I’d say I’ve seen Ryan rolling his eyes. What is his problem???

“No! Wait!”, I saw Bruno running back to me and heard Ryan groan.

“I love you!”, and he kissed me again. “Don’t get too corny now!”, I laughed when our lips separated. “You sure you’re ok?” “Gosh Bruno! I’m taking care of her! Now get your ass out of here!” “You see!”, I smiled, looking to Presley who came downstairs. “I’m in good hands!”

Bruno pecked my lips again and ran out.

“Ewww this is somehow … disgusting to see my brother like this!” “Heeey he’s cute though!”, I poked her side. “Ok ok! I don’t know how you fell in love with this jerk but … ok!”, she laughed.

“So I guess, since everyone’s busy now, I’m gonna take care of you!” With that she pulled me behind and we ended up in a room that seemed to belong to her.

“Oh man! Did you ever count them! That is a paradise!!”, I pointed to the huge collection of nail polish.

And so we ended up doing our nails together! Gosh we’re so girly!

Oh my god!!!”, I heard Presley suddenly scream. “What is this??!!”, she pointed to the wedding ring.


“This uhmmm…” what shall I say now?? “This … is a ring??”

“Don’t tell me this is that kind of ring I’m thinking it is???”, she asked totally excited, almost jumping around.

“Well … uhmm … I don’t know what kind of ring you’re thinking about?!”

“Giiiirlll!!! Common don’t trick me!!! Did you guys really??? Oh my!!! I mean you did with Bruno right???!!! Oh my!” She was now really jumping around.

“Pssssst psssssst!!!”, I tried to calm her.

“I knew it was true!!! First I thought this is just the typical gossip shit! But oh man …. You guys got really married in Vegas??? This is so crazy!! And I had to read it in a magazine??”

Shit even here on Hawaii!

“Please Pres!!! Please please calm down!”

She simply stared at me with her mouth wide open. I understood her. I’d do the same!

“Mom is going to freak out when she hears this! Oh maaaan and I was so ready for a wedding! I’ve seen last week this beautiful dress and now, now I can’t..”

“Pres! Pres please! Give me just a minute to explain!”

She nodded and took a deep breath. So did I.

“Well… So it’s …true! We did get married.”, and she already opened her mouth to say something.

“Wait, I’m not ready yet! …. But you still get your big wedding. And you will be able to wear that dress. It was just, kinda a spontaneous thing. Why waiting any longer when we’re living anyways together.”

“That’s a silly reason!”

“I know right?! …Well, ok! We couldn’t and didn’t want to wait any longer, ok?! And these two weeks were our only chance! And since everyone around us would have killed us, if they’d know about it, is it our little secret, and now yours, too!

I don’t know if he’ll ask me again, or anything. But he promised that we marry again! The right way. With family and all this stuff. But at the moment it’s not possible. So till that day will be your mouth closed! Do you understand me?! Please don’t ruin that for us!”

Her yet so serious face turned soon into a smirk.

This is the craziest, sweetest and corniest thing I’ve ever heard! But I like it. I love keeping secrets! …”

After a few moments of silence she said suddenly: “Bruno came up with that, huh?!” “What?” “I know my brother! He’s the corniest and most romantic thing that exists on this planet, I guess. … He told me so many times on the phone, that you’re the one he will marry one day. And how he couldn’t have this day fast enough. … I thought he’s crazy, but he really loves you!”

I smiled and looked down to my ring, playing with it and breathed: “Yeah, I guess he really does.”

“Awww come here!”

She opened her arms wide and came over to me. I guess that was the warmest hug I ever received. It felt so good.

“I love to have you as my sister!” “Oh Presley don’t make cry!”

I don’t know why but both started sniffing along. But it felt so great to have now a even bigger family.


“Come here baby!” Oh no. He’s not doing that!

After a nice BBQ the whole family sat around a bonfire. And it wouldn’t be the Hernandez family if there wasn’t music included.

This is Bruno’s world. This is the place where he can unwind.

I realized that I have rarely the chance to watch him so closely, listen to the music he’s playing. Looking at these intensive eyes when he’s so concentrate because of this one thought he tries to explain in a tune.

When he closes his eyes and starts bobbing with his head, bites his lips back and enjoys the moment.

The laugh when he takes over and steals his uncle the show.

And then the smile he’s giving me from time to time, glancing at me, looking up from the guitar.

I loved seeing him like this.

I could have watched him all night long. Just laying back in this comfortable streamer chair, sipping on my drink. Listening to the sound of waves colliding on the shore, mixed with the sound of the loved ones.

“Baby… please come here!”, he ripped me again out of my slumber. He can’t be serious!

If he thinks I’m going to join in and sing with him is he so wrong!

“No!”, I mouthed over.

“Mum did I tell you that Nila can sing?” He’s gonna pay for that!