Chapter 7

14/05/2011 12:41

We had heard that Phillip was doing okay. But the whole situation of Phillip being in the hosptial, and Bruno not being there right beside him, made me cry a little. I mean I felt like I took Bruno's whole life up. Like he has no time for touring, no time for his band, no time for rehearsing, no time for his friends, but all of his time for me. So I told him. "Bruno..." I said sighing. "Yes ma dear?" he sounded French. "I feel like I'm a waste of time to you." I said. "To me? You? A waste of time?" he started laughing. It scares me whenever I'm being serious and people laugh, it makes me think that they're mental for some reason. It just creeps me out. "Mmhmm" I added. "Caitlin, you DO NOT take my time. I make time. I don't care how much time I spend with you. I want to be with you. The times we have, its fascinating" he said. And he was right. I mean some times we have are the best times of my life. I blinked, acting like the world was new to me. "What's that face for?" he asked. "Oh we were just saying time too much" I laughed. He started laughing. "Nevermind, I just love being with you. I don't know why I even said that. You know why? Because I love you" I said. Freely. Love was a strong word. And we had only dated for what, a month or two? Then I realized I had made a mistake. I started panicking and asking myself "What if he doesn't love me back?" or "What if he isn't ready to say he loves me?" There goes my puzzled face again... "Caitlin" he said, sighing. Uh oh. Sighing saying my name. I got scared. "I love you too!" He got up and threw his arms into the air and set them down on my shoulders. He was such a surprise kind of guy! We hugged. "Hey, isn't Phil getting out today?" I asked. "He already got out. He's with Ahmity" Ahmity? One of my best friends? But... uh... wow. "Ohhh ahkaye... so whatcha wanna do today?" I said. "Oh yeah forgot to tell you, the boys are having a bonfire tonight. Wanna go?" he asked. I love how he says 'The boys' "Definetly! Where is it?" I asked. I wonder if Ahmity was going to be there... "At the board walk." "A fire on the boardwalk?" I started to laugh. "Yeah its no problem we talked to the guys who owned it, cmon it'll be fun!" he said. "It's not like I said no! I'd love to go!"


It was around 5:30 p.m. and we were just about to leave. I was doing my hair into a kinda messy bun with a strand of hair hangin down. And I had a plaid shirt on, and denim shorts and Converse lo tops. I was putting my mascara on, and then Bruno walked into the bathroom. He smacked the mascara wand out of my hand. "Stop!" he said. Whats wrong with mascara? "What did I do?" I asked. "Don't put on makeup... I mean you're beautiful in it but you are WAY prettier whenever you don't have it on." "Finee! And thank you! I'd say the same to you but you dont wear makeup" I laughed. "Oh really?" he raised his eyebrows and picked up the mascara wand. He started fake applying it. "Bruno! I'm pretty sure you don't want Covergirl LashBlast on your eyelashes. They're already pretty enough!" I said. "I wanna be like the male models with those long eyelashes struttin my thannngg" he said. I was cracking up, still with a mascara wand in my hand. "Do I look ok?" I said. He took a deep breathe and looks at me head to toe, head to toe. Then he stopped and stared at my butt. "Keep looking up and down" I said. He was hilarious. "When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change. Cuz you're amazing, just the way you are. And when you smile, the whole world stops and stars for a while, cuz Caitlin you're amazing, Just The Way You Are" he said. Then he snapped and said "I got it!" "Got what?" I asked. Obviously confused person right here. "That could be a new song!" He swung his arms around me and hugged me. "I could add it to the nine tracks on my album!" He screamed. He was really happy. I smiled and said, "Thats great! Guess who's gonna buy it? Me!!!We need to get heading!" "You're right! I'lll bring my guitar and show everyone." He was SO happy

We arrvied at the boardwalk. It was crowded and there was a little hang out area on the very edge. Me and Bruno walked down the boardwalk holding hands. In his other hand was his guitar. In my other hand was his soft jacket. I even asked to carry it. We finally got there and Phred, Eric, Jamareo, Phil, and Kenji were there. And I looked around and there was Ahmity! I ran over and hugged her. "Gurl you smell good" She said. "Its because I have Bruno's jacket! Ohh I missed you! I havent seen you since semester break!" I said. "I know right! Bruno looks really excited!" she said. Phillip had his arm around her waist. I guess they were a couple now! "Ohh he has to show everyone something!" I said. "Yall gettin married? Cuz gurl, if yall gettin married that is so ghetto knowing eachoda for only two months." She rampaged. "Chill! We aint gettin married!" I laughed. Bruno called everybody's attention. "I'll see ya later!" I whispered to Ahmity and ran right to Bruno's side. "Phil, Eric, Jamareo, Phred, Kenji" he started. "There is going to be... A NEW SONG ON THE ALBUM!" He exclaimed. "What?!" They all said. "Here's how it goes man" Bruno started playing guiatr and was staring into my eyes the whole time. Everybody had a frozen smile on their faces. Like how people dont even realize they're smiling. "Girl your amazing just the way you are. Yeahh. Her lips her lips I could kiss them all day if she let me. Her laugh her laugh, she hates when I think its so sexy. Shes so beautiful, and I tell her everyday" He finished the song and everybody clapped and said "Awwwe" whenever Bruno kissed my hand. "So?" he asked. "It was great!" "I love it!" "We should record it!" stuff like that went around our fire.

It was around 11. Me and Bruno left at 11. On the car ride home, he said, "Babe, we should celebrate" I think I know what he means by celebrating, because we just did celebrate with our friends. "Oh really?" I asked. "Yup" he gave me his little sexy smirk. I kind of figured what he meant by celebrate whenever he carried me into the bedroom. The only thing I thought while we laid on top of eachother, and loved eachother more and more by the minutes, was "Bruno's so fricken hot! Score for mehh:D" And the night went on...

We get a call the next morning. It's Kenji. My hair is messed up and so is Bruno's. We lay under the sheets. I stretched my arm over to the night stand. I picked it up and Kenji said "Caitlin, put me on speaker." I clicked the icon for speaker and he started talking. "Bruno and Caitlin, I don't know where Phredley is. Everywhere we looked, the boardwalk, his house, your house, everybody's house, the bar, the club, and his favourite restraurant and he's no where to be found." Kenji panicked. "When did you find out he was missing?" I asked. "Around 11:30 last night." he said. "Well call the police and file for a missing persons report" Bruno said. Then Kenji hung up. We both looked at eachother. "Why can't anything be normal for once with us?" Bruno said. "Because, in a TRUE relationship, things happen" I said. "I'm pretty sure we're past a TRUE relationship" he replied. We got dressed and ready. Well at least Bruno got ready. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup. Bruno's rule. He loves me just the way I am. He tells me that everyday. But off of our relationship. Phredley was missing. And it worried me. Where could he be? The only clue I have from last night is that a suspicious man kept walking past our group. And had his eyes on Phredley. "Bruno," I said. "Yes babe?" he asked. "I think Phredley got kidnapped."