Chapter 75-79

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Chapter 75

“Phew…” Arissa said with a sigh of relief. She was inches from the bumper, so close she saw little nicks on the edge of the truck. “Ahhhhhhh. No fucking way!” she screamed feeling a huge bump coming from behind them. They both glanced behind them to see a Mazada 6 bump into Arissa’s Rav 4. Bruno held in a laugh as they came to grips with the reality. “Oh my god….”Arissa started to laugh with him.

“You know…it could be worse…” he told her handing her the insurance card and his license. She was still laughing at him. Taking her wallet from his hand made her start shaking.

“This is crap.” Arissa said grabbing a hair tie putting her hair up in a ponytail. She slipped on her shoes getting out of the car.  Bruno got out of the car grabbing his phone standing on his side of the door to call the police.

“I’m so sorry! She’s just starting to drive…” the mother responded seeing Arissa carrying her insurance card.

“It’s really okay…” Arissa said calmly looking at the beat up bumper. “It really, really is…” The teenager who was driving had tears coming down her eyes.

“I didn’t mean to do it….” the girl cried.

“Here is our insurance…” the mother said handing Arissa the card. Arissa handed the mother her card. 

The daughter ran to the car grabbing a notebook from her backpack. They wrote down all the information exchanging information. As Arissa finished writing the information down Bruno came up behind her. “Alright, the police are on their way…”

“Oh my god.” the daughter, who Arissa found out was Miranda, was surprised to see Bruno walk from behind the car. “No fucking way….” Miranda took information from her mother. “And you’re Arrissa!”

Arissa blushed at Miranda’s reaction. “You went to the same high school….” she said looking down at her soccer shirt. “Everyone talks about you…oh my…”

“That could either be really good or really bad….” Arissa thought out loud. Miranda went on talking about herself and school until a police officer came up behind them.

“Is everyone okay?” the officer asked.

“We’re fine…” Bruno answered. The police officer handed Miranda’s mother and Bruno a purple sheet of paper.

“Go ahead and fill in your info and we’ll get you all on your way. Oh..and can I see your licenses and insurance, please?” he asked.

“Alright…we’ve got everything…” the officer looked over the sheets switching them over.

“I put down my parents’ address..” Arissa leaned over to tell Bruno.

“Okay.” he sighed.


Arissa and Bruno walked into her parents’ house laughing uncontronably.

“Oh my, you two are very happy…” Kelly said looking at them from the kitchen table where she was reading the newspaper.

“We had the worst day ever.” Arissa told her mother flopping the La-Z-Boy chair in the living room which was facing the kitchen. Bruno sat down on the couch across the room letting Arissa tell the story.

“Well, I guess there really isn’t much else you can do but laugh.” Kelly responded after walking outside to look at the bruised car.  “We’ll take care of it after y’all leave….now let’s go get you all some cominda deliciosa from Mamacita’s….” Kelly said. Why doesn’t Arissa have her mother’s calmness? She freaks out about everything…. Bruno thought to himself.

They walked into the house again Arissa sliding into her mother’s chair by the laptop. She googled Bruno wanting to see if anyone had found out about the events of the day.  Bruno walked up behind her touching her shoulder.

“Stop looking at that crap.” he said taking her hand off the mouse pad.

“It’s too much not tooooo.” she said pulling her hand out from his grip clicking on a link. “Bruno Mars in a car accident! Driving in rush hour traffic while in Texas, someone ran into him! Bruno and his passenger are just fine. No word on the car, though. “

“Come on…let’s go eat…”he answered walking away.

Chapter 76

“Oh my god…” Isela rolled over out of the bed two days after the car accident in their home. “I feel horribbbllleeee.” she cried running to throw up. She must have been loud because by the time she turned around he was standing at the door.

“Are you okay?” he asked her careful not to get too close to here in case she was really sick.

“Yeah…I think….oh not againnnn…”

He went to the kitchen to get her a bottle of water. He uncapped it holding the cap in his hand.

“Here…you might be dehydrated…”

“Thank you, Bru…” she said standing up. “That was gross. I don’t do that.”

“I know you don’t…” he said taking her hand helping her up.

“Thank you.” she smiled walking out into the bedroom to get a sweater. “It’s colllddd.” she whined.

“You just woke up, silly.” he said hugging her. “Does that warm you up?”

“It does…thank you.” she answered laying her head on his shoulder for a few seconds. “Bruno…you’re going to have to move those shows you have scheduled for your birthday…”

“I know.  I’ve only canceled one show…ever. And I was going to die that night…”

She made a sad face getting her clothes to take a shower.

“I know; it’s sad.” he said grabbing her.

“Bruno! Stop! I’m going to be late for work!”

“Okayyyy…” he whined letting her go. She closed the door looking in the mirror.

Hmmm….She went in the bottom on the cabinet under the sink taking out two different pregnancy tests. “If one doesn’t work maybe the other one will…” she said out loud. She turned on the water for her shower peeing real quick on both sticks. “Stay there, don’t move…” she told the sticks jumping in the shower. After finishing her shower she wrapped a towel around her hair and her body hurrying to the counter to see the results. “Oh my godddddd….” she screamed.

“Riss! What’s wrong?” she heard him yell.

“Come ‘ere…” she said.

“Riss, what’s….oh. oh my god! Baby doll!” he hugged her so tight that her towel almost fell off. He put it back around her quickly hugging her again.

“Bruno! I’m sooooo happy!” she said with a tear coming down her freshly washed face.

Chapter 77

He grabbed her close spinning her around the room. 

“Bruno! I’m going to get sick again! Stop!” she yelled.

“Oh…oh…I’m sorry.” he said forgetting she could have puked at any second. “Risss…..Oh my god!” he said kissing her.

“I have to get dressed, Bru…I have to work…” she responded.

“Okay, okay, fine. I’ll contain my excitement until you get home.” he told her.

He let her get dressed and ready for work watching her put on her make-up from their walk-in closet.

“Stop staring at me, Bru. That’s creepy as shit.”

“What? I can’t stare at my the woman who is carrying my baby?” he said putting on his jacket walking up behind her. “Havin' my baby…What a lovely way of sayin'…How much you love me….Havin' my baby….What a lovely way of sayin'….What you're thinkin' of me…I can see it, face is glowin'….I can see in your eyes…I'm happy you know it…” he started singing.

“Bruno…is it wrong that I have no idea who sings that originally, that I think of Glee?” she turned around asking him.

‘Yeah. You’re shit, Arissa….it was Paul Anka.” he told her continuing to dance with her.

“Oh…that’s the guy Harvey likes, right?”

“Umm…the TMZ guy?”


“I have no idea, babe.” he said pulling away throwing her shoes.

“I think it is…” she walked over to the edge of the bed putting on her heels.  “Damn, I look hot.”  she said looking at herself in the mirror.

“You are hot. You’re a hot mama.” he told her as he walked into the kitchen to get them breakfast.


Arissa walked to her car to go to work after Bruno made her the best bowl of chocolate –Os she had ever had in her life. She clicked the door open sitting down in the driver’s seat. She pulled out her ipod letting it shuffle. She started to back up suddenly realizing what her life was like. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m married to Bruno Mars, I put someone in jail, I’m pregnant….I’m pregnant…I’m pregnant. She took a few deep breathes before leaving the driveway. Okay, I can do this. I can do this. It’s not that big of a deal. I’m just a grown-up. I’m not 1 anymore. This is just what is supposed to happen. You meet a boy, you fall in love, and you get married and have babies. “Why am I freaking out?!” she yelled to herself.  “I have to stop. This is getting stupid. Just stop it.” I should be happy. No, ecstatic. Like there are no words to describe this. But I’m still freaking out. “Stoppp.” she told herself as she started to sing to Janelle Monae’s Cold War.


Later in the afternoon Bruno sat in the recording studio with Phil and the members of the Stereotypes playing with some beats.

“Bro, those are all sappy. What’s going on?” someone asked him.

“Nothing. Nothing…” he said spinning around grabbing a notebook. He started humming something. I should be happy, I should be beyond happy at what I heard today. But I’m not I’m scared shitless. What do I do? What happens next? This is what I want, this is what we want…but I’m so scared. He wrote his thoughts down quickly putting it all together in a few minutes. “This is shit…” he said throwing the paper in the trash.

One of the girls in the room ran over to the trash to pick it up. She read the first few lines humming the same melody he was earlier. She took the pen from his hand scribbling on it. “There. Now go and record it.”

“I want to hear whatever it is you two are blabbering about…” Ari said stretching out on the couch.

“Okay…okay…” Bruno responded grabbing the headset. “Play the beat, Phillll…” Bruno exclaimed. Phil gave him a thumbs up watching his friend sing about how nervous he was. “Do it again…this time slow it down…” the girl told him.

“You wanna come in here and sing it?” he asked her. She shook her head. “Now shaddup.” he laughed at her.

After about  hours of playing with the song they finished it. Bruno threw himself on the couch.

“Arissa’s pregnant?” Phil asked.

“Yeah.” Bruno answered smiling.

Chapter 78

“Bro, that is so awesome! Why didn’t you say something right away? “ Phil asked him.

“I don’t know. I just didn’t think I needed to tell everyone. Y’all waited for a while. And, it was just pregnancy test. Those can be wrong sometimes…..“

“I guess I can understand it…“ Phil responded.

“I just don’t want to be all disappointed if she really isn’t and it was just the test. I know it would drive her crazy to know I was excited for us…and then it didn’t happen. “

“It will happen, bb…“ one of the girls responded sitting down on the couch.


After work Arissa sat in her car trying to decide who would understand what she was going through the best. She landed on Melissa.

”Missaaa!” she exclaimed into the phone.

”Hey dude! What’s shakin’? ” she asked.

”Oh my god, chica…remember that amazing trip we went on?” she asked her friend.

”That was only like the best trip ever, Riss..” Melissa responded.

”Yeah, so it was exactly what the doctor asked me to do…and I think it worked.” she told her friend.

”No effing way, dude! Are you serious?”

*Arissa tried to find the words to express her anxiety. ”So serious! Well, I took two tests today, so I have to go to the doctor to make sure.”

”Rissy…what are you worried about? You sound like this isn’t what you wanted. For the longest time this is all you could talk about. It was like you were living out your dreams…”

I really can’t put my finger on it, Miss. It’s just like I know he’s going to be gone for so long and I’m here by myself. I mean, *I have you and Zoe and a few of the girls from work, but I wish everyone was here. So I could see their reactions, not just hear it. It just makes me a bit sad. That’s all.”

”Oh honey, I can understand that. ” Melissa reassured her.

”And he does enough for me. I mean, he’s….” she paused not wanting to tell Melissa about what happened when they went home. ”Well, he’ll just do about anything for me…”

”Then why in the world are you freaking out, Arissa?” she asked.

I have no idea.”

”You need to stop. That’s what you need to do!” Melissa answered.

”I know I do. I just need to find a way to stop.” Arissa answered.

”Well let’s figure it out by going shopping for baby stuff!” Melissa answered.

”Yes! Let’s do that!” Arissa answered. :”How about Saturday?”

It sounds like a date to me!” Melissa answered. ”Because I probably need to get some stuff for myself.” she slipped.

”No way!” Arissa exclaimed.

”Yes ma’am! I was going to call you tomorrow to tell you! We’re like 11 weeks.”

”Yeeessss. So excited!” Arissa answered.

”Bruno, donde estas?” Arissa asked walking into their house, knowing that he was home. She wandered through the house hearing drums in the back of the house. Oh, there he is….she thought to herself. She opened the door slowly catching him with his eyes closed banging something she had never heard before. She sat down in the chair in front of him not saying anything. When he finally looked up at her he jumped.

”Holy cow, Riss…did you want to give me a heart attack?” He asked her.

”It would probably be funny to see it, but no. I didn’t want you to stop. It was hot.” She told him.

”Riss, you are beautiful today.”  He said putting down the drumsticks walking over to her. He took her hand leading her to the CD player. He pressed play moving her to the middle of the room.  He twirled her around then holding her back closely leading her to the floor. 

”Don’t drop me…” she said softly as his lips met hers.

”I got you, Mrs. Mars. ” He responded lifting her back up to his level kissing her again.

”God, I love you. ” she smiled kissing him back.

Chapter 79

”Bruno, I’m scared…” Arissa said on the plane on their way back to Texas.”

Arissa, you’re always scared. Everything will be fine. Brad already told us what I’m getting.” Bruno reassured her.

Yes, I’m scared about that…but I’m also scared about my parents.” she responded.

”Baby, they’re going to be so happy.” he responded.

You’re right..but it doesn’t mean I can’t be scared to tell them…” she replied.

"We’re going to walk into the house and say, ‘Hi, I’m having Bruno’s baby.’ and that will be the end of it.” he explained how simple it was. She knew his experience with his family would help her calm down.

”I’m glad you see it that way.” she answered.


”Hey there loveerrrrs!” Anna called out to them at the airport. ”Are you ready?” she asked.

”Yes ma’am! We’re ready to goo.”  Arissa responded hugging her. ”

They threw all their travel gear in Anna’s 006 red Ford Focus. Arissa and Anna sat in the front while Bruno tried his hardest to stretch out in the back.

”Anna, I need to buy you a new car. ”

”As long as it’s a Lexus.” Anna answered his comment.

”Alright. Let’s go…” he laughed at her. Bruno pulled out his phone checking e-mails ignoring their girl talk. He was in his own world when suddenly Anna screamed his name.

*”No way! Hell freaking yes. And if it’s a girl you’re naming her Anna, right, right?” she exclaimed.

”I’m only 1 weeks pregnant, Anna Banana. There is plenty of time to decide on naming our first born after you.”

”No, we’re not naming our child after a girl who drives a Focus.” Bruno chimed in.

”I thought I was going to be driving a Lexus soon.” Anna answered.

*”In your dreams, lady.” Bruno smiled at her in the rearview mirror.

”Why didn’t you marry me, Bruno? If you keep smiling at me that way your wife is going to have to fight me for you.”

”Stop flirting with my best friend, Bruno!” Arissa turned around to hit him on the arm.

He laughed at her response. ”Don’t worry, Anna. If Arissa decides to leave me for Taylor Hanson, you’re my go to get it girl.”

”Ugh! I’m not a whore, Bruno!” Anna answered him.

*”You gotta be a freak for me, Anna. I don’t know if you have it in you.” he flirted.

”She had to have learned it from somewhere.” Anna raised her eyebrows at him.

”Oh my god…should I just find someone else to take me to my mom and dad’s house while you two hook up?” Arissa responded sarcastically.

”No, no, Rissa. I’m sorry.” Anna told her.

Bruno made a sad face at Arissa. ”You’ll always be my get it girl, Riss.”

”Damn right.” Arissa answered.            


”Why are you guys only here for three days?” Cami asked during their family dinner.

”B has to go to Canada…” Arissa told her sister.

”Canada, huh?” *Arissa’s dad, Jack, answered.

”Yeah. We have a few shows scheduled there. ”

”He bought a snazzy coat to wear.” Arissa told her dad.

”I had a ton of snazzy coats when we lived in Windsor.” her dad answered.

”When did you live in Windsor?” Bruno asked. He still didn’t know much about her family.

”For a few years, middle school.” her dad answered.

”That’s why he’s such a bad ass hockey player.” Arissa complimented her father.

”Until mom told him he couldn’t play anymore because he broke his nose.” Cami told Bruno.

”My wife has me under her spell,” Jack answered. ”But I can see that my daughter has you under her spell too.”

”It’s genetic.” Arissa answered.

”I would have to agree.” Bruno told them touching her leg.

”Oh, mira, I didn’t show you the pictures from the trip…” Arissa said grabbing her phone. ”He tried to kill me by making me go bungee jumping.:

”Whatever, Riss. You tried to kill me by going first.” he laughed at her.

Kelly flipped through her daughter’s phone stopping on one picture. She flipped the phone forward showing the whole family the ultrasound picture. ”When were you going to tell us about this? Oh my gosh! We’re having a grandbabbbbyyyy!” Kelly exclaimed.

”Surprise?” Arissa said nervously.