Chapter 7

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Bruno was so happy, really happy at the moment that he kissed Isabella. At last, he didn't have to wait until she gets to sleep. He did it now, he kissed her, and she was awake. Bruno smiled as he kissed Isabella. He touched her waist, and tried to put his hand under her shirt.

Isabella opened her eyes. 'Stop..' She said to herself. Isabella pushed Bruno and slapped him.

Bruno looked at Isabella, surprised. He held his cheek...

"Oh my God.. I'm sorry.. I'm really really sorry..." Isabella said as she stood up.

Bruno stood up as well, speechless. He sat down on the couch and Isabella sat beside him.

Isabella saw her hand mark on Bruno's face. 'I slapped him too hard...' Isabella said to herself. "I'm sorry... I... I shouldn't have done that.." Isabella said, ashamed of what she did.

"No, no... It's okay... I shouldn't have done that, too... I'm sorry.. I just.. I got carried away, that's why I did that..." Bruno said, not looking at Isabella.

"Ohh..I see.." Isabella said. 'He just got carried away..' she said, slightly disappointed. Isabella looked at Bruno's face again. "My hand.. It marked on your face." Isabella said as she bit her lip.

"Really?" Bruno said as he stood up and looked at the large mirror. "Wow.." Bruno smiled when he saw Isabella's hand mark on his face. Bruno then went back to the couch and sat beside Isabella. "You got some hidden muscles there, Claire huh?" Bruno grinned.

Isabella looked at Bruno's cheek, then to his lips. She can't deny it, his lips taste good, and she felt like exploding to happiness when he was kissing her. She wanted to kiss him again. But she was a woman who should protect her dignity and herself. She can't give her kiss to just anyone else. It was her first kiss, so it should've been to the man that she was going to marry. But here comes Bruno, tickling her to the floor and then, he kissed her. She sighed.

Bruno's phone suddenly rang. It was Chanel, so he picked it up.


"Bruno.." Chanel said. Bruno can hear her crying on the phone.

"Chanel? What's wrong?" Bruno asked, worried.

"Phil's not picking up his phone.. Leila too.. I.. I have no one to talk to.." Chanel said, crying even harder.

Bruno was hurt to hear Chanel's crying voice. "What happened?" Bruno asked.

"Drake... W-we had some problems.. Bruno, I need someone to talk to.. I need you.." Chanel said, still crying.

'That asshole.' Bruno said to himself. He never liked him, not only because he was Chanel's boyfriend, but because guys like him don't deserve a wonderful woman like Chanel. "Where are you?"

"I'm here at the dance studio.."

"I'll be there, right away." Bruno hung up and he ran to his room to change his clothes.

Isabella sighed. It was Chanel. 'Of course he'd come right away.' She said to herself. Isabella then picked Lisa up and played with her. 'So it's gonna be just you and me today, huh?'

Bruno went out of his room. "I'll be back later." He said as he ran outside and went to his car.

Isabella just nodded and sighed. She went inside her room and looked at the clock. "Wow, it's already 1:01pm. Time passed by fast." She didn't want to cook lunch, she got a bit lazy today. She looked at the teddy that Bruno gave her and took it. "You know little me, I don't understand Bruno. He says he loves Chanel, then tomorrow he'd have sex with another woman and then he'd kiss another. He's a lady killer, know that?" Isabella said as she poked the teddy to the heart.

Isabella looked at the floor and saw Lisa, staring at her. She sighed. "I really wish you can talk." Isabella said as she picked the dog up from the floor and laid down on her bed as she hugged the dog. Isabella then coughed and sneezed. "Ahhh.. I'm still sick." She said as she put her hand against her neck. She was still burning hot. She then decided to heal herself, but just when she was about to do it, she hears a knock from the front door. "Coming!" Isabella said as she grabbed Lisa and went out of her room. She opened the door. "Phredley!" Isabella grinned, surprised but happy.

Phred smiled and noticed Lisa. "Wow.. Is this dog yours?" Phred said as he looked at Lisa and gently patted its head.

"Uhm.. Yes.. Her name is Lisa. Come in, Phred." Isabella said as she smiled and led Phred inside the house. "What brings you here?"

"I heard from Phil that you were sick, that's why I came here and brought these." Phred then showed Isabella the bouquet of flowers and a basket of fruits.

"Wow, that is so nice of you!" Isabella said, touched by Phred. Isabella put Lisa down, and Phred took her. Isabella took the flowers and the basket from Phred. She put the basket on top of the table and the flowers on a vase. She smelled them and smiled. She then looked at Phred. "Thank you so much, Phredley."

"You're always welcome, Miss Claire." Phred said as he sat down on the couch. "So, where's Bruno?" He asked as he looked around the house.

"Well.. He went to Chanel. I think something happened." Isabella said as she sat beside him.

"Ohh.. I see.. I bet Bruno's now getting some points on Chanel..." Phred chuckled. "So, how are you? You have fever or somethin'?" Phred said as she touched Isabella's forehead. "Wow.. You're fever is high.. Did you take any medicine?" Phred said as he stood up and walked to Bruno's medicine cabinet.

"Uhm.. No.." Isabella said to herself. Bruno didn't give her any medicine. So she didn't ask. Plus, it was the first time that she got sick when she went back again in the human world.

Phred opened Bruno's medicine cabinet. Nothing. "Ohh, this is Bruno's house alright. No medicines... Nope, nothing." Phred said as he closed the medicine cabinet and went to the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" Isabella asked, curious. She went to the kitchen to check Phredley.

"I'm making you some healthy soup. It's good for you, since you're sick and you need some nutrients for you to get well soon." Phred said, smiling as he turned to face Isabella.

Isabella remembered Bruno's green soup. "Oh, no, no.. I'll cook it. I'll cook the soup." Isabella said as she took the knife from Phredley.

"No, Isabella. You're sick. You need to rest. I'll cook for you." Phred said as he took the knife from Isabella and continued chopping the ingredients.

'Oh no.. Now I get to taste two non-edible soups in one day..' Isabella said as she sat down on the dining table. She looked at the bathroom door. 'I guess we're going to have a meeting later, huh?' Isabella sighed.

Then she started feeling cold. She wanted to heal herself at that very moment, but she doesn't want Phredley to be suspicious of her. 'This is hard...' Isabella said to herself as she stared at the window. It was now starting to rain. It was perfectly sunny when she woke up, and now it  was already raining. 'What's wrong with the weather? No wonder I feel cold..' Isabella curled up on the chair and hugged her legs. It was not a proper thing to do in the dining table, but it was really cold.

After a few minutes, Phredley finished cooking and he put the bowl of soup on top of the table. He handed Isabella a spoon and smiled. "Your soup is ready, mademoiselle." He said in a French accent as he bowed and smiled.

Isabella chuckled as she took the spoon. "Aren't you going to eat?" Isabella said as she looked at Phred.

Phred sat beside Isabella and smiled. "Nah, I'm not hungry. And this soup is especially made for you, so only you should eat it."

"Well.. Alright then. Bon appetit." Isabella said as she smiled. 'Don't throw up, Isabella.' Isabella said as she breathed deep and ate on spoonful of the soup. But she was surprised. It tastes good. "Mmmm..." She said as she looked at Phred and smiled.

"Does it taste good?" Phred asked, smiling as he bit his lip.

"Are you kidding? This soup is fantastic!" Isabella said as she grinned at Phred.

Phred smiled from ear to ear. He took the spoon and took one spoonful of soup from the bowl.

"Wait, I'll go get you another spoon. You might become infected with viruses because of me." Isabella said as she stood up, but Phred stopped her.

"No, no. It's okay. Don't worry about me. I don't get easily sick, you know." Phred said as he ate one spoonful of the soup.

Isabella looked at Phred, her jaws dropped. 'We just had an indirect kiss..'

"What?" Phred smiled as he asked, curious.

"N-nothing.." Isabella said as she looked away, her face burning red.

Phred grinned at Isabella. "You're face is red."

Isabella then looked at Phred as she tilted her head. She put her hand on her cheeks. 'My, I should stop turning red so easily.'

"Oh, no. You shouldn't. You're cute when you blush." Phred said as he continued eating the soup.

Isabella looked at Phred, surprised. 'I guess I said it out loud.. Oh brother..' Isabella said to herself. She then looked at Lisa, who was staring at them while they were eating, waving her tail excitedly. "Oh, you want to eat too?" Isabella asked, smiling at Lisa. Lisa barked and huffed as she waved her tail even more. "Alright, I'll get you some. You just wait right here, alright?" Isabella then stood up and took the bowl that Lisa used to eat her breakfast and put some soup in it. She put the bowl in front of Lisa and the dog started eating.

"I didn't know Bruno bought a dog." Phred asked as he looked at Lisa.

"Well, he didn't buy him. I just found him in the neighborhood last night.." Isabella replied.

"Ohh.. How did you find her? Doesn't she have an owner?"

"I don't think she has.. She doesn't have a collar when I found her..."

"Ohh.. I see.. You know, she's cute. Just like you." Phred said as he smiled at Isabella.

"Phred, tell me the truth. Do I look like a dog to you?" Isabella jokingly said.

Phred laughed. "Of course not. I wanted to say that you're cute."

"Oh stop it, Phred." Isabella said, smiling. She looked at the clock. It was already 2:35pm. Isabella sighed. She wished it was already night time so Bruno would be home.

"You wanna eat some more?" Phred asked as he stood up and went to the stove to get some soup for Isabella.

"No.. I'm not really hungry.." Isabella smiled. She wasn't in the mood to eat. She was sick, but what's more was Bruno wasn't there to take care of her. She sighed.

"Claire, you okay?" Phred asked as he walked towards Isabella and sat beside her.

"Yeah... Just feeling a bit weak.. That's all." Isabella said. It was true, she felt weak. Whenever Bruno leaves her alone in the house, she feels weak.

"This would make you feel strong and invincible." Phred grinned as he walked to Bruno's electric keyboard and played a song for Isabella. Phred then started singing.


"Why do birds suddenly appear

Every time you are near?

Just like me, they long to be

Close to you...


Why do stars fall down from the sky

Every time you walk by?

Just like me, they long to be

Close to you...


On the day that you were born the angels got together

And decided to create a dream come true.

So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair

Of golden starlight in your eyes of blue..."


Phredley paused for a bit and looked at Isabella. "Well, your eyes aren't blue. I'm just singing the original lyrics of the song." Phred smiled at Isabella and Isabella smiled back. Phred continued singing.

"That is why all the boys in town,

Follow you all around
Just like me, t

hey long to be

Close to you..."


Isabella clapped her hands as Phred finished the song. "The song is really nice...I've never heard of it before." Isabella said, smiling as she sat beside Phred.

"It's one of the best songs that anyone has ever written. It's called Close To You." Phred smiled at Isabella.

Isabella put her hand on top the keys as she looked at Phred. "This is the first time that I'm ever gonna sing in front of a man, so you should listen carefully." Isabella smiled at Phredley, then she looked at the electric keyboard.


"Always look on the sunny side, and though life chequer'd be,

Always look on the sunny side, and though you do not find,


Gladsome heart bids care depart, and time fly pleasantly.

Things according to your wish, be not disturbed in mind.


Why sit and mourn o'er fancy ills, when danger is not near?

The greatest evils that can come, are lighter far to bear.


Care is a self-consuming thing, that hardest nerves can wear...

When met by fortitude, instead of doubt and fear...


Always look on the sunny side, and though life chequered be,

Gladsome heart bids care depart, and time fly pleasantly..."


Isabella finished the song and Phred looked at her in curiousity, wondering what that song was. He hasn't heard of it before, and it's lyrics sounded old, but the melody was nice. "Uhm Isabella, what's the title of the song?"

"Always Look On The Sunny Side by Bernard Covert." Isabella said.

"Ohh.. Never heard of that before." Phred said.

"Really? Maybe because it isn't the type of song that is usually played on radios or TVs. It's an old song." Isabella said as she smiled at Phred. 'A really, really old song.'

"Ohh, it's an old song? So how'd you know about it?" Phred asked, interested about the song.

"Well... My mom always sings that to me when I was a kid.." Isabella said. She was nervous about slipping up and telling Phred everything. Thank God she chose the right words to say.

Phred nodded his head. "I see.."

Isabella then coughed, then sneezed afterwards. She sniffed. "Ohh.. I hate being sick.." Isabella said to herself.

Phred held Isabella's forehead. "My God.. You're burning hot!" Phred panicked. She wasn't this hot when he arrived. He thought her fever was going to be okay soon.

Isabella was now feeling weak. She felt her body feeling heavier and heavier. She has never experienced this before, she never got sick before. Not until now.

"I'll go buy some medicine for you. Wait here." Phred said as he ran outside and went to his car.

Isabella held her neck. And it really was hot. She felt dizzy and cold, so she went to her room and cuddled to her bed. Lisa followed her and she kept barking, so Isabella took her and let her lay beside her. She looked at the time. It was just 3:12pm. Bruno still wasn't home. She looked at the teddy bear and took it. "Ohh.. I wonder what Bruno is doing right now... Hmmm..." Isabella hugged the teddy bear as she closed her eyes. She then fell asleep.


"Chanel, what happened?!" Bruno said as he sat beside Chanel. Chanel's lip was busted. He was suspecting that it was because of her boyfriend, Drake. "That motherfucking jerk... What the hell did he do to you?!!"

"I-it's not important anymore.. I just needed someone that I could talk to, that's all.." Chanel said. She doesn't want Bruno to find out how weak she has been earlier. She didn't fight Drake back, she just let him hit her without reason.

"If you don't tell me what happened at this instant, I'm gonna go find that asshole and rip him to pieces." Bruno was angry. It was the first time that this happened to Chanel.

"Bruno, please.. It's not gonna change anything... I just wanted someone that I could talk to.. That's all.." Chanel said as she looked down on the floor.

"Chanel, we've been friends for so many years! Why can't you still tell me about all your problems?! Haven't I been a good friend to you?!" Bruno yelled. He was so infuriated at the moment that he was about to explode.

Chanel then started crying. "Bruno... You are a good friend. Believe me, you really are.. I just don't want you to know my weaknesses... I wanted you to listen to me, to comfort me, not to scold me, so please, stop it.." Chanel said.

Bruno stood up. "I already fucking know what your weakness is, Chanel! What the fuck happened?! That's just what I was asking you! Why can't you tell me that?! Am I not good enough for you to let me know what the fuck happened to that busted lip of yours?! Am I not good enough for you?! Am I?!" Bruno shouted even more.

"Please... Stop it... Stop, Bruno.." Chanel said as she looked at Bruno's eyes. His eyes were red, he was stopping all the tears from escaping his eyes. Bruno breathed deep as he looked at the ceiling. He buried his hands on his face as he sat down.

Chanel continued crying, but this time, she cried harder.

Bruno knows Drake means the whole world to Chanel. He knows that even though that asshole treats Chanel like trash, she is still going to love him to death. Bruno knows that Chanel won't ever know that she means the world to him. Bruno sighed as he looked at Chanel. He wiped her tears and lifted her chin up. He caressed her cheek. Bruno stared at Chanel's busted lip and was once again infuriated by it. But he tried to calm down and he closed his eyes as he breathed deep. He opened them and saw Chanel's smile.

Bruno smiled back. "How can you smile after all the hurt that you've been through?" Bruno asked.

"I can still smile because you're here for me. Because I know that one of my most treasured friends is here to protect me, and scold me about my boyfriend." Chanel smiled.

'Friend.' Bruno said to himself. He was only a friend to Chanel. He will always just be a friend to her. He sighed. He looked into her lips again, and he wanted to kiss the blood from her busted lip. He leaned closer, closer, closer.... BANG. Drake came.

"What the fuck are you doing with my girlfriend?!" Drake came running towards Bruno and punched him.

"Drake! Stop it! Stop!" Chanel said as he tried to grab Drake's hand. But he just shook her off and he slapped her.

"You little bitch! I came back here to say sorry to you, and you're here, kissing another guy?!" Drake shouted as he grabbed Chanel's shoulders and slapped her.

"I didn't kiss him..." Chanel said as she cried.

"Don't you fucking dare hurt her!" Bruno said as he pushed Drake. Bruno was small, but he sure was strong enough to fight him.

"Ohh, so this little monkey wants to fight me eh? Well then take this!" Drake punched Bruno on the stomach. Bruno was hurt, but he could still stand his punches. He was about to punch Drake back, but Chanel stopped him.

"Bruno, Bruno! Don't punch him back! Please, stop it! Stop it Drake!" Chanel said as she cried harder.

Bruno put his fist down and just let Drake beat him up.

"You weakling! You think you can beat a guy like me?!" Drake said as he punched him even more. Bruno fell to the floor after some punches and kicks. He didn't have a broken nose, and he didn't lose a tooth. But his mouth sure was bleeding like hell. His body already has bruises on them.

Chanel cried harder when she saw Bruno. Drake then turned to Chanel and slapped her and dragged her by her hair outside the dance studio. Bruno wanted to follow them, but he was too weak to stand up. His eyes were getting heavy and he was getting all dizzy. Just after a few seconds, he fell asleep.



Bruno woke up, and the dance studio was still the same. No Chanel, his blood was dirtying the floor, his clothes messed up. He tried to stand up, even though his body hurt. He has to find Chanel. He knows that Chanel wouldn't be safe with her crazy boyfriend. He took his phone from his pocket and called Chanel. Her phone was turned off. "Dammit!" Bruno said as he walked outside the studio, limping. He doesn't know where Chanel's boyfriend lives, or what his phone number is. There was nothing else that he could do than go home. He went to his car and drove home.

He arrived home after a few moments. He saw Phredley's car, so he immediately opened the front door, and looked around. No one seemed to be home, but Isabella's door was open. So he walked towards her room and was surprised by what he saw. Phredley was there, sitting on Isabella's bedside, leaning close to the sleeping Isabella to kiss her. His eyes were about to pop as Phred's lips were getting closer to Isabella's. Bruno panicked. "Phred!"

Phred stopped, surprised. He looked at Bruno. "Bruno.." Phred said. Phred noticed Bruno's busted lip and black eye, but he was too shy to ask about it. He was shy that he got caught by Bruno.

Isabella then started to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Phred, then at Bruno. "Bruno, you're already here." Isabella said.

"Uhm.. Bruno. I uh.. I came to visit Claire. Phil said that she's sick, so I came here.. I bought her fruits and flowers. I-I also bought some medicine for her. It's on top of the dining table.. Uh, I think I have to go now. Bye Claire." Phred said as he looked at Isabella, then at Bruno. "Bye Bruno." Phred immediately went out of Isabella's room.

"Uhh.. Take care bro." Bruno said as he watched Phred as he went outside of the house and drove away. Bruno felt relieved when Phred went away. He didn't know why, but he was glad that he stopped Phred from kissing Isabella. He then turned around, and saw Isabella standing by her door, all wrapped up in her blanket.

"What happened to you? Did you get into a fight?" Isabella asked as she walked towards Bruno.

"Uhh.. Yeah.. Kinda.." Bruno said as he stroked his curls and scratched his head. "How about you, do you feel okay now?" Bruno asked. He touched Isabella's forehead, and she was still hot. "Your fever went up! What the heck did you do?!" Bruno asked, concerned.

"I don't know..." Isabella said, calm. She was too calm that she made Bruno angry.

"How can you stay so calm when you have a fever so high like that?! Come on, drink some medicine." Bruno dragged Isabella to the dining table and took the cellophane where the medicines were placed. He took on tablet and took a glass of water and handed it to Isabella. "Drink it."

Isabella looked at the glass of water and the tablet, then at Bruno. She drank the water, but she didn't drink the medicine.

Bruno sighed. "Drink the medicine." Bruno said, raising his voice.

Isabella glared at Bruno. She knew that medicine pills taste bad. She tried taking it once back in the times before she died, and she didn't like the taste of it. "I don't want to."

"Come on, take it already!" Bruno said, a bit upset.

"I don't want to."

"Why don't you want to take it?! It's for your fever! Don't you want to get well?"

"I want to get well. But I don't wanna take a bitter-tasting medicine. Yuckk.." Isabella shivered just at the thought of the taste of it.

"How the hell are you supposed to get well without taking a medicine?! Huh?!" Bruno asked, now angry at Isabella.

"Water therapy." Isabella said as she put the medicine and the glass down on the table and turned her back on Bruno.

"Come here you little brat..." Bruno said as he grabbed Isabella's waist and tickled her. "Are you going to take this medicine or not?!" Bruno said. His body ached when he carried Isabella, but he didn't mind. He wanted Isabella to drink the medicine and get well.

"I won't! Hahahaha! Stop it!" Isabella said as she tried to take Bruno's hands off her. But she was too weak to do that.

"Well I won't stop tickling you if you don't take this small tablet down to that throat of yours!" Bruno said as he tickled Isabella harder.

"Oww.. Oww... It hurts.." Isabella said, as she held her head.

"What?! Where? Where is it?!" Bruno said as he stopped tickling Isabella and inspected her.

"Sucker!" Isabella said as she ran to her room, but Bruno still caught her.

"Ohhh! You're really great at acting, aren't ya? You sly little cheater! I won't let you get away now!" Bruno said as he grabbed Isabella and dragged her to the table. He took the pill and put it on Isabella's mouth. But Isabella closed her mouth, shaking her head.

"Ohhh! Take it already!" Bruno said as he pushed the medicine harder to Isabella's mouth.

Isabella just shook her head as she moved away from the medicine.

"Oh, so you still won't take it huh? I'd have to tickle you again then!" Bruno tickled Isabella, and her mouth opened. He put the medicine into Isabella's mouth right away and covered her mouth so she won't spit it out. Bruno then laughed. "Thought you could escape from me huh?" Bruno said as he sat down on a chair with Isabella. Now, Isabella was sitting on his lap.

Isabella can't do anything now. 'Oh well.. It's in my mouth anyway..' Isabella said as she swallowed the tablet as fast as she can so she couldn't taste the bitterness of the medicine. But she still tasted it, and was disappointed. She then took Bruno's hand off from her mouth. "Yuuuccckkkk!!" Isabella said, sticking her tongue out, disgusted by the taste of the medicine.

Bruno laughed. "You have to get used to it, you know. You'll be drinking that until your temperature gets normal." Bruno said, still holding Isabella's waist and body.

Isabella then stood up and took a glass of water and drank all of it. "Yuckkk!!" She said, still disgusted by the taste of the medicine.

Bruno didn't want to let go of Isabella, but he had to. Or Isabella might slap him again. He smiled, then laughed.

"What are you laughing at?! It's not funny!" Isabella said as she glared at Bruno.

Bruno laughed even harder as he looked at Isabella's cute, angry face. Isabella gave him the 'you're dead' look. Bruno then stopped laughing and coughed. "Look at you, you looked so weak when I came here, and now, here you are... getting your energy burned up because you're angry that I forced you to drink a small tablet of medicine." Bruno grinned at Isabella.

Isabella just pouted and glared at Bruno. She then noticed that Bruno's busted lip was really bad. The wound was big, and it looked it it was hurting Bruno even just to smile. She then walked towards Bruno, took a chair, and sat beside him. She leaned closer.

Bruno was surprised at how close Isabella was to him, but he didn't move away. "What?"

"Your lip... It looks like some big dog has bitten you... Who did this to you?" Isabella asked, concerned.

"It's nothing. And you don't have to know about it. Don't worry. This'll heal after a few of days." Bruno said, smiling.

Isabella then poked Bruno's lip, hard.

"Owww! What are you doing?! It hurts, you know!" Bruno said as he gently touched his lip.

"That doesn't look like it'll heal within just a couple of days." Isabella smiled as she stood up and took a towel and some ice. She put the ice cubes on the towel and wrapped them up.

"What are you doing?" Bruno asked, curious.

"Making a cold compress." Isabella answered as she gave Bruno the towel filled with ice.

"But there's an ice pack there, why don't you just use that?" Bruno asked as he put the towel with ice on her eye.

"I don't know how to use it." Isabella grinned at Bruno as she opened the medicine cabinet and took some betadine and a cotton bud. She remembered her mother using these on her wounds. Even though she could heal her wounds by herself, her mother still wants to take care of her. Isabella then walked towards Bruno and sat beside him. She opened the betadine bottle and put some of it on a cotton bud. She gently put the cotton bud on Bruno's busted lip.

"Oww.. Oww.. Careful.." Bruno said as he cringed.

"I am being careful..." Isabella said as she continued applying the betadine to the wound. "Bruno, you have no medicines for fever or anything, but you have a betadine. Weird." Isabella smiled.

"That's because I don't use it too often, that's why I don't easily ran out of betadine. I just forgot to buy new stock of medicines..." Bruno said as he looked down.

"There, done." Isabella said as she stood up and put the betadine back to the medicine cabinet and threw the cotton bud to the trash can. She want back to Bruno and sat beside him. "Looks like you really got beaten up. Are there other parts of your body that hurt?" Isabella asked.

"Well... My back, my arms, and my right foot hurts so bad..." Bruno said.

"Turn your back to me." Isabella said.

"What?" Bruno asked.

Isabella sighed and pulled Bruno to stand up and positioned him to the side and pushed his shoulders to sit down.

"Owww... That hurt.." Bruno said as he looked up at Isabella.

"Sorry.." Isabella grinned at Bruno. She then sat down and started massaging Bruno.

"Ooohhh.. That feels good.. There.. Yes, to the side.. Ahh.. Yes..." Bruno said as he was being massaged by Isabella.