Chapter 7

06/06/2011 17:25

I look at him and have to smile. "You killing me, you know.“ Then I look at the ring. „It’s beautiful... I can’t believe you did that. That’s all so unreal... Today in the morning we were at the lawyer for our DIVORCE and now we’re here in NEW YORK... Why sometimes time goes by so fast and not much happens and then there’s only a couple of days, hours, minutes which change your life completely?... That’s so weird, isn’t it?!“

„Babe, you think too much. Listen...“ He starts to sing quietly.

This one’s for you and me,

living out our dreams

We’re all right where we should be

Lift my arms out wide

I open my eyes

And now all I wanna see

Is a sky full of Sabrina

A sky full of Sabrinaaaaa


I bust out laughing. „That’s not the right lyrics... Did you forget the lyrics of your own song, Mr Mars?“ I smirk.

He laughs too, takes my hand, kisses it and intertwine it with his. „I’m so happy have you here with me... have you back. I really missed you. And now everything’s gonna be alright. I owe you that. All the bad things you went through because of me, I’ll make it up to you, today and every following day. I really was such an idiot. How could I...“

I interrupt him and put my finger on his lips. „Hey, now YOU are thinking too much. Nobody’s perfect... As I said, I forgive you this... mistake. And we have to talk about it... But not now! Now just let’s have a good time. We’re in NY!!! Everything’s possible here... Even you got so romantic and proposed to me the most wonderful way a woman can imagine... and you said there’s a lot more to come... soooo... where are we going to now?“ I ask curious.

„Hm if I tell you it’d be no surprise anymore, got that?“

„Okay...“ I turn to the window and look out of it. „Let’s see where we are right now... hm... that’s the corner of... ha...“ I yell. „I know where we’re going!“ I look at him with a big smile. „Paolo’s, right?“

„Damn. How’d you know?“

„Well, all the places you know in NY I showed you. And Paolo’s my favorite... Can’t wait to see my chicas...“ I lean back with the bridest smile I can do and think to myself. ‚I wasn’t here for such a long time. Why did I just let bury myself because of my sorrow? I really was in a coma. But now I’m back in life and Bruno woke me up.’ I look at him and caress his cheek. "I love you.“

He smiles and kisses me softly. „You remember the first time you brought me to Paolo’s. Hell I thought I’d die that night. These chicas-chicks really nailed me.“

I giggle. I worked at Paolo’s club to afford my studying. The owner’s parents are originally from Spain, but he can’t speak a word. The only spanish word he knows is 'chica’ so he calls his staff (only females) like that. I met there the most crazy girls and women ever but they all are the most loyal ones too. They treated me like their little sister and always were concerned about my (in their eyes 'bad’) choice of guys. When Bruno and I already dated a couple of weeks I brought him there and they put him through their 'worth-to-be-Sabrina’s-boyfriend’-test.

„Hey I wasn’t involved in that plan...“ I smirk while thinking of that night. Back then all was alright. No problems, no drama, no pain. How I miss that time!

„Yeah my chicas really tested you hard, but you passed though I didn’t believe you would do.“

„Really? You thought I couldn’t stand 10 Tequila, 10 Whiskey and 10 Wodka shots.“ He says while counting with his fingers. „Then winning this arm wrestling against this huge monster dude.“ He does a bodybuilder pose and hamster cheeks. „...and if this wasn’t enough doing all this in front of a cheering crowd... drunken...“

I chuckle.

„No... afterwards I have to dance with you to 'Time of My Life’ plus doing the lifting figure thing.“ He holds his arms over his head and I can’t help but laughing out loud.

„Oh com’on that was really fun!“ I say still giggling.

„Yeah mostly for you and your chicas...“ He laughs too. „You happy to see them again, hm?“

„You can’t imagine how much!... Thanks for bringing me.“ I take his hand and kiss it.

„We’re here.“ The driver says.

„Ok, let’s go. I wonder what I have to do this time.“ Bruno sighs and we get out of the car.


Of course there were already some paparazzis taking pictures of them. But Bruno didn’t care. He was too happy to be again with Sabrina. He forget that news are spreaded fast and everywhere. Particularly the news that Bruno Mars is in NY with his 'wife-in-divorce’ quickly work the circuit. And the next day obvious pics of them will be in the internet and tabloids, seen by many people, seen by a certain person, too. This person will not gonna like what she sees. And this person will make a move caused by her upset...


„Woohooo that was fun. Hahaha.“ I yell tipsy putting up my right arm. Bruno leaves the club right after me hugging me from behind.

„Yeah you never know what’s gonna happen in this motherfucking club. But I did well, didn’t I?“

I turn around almost stumble over my own feet. 'Damn these high heels. Can’t wait to get them off’ I think to myself. ‚Maybe it’s more that I’m not only a lil bit tipsy either drunken as hell...’ I giggle and put my arms around Bruno’s neck.

„Baby, you are the best! The best dougie-dancin’ man in an ape-costume in this world!“ I bust out laughing. „Don’t ask me why they have such a costume stored.“

„Glad you had a good time on my costs.“

„I had a wonderful time, mon-key-man. Hahaha.“ I have to stop this childish giggling. „Thank you so much for this awesome night. Never had so much fun for a long time... And what’s next?“ I ask demanding.

„Oh you don’t have enough yet?“

„Nope.“ I shake my head.

„Hm... don’t be disappointed but the next station I planned is the last one...“ He answers.

„Oh... too bad!“ I say back and do some pouty lips.

„Don’t do that lips to me or I...“ Bruno warns me.

„Or you do what?“ I ask and do extra big pouty lips again hoping they look kinda seductive.

„Or I bite them off...“ He says, puts his lips on my underlip and sucks on it.

I push him back. „Hey mister, don’t get naughty now or I...“ I warn him turning around this time without getting out of balance. I’m proud because of that and take some steps pushing my hips from side to side.

Bruno gets after me and puts his arms around my waist. „Or what?“

I just turn my head back to him. „Or I have to punish you.“ I answer slapping his cheek softly.

„Hm... ok. I can deal with that.“

I giggle. „You’re such a nerd... But you haven’t answered my question yet... What’s up next?“

„Can’t you think of it???“

„Hm... well I guess it’s... a surprise?“ I ask.

„Ding-Dong Jackpot.“ He answers.

We get into the car and the driver takes us to Marriott’s. 

I think to myself. ‚Glad I’m a woman. So this not gonna be exhausting now for me.’ I smirk.


Bruno’s P.O.V.


Oh hell. How I should do that now? I think to myself. Why did I drink so much? This gonna be our first time again after a long time. If I don’t bring it she’ll maybe be disappointed. I look at her. She’s so gorgeous in that black dress. The pregnancy added some nice curves to her body. She leans her back against my chest and I put my arms around her stroking her hair. „You’re tired, babe?“ I ask her hoping she’s too tired for...

„No, just getting some relaxation for the rest of the night.“ She answers.

„Oh...ok.“ I say, but thinking ‚Damn. That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.’


Sabrina’s P.O.V.


Oh gosh. Why did I drink so much? Now I can’t enjoy what comes next. In fact I’d be happy if I don’t fall asleep before we get to it. I think to myself. "My head spins around so much... I wanna... bed!.. this car... so fast...“ Is all I can come out with.

Bruno smiles and says. „Babe, the car isn’t moving right now. We wait a red light... Just close your eyes. We’re almost there.“


Bruno’s P.O.V.


„809... 810... 811... 812. Here we are!“ I open the door to our room and we get inside. Sabrina immediately lurches straight to the bed and fall on it. I put the 'Don’t disturb’ sign on the outer doorknob and close the door. I lay my hat down on a desk and take off my shoes. Then go to Sabrina and take off her high heels. Her skin feels so soft and I have to caress her leg up to her knee. She hums something I can’t understand, so I ask. „Sweetie, what did you say?“

„Hhhooaannmmii.“ She repeats still not understandable.

„What?“ I lay down next to her putting my ear near her lips.

„Hooaaallldd miiee.“ She aspirates.

„Alright.“ I put my arms around her and she lays her head on my chest. We caress each other a while. Then she opens her eyes and starts kissing me...


still Bruno’s P.O.V. ;)


I slowly open my eyes. Where the fuck am I? I look around. The bed sheet only covers the lower half of my body. I don’t wear a shirt. I lift the sheet and see that I’m totally naked. Fuck! Another hangover... again. At least this time there’s no chick lying next to me. Then I hear a female humming voice coming out of the bathroom. I sit up immediately. I get myself and my thoughts together and then I remember. I smile and slowly lay back. „Sabrina... She’s back with me again...“ No more struggling along anymore. I got back my life... my love... my wife... finally. Then she comes out of the bathroom towards me.

„Oh you’re up. I hope I didn’t wake you...“ She says. Oh how I missed that sweet voice.

„No. Hey u remember anything from yesterday?“ I ask her while she’s cuddling herself against me.

„Hm. Not really... You?“

„Me either. I kinda remember that we got here in this room. But then... no clue.“

She smiles and put up her head. „Didn’t you promised that I’ll have an unforgettable evening AND night?“

I look at my clock and answer while turning her on her back. „Well if we pretend that 1pm is still at night then I can keep my promise...“ I start to kiss her and now that my body is recovered I fully can satisfy and please her...


Same time. Different place. But also somewhere in Brooklyn. In a small flat...


She checks her mails. Some pictures were send to her. She opens the folder. She sees the pictures. The pictures showing HIM with HER in his arms, kissing, hugging, dancing tight. She gets angry. She gets upset. She starts crying. She looks down her huge belly and puts her hand on it. She stops crying. She closes the folder. She gets up calling someone. „You know where he is?“ She asks. „Sure. Marriott, 333 Adams Street, Brooklyn.“ He answers. She takes the keys, her bag and leaves the flat he bought her. She gets into the car he gave her and drives where her tipster told her... She arrives...