Chapter 8+9

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Chapter 8 

Bruno leaves and I miss him already. I really need a life away from him or something; I can’t become one of those clingy girlfriends. Maybe I should just call him, just to late him know I’m feeling slightly better, which I’m not, but I’m sure he wants to hear that I am, wow I’m rambling. I reach over to grab my phone and Mid grabs it before I have a chance. “No, you don’t need to call him” THE FUCK!? She knows me too well. “I wasn’t gonna call him! I just wanted to, uhh, check my messages….” “Bullshit!” “Yeah, you’re right, where’s Phred?” “He just went out to get something, he’ll be back-“ The door opens and Phred walks in holding something. “Phred you didn’t! I fucking love youuuuu” “Err, is she saying that to me or to the coffee?” He says confused. “I said it to both of you, now hand it over” and he gives me my vanilla latte. Yum. “Just like the old days ehh” I say as I take a sip. Oh Holy mother of Jesus this is heaven. Mmmmmmm. “Yeah, just like the old days when I was your bitch!” He says. “You’re still her bitch, just not as much” Mid replies. I yawn, why am I so tired? I haven’t done anything but sleep all day. “Lex, how you feeling? You know, about what we were speaking about this morning” Uhh, I wish they’d stop bringing it up. “I don’t know, I haven’t really been thinking about it, I don’t want to think about it right now if I’m honest. I’m sick and I just want him by my side. But I know he feels bad about it, which he should, but I feel like we’re not as close anymore, I mean, uhh, am I even making sense here?” “No, you’re not, but its ok, the fever is making you delirious” Phred says as he tucks me in to the bed. I really am tired. I think I could just fall asleep…

“What time did she fall asleep?” “About an hour after you left” “Has she thrown up again?” “She hasn’t eaten anything to throw up” I hear Bruno and Phred saying. Wait, Bruno’s back! I try my hardest to wake up but I just can’t seem to open my eyes. “Bro, you know all this stuff with you isn’t helping her” “You don’t think I fucking know this?” “All I’m saying is that the doctor said that her immune system became low due to high amounts of stress, and we all know how much stress she goes through on a daily basis, so, the stuff with you must’ve really messed her up” “Phred, stop, please, I know what I did was stupid and dumb ok? But it’s happened now, it’s been, what? Almost two days and not a second goes by that I don’t think about how idiotic it was. It’s like a dark cloud that follows me around” “Bruno we know that you know that what you did was wrong, and to be honest, I don’t really care about that right now, I just want Lex to get better” After a long silence, I hear Mid say “You know she worries about you right? I’m not even just talking about what happened two days ago. She worries about you in general, everyday” “What do you mean?” “She’s insecure Bruno, you know this. She worries about if at the end of every night you’re gonna come back to her, or if everyday you’re gonna love her the same, or even if you’re still gonna wanna marry her when it’s time” Why is she telling him all this stuff? I still keep my eyes closed and pretend to sleep. “But she knows I love her, why would she think all those things?” “You know what? I HATE bringing it up, but… London. Bruno that really messed her whole world up. She’s never trusted ANYONE like that before, she put her complete and utter trust in to you and you messed it up. I don’t think you’ll ever understand how much it hurt her” Again after a long silence, I hear Bruno say as he comes close to me “But. I love her, I love her so so so much. More than I have ever loved anyone before in my life. I wanna marry her, have a family with her, and grow old with her. But I know I’ll never gain her trust back, that’s what kills me.” I decide to open my eyes and act all dumb. “You better be talking about me” I say to him. He flashes his perfect smile and says “Always” and kisses me. EW. He’s wet, why is he all wet!? Oh right, he just performed. “Sorry baby, I just realised how gross that is, lemme just shower and I’ll be back out” and he runs off to shower. I feel, uhm, I think I feel. Hungry? “Mid, I feel hungry” “Oh Lex finally!! What do you wanna eat? We can get you anything you want” “Erm, Mc Donalds?” Instantly Phred gets his phone out and starts dialling, I know who he’s calling and it makes me laugh. “Dre, we need you to go out and get us some Mc Donalds… Yeah, Lex got her appetite back, yeah just get us the usual, ok, bye” As soon as he puts the phone down I burst out laughing “Haahahahahahaa, Dre is like our little bitch now!!! Holy Shit, let’s send him to get us something random! Like extra small condoms or something!! Go on call him! Haahahahhaa” “Holy-hahaaha fuck-hahahah Lex-hahahaha!!! hahaha” Phred says through laugher, and Mid, well she’s just dying on the floor. Oh God I haven’t laughed like this in a while. Feels nice to laugh again.

About half an hour later Dre walks in with our food, I don’t know what took him so long but I’m so fucking happy he’s here with it. As soon as he walks in I start to devour the food, It takes me a while to notice that Bruno isn’t even out of the shower yet. I wonder if he’s ok. Just as I think that he walks out, he looks. I don’t know, but he doesn’t look happy. “Woooooahh look at all this food! Lex got her appetite back then” he says trying to hide his emotions, but I can tell something’s up. He sits next to me and I kiss him, but I stay kissing him for a while, he pulls back and I look in to his eyes letting him know that I know something’s up. He instantly looks away. Fuck. “Dude you gonna eat?” Phred says handing him a burger. “Nahh I’m good” and he sits back putting his arm around me, he asks “Baby, you feeling better? You look a lot better” I nod “Yeah I feel much better thanks, not 100% but better, eating helps” “Lex you remember the last time you were sick!?” Phred says. “Oh God, how could I forget!? Mid, you remember?” “Yupp, that was a loooongg night” I can’t eat anymore so I lie down and place my head on Bruno’s  lap, he instantly starts to play with my hair and covers me with a blanket. “Awwwhh I wanna hear, what happened?” Bruno asks. Phred begins. “WELL…. Lex was super sick, I mean so much worse than what she is now, and her mom was working and couldn’t get time off, so me and Mid decided to spend the night with her. But she was so sick, she couldn’t sleep or walk or do anything, it was horrible for us to see her like that. At about 2am she finally falls asleep and so do me and Mid. We were all in her room, Mid took the bed with her and I had a floor bed. So anyway, at about 4am I wake up because I can hear what sounds like..” he stops and looks at me and says. “You sure you want me to continue?” I nod and he continues. “So I wake up from what sounds like crying? I really had no idea, so I get up from my floor bed and go over to her” “Was she crying?” Bruno interrupts. “Yeah she was, she was all, My back is killing me, I feel sick, I have a headache, I just wanna sleep, it’s not fair, So.. I just hugged her, I mean what else could I do? But I think hugging her was the wrong thing, because she just burst out crying again saying, oh Phred I’m sorry you’re here when you could be at home sleeping, and she was basically talking bullshit, because how could  I be at home knowing she was here all sick!? And Mid was no help, she just feel asleep and didn’t wake up” “Hey! I had a long day! And besides, Lex knew I was there for her in spirit…” I laugh at that “Oh God Mid, you do chat shit, but yeah I knew you cared” “Exactly” “So what did you do after she stopped crying?” Bruno asks. “Well, I just sat with her, we watched some TV, we talked, I read to her” “you read to her!?” “Well, yeah, I mean she asked me too, and she was reading this book at the time and I only did it because I knew it’d make her happy. But she fell asleep at about 6:30am-ish.” “Phred! Tell him what happened at 6am!” “Oh shit yeah! Well she was wearing this huge sweater over her pyjamas, and she asked me to help her take it off, so I did. And I say. Wow, I’ve never touched a girl like this a 6 in the morning. And Lex replies. Really? I know a lot of hoes, I’ll find you a chick to touch till 6 in the morning. And I guess those lyrics just stuck with her. But man, that was a crazy night” Bruno looks down at me and says “Lex, you’ve got some amazing friends, you know that right?” I look back and say “The best”

Right now I’m fighting the  urge to fall asleep. “Did you have a boyfriend at the time?” Bruno asks me. “Yeah, I had Harry, remember I told you about him? The creepy guy?” “Yeah I remember, so where was he?” “he was away, on some course or whatever, well, at least that’s where he said he was…” After an awkward silence “Hey Lex, you and Bruno know everything about each other right?” Mid says from the floor. “Yeah, why?” I ask. “Just wondering, so you told him about you and Travie getting it on right?” “WHAT!?” Bruno yells in shock. Fuck…


Chapter 9

Uhm, if you don’t know what “sexual fluids” are, then you my friend shouldn’t be reading this….. enjoy! :)

“Noooooo, I’m so sleepy, can we not do this now?” I plead with him. “Oh no Lex, we’re doing this. You know what; I don’t even think I wanna know what happened….. Do I wanna know?” He asks scared and slightly angry. “Mid why the fuck did you have to bring this up!?” “Well I thought he already knew! Don’t blame me Lex, you two are gonna get married. You shouldn’t keep secrets with each other”  Bullshit! Theirs something’s that he just doesn’t need to know. I might as well tell him then. “We didn’t have sex” “But ya’ll nearly did” Mid interrupts, I give her an evil stare and Phred says “Come on Mid, If you don’t leave now then Lex’ll kill you….” and they both leave the room. I look to Bruno. “Baby, we didn’t have sex, ok? Come on, cheer up” “Then what did you both do?” “We were just making out, it probably would’ve lead to something if we weren’t interrupted, but we were, no big deal, I was single and so was he. It was a late night…. in the studio” I say the last part slowly. This story seems familiar. Bruno looks at me; he’s thinking the same thing I was thinking. He says “Were you both drunk” I nod. “It’s not the same thing Bruno, so don’t even go there, I was single. You weren’t” and as I say this he shuts up. “Did he, uhhh, you know” he asks awkwardly. “What?” “You know, touch you or anything” Fuck. “Can we not talk about this now?” I say as I attempt to get up from the couch and go in to the bedroom. I still feel like shit so as soon as I try to get up my head spins and I fall back down on Bruno’s lap. “Explain” He says. “Yes. Ok!? He touched me. I touched him. We almost had sex, and yes I wanted to have sex with him. No he’s not the only one. The same thing happened with Adam Levine too, and I reeaallyy wanted to have sex with him that day, I mean I really wanted to just get him and have him, that man is soooo damn fine..” “Ok, you can stop now!” He interrupts. “Sorry” I say as I look at him. “Baby why does it bother you so much? I never really had sex with them” “I don’t know, I just don’t like the idea of you with other guys… and I know, don’t bring London up again. Please.” I slowly force myself up and sit on his lap, “Does it really matter though? At the end of the day you’re the one I want, you’re the one I choose to be with. And I’ve chosen to be with you for the rest of my life” I lift up my hand to show him my engagement ring, he takes my finger and kisses my ring. He looks at me and smiles. “Can I go to bed now please?” I beg. He nods and carries me to bed..

I wake up in the morning a hell of a lot better. I look to my left and Bruno’s sleeping. He’s so cute when he sleeps, I could just watch him for hours. He starts to move and slowly opens his eyes and looks at me raising his eyebrow slightly. Shit. “Baby why are you watching me sleep?” Damn… “Err I wasn’t watching you sleep, what are you on about” I say unconvincingly as I try to sit up. Before I have a chance to get up though Bruno rolls me over so he’s pinning me down on top. “I like this position” I say out loud. I don’t give a shit. I do like this position. He looks at me and says “No. You’re still sick. Although you do look better today” He kisses my forehead and says “And your fever has gone down too” I reach up and kiss his lips, I linger there for a while trying to build up the tempo of this kiss. He realised what I’m trying to do and pulls back, shakes his head and again says “No” Why won’t he touch me!? Urgh, he’s so annoying sometimes. He must sense my frustration because he says “I like it when you beg me for sex. You look a lot better today, maybe I’ll consider it if you persuade me” “Fuck youuuuu!!” I say through laughter, he’s right though, I don’t feel 100% I’d probably pass out halfway through. “Yeah!! You wish!” He replies. I just look at him.. “What?” He says as he kisses me. “Hmmmmmm I wanna go home, I miss our bed, I miss our house, I miss my mom and I miss my dog! I wonder if she misses me…” I whine. “We’ll be home soon baby, and when we get back you and me have some hard work to do” I laugh at this “Hard. Work?” I say with a wink. He just laughs and rolls us over again so I’m on top now. I use this to my advantage and wiggle my hips making him moan a little. He holds my hips in place and continues speaking. “Well, no exactly like that, I still need to finish my album” “Baby it’s your album, you finish it, I don’t wanna get too involved” “But I want you too, you’re so damn talented that it’d be stupid not to have you produce it!” “But you can produce too! You don’t need me, I know you can do it on your own” “Whatever Lex, you’re helping and that’s an order” he says the past part smiling “Excuse me? And that’s an order? Are you bossing me around Mr Hernandez?” This is turning me on, I don’t know why, but it is…. He smiles showing all of his perfect white teeth, swallows and says “I love you” “AWWWHH YOU RUINED IT!! Don’t be all sappy! Order me around again!!” He just laughs and pushes me off him. “You are freaky Lex” I feel lonely without him lying on me. As if he knew what I was thinking he rolls over on me. I open my mouth but before I have a chance to speak him places one finger across my lips to shut me up. “If you’re gonna say about how you like this position again, I swear I’ll get off you” Damn him.. I give him a frustrated look, I take my tongue and lick his finger. He doesn’t move. He just stays there staring at me with his finger still on my lips. “Seriously Lex? You think I’d get creeped out by that? It’s only spit, I’ve swallowed quite a lot of your spit and other sexual fluids bef-“ “OH MY GOD STOP!” He just laughs “Well it’s true. I have. And you’ve swallowed mine too-“ “BRUNO STOP!” This conversation is making me uncomfortable… I start to squirm to get free but he’s on top of me pinning me down. “Lexii” He says. “Bruno” I reply. “When we get married, whenever that may be, are you gonna take my last name?” “Hmmmmm Alexis Mars…. I kinda like the sound of that” He just gives me this bitch please look. “Alexis Hernandez, I like the sound of that more. Would you want me to take your name?” “Of course! Don’t you want to? I don’t wanna make you do something you don’t wanna do. I mean you will be stuck with that last name. FOREVER.” I smile like a fool at that last part of his sentence. “Then I’m happy being Mrs Hernandez forever” he smiles and gives me that intense kiss I’ve been waiting for. He pulls back and we’re both out of breath. “Err I’m going in for a shower. No you can’t join me” he says with a wink and he starts to undress on his way to the bathroom. He shuts the door. Idiot.

I go out in to the lounge and I see everyone staring at me. I kinda wish I wasn’t just wearing a pair of shorts and Bruno’s top right now. “Why are you all staring at me? And why have you all got your bags packed? What’s going on?” “Brandon called today, he says you never sent off the papers for Bruno’s album release” Mid says “HOLY SHIT! Well, I mean. Uhhh, he’s not even finished writing the album yet….” “Lex, you know how long it takes for those papers to release,  he needs them by the end of the week, and today is Friday, we need to leave so you can find them and get everyone to sign it” SHIT! How could I have forgotten!? If I don’t get the papers out on time then his whole album will be delayed and I can’t bear to let that happen to him. I don’t even know where they are. FUCK.

Bruno walks out of the bedroom dressed and says “Why is everything packed? What’s going on?”