Chapter 8

14/06/2011 10:26

"I'm sorry." He spoke quietly.

"Why? This isn't your fault." I said in a raspy voice.

"Not my fault? You might be pregnant."

"Last time I checked it takes two people to make a baby, not just one incredibly fertile person." I said trying to smile.

"Only you could make a joke outta this.” He said with a light chuckle. I let out a deep breath.

"Help?" He asked me. I smiled up at him, he helped me up. I brushed my teeth again and took my medicine. 

"Here babe." Bruno said after I sat on the couch.


"Drink this slowly!" He held out a bottle of PowerAde, I reached for it, he pulled it back. "Slowly!" He said.

"Yes daddy!" I said holding my hand out like a little kid. 

"Don't say stuff like that till you get better and can take the consequences."

"Stuff like that? Like what, saying daddy?"

"I'm worning you girl." He said playfully.

"Boy go sit down somewhere or watch some TV." Him and Phil laughed, a little too hard I thought. He gave me the bottle and I took a small sip. I laid back on the couch and closed my eyes. I took a few more sips. I guess that was too fast.

"BAG!" I yelled, Bruno was already by me ready for when action called. I spit up this time, nothing big or smelly thank god! He wiped my mouth and I fell backwards exhausted.

“I said slowly.” He said with a smile. 

"Sorry." I said.

"Stop apologizing." Bruno said.  

"Sorry- er I mean uh.." 

"If anyone should be apologizing it would be that little stud muffin over there." Phil said looking at Bruno. "I heard what she said about what it COULD be." Bruno got a little mad. "What are you go if you are pregnant?"

I said "love it" as he said "abortion", we looked at each other.

"What?" He asked me.

"I would love it. I wouldn't expect you to be a full time dad or anything, I know your busy."

"But you can't do it on your own. I'm not gonna abandon you."

"You’re on the road a lot. I'm not gonna get mad at you." 

"You say that now but when your behind on bills and you need diapers your gonna regret it." 

There was some silence, "So what about a divorce?" I asked quietly.

"You want a divorce?" He asked hurt sitting in front of me.

"You just went on and on about how you don't want kids, so we'll get divorced and you won't have to feel guilty."

"No." He said with a tiny smile. "I don't want kids NOW, but in a few years definitely! And divorce YOU? I'd have to be out of my mind to let you go." 

"And you know we might now even be pregnant." I said.


"My stomach's starting to hurt, can you guys play some music so I can fall asleep?" I asked.

"Of course." Bruno got up, went over to Phil and whispered something in his ear. Phil nodded smiled and left. I was a little confused. Bruno grabbed his bongos and sat in front of me on the couch. 

He started playing a familiar song...

“If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea…I’ll sail the world, to find you.” He started singing. I smiled huge then dropped it quickly at the pain. I smiled smaller and listened to him play. He had a smile on his face the whole time, it made me blush. I soon fell asleep.


*6 hours later*


The pain of my arm woke me up, there was music coming from the living room, I smelled smoke. I got up slowly and looked around, it was dark except for the moonlight from the open balcony. I walked out and saw Bruno smoking.

“Sorry did the smell wake you?” He asked about to put his cigarette out.

“No, you’re fine. It was pain. Do you know where my medicine is?”

“Kitchen counter.”

“Alright.” I went back inside, and walked out into the music.

“Shit, did we wake you?” Someone asked me, I wasn’t looking to see who asked. 

“No, no you’re fine.” I found my pills and tried to open them. “Fuck.” I murmured, opening a pill bottle with one hand is more difficult than it looks. I tried to use my teeth, forgetting about my cheek.

“FUCK!” I yelled when the stitched pulled, I felt something running down my cheek. “Oh god, no, no, god!” I said as I ran to the bathroom. I had a thin line of blood on my cheek. I wiped it and checked the stitched, they looked okay. 

“I saw the blood, you okay?” Bruno rushed out.

“Yes, I’m fine calm down.”

“I’m sorry, I just feel so protective of you.” He said and hugged me. 

“Aww.” I said and tried to hug him back with one arm. 

“Are you ready to try some more soup?” He asked sweetly.

“Yeah, okay.” We walked back out and he heated up my soup. I ate slowly, my stomach felt a little better. I finished it all and felt okay. I put my dish in the sink. 

“Hey, come talk to me real quick.” Bruno said and led me to the balcony.

“What’s up?” I asked sitting next to him.

“Just wanted to talk.”


“I don’t know how to say this, so I’ll jus let it out. I have to leave.”

“Leave to where?”

“New York.”

“So…its an ‘I’ll see ya, when I see ya’ type relationship?”

“What? No, im going for a show.”

“Oh, alright.” I said a little relieved. 

“It’s for three days.”


“I know you’re only planning to stay the weekend, but I would like to pay for the extra 3 days.”

“I do have a house you know.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know where you live, the first person I wanna see when I get back is you.” He said seriously. 

“When do you leave?”


“It’s gonna be hard, but we can do it.”

“I have no doubt.” He gave me a kiss on the cheek.




I open my eyes and guess what I see, naked Bruno! 

“Oh my god.” I said, I guess a little too loudly because he heard me. He turned around and walked out of the bathroom.

“Sorry did I wake you?” He asked and bent over kissing me on the forehead. He just got out of the shower.

“No.” I said trying to only look at his face.

“What, do I make you uncomfortable with me and all my nakedness?” He asked and posed with a sexy smile on his face.

“No, but you complain about me wearing short outfits, when this is the second time I’ve seen you naked in the past three days.” He laughed. He went back in the bathroom and wrapped a towel around his waist. I sat up and watched him do his hair. 

“Can I help you?” He asked through the mirror.

“Drop that towel.” I said and winked at him. With the flick of his wrist his towel fell.

“I was kidding!” I laughed. I got up and walked in the bathroom. I picked up his towel, turned him around so he was facing me, wrapped one arm around him, grabbed the towel then tucked it around the front. I kept my hands where the towel connected. 

I looked up at him, he starred down at me curiously. I smiled, he smiled back. He leaned down and kissed me. This kiss was definitely different from the ones before. Yup I'm gonna miss him.  This kiss wasn't so much about the physical attraction, as it was more about the sensation and feel of it. It felt natural and right to be kissing him right now. We pulled apart slowly.

"I'm gonna miss you baby." He said looking deep in my eyes. 

"I'm gonna miss you more." I said blushing. He wrapped him arms around me.

" you." He said.

"I like you too." I felt he squeeze me tighter. 

"C'mon, get ready and we'll go out." He said and we let go fully, him looking in one part of the mirror, me looking in the other part.


"Get some food or somethin." He said shaving his 'beard' and 'mustache'. I looked in the mirror at my face. I put my fingers lightly on my stitches, I don't look presentable. 

"You look perfect!" He said as he saw me looking at my cheek. 

"Easy for you to say, you can just throw on a pair of sunglasses and look perfect." I said putting on a little makeup so it wasn't that difficult for me, I can't take a shower yet so I had to fill a spray bottle with water and spray it on my curls. My hair got even longer then, I wanted to leave it down so bad but I know as soon as it dries it's gonna shrink and be a short curly lil Afro. Maybe it'll work today, I'll leave it. 

"Um I need a little help..." I said quietly.


"Getting dressed." 

"Okay, where are your clothes? "

"Go look in the top dresser drawer." He walked out and came back with my outfit. 

"Okay undies off." He pulled off my underwear and slid a thong up my legs.

"Why’d you pick a thong?"

"Because it's our last day together for 3 days and I wanted to be able to have this image of you in my mind. Now off comes your shirt." He pulled it up slowly being careful of my arm and cheek. I still had my bra on, he stood there looking at me. 

"What? Is there blood do I have cuts on my stomach?" I asked getting scared. "Bruno answer me."

"No, you're good baby. I just needed a mental image for when I'm away."

"You scared me!" I said letting out a breath. 

"I'm sorry." He said and kissed my stomach right above my belly button.

“Can I have some clothes now please?” I asked trying to cover my body. He unfolded a pair of shorts for me, I stepped in them he zipped them and buttoned them. They were a little short. Then he put a loose tank top over my head. It’s a rounded neck, with a lace connection on the back and pleated all the way down. 

“You look pretty.” He said.

“Thanks, it looks like im not really wearing bottoms though.”

“I’m okay with that.”

“I bet you are, you horn dog.”

“What?” He said laughing. I took my other medicine for my poisoning and then my pain killers. 

When he was done getting ready he had on cargo shorts, a short sleeved graphic tee, chucks, and a LA hat. He looked GOOD! 

"We ready?" He asked. 

"Oh wait I need my purse."

"For what?"

"Uh, money."

"I got it, let's go!" He said and nudged his head to the door. I smiled and got up. He put on a pair of sunglasses and I put on mine.

"Stunna shades." He said and did a lil pimp walk down the hallway. I laughed at walked next to him. 

"Keep your head down, I'll help you in the car, keep ur head down then I'll drive away and we’ll be good." He said as we got close to the lobby. He grabbed my hand, I put my head down and looked at the ground. He ducked, letting his hat cover his face. 

"BRUNO!!" People were shouting, you could hear the shutters clicking on all the cameras. I followed him as he brought me to a car, everything happened as he said it would. 

"That was crazy." I said peeking up. We were well on the street.

"Yeah." I'm surprised that he's driving and doesn't need like a bodyguard or anything like that. 

"Your sexy when you drive." I said. He chuckled. "So where we headed?"


"In case you didn't know I do live here."

"It's one thing to live in L.A, and another to know L.A." He said and turned the corner. We arrived a little later to a little café. 

"Silvers Café." I read out loud.

"You've never been here before right?"

"Never." We got in and it was nice and cozy inside. I took off my glasses and he took off his hat and glasses.

"Your eye looks better." I said careful of hit emotions.

"Mmhm." He said looking at the menu. 


We were out all day and had an amazing time.  Lots of laughs, smiles and love. At the end of the day, 6:00, we went back to the hotel. He was supposed to be back at 4:30 but he didn't wanna leave me.