Chapter 8

02/07/2011 21:55

It was about 6 pm. Chrissie, Isabella and I were eating dinner. “So, how was the shopping?” “It was amazing! If we only had more money!” Isabella said.  It made all of us laugh. When we finished dinner, Isabella and I got ready to go to work. “You’re not coming with us Chrissie?” I asked. “Nah… I’m tired.” “Ya sure?” Isabella asked surprised. “Usually you love to come…” “I’m just not in the mood.” “Is it something I said this afternoon? I swear I’m so sorry!” “Relax, that’s just how we are. I just don’t wanna go.” “Okay then.” Isabella said as she ran upstairs. We both got dressed and were ready to go to the club. “Could you go for a walk with Tina in half an hour?” I asked. ‘Please say yes. I know you don’t like her but please say yes!’ “Uhmm… Okay, I can use some fresh air I guess.” “Thank you so much! Really thank you!” “No problem but there’s one thing.” “And that is?” Isabella asks curiously. “If anything happens you have to tell me! No matter what it is, dramatic, cool, awful, just tell me… Kay?” “Okay!” We both said at the same time. Isabella and I walked towards her car. On the way to the club we talked about the awesome clothes they bought. “They’re all so amazing! Why didn’t you wake me?” “Because you looked so peaceful and adorable, so we didn’t wake you up.” “Aww… You’re so sweet.” After a couple more minutes of talking we arrived at the club.


-Meanwhile with Bruno-

“Come on dude,” Kenji said, “Let’s go clubbing!” “No thanks, I’m not in the mood.” “What’s up bro? Something is bothering ya.” Eric said. “It’s nothing really…” “Just come, Kay? I’m sure you’ll feel better.” Jamareo said with a smile. “Fine, but could you quit nagging ‘bout it?” I asked annoyed. “Fine…” They all said at the same time. We started laughing. We all got into a car and went to the nearest club.


-Back to Cam-

“You know Bella; I’m actually quite excited for the show! It feels like it has been such a long time…” “I know, but it was just last week.” She looked really weird at me. “What?! Is there something wrong with me?” I asked insulted. “No, nothing lil’ princess.” “Why does everybody call me like that?!” “Well, cause you’re little and sometimes you can act a bit spoiled…” “Oh, sorry.” I blushed a bit. “It’s okay, we’re used to it.” “Hey C & I,” Kevin said as he walked in, “You ready for a show?” “Sure K, you little backstage helper.” “You’re calling me little with my 6,9ft! Have you looked at yourself with your 4,9ft?” “So that’s how we’re gonna start it, huh…” “Yeah… Problem with it LITTLE Cam?” “Guys, please don’t start this again.” Isabella interrupted us. “Sorry.” We both said. ‘Why does he always do that? Ah well… Back to the show!” “But you guys ready for the stage?” “Give us 5 minutes!” Isabella said. "Aww.... Do the girls need to look pretty?" "Get out of the dressing room Kevin!" Isabella yelled. 

-Meanwhile we're going back to Bruno-

"Dude... Look how awesome this club is!" Jamareo said as they walked in.  The guys noticed a lot of people were looking at them. Bruno just ignored them. ‘Always the stares…’ He sighed. “What’s up man?” Phil asked. “Nothing, just a bit tired.” “We’ll get you active with a couple of drinks, like always!” Jamareo said. “Haha, yeah… You guys know me too well!” Bruno said a little more excited. After 5 minutes and a couple of drinks they went to the dance floor.




“Kay, girls, you really need to go on stage right now!” Kevin said a bit in a hurry. “We’re coming!” We both said at the same time. “We’re like twins!” I say laughing. “Hahaha, of course we are!” Kevin ran up the stage to introduce us. “Hey hey hey people! Hope you’re having some fun… Are ya having some fun?” The crowd screamed. ‘Oh God, please help me…’ “I’m a bit nervous…” I said to Isabella. “Relax, you’re great, you know that!” “Thanks!” A smile appeared on my face. “Ladies & gentlemen, your favorite girls are back! Give it up for Isabella & Camillaaaaaa!” We walked onto the stage. Bruno looked up really surprised. “Dude, isn’t that…”  Phred said. “Yeah, that is!” Bruno interrupted him.