Chapter 8

02/07/2011 22:05

“oh cool, you MADE me a bowl of cereal” I smiled

“sorry, im not really a cook” he said handing me the bowl

“that’s okay, im a good pastry cook” I said eating my cereal “I can make fabulous cakes”

“ooohhh I love cakes” he said with a sexy voice “with lots of frosting on it!!!”


I smiled and I loved the way he always made me laugh and turned my day from bad to great. He was eating cereal like a baby with milk running down his chin. You could just stare at him forever.


“you know I usually eat cereal with mayonnaise and ketchup but I didn’t wanna freak you out” he said

“of course you do!” I said sarcastically as I went near him and pulled his soft curly hair.

“can you take me home, I need to get changed and i got some work to do”

“aight, come on get yo stuff” he said as he finished his cereal and wiped his mouth


He went towards a hat stand that had different varieties of fedoras, took a black one with a yellow feather and tossed it on his head. He turned around, adjusted his hat as he posed with a funny look on his face. He always knew how to make me laugh and these few days were turning out to be the best ever.


So I snatched my bag from the couch and walked out of his house towards his car. We got in and he started driving. The drive to my place was quiet with his occasional humming so I wondered whether he felt uncomfortable due to the fact that Jason lived on the same building as I am. I didn’t wanna talk about, just in case he gets all furious and stuff and starts arguing with me so I

kept my mouth shut. Everyone used to call me chatter box, my friends, even my teachers because I just wouldn’t stop talking. It surprised me that whenever I was with Bruno, I was different, more quiet and of course really happy. It got me thinking again about what type of feelings I was having, whether someone could really fall in love in just a day. It was confusing, but amazing at the same time. As I was looking out the window, passing parks, buildings and streets, a sense of peace came over me just by the thought that my life could after all have a happily ever after.


We arrived at my apartment and walked upstairs as I got the keys out of my bag. I looked around to see if there was any sign of Jason, because I, as sure as hell didn’t want another fight at my doorstep. I had 2 kids coming over today for music lessons and I didn’t wanna freak out their parents by witnessing a fight. I would go broke if they stopped coming for lessons because this was my only way of income until I finished college.


I opened the door and after I had let Bruno in, I started walking towards the kitchen to get him some cookies. I got him a box and as I turned around I was astonished to see Bruno just standing at the same place and staring at all my musical instruments. I knew from the look in his eyes that he didn’t expect me to know music, play music and love music as much as him and I felt that he was happily surprised that I had in common the thing he loved the most, music.

‘you can play” he asked in awe

“why? Did u think I wasn’t the type ”

“No babe, you didn’t say anything”

“we just met Bruno, there’s a lot more you don’t know about me but I can play the piano and guitar, I love the piano more” I smiled

“I love you even more now”

Wait…did he just say the word LOVE!!! Oh M Gee…did he…did he….i can feel a thousand thoughts going through my head. I feel like jumping but at the same time I feel blank.

“WHAT?” I said

“I mean I love the fact that you can play the piano and guitar” he said softly

“okay!” I said but wishing deeply inside that there was some truth to what he said.


I told him to take a look around while I took a shower and changed into new clothes. I came out of my room to see Bruno all snuggled up on the couch watching family guy on TV!

“stewie is awesome” he bursted out as he saw me

“the baby who speaks like a man, yeah okay!” I said sarcastically

We spent the whole day watching tv shows and In the afternoon we ordered some takeout and ate it eagerly. After we finished our lunch, I got a Mars bar for Bruno.

“wanna get your ass off the couch and help me with piano lessons for some kids, they’ll be here anytime now”

“you give piano lessons? Cool, I’ll teach ‘em some good old reggae huh” he smiled

“you’re the best” I said as I went near to hug him

He stood up and came closer to me and he slowly put both his arms around me. I could smell lavenders and mint again as I got this heavenly floating sensation. He turned his head towards my ear and whispered “No, you are the best” and he kissed my cheek.