Chapter 8

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"Phil! Someone! Call 911!" there's blood everywhere. It seems like every part of her is cut up and bleeding. I'm starting to shake. "Phil someone come help her!" Jamaero, and Kenji run in and I can't bear to look anymore. I walk out and hear sirens. "She's not breathing!" Someone shouts. I look out the window and the ambulance seems like a little spec. I run into the bathroom and kenji and Jamareo have her wrapped up in a towel but it's not helping I can see the blood seeping through. I pick her up and run out the bus down the street to the on coming ambulance. The distance between us and the ambulance seems like miles away. Finally the ambulance stops and the paramedics jump out and put her onto a stretcher. They hook her up to a ventilator and some other machines and load her into the back. I look through the window and the paramedics are scrambling around and with a Terrifying realization I remember that this scene looks exactly like what happened almost 4 years ago. Phil picks me up in my car and Eric and the rest of the band follow us in the bus. The drive to the hospital seems like hours. When we finally get there Phil doesn't even have time to stop the car before I scramble out. I run in and of course everyone start screaming and taking photos. I manage to make my way through the crowd and to the front desk. "Can I help you?" "Where's the emergency room!" "Up the stairs to the...." I don't bother to stay and listen I run to the stairs and go up until I see a sign for the ER. I burst through the doors and look around. I don't hear any yelling doctors and I don't see a stretcher being rolled in. I run to the front desk. "Did the ambulance arrive yet? My girlfriends she's hurt bad!" "Sir please calm down....." I hear doors open followed by shouting. "Severe blood loss....possible collapsed lungs......Were losing her!" Machines start beeping frantically as the wheel the stretcher by me. That's when I see a hand hand hanging over the side with a simple gold band on the ring finger. Emily! "Emily! Oh god! Please don't leave me!" I run to the stretcher and grab her hand. "Emily please don't leave me! Cmon we gotta write some songs! "Sir please don't stop!" "Remember that night at your house when we stayed the night and you went down to the beach and I followed you and I said I was awake I lied you woke me up! Now I'm getting you back ok! Please stay awake!" "Sir......don't stop!" "Cmon please Emily stay with me don't leave me! I wrote a song for you and I want you to sing it with me!" The machines start beeping less frantically and more in rhythm. "Here sing with me cmon! It's a beautiful night were looking for something dumb to do hey baby I think marry you! Now you sing!" We get to the OR doors and they stop. "You have to let go sir." I let go and watch as they roll her away. "I love you Emily!" The guys find me and take me to the waiting room to sit down and wait. I grab my blackberry and start writing a song. ******************************************************************************

2 hours later A doctor in scrubs walks out and introduces himself as Dr. Williams. "We stitched her up and she has a collapsed lung and her ankle is just twisted and just needs a brace to support it. But she's fallen into a coma. We dont know why, there's no reason for it, she technically fine...we did a CT and there seems to but an abnormally large amount of electrical activity in her brain. Which leads us to believe that she was and still is, physic. We flew in an expert from Quantico, virginia. But we also made another startling discovery it seems she was pregnant and someone removed the baby." I can't believe this it's to much. I break down and tell the doctor about her being kidnapped 3 years ago and they just released her today and how I found her on the beach asleep and I tell him about the stabbings and her healing herself and then she tripped and she got a shower and she tried to heal herself and she fell. She probably going to kill me for telling the doctor this but it just comes tumbling out. I can't stop it. "Please can I see her?" The doctor nods and stands and leads me to the ICU. We walk into her room and were greeted by a man. "Hello I'm Agent Nolan Bishop." He extends his hand and I shake it. "She's in a coma because she over did it. When she was trying to heal herself in the shower she was already to tired. Healing you and her took a lot out of her. Then she tried to heal herself a result she's lost her healing ability but she's still touch telepathic but now it may be harder to read people and a very strong medium....." He looks at me questionably "...break down your walls Bruno let her in. She will come. If you let her in it will help gain her trust. Right now she thinks your one of 'them'." I look at him as if he's crazy. "What's a touch whatever and a medium? How I'm I supposed to break down these 'walls'? And how do you know all this about her!?" He smiles and chuckles a little. "I'm touch telepathic as well as soon as we touch someone we can read there minds or predict things. A medium can walk with the dead. They have a communication that's unexplainable. And no one knows how to break down there walls........they just have to." He walks out of the room leaving me confused and speechless. She's physic? How am I supposed to break down my walls? I walk over to her bedside and hold her hand. I'm going to try everything I can to get her better. But I have no idea how to. I sigh and rest my head on her bedside, bound and determined to break down my walls. ***************************************************************************** 

12 hours later. Bruno? Is that you? I wake up dazed. 'Must of fallen asleep' I think to myself. Bruno are you awake? 'Emily?' Oh Bruno you did it you broke down your walls just enough to let me in! You saved me! I stand up and look around. "Is this a joke?" I say aloud No Bruno we can communicate without talking now because your walls are somewhat gone....can you get a doctor in her before I gag on this cord in my throat? "Whoa is this a prank? Prove it's real." I sit down by her bedside and grab her hand. 'Squeeze my hand as hard as you can.' Oh Bruno.....She squeezes my hand really hard. 'Ok I'll be right back.' "Doctor she's awake!" Doctors come running in and her eyes flutter open. They remove the tube from her throat and she smiles. "Thank you so much Bruno." ******************************************************************************

 later that night. After eating dinner with Bruno and the guys. The nurses make the rounds, it's finally just me and Bruno again. "So do you want me to call your sister and ask her to come down here?" "No I already talked to her." "How?" "I dunno she was the one who wanted me to trust you.....wanted me to heal you the night we go stabbed........I walked with her in the gray time she showed me the parts of my life before I was taken....most of the memories that she showed me were of me and you...." I knot my brow and bite to corner of my lip. I hang my head and fiddle with my ring. "......they seemed really fun....they seemed really loved I really trusted you.....but then I was kidnapped...and they did those horrible things to was awful! Just plain inhumane....but it's behind me now....that was the past and this is the present.......but I can't ever forget what they did to me." I start to feel the tears running down my cheeks. " still don't trust me do you?" I look up and seeing the hurt in his face makes me want to say I do but I cant. "I'm sorry Bruno......I just can't." He stands up abruptly with tears In his eyes. "Bruno, please you have to understand!" He runs his hands through his hair and sighs. "What do I have to do to make you trust me?!" "Just be there for me when I need you.....I really just need someone I can trust....." "Then trust me!" Bruno sits back down and takes my hand. "Bruno.....I'm sorry I wish I could but...." "Listen to me I opened up to you.....that was then this is now please I saved your much more do I need to do to prove that I still love you?" My head snaps up. "What?" "Listen to me I love you.....I've loved you since you waved at us from your car. When you went missing I don't think I dated for a year. Then the guys started making me get involved but I don't think anything lasted more that a month or two. Please I could never imagine of hurting you. Please." I can tell the words are coming straight from his heart. Never has any man talked to me like that before with so much love in every word. "....Alright.....Fine Bruno never have I put this much trust in anyone. The first hint of anything that makes me believe different it's over." He gets the biggest smile on his face. "Trust me I would never hurt you.....ever.....remember forever.....and always." I smile because no one knows about those words except me and the person who gave my the ring. *****************************************************************************                                 

The next day. "Hey beautiful! You can leave today!" Bruno shouts as he walks through the door holding a plastic bag. "What's in there?" " sisters went and took the clothes that didn't fit them and they said that they would loan them to you." "Oh thanks." He hands me the bag and I grab the brace teh doctors gave me for my ankle and I hobble into the bathroom. I put on a yellow halter top, a pair of white butt shorts and black flip flops. I walk out and I guess I didn't have my shirt all the way down and it was high enough to reveal my scar. I look at Bruno and his eyes get about three times bigger. "What?" He swallows hard and points to my stomach. "What happened?" I look down at the scar and sigh. It goes from both sides of my hip and up about 1 inch. "It's nothing that concerns you." He walks closer. "Nothing? You have a huge scar! What happened?" I sigh. "I got pregnant and they didn't approve they cut me open tried to kill me and left me to die I fixed myself up And went on about life end of story." Bruno's eyes I think get even bigger. "You mean they....." I nod my head and the tears start streaming down my face. He walks over and hugs me. It feels protective. It feels like your climbing into a shell that will always be there and you know it will always protect you. " I'm sorry...." "No it's ok Bruno it feels good to be able to tell someone." We pull away and look at him. His eyes are undoubtedly filled with love and care but his face is rigid with worry. He wipes the tears away from my face and I smile. "Thank you Bruno for everything." "Your welcome.......I'm just glad to finally be able to hold you in my arms again." I smile and he takes my hand. "So where are we going now." He looks at me and smiles. "A surprise." "Wait Bruno don't take me to somewhere crowded. I'm not ready to be around people I don't know yet.......and I'm Shyloe Reeves now Emily doesn't exist anymore." He nods his head. "Alright it's not going to be crowded and you'll know almost everyone there and I'll try to remember to call you Shyloe it's going to take some getting used to though." We finally get down to the parking garage and get into Bruno's car. "Here....." He pulls his phone out and presses a few buttons and hands it to me. " over these for me would ya? Tell me what you think and tweak it if you think it needs to be tweaked." I read over the song and add a few things when Bruno pulls the car over and parks. "Were here!" I look out the window and were parked in front of a fancy looking building. The sign says 'Electra Records'. Bruno Comes over and opens my door and helps me out. We walk in and then into a room towards the back. Were greeted by a bunch of guys and I immediately recognize a few of them from when I was on the bus. Bruno introduces me to everyone and they all seem really nice and friendly. Bruno and Phil together are hilarious. They crack jokes and mess around. I start looking around and realize that were in a recording studio. I don't feel like reading them so I basically shut them out. After a while Bruno and Phil go into the booth and have a tune going and they start playing patty cake! Bruno I swear to god is smiling ear to ear and can hardly do it he's laughing so hard. They finally bust out laughing and I can't help but bust out laughing too. After a few more times the guys walk out and it's just Bruno. He starts singing and then cuts it off. He walks out and motions for me to come with him. "C'mon." He motiions in my direction. "Who? Me?" "Yes you." "Umm ok.." I walk in and he gives me his phone. "I sectioned it off alternating between me and you ok?" "You want me? To sing?" "Yea." "Your crazy! I haven't sang in 3 years!" He motions to the guys and the music starts playing again. He points to his part and starts singing his part.

It's a beautiful night We're looking for something dumb to do Hey baby I think I wanna marry you Is it the look in your eyes Or is it this dancing juice? Who cares, baby I think I wanna marry you Well, I know this little chapel On the boulevard we can go No one will know Oh, come on girl.

 Then point looks at me and points to the phone and I start singing.

Who cares if we're trashed Got a pocket full of cash we can blow Shots of patron And it's on, girl Don't say no, no, no, no, no Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And we'll go, go, go, go, go If you're ready, like I'm ready 'Cause it's a beautiful night We're looking for something dumb to do Hey baby I think I wanna marry you Is it the look in your eyes Or is it this dancing juice? Who cares, baby I think I wanna marry you I'll go get a ring Let the choir bells sing like Ooh, so what ya wanna do? Let's just run, girl If we wake up and you Wanna break up, that's cool No, I won't blame you It was fun, girl Don't say no, no, no, no, no Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And we'll go, go, go, go, go If you're ready, like I'm ready 'Cause it's a beautiful night We're looking for something dumb to do Hey baby I think I wanna marry you Is it the look in your eyes Or is it this dancing juice? Who cares, baby I think I wanna marry you Just say I do Tell me right now, baby Tell me right now, baby, baby Just say I do Tell me right now, baby Tell me right now, baby, baby, oh It's a beautiful night We're looking for something dumb to do Hey baby I think I wanna marry you Is it the look in your eyes Or is it this dancing juice Who cares, baby I think I wanna marry you.

He doesn't start singing again so I just finish it up myself. When the song ends I look first at Bruno and I swear his jaw is dropped to the floor. I kinda let out a little laugh at look at the guys standing outside the booth. They have the same expression as Bruno. But there's one I don't recognize. He standing there with his arms crossed and he's kinda smiling. "Bruno who's that man out there?" Bruno looks out and smiles. "Cmon lemmie introduce you......." He must of seen the fear painted on my face. ".......He's our manager he's cool." I sigh a sigh of relief and follow Bruno out. The man walks up to Bruno and shakes him hand. "Matt this is Em.....I mean Shyloe. Shes........a very close friend of mine." I was relieved that he didn't say my real name but something inside me was disappointed that he said 'Just a friend'. But who am I kidding........that's probably all we'll ever be......or will it? I push that thought to the back of my mind and make sure I stay out of everyone's thoughts. Matt turns to me and smiles. "So ....Shyloe.....How would you like to be signed on to Electra records? Sing with Bruno and the band?" Now I think my jaw actually drops. " you just give me some time to think about this?" I get very light headed. "Shyloe? What's wrong?" Bruno asks. I wave him off and let the lightheadedness take over. I'm standing on a stage singing and now me and Bruno are at a club and then I see 'them'. Then I'm walking down a hall somewhere and then one of 'them' starts chasing me. The headache vanishes and leaves me terribly weak. "Are.....are you alright?" I starts shaking. "I.....I......" I cant finish the sentence I just need air. I brush past everyone and run out of the building breathing heavily and barely able to stand. I feel the tears start burning in the back of my eyes. How am I supposed to live like this? Always in fear? What if I put one of them in danger? I could never live with myself! I hear the door open and I know its Bruno. He walks behind me and rubs my back. "You ok?" I nod my head yes. "Your not a very good liar." I close my eyes and let a tear fall. Bruno grabs my shoulders and turns me around and hugs me. "Your still scared aren't you?" I nod my head. "I'm sorry.....I would love to do it but....." "It's ok......when ever your ready........we'll be here for you." "I'm sorry I'm just terrified.....for me for you for everyone that knows me." I pull away and look at him. "What's wrong?" I ask him. "I'm just scared for you....." "Why?" "Because I though I lost you forever." He wipes away the remaining tears. "Well I'm here now." He let's out a little laugh. "Cmon let's go I wanna take you out somewhere nice for dinner." "But what about the guys? Wont they be mad that you ditched them? And what about Matt? I have to tell him I need time." "It's ok, trust me, they'll understand." We get into the car and start driving. We go to this fancy place and the food is amazing. We laugh and have a good time. When we leave the restaurant and get into the car it's already 10:30 at night. I look at Bruno and he's just looking out the window driving. I have no where to go! Where am I supposed to stay? How am I supposed to pay for my hospital bill? I guess I must of been thinking out loud. "You can stay at my place........don't worry about money either.......I have more than I know what to do with." "Thank you Bruno........for everything." We pull into a driveway and he parks his car. "Is this your place?" "Yea but before we go in I wanna show you something." We walk down the beach a ways until we get to this really tall old almost volcanic looking rock. There's a opening on the side and we walk in. We have to walk down and it's really steep it's almost like a slide. We finally get to the open and it's like a small pool. It's crystal clear and such an amazing color of blue. If you look straight up theres an opening at the very top and the moonlight shines directly down on the pool. "Wow.....this is amazing!" "This is the moonpool........well at least that's what everyone calls it anyways." We sit down on the sandy floor. "It's fitting......very fitting." It gets silent for a moment before Bruno finally speaks again. "Your very beautiful." "Thank you Bruno." "You've always been different you know that? Even before......ya know." "How so?" "Your special I just can't describe how your different but you just are." "Thank you Bruno." I look at him and smile. I look at his eyes and it's like falling into a spell. Before I know what's going on I feel his lips brush mine and his hand brush against my cheek. His lips are so soft and warm. The kiss feels so........right. So filled with love. As we pull away I wonder if I'm crazy for doing this? Am I actually falling for Bruno? Should I be doing this? Then I hear a familiar voice, Marybeth. He will protect you. Let him in. Trust him. What? Protect me? From what? Is there going to be more trouble? I start to feel someone tug at me, but when i turn to see who it is I only see a faint shadow of a little girl probably no more than 8. "What is it?" She points to the pool and I get up and walk over. She looks at me then at the pool. "Look..." I look down and the water starts to swirl and turns almost black. Then I see something so chilling and so horrifying that words can't explain. I lok at the little girl horror struck. "Dont worry he will protect you from it." "When will it be here?" "No one knows when it plans to arrive........but when it does you will know." "How?" The little girl pauses and sighs. " two will be his last victims.......There will only be 4 will be the last 2 and i cannot tell you who the first two will be....thats for you to find out when the time comes. He wont stop unless you can stop it before it stops you." The girl fades away and I feel Bruno walk up behind me. "What just happened?" "Its coming for us Bruno.........its something, dark, scary, its posessed, it has no soul, and its not going to stop until were out of the way, because were part of a big puzzle."