Chapter 8

03/07/2011 15:52

#Chapter 8 I don't want, I don't want! I kept saying, pushing him away from me.


He straddled me and unzipped my jean...

I caught his hands in mine and told him to stop, now. He seemed confused then he got out of me and sat on the bed. 


_What's going on honey? he asked me, really confused.

_I don't want. 

_What don't you want? 

_I don't want, I don't want! I kept saying, pushing him away from me.


Bruno was really confused. He put his hand on my back and rubbed it. 


_I'm sorry baby but I thought…I thought you already…you know…he said shyly.

_No…I sighed, a little bit ashamed. 


I closed my eyes, bite my lips and looked at my foots. He didn't know what was on but he preferred to leave the room before that it's going down. He'll sleep on the couch tonight. I went to the door, I closed it and let myself slide on it, crying. I want him so bad, but I can't. I just can't make out with him! Not tonight, not now. We never did this. I bet it's surprising, but we're dating each other for ten months now and at the beginning it wasn't the first thing we planned to do, definitely not. We barely hanged out a couple of times together then he asked me out. Plus, I live at his house for a month now. I"m pathetic don't you think? I'm dating this hottest guy in the history and I'm here, crying in our room because I didn't want to make out with him. I'm stupid, who doesn't want to make out with this sexy?! 


It's early in the morning, maybe 7am. I almost forget that the sun wakes up pretty early here…ten hours of sleep per day for a week with my man in the bed next to me and I completely lose the time notion. I didn't sleep that much last night. The "incident" with Bruno got my mood down. I woke up and decided to go outside, do some sports. Yes, I think i'm sick or something! I totally hate sports except dance and now I want to go in the street and run? Woo. I put my nike baskets, my blue navy sweatpants, my white top and Bruno's hood on. I went downstairs and saw Bruno all sleepy on the couch, he was so beautiful with his eyes closed. I took the blanket and covered him with then I kissed him on his forehead and left the house. Music in my ears, I'm totally cut from the world. Which music? Nicki Minaj! She just cheers me up when i'm not okay. I run, run, run so fast that no one can stops me. I ran about one mile when I decided to run a little bit slowly. Guess who are around? Cameras. I'd bet it. Well who cares? I'm kind of used to them now. I just have to ignore them when i'm not in the mood, oh just like today! I keep running, running. I just don't want to come back home. I need to clear my mind from all of this. I went in a shop and bought a bottle of water. Everyone was staring at me and it was just weird! Then I kept running until the parks of Los Angeles and I took my phone to call my mom. 



_Mom, it's me Kaylee!

_Oh Kaylee honey! How are you? Oh I missed you so much! You didn't call me in a while! Three weeks, it's way too long! she told me, almost in tears.

_Ahaha. I'm good and I miss you too! Are you and papa okay? How's Reine? 

_We are all fine. You're sister can't stop talking about her "future brother-in-law"! By the way how is he? she asked.

_He's…fine too. I said, hesitating. 

_Are you sure everything is okay honey? It doesn't seem like! she told me, a little bit worried.

_No Mommy, don't worry about us. Just make sure no one reads tabloids, they fake everything and piss us off! 

_Yeah yeah, we don't buy those things…even if sometimes it's pretty funny like "Kaylee and Bruno engaged?" or "Kaylee can't stand Bruno' fans, they broke up: a close friend speaks".

_Woo, i don't know where the hell they search all of this! They have a very good imagination, that's crazy! 

_Yeah I think so too. Is Bruno okay with that? she asked me.

_Hmm…he tries to ignore them but sometimes he just can't. 

_Oh, I see. Such hard for a 22 year-old boy. By the way, I'm sad we didn't meet each other yet…your sister couldn't barely believe it when she knew you were Bruno's girlfriend! But honestly when she found out your boy knew Justin Bieber, she couldn't be happier!

_Oh my god, Justin Bieber! Ahaha. I really think I need to ask Brunz to introduce me to him. Of course, Reine will be there on this day. 

_Oh i think she would never go back in France after that and she's not even close to end high school yet.

_Yes, being in middle school sucks.

_Oh please don't tell her that! my mom said, laughing.  

_...I miss you all. I hope I'll see you soon. 

_Well me too darling! I miss my 18 year-old baby. 

_Yeah I know mom…I can't see you now but soon maybe…

_Yes hopefully! I almost forgot to ask you how are your classes?

_I'm not going to UNI yet, the school year didn't even start yet.

_Yes, but that's not what i meant. Do you want to go to UNI? 

_I don't know, I don't think so but i'm not sure. I'm going to ask Bruno and auntie about the UNI there and we'll see. 

_Okay. And what if you don't go to UNI? she questioned me, preoccupied. 

_I don't know, I'll try to focus on writing and maybe on singing…who knows? 

_Well, we keep in touch. Ahaha, it makes me think about a video that Bruno posted a moment ago and Phil was on. They turned crazy and said "Who knows what gonna happen? My hand…." just so funny! Tell him! 

_Oh! Mom! You google my boyfriend now?! I said, surprised. 

_I only wanted to know better my "future son" and I have to say that he seems really funny! 

_Woo, slowly, don't think that fast! We're not married yet! Ahaha. And yeah, he is. I said, sighing with a little smile on my face. I want you to know him in real life so bad! 

_Don't you guys planned to come in France to see us? It's not normal, you're dating Bruno for almost a year and we didn't meet him. 

_I'll ask him. I'm sure he'll be enchanted to know all of you. 


I looked at my watch. It was almost 11am, I needed to go back to the house. 


_Okay I'm sorry mom, I have to go. I missed you so much, It was so good to talk to you! I love you.

_Me too! I love you too daughter, take care! 


I hanged up the phone, put it in my pocket and started to run back to the house. 

When I came back home, Bruno was awake and ready to go to work. 


_Where were you? he asked, shyly.

_I wanted to go out, jogging you know? I said, pointing my finger at my sports clothes.

_You ran?! he said, very surprised. 

_Oh c'mon! It's not a big deal…I told him, a little bit annoyed.


He laughed. Oh my god! He was just so beautiful with his dimples! 

I looked at him and saw he was ready to go somewhere. 


_Where do you go? I asked to him, surprised too.

_Hmm..I don't know…to work? He said, making fun of me, rolling his eyes. 


I friendly beat his arm. 


_SHUT UP! i said, laughing. 

_OUTCH! he said, rubbing his arm and pretending to be in pain. 

_Oh, please! I didn't beat you that much…

_Oh…Wait? No, you're right, you didn't hurt me…BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT STRONG AND I AM! he said, pointing at me, laughing his butt off. 

_Okay you know what? GOODBYE! I said, falsely mad at him, pointing the door. 


He carried his guitar on his back and took his blackberry from his pocket. 


_Yeah goodbye, I need to go to the studio and record something new, the fans are waiting!

_Can I go with you? I asked to him, hoping for a "yes".

_No…he replied.

_Why?! I asked, irritated.

_It's not you! It's just that we're working on a song and I don't want you to know it before I recorded it.

_Oh, I'm sure it'll be up somewhere, a demo or something on the internet for hooligans and ME, THE GIRLFRIEND, won't be able to listen it before the last second.

_No demos won't be uploaded on the web. he said.

_Ahah, funny you don't think it can happen. You, naive little man! I AM A HOOLIGAN, so when I tell you a demo will be up somewhere that's because a video will be up somewhere, don't mess up with me, i know it's true! 


He laughed and quickly kissed me on the lips then he left. 


_Baby, i want to come! I said, supplying him.

_No. Next time. l love you! he said.


Then he left. 

Well, I guess I'll have to distract me by myself today again. Since my auntie left and went in France for a while, I'm really bored. Oh you didn't know? Yes, my auntie left L.A without me because of her "travel agency's president" job. She had to move in France for few months and I first came here because I couldn't stay in France anymore, this country depressed me and there are more opportunities for my future in Los Angeles so that's why I moved out with my auntie and that's why she's no longer here with me now. This is the reason why I moved in Bruno's house that quickly. My auntie told me "If I have to go in France and if we don't figure out something you'll have to come with me and go back at your parents's." but then Bruno asked to her if I could move in his house. She said we'll have to talk about it to my mother and my aunt told her that Bruno was a gentleman, a really nice guy…and like I was dating him nine months, she couldn't really say no. Then my mom said yes and now, I'm here everyday and night, in my boyfriend's house, without a job. Yes, I really need to do something today! 

Suddenly, the phone rang. 


_Kay, it's Janae. Can I see you today? she asked to me, hoping for a "yes".

_Well, I don't know what to do today so…-I thought a little.- what do you think about help me with something? 

_Yes, what do you want to do?

_I want to write a song. 


She agreed, I changed my clothes in more casual and prettier ones and I waited for her to come and bring me at her house. 

On the way to Janae's home, I didn't talk that much. It was weird to see her again, I mean, I didn't really appreciate how our night turned into this awful thing on yesterday. She's my best friend, but she wouldn't bother me today, no she wouldn't dare to. She didn't wanted to talk either. So, she just put Bruno's cd and danced in the car while she was driving. We sang at the top of our lungs but we hadn't got any looks for each other, it would have ruin this funny moment. The car stopped. 

Janae had got this beautiful house, really big with a lot of rooms and a lot of bathrooms you know? You could see it from the outside because it was the largest home you would have ever seen in your life. I already went at Janae house but it was at night so I couldn't clearly see it. Of course it wasn't her house, I mean, she did not buy it with her money. Her dad did. 


My name is Kaylee, I'm 18 and I'm Bruno Mars's girlfriend.