Chapter 8

04/09/2011 11:30


My house was on fire. And when I say on fire I mean my house looked like a huge ball of fire. I opened the car door and ran to my house as fast as I could,"V! Wait! Come back,you're going to get hurt!",Bruno yelled. I didn't listen though,everything was in there,Elvis was in there! All I had brought to dinner was my phone,my wallet,and a necklace Bruno gave me. When I was a few yards away from my house I felt someone grab me,"Victoria! Please stop,there's nothing we can do.",Bruno said. "Bruno that's my house! I'm not going to sit here and watch it f*cking burn down!!",I screamed. I tried to start running again but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back,"V! We can't do anything!",he yelled. I twisted free of his grip and took off,when I got closer to my house a fireman stopped me,"Ma'am I'm sorry but I can't let you go any farther. Is this your house?". I nodded,"I'm so sorry...but uh....maybe you could uh call me sometime?",he said handing me a piece of paper with a phone number on it. "ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS?!? MY HOUSE IS F*CKING BURNING DOWN AND YOU'RE HITTING ON ME?! YOU'RE F*CKING SICK!!!",I yelled. Bruno came running up and stood beside me,"What's all the yelling?",he asked. "I gave her my number and she overreacted and freaked out.",the guy said. "Do you not see her house burning down?? What the f*ck is wrong with you?!",Bruno yelled. "Come on,let's go!",I said. I grabbed his hand and ran over to another fire fighter. "What happened? Did you save anything? Is my dog ok?",I asked. "Woah Woah Woah slow down young lady. All we know is that this was most likely done on purpose and a young man saved some of your things before the fire got too big.",he said. I started sobbing and fell to my knees,"What?!",Bruno asked. "Jason did this.",I said. "What?! How do you know??",he asked. "He was watching us,he doesn't want to see us together and he got mad so he did this.",I said. Bruno sat down on the grass beside me,"Baby everything's going to be ok,I promise. I'll take care of you.",he said. I crawled into his lap and put my head on his chest,"Why me? I'm not that bad of a person.",I said. He wrapped his arms around me and sighed,"Bad things always happen to good people,that's just how it is.",he said. A few minutes later someone walked up beside us,"Victoria? Can I talk to you?",they asked. I didn't say anything,I just pressed myself closer to Bruno. "Um I don't think she wants to talk now.",Bruno said. "Oh ok,I'll just call her later. I had some things to give her.",the guy said. "Were you the guy that saved some stuff?",Bruno asked. "Yep,that's me.",the guy said. "Ok well you can just give them to me.",Bruno said. I heard the guy handing Bruno some things,"Elvis!",Bruno yelled. I looked up,"Elvis?". I stood up,"Where is he?!",I asked. Bruno pointed toward a bunch of cars and I saw a big black shadow looking thing running towards us. Elvis ran up to us and Brandon wasn't far behind him,"Wait. You were the one that saved him?",I asked. Brandon nodded,"I was coming by to see you and I noticed flames through the kitchen window so I went inside,grabbed stuff that looked important and ran out. It's all in my car if you want to go get it.",he said. I nodded,"Come on,let's go.",I said to Bruno. He put his arm around my waist and we followed Brandon to his car. Bruno leaned over and kissed me,"See I told you everything would be ok.",he said. I sighed and nodded,I was too tired to say anything. "Alright here it is.",Brandon said opening the door to the backseat of his car. "My guitar!!",Bruno yelled. I rolled my eyes,of course that was what he was worried about. "You brought it with you from LA?",I asked. "Well yeah! I've had this guitar since I was fifteen! It goes everywhere with me.",Bruno said. "Here you go.",Brandon said handing me a box of my stuff,Bruno's suitcase,and a bunch of my clothes and shoes. I handed the clothes to Bruno and put the box down then I gave Brandon a hug,"Thank you so so so much. It was so amazing of you to do that.",I said. He smiled,"No problem. So do you think we could maybe uh go out someti-","Come on,we need to go.",Bruno said. He put his arm around my waist,"Let's go see if we can get a hotel room.",he said. I smiled,"A hotel room?",I asked. "Yeah babe. Now come on,let's go.",he said. We got in the car,"Wait. Where's Elvis?",I asked. Bruno looked around,"Oh there he is. Just a second.",he said. Bruno got out of the car and ran to get Elvis,I layed my head back and closed my eyes. I couldn't believe my house was gone,just a few hours ago everything was fine and now I was homeless. My eyes popped open,I hadn't thought of that before,I was homeless. I heard the car door open,"Hey babe. Ready to go?",I asked. "Hmm not what I was expecting but ok.",someone said. I looked in the driver's seat and saw Jason,I gasped. "You weren't expecting me? You thought I would just leave you alone? Not gonna happen sweetie. Oh I was wondering,did you like what I did with the place?",he asked motioning to my house. "I thought you loved me.",I said. He laughed,"Well that shows how stupid you are. I gotta go,your stupid little boyfriend's coming. Oh and just a little tip babe,stay away from him or things are gonna get worse.",he said getting out of the car and dissapearing into the night. Bruno opened the car door and Elvis hopped in,"He was over there bothering the fire fighters.",Bruno said with a laugh. He got in and started the car,"Hey,baby what's wrong?",he asked. "Nothing,I'm fine.",I said. "No you're not. Look at you,you're shaking.",he said. "I'm...I'm just in shock that my house is gone I guess. Can we go now?",I asked. "Yeah sure. Where do you want to stay?",Bruno asked. "Can we just stay at your parents house?",I asked. "Uh yeah sure,I guess.",Bruno said. As Bruno started to drive away I noticed something out my window. Jason was standing there,watching us.

-Two months later-

I woke up and went downstairs,"Hey baby.",Bruno said. "Hey. What are we doing today?",I asked giving him a kiss. "I don't know,we could go look for an apartment,It's been like two months and we're still living here.",he said. "Alright,oh and we have to go to the doctor today,I have to get an ultrasound done.",I said. "Ooh sounds fun.",Bruno said. I laughed,"Yeah,I'm sure it's going to be very exciting.",I said. He grabbed my hand and started dancing,"Come on baby! Dance with me!",he said. He spun me around and we started dancing around the kitchen. "Aw look at you two lovebirds.",Eric said. "D*mn it Eric,do you always have to ruin everything for me?",Bruno asked jokingly. "Oh please. Stop being a drama queen!",Eric said. "Oh it's goin down!",Bruno yelled. Bruno takled Eric and they started wrestling,I laughed,"Go Bruno! Get him!". Eric put Bruno in a headlock,"Who's the boss?",Eric yelled. "I'm not saying it!","Who's the boss?",Eric yelled again. "Aah ok ok you are! Let me go!!",Bruno yelled. Eric laughed and let Bruno go,"Yeah I am!". "Only cause you're taller!!",Bruno said. Eric laughed,"That's right shorty!". "I hate to interupt your bonding time but we need to go.",I said. "Ok baby.",Bruno said giving me a kiss. "Ugh you guys make me want to throw up.",Eric said. "Why is that?",I asked. "Cause you're all mushy and stuff.",Eric said. "Yeah well,that's what people are like when they're in love,and you're just jealous cause I got the prettiest girl in Hawaii.",Bruno said. "Awwww baby,I love you.",I said. I smiled and kissed him,"Alright,we should go now.going to have much time if we don't leave now.",I said. We drove to the hospital and went to the waiting room,"I'll go tell them you're here.",Bruno said. I sat down in a chair and waited,a few minutes later a nurse came out,"Victoria Peterson? The doctor's ready,come this way.",she said. "Can he come?",I asked pointing to Bruno. "Is he the father?",she asked. "I uh...he'","Yeah. I am.",Bruno said. As we were walking down the hallway Bruno whispered something in my ear,"What was that all about? You know they wouldn't have let me come back here if they knew I wasn't the father.",he said. I nodded,"I know. I just paniced I guess.",I said. The nurse opened a door for us and ushered us inside,"The doctor will be here in just a second.",she said. I sat down in a chair and Bruno started messing with stuff,"Bruno quit!". He laughed,"What's the doctor gonna do? Kick us out?",he said putting on one of those doctor mask things. "Actually yes.",the doctor said coming up behind Bruno and taking the mask off. Bruno's face turned red,"Oh um I'm sorry,I was just kidding.","Mhm don't do it again.",the doctor said. "Alright. Shall we get started?",the doctor asked. "Yeah,sure.",I said. "Alright,just lay in this table and pull your shirt up.",the doctor said. "Woah woah woah. What?!",Bruno asked. The doctor and I laughed,"I just need to see her stomach,no worries.",the doctor said. "Oh ok,go ahead then.",Bruno said. I layed down and pulled my shirt up then the doctor put that gel on my stomach and did the ultrasound thing. "Ok here's one baby and there's the other one.",the doctor said pointing to the moniter. I looked at Bruno,he had a huge smile on his face,"Wow. They're amazing.",he said. I smiled,it was crazy how happy Bruno was even though he thought they were someone else's babies. "Would you like to know what they are?",the doctor asked. "Um aren't they babies.",I asked. The doctor laughed,"No I meant if they're boys or girls.","Oooh ok.",I said. I looked at Bruno,"What do you think?". "Yeah so we can start picking out names.",he said. The doctor nodded,"Ok it looks like you have a boy and a girl.",he said. I thought for a minute,"Peter.",I said. "What?",Bruno asked. "No I meant we name the boy Peter.",I said. He smiled,"Really? You're going to name him after me?". I leaned over and gave him a kiss,"Why wouldn't I?". His smiled faded,"Wait...Peter Peterson?",he asked trying not to laugh. "D*mn. I hadn't thought of that. I guess I'll just have to go get married.",I said. "We'l figure something out. Now what about the girl? I think a Hawaiian name would be good. Like Leilani or Mahina.",he said. "Ooh I like Mahina.",I said. "Mahina and Peter.",Bruno said. I smiled and nodded,"I like it.","I'm sorry for interrupting but what does Mahina mean? I'm not from around here.",the doctor said. "It's Hawaiian for moon.",I said. "Oh ok,well you guys are all done.",the doctor said. "Oh wait,can you like print pictures of the babies out? I want to show my mom.",I said. "Yeah just a second,I'll be right back.",he said. After the doctor gave us the pictures we walked down to my mom's hospital room to show her. "My granbabies.",she said. "Have you picked names yet?",she asked "Yep,Mahina and Peter.",Bruno said. My mom started couching really violently,"Mom! Mom! Are you ok?!",I asked. "I'm fine,I'm fine.",she said. "That doesn't sound good.",I said. "It's not,I'm really really sick and I don't have much longer. Oh I have some good news,turns out the type of cancer I have is really new and rare and they don't know much about it except the people that get it have longer to live than normal cancer patients but it's a lot more painful and harder on your body. So anyway the good news is they did a bunch of tests on me and I helped them find out more about it so they can start figuring out what to do about it.",she said. I tried to smile but I couldn't I hated hearing her say she was going to die soon,"Victoria come here,I want you to promise me something. Promise me that no matter how hard it gets you'll never give up and when I die you'll keep going.",she said. "I promise mom.",I said. "Now Bruno,promise me that'll you'll always take care of her.",she said. "I promise Mrs.Peterson,I'll love your daughter till the day I die.",Bruno said. We kept talking with her and after a few hours her heart moniter started going slower. I grabbed her hand,"Mom? Mom?! Please don't leave me!",I yelled. I watched as the line on the moniter went straight,her body went cold,and her eyes went dead. I felt so helpless and alone.