Chapter 8

04/09/2011 11:47


How dare Bruno is going to leave me behind! No way! Its not going to happen!
"Well, its up to you if you wanna come or not," he looked away.
"You gotta be kidding me! Of course I want to come with you! I've never miss anything with you!" i looked at him. I'll hate him if he leave me behind !
"Good, we're gonna talk about this to your mom, okay?" he smiled at me. We both walked to the car and he started to drive. He parked his car on the porch and helped me to get out from the car. We took our crowns and walked to my house.

I opened the door, i put our crowns in my room ran to my mom's room and hugged her.
"Baby, hows your night?" she asked.
"Its GREAT mum!" me and Bruno said. After realizing, we laughed.
"Really?" Who's your prom king and queen?" she asked.
"Dont talk about it!" Bruno said with a sad face. He's pretending.
"Yeah, dont wanna talk about it..." i make a sad face and my mom hugged us both.
"Dont worry, they wont let you win because youre the cutest date ever" she said. Me and Bruno looked at each other and try to hide our laugh. But I cant help it and burst out.
"Wait, I thought youre sad?" my mom asked, her face changed. I pulled her hand and showed her our crowns.
"WHAT?! You both lied to me just now?" she laughed and hugged us both. "Congratulations, I knew it, you both are the cutest date partner ever!" and we all laughed.
"And Bruno have something to say," i said.
"Mum, I'm going to L.A next two days. And I want to bring along Sasha with me. But, I dont know when are we coming back." he smiled.
"WHAT?!" her face changed.
"No, its okay if she-"
"OF COURSE SHE CAN! Since when you start to asked me permission?" she laughed.
"Thank you mummy!!!!" i hugged her tight. I have the best mom ever!
"Anything for you baby,"



I still couldnt believe it. I'm here in L.A with Sasha. 
"Bruno! Sasha!" Jaime called.
"Jaime!" me and Sasha screamed and hugged her.
"Awww, this BFF" Jaime winked at us. Sasha's face turned red.
"So, how long are you gonna stay with me?" Jaime asked.
"After we both gets our own apartment." i said.
"Okay, now, lets go." Jaime pushed the trolley and we stayed at her house for two months.

"Bruno! Check that out!" Sasha pointed me to a paper. 'Two bedroom, two bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, balcony, for only 400 dolar a month!' we dialed the number and we rent the apartment. We moved in. We're both happy. Until....

"Bruno?" Sasha called.
"Hm?" I replied while trying to write a song.
"Kevin and I have a date tonight." her face changed.
"What? Why didnt you tell me earlier?" i asked, suprised. who wouldnt?
"He promised me one date, when i asked him to go to the prom with me."
"Oh great," I dont know what to do. Why cant she see that I'm here for her? Why? She hurted me, but she doesnt know.


Sasha worked as a manager at The MultiNadia. Where they sells music instruments. ALL TYPES of it. They even have their own studio. I feel bad when Sasha have to pay for the rents, bills, foods and everything in this house. But she can afford it. Yet, she worked 5 hours a day. And the rest of it, she'll spent her time with me...and Kevin.

Sasha and Kevin are together, Kevin came to our house everyday. Just to see Sasha. Whats wrong with him? I cant even touch her when Kevin's around.

"Sasha," Kevin said while he's sitting on the couch.
"Yes?" Sasha replied. She's in the kitchen.
"I love you," Kevin said and he glared at me. Fuck him.
"Okay," Sasha said. She told me she never replied Kevin if he said 'I love you'. I have no idea why. But that makes me happy a bit.


Me and Kevin can be called as "Couples". I dont know. He's not Mr. Right. I cant love him. He oftens says "I Love You" in front of Bruno. What the fuck is wrong with him? Today, me and Bruno were writing some other loves song when we got a call from Elektra Record. They said they wanted to meet Bruno this afternoon. I quickly lock my door and changed into a white blouse, a pair of long trousers and a pair of black sneakers. I hate accessories but I'm still wearing "BruSha" bracelet. I walked out from my room. Nobody was there. Bruno is inside his room. I waited on the couch. Few minutes later, he opened the door and started to walk out. He stopped when he saw me staring at him. He's wearing a white shirt with his hair messed up. He's wearing a black old jeans and a pair of black converse. I need to buy him new clothes.

"Sasha?" he looked at me with a face.
"Yes?" i said and i'm back to reality.
"Lets go." he said and opened the front door. He locked the door and we walked out from the building.
"Cab or walk?" he smiled.
"We have a lot of time, lets walk." I smiled back.
"Okay." he said and started to walk. Few minutes later,
"Are you tired?" he asked me and stopped walking.
"Yeah, but hey! There's starbucks there ! Lets have coffee and continue." i said after i saw starbucks across the road.
"Come on." he pulled my hand and we crossed the road together. I was about to get inside when I saw him. Why is here with.... another girl? She looks flirty and like a whore. He.... he cheated with me?! Its okay. I dont love him either. But, I should know, I cant date someone who I feels wrong for me. Kevin is Mr. Wrong. He cheated with me didnt he?

"Sasha?" Bruno asked as he opened the door. FUCK! Kevin saw me. I stepped outside. Bruno saw Kevin. Bruno walked to me but I ran away. Bruno chase after me.
"Sasha! Wait!" he said as he bends down. He's tired.
"WHAT?!" i turned around.
"We're..... HERE." and he lifted his head. I looked at the same direction. "Electra Record's Building". I walked back to him. 
"Thank goodness!" i faked a smile and opened the door.
"Sasha! wait! we have 30 minutes left! You ran away, remember?" i turned and looked at Bruno. He's tired chasing me.
"Well, if its not because....." i couldnt help but my tears falls on my cheeks. It wont stop. I'm not sad because he cheated on me. I'm sad because I cant find Mr. Right! Bruno hugged me tight.