Chapter 8

16/12/2011 16:49

I tried to sound excited but I wasn't because that meant it was gonna be the last time I would see Peter.

"Hey babe, I was wondering …" Al began "Hummm?" "Would you mind if I invite some friends tonight to have a little party?" Al was asking me that because first of all it was my flat and secondly, he knew I didn't like partying. Al was very sweet to ask me first. "Yeah sure" I smiled "Thanks love" Al replied and kissed me on the forehead. "I'm gonna get back to work today, it feels good" "Ahhhhh, Bruno Mars's best friend's coming? I'm happy for you" Seriously, my boyfriend was the best.

Someone knocked on the door. "Could you take care of it ? I'm still in my PJ's" I asked Al. "Sure" I went to my room to change clothes while I heard … Peter's voice? I ran back in the living room. Yeah, it was Bruno. But what the hell was he doing here? I wouldn't mind him coming BUT certainly not when Al was around. Alex wasn't very perceptive but he was gonna discover soon or later that Peter was Bruno. And I didn't want that moment to come … "What are you doing here?" I exclaimed. Both of the guys turned back to me. Peter smirked and Al tuned white. "Phil's arriving in one hour so I thought it was a good idea to pick you up" I nodded and Al ahermed. "Babe, you're in your PJ's" I looked down : I was only wearing a pantie and one of Al's very large shirt. I blushed. Dammit. "Er …... I'm coming back" I hurried and I arrived in my bedroom, I banged my head against the wall. God … he saw me in my underwear. I didn't really mind but he would think I was a slut to show up like this in front of him. Then I realized I didn't care about Al's opinion, but that I cared more about Peter's. I banged my head another time. What was wrong with me?

When I finished to dress, I tiptoed to the kitchen to spy to the boys. They were speaking like they were good friends and I nearly giggled when I saw Al was a way taller than Peter. "Constance always wanted to create caps?" Bruno asked. "I don't know if it was her main aim in her life but I know she loves doing others things like making videos and running some blogs" "Oh really?" Peter wondered, surprised. "Yeah … Wait a second, I'm gonna show you. She's got a lot of views on Youtube" Al opened my laptop, clicked a bit everywhere and the sound of one my videos started. I bite my lips. It was true that I enjoyed making videos but I never thought Bruno Mars would see them. "Hey, that's good!" Peter said and went a bit closer to the screen. My heart beating went faster and I decided to butt in. Al smiled to me and I buried my face into his chest, still ashamed of what happened a few minutes ago. "These are very good videos" said Peter. He was trying to not look at us. "Nahhh … It's just some stuff I do when I get bored" I replied even though I was flattered. "No really. I really like it. And I'm not the only one. Look how many views you have!"

"Nice beanie" Peter told me. We were in the taxi, going to the airport. I ignored him, still thinking about the small accident. I wasn't especially mad at him but more at me. I mean, I was more scared about Peter's reaction than Al's … That was a serious problem. I couldn't look in Peter's eyes without suddenly feel a rush of embarrassment and disgust to myself.

He abruptly locked his hand on my harm in a way that I had to look into his eyes. "Tell me what's wrong" I starred his brown yes. How did he even know I was wrong? I was hiding my face and looking away ... "I'm not a slut" I finally answered, avoiding Peter's look. "I never said you were" "But I know you think I am" His eyes winded in astonishment. " But … like … why? Why would I think that?" I frowned my eyes.

"All my life, from my childhood to now, I always fought to be a different girl. I disliked ... no I HATED all these … giggling girls. Their only convos were always about BOYS and MAKE UP and PARTY. They were, they ARE so pathetic. I only feel disgust to that sort of girls. From this day I swore from my all heart that I would never ever be like them. And today you see me … well, YOU KNOW and I feel like I broke my promise. I feel like one of these girls that show up to be looked at from men. I feel pathetic, dirty, ashamed, I feel like a freaking SLUT."

I was pretty sure that If I saw my face into a mirror, it would have been absolutely awful. I was trying to not burst into tears.

Peter looked at me for about ten seconds. He removed his belt, stuck his body next to mine and took out his arm and wrapped it around my shoulder.

Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand
Hold it tight

The only fact he sang comforted me but I realized it was a song from Tarzan and I don't know why but I cried even more. Sweet Jesus, I was going to ruin his shirt. He placed his chin on my head and cuddled against me, still singing Phil Collins' song.

I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry

For one so small,
You seem so strong
My arms will hold you
Keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry

I eventually settled down when he finished the first verse. Nobody spoke, we only could hear this rough breathing you have when you just cried. It was so embarrassing but none of us wanted to break this moment. My rough breathing was gradually stopping while I played buttoning and unbuttoning his plaid and smelling his sweet cologne. Our moment was broke by the taxi driver who turned back to us "Hey, the lovers, we just arrived" "We're not together" Peter and I mumbled at the same time while we pulled up from our embrace, avoiding looking at each others.

'How does it feel to work with Bruno Mars?'

'It's awful. He acts like a kid who did have his 37 presents for Christmas.'

I pressed the 'send' button, laughed, waited a couple of seconds and decided to to re-mentioned the Hooligan who asked me this question two minutes ago.

'Nahhhhh, I'm kidding! He's funny as hell and when it comes to music, he's super serious" I sent my tweet and burst out loud.

"You look like an idiot laughing in front of your phone" I turned back and saw Bruno standing in front of me, smirking. He was wearing very large pants, a tee shirt clearly too long for him, an horrible orange beanie and extremely weird glasses. I laughed even more seeing him dressed like this and he rolled his eyes. "Why are you dressed like a bag of potatoes?" I asked, between two laughs. "I just changed clothes so that people won't recognize me" "Bahahaha, well yeah, nobody's gonna recognize you! You look like a psycho" He stuck out his tongue. "Shut up and drink that" He put a Starbucks cup in my hands. It was mocha. I really wanted to say awwwwww and thank him and … well, actually act like a girl but I already showed him my girly side ten minutes ago. It was enough for one single day. So, instead, I thanked him like this "I know why you dressed like this actually : you didn't want me to ruin your clothes in case I decide to throw you my mocha in your face" He shook this head with a smile and we heard a familiar voice. "HOMIE, YOU LOOK LIKE A DAMN LOBSTER!" Phil popped up and hugged Bruno like it was his son. The latter laughed and hugged him back. Sweet Jesus, they were soooooooo lovely. I swear they must have been a couple in a an ancient life. When Phil saw me, he smiled and went Panda Hugging me. "Why did you let him dress like a lobster?" he whispered to me and I laughed my ass off. "I couldn't do anything …" I apologized, still laughing. Afterward, I saw Peter hugging to another dude and I wondered who it was. He was small, thin and had a very weird hair cut. Bruno's eyes widen as the guys talked to him in the ear and let a "REALLY?" out. I raised an eyebrow, he saw me and made a weird, mysterious face "Constance, this is Ari. Ari, Constance. Ari is Smeeze 3! Constance is the Coffee Girl" I glared at Peter. First of all, he told this guy I never saw in my life that was the coffee girl and second of all, the dude smiled, like he perfectly knew who I was. "I think I'm gonna take this from your hands" Phil butt in and took my coffee. We all laughed. "Nice to meet you, Ari" "Nice to meet you too, Coffee Girl" "Phil, give me my coffee back" I said half-serious, half-laughing. We laughed again.

"Soooooooooooooooo, what are you doing here?" I asked to Ari. "I knew Peter was lost without Phil but nobody ever mentioned he was addicted to you too" I added. Phil smiled, Bruno let a 'GRUMPH' out and Ari had a weird smile. But Ari was himself weird so it looked quite normal. "Business, miss, business" "You're gonna write a new song?" "It's a secret!" "Oh I see …" All of this was mysterious but … well … I didn't care too much.

We were still talking with Ari and Phil we arrived at the New Era Design Center. Bruno was at the front and didn't seem to want to participate to our conversation. We were crossing the parking and I gently punched Peter's shoulder. "Hey, smile. I don't like when you're not smiling" I said to him. He sighed looked at me with his puppy eyes and finally smiled. "Ahhh, that's my Peter!"

"If we're logical, one of the cap should be yellow, dude" I strictly said. "Yeah but would yellow sell good?" Bruno asked. "That's all the risk! Bieber chose purple, red and white. Red and white weren't risky but purple … But surprisingly, purple worked ! Either they like it, either they don't" "Fine, let's go for yellow" I gloriously smiled "So, let's recapitulate one more time. A black one with the word HOOLIGAN on the front, in yellow and the 'Bruno Mars' logo at the back in red. Then, a gray one with a black grenade and finally, a yellow one, with the your Doo-Wops & Hooligans CD cover." "Yup, that's it" I was really happy about these choices. The last one was definitely my favorite. At the front bottom, a little Bruno would be here, walking on a rocket's smoke, and under the sunshade, a big BOK WIT ME will be placed in white. Really, I was very proud. Peter smiled to me. I smiled back but it kinda faded at the end when I remembered I was spending my last minutes with him. I checked my watch, 8 in the night. Wow, we spent a lot of time working. My phone vibrated. Al was asking if I could bring back a pack of beer and vodka. I suddenly had an idea. "Peter?" He looked at me. "Do you have something to do tonight?" "Nope, what's your idea?" "Would you come to a party tonight, at my place?" "Actually, we could go clubbing homie …" Ari suggested "Shut up" Bruno snapped "I'm in" he smiled.