Chapter 82-84

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Chapter 82

”Brunnnooooo…..”Evie whined looking up at him buttoning his shirt.

”Whhaaaatttt?” he whined back not turning around smiling at her through the mirror. She smiled back at him shrugging her shoulders.

”I’m just happy that we’re going out. We haven’t gone out in sooooo long.” she told him standing up next to him a few inches taller than him.

”I thought I told you not to wear those? You take away my man card when you’re taller than me.” he said kissing her.

”But, Bruno…you bought these for me.” she told him stepping away hearing the door open. She stopped their flirt session to see Ryan walk in with some other friends.

”Damn you got some hot shoes” he told her.

”Thank your boss. He bought them last October.” she said grabbing her purse standing next to one of the girls that walked in the house. ”Oh shit…” Evie said picking up some of Lucy’s things that were on the floor.

”Leave ‘em there, baby. You don’t have Lucy tonight.” he told her taking her hand dragging her toward the door.

”Okay, okay, okay…” she said sliding into the car with him. She felt his hand move toward his pocket near his cigarettes. She shot him a dirty look.

”Come on, Geneva. We’re going outtttt….” he told her.

”Just don’t expect me to make out with you at all.” she told him watching his hand reach toward her purse pulling out gum.

”How much you wanna bet you’re not gonna make out with me tonight?” he raised his eyebrow questioning her.

”I have more self control than that…” she told him taking the cigarette away from him.

A few minutes later they got out of the car seeing bright flashes in the distance. ”Walk in with Ry…” he told her. ”Just wait….”

”Bruno…they know who I am. It’s not like it’s a secret.” she told him running up next to him. He took her hand walking in front of the cameras keeping with her steps so they didn’t see her. He knew he wasn’t going to win that argument. ”See…it wasn’t that bad…” she told him as they walked toward their reserved table.

” wasn’t…but I still hate that it happens to you.” he told her.

”Whatever. Just as long as they stay away from Lu…..” he grabbed her hand holding it tightly.

”Shush…it’s just us tonight. And if you even think about answering the phone when she calls you’re gonna have to take two shots.”

”I thought the rule was one shot if I mention her?” she asked remembering the rule they implemented during the last semester.

”Tonight it’s two and remember the last time. You were gone by 1 because of all of the shots.” he told her looking at her with a serious face as the shot girl walked by. He gave her a flirty look as she walked over taking three off the tray. He wanted the two to Evie and watched her reaction. ”I wasn’t kidding” he smiled at his fiancé and then at the shot girl. The shot girl smiled back walking away knowing she had no chance. As she walked away Ryan and David, who they had actually become quite close with, grabbed their own shots seeing Evie and Bruno looking at them.

”She’s got two already? Geez Eve. Watch yoself.” Ryan responded.

”He upped it tonight. I have to take two.” she told them. ”Ready?” she asked holding up one glass with all the other boys. She sat the shot glass down taking a break before grabbing the other drinking it more quickly than the other one. She stacked it on the other glasses watching him start to laugh at her. ”What?”

”You’re gonna get so drunk tonight, Eve. That’s it.” he told her taking her hand leading her to the full dance floor. ”But I want to dance with you sober before I dance with you dunk.” he said wrapping his arms around her bringing her close to his chest as she moved her hips with his. They danced for almost an hour without being interrupted at all. It was just the two of them- even if eyes did watch them.

”Bruno…I need a drink.” she said pulling away from him dragging him to the bar ordering their drinks. She pulled the credit card out of Bruno’s hand handing it to the bartender, She watched Bruno hold his drink trying to decide if she should drink it first.

”What’s your daughter’s name, Eve?” he asked her.

”Shut up, Bruno…you’re not too drunk to forget Lucy’s name.” she told him.

”Shots!” he laughed uncontrollably after her answer.

”Fuck!” she screamed putting the drink down watching Bruno grab two shots from the nearest shot girl.

”Take it!” he yelled at her.

”Okaaayyy…” she whined as she closed her eyes mentally preparing herself for the shots.

”Go, Geneva!” he yelled back at her.

”Okayyyyyyyyy…” she said throwing her fancy hair back at swallowing the first drink followed by the next one. ”Fuck you, Brunz.” she laughed grabbing her other drink walking toward their friends. They sat in the secluded area for some time before the shots got to Evie’s head. She stood up starting to drunkenly dance to the song. ”Bruno….dance with me.” she whined taking his hand. He smiled at her biting his lip looking her up and down. He stood up wrapping his arms around her leaning in toward her ear whispering.

”You’re going to be screaming my name tonight.”

”You’ll be screaming my name, too.” she winked at him.


Chapter 83 


Bruno moved his arms around Evie’s waist pulling her closer to him. ”Let’s go home.”

She looked at him a little weird. ”What you’re not gonna take me to the bathroom like you used to?” she smiled.

”I know better than that now.” he told her, dragging her away from the group toward the door.

”Where are you two going?” they heard several people yell. ”I’ll just stay here and watch you get it in, bro.” she heard from the background.

”God, Bru…you are not even subtle anymore…” she said stumbling through the crowd toward the store.

”Stay there, sexy.” he said kissing her on the cheek going to the valet guy to get the car. She saw a few cameras come up toward her. She smiled and said hello but wasn’t sure what was coming next.

”Evie….what do you think of Joseph Kony?” one of them asked her.

”Oh…umm…well…he’s obviously being followed by the ICC and needs to be just….umm…I…he’s really a horrible guy and I think that he needs to be caught. I can’t even imagine my children being taken away and that happening. It breaks my heart so badly….” Evie felt Bruno’s hand pull her away. ”Oh..yeah…it was great talking to you all…good night!” she waved to them as he pulled her in the car.

”You could get yourself in a lot of trouble if I wasn’t there to take you away from them….” he told her.

”Wait…what did I do?” she slurred.

”I don’t know…but I know all those girls are going to be all up in your shit tomorrow because you were talking to them.” he told her.

”Whatever, Bruno…do you ever just stop worrying?” she asked holding onto his hand. ”Because you should.”

He smiled at her as they drove closer to the house. ”Babyyyy…..” Bruno whined.

”Brunnnooooo….” she responded.

”I really want to have sex with you tonight.” he said licking his lips facing her. She leaned in near his lips close enough to feel him breathing.

”I do too.” she whispered pulling away feeling him pull her toward him pushing his tongue in her mouth. She responded the way he wanted to feeling the strap on her dress fall down as he started to kiss her shoulder and she moved her head to his neck sucking on it. Before she could leave a mark she pulled away seeing his shocked look. ”Just keep it in your pants for a few more minutes, Bruno….” she pointed to the house. The second the car stopped he grabbed her hand pulling her toward the house watching her dig for her keys. ”Wait…” she felt her bra pulling out her phone and keys.

”Are you serious?” he asked her.

”As serious as I am about getting you naked.” she joked unlocking the door feeling his arms around her picking her up. ”Brunnnooooo….” she half screamed and laughed feeling his fingers starting to tickle her. He threw her on the bed biting his lip looking down at her. ”Ouch.” she smiled looking him up and down. ”You look extra hot when I’m drunk.” she told him holding her hand out pulling him on top of her. He leaned down to kiss her deeply.

”Let’s do some laundry, Eve….” he told her moving his hands up her dress touching her with his finger tips making her sigh heavily. ”Damn baby…I don’t hardly have to do anything…”

”Oh…but you do…” she smiled looking him deep in the eyes as he moved his hands between her legs continuing to touch her gently driving her crazy. He kept his eyes on her moving his hand to her panties. He watched her close her eyes as he leaned down to kiss her moving his finger tips further between her legs. ”Oh fucckkkk….” she moaned feeling his fingers inside her and his lips on hers. He slid down her body sliding her panties down her legs pushing her dress up moving down in between her legs pressing his lips against her body. She moved her arms toward her dress ripping it off as he continued to move his tongue around the spot that made her moan even more. Her hands moved from his hair to the side of the bed dripping the sheets. ”Oh my god, Brunnnoooooo…..” she screamed watching him move up to her bra unclasping the front hook moving his mouth along each nipple as he moved one hands back down between her legs. Her hands started to turn white as she continued to grasp onto the sheets. She  bit her lip almost feeling it start to bleed as he came back to her face kissing her on the lips. He moved his body against hers so she could feel his hardness as he moved back to her neck. ”Just do me, Bruno. Geez….” she moaned moving her hand to his pants unbuttoning his jeans as he took off his shirt. She looked him up and down seeing how aroused he really was. He smiled seductively giving her a you know what I’m going to do to you look as he slid himself inside her. ”Deeper, Bru….” she demanded pulling him closer to her as she moved her hips for him to find the perfect spot. ”Oh fu……my …..godddd….” she moaned feeling him hit her in the right spot.

”Oh, Eveeeee…oh god…babyyyy….” he moaned as she moved her arms around his back grasping onto his back with her nails. He continued to move with her feeling her move her body telling him she wanted to be on top. He wrapped his arms around her tightly kissing her deeply as he moved her on top of him. She flipped her hair as she bent down to kiss his chest moving her hands against his arms all while she moved her hips for him to hit the perfect place. He found it as she moved up to kiss him. She kissed him quickly  throwing her body arching her back to feel it even more.

”Brunnnoooo…..oh god….” she sighed heavily falling on top of him at the same time he thrust a few more times kissing the top of her head.

”God, Eve….you’re so sexy.” he said in a deep almost raspy but still breathless voice.

”You’re sexier, Brunz.” she whispered standing up to go to the restroom. When she came out she saw Bruno putting on sweat pants and a t-shirt. ”Bruno?” she asked him running her fingers through her matted hair.

”Yeah, baby?” he smiled looking up at her with equally messy hair.

”When did we start having married sex even when we’re drunk?” she wondered out loud.

”What do you mean?” he asked grabbing her hips moving with her slowly.

”You’re dressed….I’m dressed…we’re just gonna go to bed and be hungover tomorrow….” she sighed slightly dissatisfied.

”What? You wanna sleep naked with me, Eve?” he responded.

”No…it’s too cold for that…I just…I don’t know….” she said pulling away from him laying in the bed watching him follow her to the bed laying down facing her. He ran his fingers through her hair giving her a sincere smile. She closed her eyes leaning against his chest. ”But this is good too”


Chapter 84 

A few days before Bruno was to leave for South America he and Evie went to McKenzie and Caleb’s house for McKenzie’s baby shower. They had announced their pregnancy in October and everyone was ecstatic. They played silly baby shower games and laughed and had fun and ate tons of the food that McKenzie was craving.

”Five dollars says the big one is from Bruno and Geneva…” Caleb said looking at a bulky box wrapped in bright pink wrapping paper.

”Lucy picked it….” Evie told them as McKenzie ripped the paper gasping. She saw the ritzy stroller she had told Evie about while they were shopping. She half jokingly said she wanted the $300  stroller. ”Well…you told the right person.” Evie smiled hugging one of her best friends.

”Now we’re gonna have to one up you when you two have kids.” McKenzie told them.

”Oh no…that’s a while…” Eve said turning to Bruno. ”Right?” she questioned.

”Umm…yeah…yeah…a while. Like…maybe…” he started.

”After I pass the bar and am working….” she told him.

”That’s right. After that.” he smiled.

”Damn dude, she does wear the pants.” Caleb told everyone making everyone laugh.

”Hey! I wear pants too…what are you talking about?” he started to joke.

”B…when was the last time you decided something?” Allison asked.

”Umm..well…I think I decided which car we were driving today…” he told them.

”We took mine because yours was out of gas, Bruno.” Evie interjected. ”And I know you like driving it.”

”What? A guy can’t like driving a Porsche?” he asked.

”Not when it’s your fiance’s!” Caleb and McKenzie said in unison.

”Fine. I lost. She’s my master.” Bruno told them turning to her sticking his tongue out. She bowed accepting his statement lifting her head up laughing.


Later in the evening Evie sat on the bed handing Bruno clothes to pack for his trip watching him move his dead to something she had never heard.

”Bruno…sing it to me….” she asked.

”Not yet, baby.” he said taking clothes from her hand.

”Aww…come onnnnn….” she begged.

”No! Just be patient!” he answered her. ”Just like I’ll have to be patient.”

”For what?” she wondered.

”For kids. You said so.” he answered her.

”Bruno…you know I’m not saying that to hurt your feelings….” she told him taking his hand pulling him to the bed. ”I had no idea it meant that much to you.”

”They already started asking when we were gonna have kids….” he told her.

”Oh…I didn’t know that…” she admitted.

”Yeah…it just gets weird…” he answered.

”Well…you’re your own person and I am too. They know that. We’ll do what’s right for us and not them..even if it means they have to wait for beautiful Bruno Evie babies…” she said kissing him.

”You’re right.” he said pulling away from her.

”And if it wasn’t for the IUD, Brunz..we’d have like 8 kids by now.” she laughed continuing to help him with his packing.

”Eight? I thought I’d be at least at 12 by now.” he turned to her laughing.

”You’ll have plenty of time to make up for the 12 we don’t have yet…” she told him throwing a shirt in his direction.  He caught the shirt throwing it in his bag looking her up and down watching her try to get away from him as his arms went around her waist. ”Nooooo…Bruno!” she exclaimed feeling him bite her neck as he kissed it.

”Mom!” Lucy screamed running into the room. ”What is Bruno doing to you?”

They both jumped up slightly embarrassed by Lucy catching them.

”Laundry, Luc.” she told her daughter shooing her out of the bedroom so they could get Lucy ready for bed. Bruno started laughing uncontrollably at her answer finishing his packing.