Chapter 8

27/01/2012 21:07

Weeks passed by, Alyssa and I became closer. I always text or call her as much as I can. Right now, I lay down on the bed in the middle of my hotel room with my phone in my hands. I texted Alyssa and waited for her to respond.

                Hey, there sweetheart. :) –Bruno

After a few minutes she responded.  I slightly sat up and read her message.

                Hey Bru. How are you? –Alyssa

                           Not that good. :( -Bruno

                                          Aww, why? :c –Alyssa

                                                     I miss you. A lot. –Bruno

                                                                   I miss you more. –Alyssa

                                                                So, what are you doin? –Bruno

                                                          Reading a shitty magazine. –Alyssa

                                                              How come it is shitty? –Bruno

                   They’re talking about gossip and shit. I hate those. –Alyssa

                                                           Then don’t read it. :p –Bruno

                                                   But you are featured in here. :/ –Alyssa

                                                                                What? How? :O –Bruno

                                                     Cocaine bust, your mugshot’s here.–Alyssa

                                                Oh. That sucks. –Bruno

                                Did I like offended you? –Alyssa

                No, not at all. I just hope everyone would stop talking about it because it is done. –Bruno

I’m sorry. :( They just talked about that you were found with it and featured your mugshot. -Alyssa

                No. It’s ok. I think it’s creepy that I smiled there. –Bruno

                                You’re cute though, but did you like used it? –Alyssa

                                Nope. I promise but others won’t believe me. –Bruno

Fuck ‘em. I believe you. C’mon, we know it was a fucking mistake. Everyone has mistakes. – Alyssa

                                                                                You’re right. –Bruno

                                                Just forget about that shit. What matters now is you are very successful. –Alyssa

                                       Yeah. Hey, your brother lives in Texas, right? –Bruno

                                                                                      Yeah. :) –Alyssa

                                                           I’ll be in Texas in a few days. –Bruno

                                                                           Cool!! :D –Alyssa

                            Can you come over to Texas to see me perform? –Bruno

                                                              I don’t have tickets. :/ -Alyssa

                       Then I’ll give you. C’mon I’m Bruno fucking Mars –Bruno

                                              I still dunno how to go there. XD –Alyssa

                                                                You got no plane tickets? –Bruno

                                                Yeah. Lol. –Alyssa

                                Then I’ll give you. ;) –Bruno.

                  No, I’ll just buy myself. It already sounds like I am taking advantage of you. –Alyssa

No. c’mon, I’m the one who asked you to come. –Bruno

                Well, I also need to visit my cousin over there. –Alyssa

Then it’s settled! Ms. Alyssa Gray! You just won a full round trip with Bruno wonderland ;D -Bruno

                                OMG. Lol. –Alyssa

                                                Talk to you later. I’ll go out for soundcheck. –Bruno

                                       Ok, have a wonderful soundcheck. –Alyssa

                                                                  Oh, I will. Bye, sweetie. :* -Bruno

Shit. Did I just send her a kissy emoticon?  Ugh, fuck it. I sighed and got up from the bed and got my fedora then walked out of my room.  My phone buzzed and saw a new message from Alyssa.

                Be safe. I miss you. :* -Alyssa

A huge smile crept on my face and I put my phone in my pocket. I knocked on Phil’s hotel room which is beside mine. He answered the door just a few seconds after.

“Weird. You’re the one who’s knocking.” Phil joked. I laughed and pushed him a little.

“Let’s just go.” I said while laughing. We called the other guys and headed to our venue for soundcheck.