Chapter 36(2)-END

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Chapter 36 (part 2)

Karri: frowned up and knudged bruno "I told you you was to too loud" I said kinda low talking through her teeth 


Bruno: talking through his teeth kinda low "It's your fault"


Karri: "mine?"


Bruno: "Yes yours. you shouldn've been so inventive last night" winked his eye


Karri: "You shouldn't have been in your favorite place eating like thanksgiving wasn't coming back"


Bruno: whispered in my ear "you know what it was good too. I can go for seconds right about now" licked my ear


Karri: frowned "Stop It you freak. your mother is right there" I said through me teeth


Bruno: whispered in my ear again "Mmm you wasn't complaining last night about me being a freak" licked my ear again


Karri: got loud laughing "OMG!! BRUNOOOO"


Bruno: "OOOH!! exactly the way you said it last night you turning me on girl"


Eric: cleared his throat "Ahem, are you gonna tell me or not? I mean I already know wjo it was I just wanna see who is gonna fess up"


Bruno: "I'm not gotta tell you anything


Karri: "I don't know what you talking about


We both played dumb


Eric: sighed "well I guess we just gone have to do it the hard way" sat down at te table "BRO!! come on man, Really? you are a Ernandez that means we are men, but you clearly didn't sound like one last night. I thought it was two females in that guest house. how gone have her making you scream like a girl man? just wrong" shaking his head


Bruno: turning red "why you gotta put me on front street in front of mum bro?


Bernie: "awe no need to blush sweetie cause I heard it too"


Karri: snickering


Bernie: "and there's definitely no reason for you to be gigling because I heard you too"


Eric: imitating me "Oh papi,  te sientes tan bien. no se detienen" laughing


karri: embarrassed "but I-i wasn't"


Bernie and eric: "yes you were" they said at the same time


Bruno and Karri: "Damn" they both said at the same time


Bernie: "ok enough of that let's eat"


Eric: eating "BUSTED.....BOOYAH!!!


Bruno: making hand gestures saying he's going to punch him in the eye


Eric: mouthed "Pussy"


Bruno: bit his lip glaring at eric


Eric: "Meow!!" he busted out laughing


Bruno: charged at him "THAT'S IT"


And here we go me and bernie eating and watching these fools go at it gotta love them though lol!!


{1 Year Later}


My have time flown but it's july 4th and it's my little princesses 1st birthday and we decided to give them a birthday party so I get the kids dressed:


Milani and Neveah-


Jayden and Jaylen-


I combed the girls hair and then I got dressed:


I brought the kids downstairs holding milani and neveah on each hip and as soon as I got to the bottom step bruno comes through the smiling and ran over to me


Bruno: running towards me "haha let me get one of them for ya" grabbing naveah who laid her head on his shoulder wrapping her arms around his neck




Karri: "Awe, that's so cute. oop!! somebody else wants daddy too" 


milani wanted her daddy too so he got her too and sa on the couch with them while the boys followed me to the kitchen helping me take the decorations out to the backyard. the boys help me decorate but then I hear a voice that was music to my ears


Karri: "Omg!! Allyyyyyy!!" running up to her giving her a hug "omg you guys made it "started tearing up "I'm so happy to see you, look at you you're glowing like...." staring at her 


Alyssa: knodded her head "yep, 6 weeks"




Karri: hugged her again "omg, congratulations sweetheart"


Alyssa: "thank you"


then phil and bruno came out where we were with the girls


Phil: giving me a hug "heyyy karri long time no see. I see you still in shape I ain't mad atcha hehehe"




Karri: "shut up phil I was just blessed to get my body back. omg alani" reaching for her and she came "Awe she has gotten so big she so adorable. oh jeez she even got the dimples" hugging her




Alyssa: "IKR but im like trippin over here look at these little girls with all this beautiful hair wow they are so beautiful they look just like you and bruno but this one, im sorry what's her name?"


Karri: "that is Neveah"


Alyssa: awe you used it and it fits her to because she looks like a little precious moments doll so pretty and this must be Milani? she looks like bruno a little bit more"


Bruno: "yeah that's what me mum said and she also said that she is gonna be into fashion like deeply into it and my other preciuos baby girl she said is gonna be the type that wants to make a change in the world and I'm going to be right there to support her well both of them and my boys"


Phil: " yeah where is my little jayzingtons at?"


Jayden and Jaylen: running towards phil "UNCLE PHIAWL" they yelld in excitement


Phil: "OOOOOOh look at you guys done got big on me how old are you now?"


Jaylen: "thwee" holding three fingers up


Phil: "damn bruno you have literally marked him that don't make any since yall look like twins and what can I say yall both the same height hehehe!!"


Bruno: giggled " whateva man" that's my boy right there they my little minnie me's"


Phil: "has anyone ever told you that Jayden looks like ericbecause I'm really seeing it"


Alyssa: "yeah he does I really didn't pay it no mind"


Bruno: "you think so?"


Phil: "yeah"


Bruno: well It would be that way cause he was around eric a lot so it just growed on him"


Olivia and Phred: "hey everybody"


everybody greeted them


Karri: "homette how ya been?"


Olivia: putting her left hand up to her face showing her ring finger "I am doing great"




Karri: eyes wide "O...M...GEEEEE!! oh my it's the second time I have heard great news" giving her and phred a hug "Congrats"


Olivia and phred: "Thank you"


Olivia: "is that the babies? omg they have gotten so big and so beautiful look at them"


Karri: "yeah they are my little angels and some big time daddy's girls"


Alyssa: "I can see that"


we all laugh cause the girls are playing on the swing set while bruno push them both in the toddler swing laughing their little hearts out and phil and he boys are playing basketball so us girls decided to to go get he food and cake and bring it outside and set it up and once again here comes bernie, pres, tahiti, jaime, tiara and eric walking out the patio door and the boys ran str8 to bernie


Jayden and jaylen: "GWANDMAAAAA!!"


Bernie: "well hello, look at my babies gettin so big" *gasp* omg look at my little angles they done gotten big too. hello Birthday girls" she smiled at them


they wave at her and then they both layed their head on bruno shoulder


Pres: "uh oh daddy's little girls"


Bruno: "yeah these my little pumpkins" 


Karri: giving everybody a hug "well look what the storm blew in tahiti, jaime and tiara long time no see"


all three of them laugh and gave me a hug. the day was going as planned filled with nothing but love and happiness while more guess came and we had a ball. now that the party is over everyone leaves except bernie and bruno siblings they decided to get a hotel this time so that we could have some family alone time. thank god that everyone helped me clean and put everything away and then bruno comes up behind me


Bruno: "wow today was awesome"


Karri: "yeah it was" turning towards him


Bruno: let's just chill and watch a movie"


Karri: "ok that sounds great" 


I out on some pajamas:


and laid in the bed and put my head on his chest and he started to the movie. right in the middle of the middle of the movie we began to makeout, but an hour later we were both asleep. I just love my family they're the best and maybe he will say the same too, but I mean it's not perfect but they're who I live for.....Period!!



Chapter 37


Ok so it's september already and bruno, jayden and jaylen's bday is coming up and I know exactly what Im going to do for the boys bday but bruno I have something really special hehehe!! I get up and get in the shower hearing that bruno was in the kids room playing he is such a big kid but those are my babies. once I get out I get dressed because it looks like it's going to be a little chilly today we are gonna take the kids to the carnival today and I gotta make sure that not only myself but the kids dress warm too so I get dressed and the rest as follows:




Jayden and Jaylen:


Milani and Neveah:




after geting dressed we put them in the truck:


Truck: (can you imagine bruno driving this truck? XD)


and headed to the carnival. once we got there we put the girls in the stroller and walked around the boys wanted to see the monkeys and bruno was just as excited as they were to see them


Jayden and Jaylen: "Daddy daddy we want to see da monteys"


Bruno: excited "well let's go yeeeaaahhhh!!!" running with them 


I just shook my head walking towards them but saw a elephant ear stand and almost lost it so I went there instead. I got one with apples and omg it tasted sooo goood until bruno came over there damn there smashing it


Bruno: sitting down next to me and kissed my cheek "OOOOH that looks so good" biting his lip


Karri: "It is here try it" I pinched a piece off and fed it to him but being bruno he ate it but taking my finger into his mouth and licked the apple filling off


Bruno: staring into my eyes "you taste good too" he lightly kissed my lips "Mmm and lips are so sweet just want to bite them off


karri: jerked back a little "Whoa!! ok now hannibal jr. it ain't that serious"


Bruno: laughed "you're hilarious. I have always wanted to say that because your since of humor is off the chain you stay having me dyin laughing but I like that though


karri: "I wouldn't be me if If I didn't, but you're a nut ball so you have me going too"


Bruno: "A nut ball" he winked at me and bit his lip


Karri: instantly caught on "Oh geez bruno you're nasty" getting up from the table walking away


Bruno: caught up with her and wrapped his arms around her from behind waddling "I think we're gonna need a bigger house?" he said into my ear


Karri: turned to face him "why?"


Bruno: "well because the twins are gonna be soon needing there own room and plus have another baby in the future"


Karri: "U-hold up do I like an baby dispenser to you? because obviously you don't realize that you have a baby you have...." looking at the twins "Babiesssss you only spit twins and that ain't even crossing my mind righ now"


Bruno: "But I gotta a feeling that its going to be just one this time"


Karri: "oh so you psychic now?"


Bruno: "No, I just go that feeling that's all"


karri: smh "well when that time comes I will think about it"


Bruno: "that's my girl"


so we finished letting the twins have fun letting the girls ride the ponies and geeting them souvenirs then loading back into the truck and went home


Bruno: "ok home sweet home"


Karri: giggled "boy if you don't stop wishing and take us home"


Bruno: leaned over to me "I'm not wishing but waht I am wishing for is to see that beautiful smile once we go inside of our new home" dangling some keys infront my face


Karri: eyes got wide then frowned snatching the keys and punching him in the arm "BOY!!!!! omg baby this is...when???"


Bruno: "you rermember a while back when I told you to stay over to phil and alyssa's  house until I got there?"


Karri: "yeah"


Bruno: raised his eyebrow and smiled


Karri: gasp "no way!! omg baby thank you" gave him a sweet long kiss no tongue and undid her seatbelt and got ou the car


we grabbed the kids and walked up to the front door of our new home:


I turned the key and walked in and omg it was huge and beautiful. he told the boys to find there roomand that there names are on the door and we followed this is.... 


Jayden's Room:


Jaylen's Room:


Neveah's Room:


Milani's Room:


Me and bruno's room you will see later ;). the boys loved there new own room while the girls liked theres too and I just couldn't believe that this was our home furnished and everything. but we decided to wait until tomorrow to move our clothes here and everything else stayed I own my house so I was trying to figure out who I could give it to so that I wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of trying to sell it and one name popped in my head "Olivia" she was staying in a one bedroom apt. downtown and I thought that because her and phred are getting married that would be a wedding from me to them I would get new mattresses for them if you know what I mean lol!! to much went down on them mattress but anyway and she can put her mattresses in the bedroom in the guest house once again it really went down in there *Ahem* whooooo!! memories. we all huddled up in the truck and went back home and discussed me giving the house to phred and olivia, but first we put the kids to bed before we sat down to talk then I put my pj's on:


and we finally got in the bed as I lay my head on his chest reaching my hand up playing with his hair on the side


Bruno: rubbing my back "So what did you want to talk to me about?"


Karri: raised up resting my head on my hand playing with his necklace "I was thinking that insted of selling my house I wanted to give it to phred and olivia as a wedding gift y'know so they can stay in a much roomier place then those small apts. they stay in now"


Bruno: removed the strand of hair out of my face "If thats what you want to do I mean it's a really good and nice idea for you to think of that. I know they would love it"


Karri: smiled "I love you"


Bruno: "I love you too"


we then pulled in for a sweet sensual kiss and then we were off to sleep. the next day I woke up and bruno was still asleep so I get up and took care of the hygiene and went into my closet and started going through my clothes and man I had so much stuff that I decided to give all of my gowns and shoes that match to girls who don't have prom dresses so I gathered them up and  put the in garment bags and threw them on top of bruno and he woke up looking like this: (minus the doctor room and stictches lmao)


Bruno: looking around and mad "WTF!!" looking at the garment bags "WTH is this shit? and why did you do that?" pushing them to my side of the bed


Karri: put my hand on my hips and gave hima diva attitude "because I can...and what you gone do about it?"


Bruno: looking at me like I done lost my damn mind "commere" he said with a straight face motioning with his finger


Karri: stood there "No, you come to me"


Bruno: raised his eyebrow "commere karri" 


Karri: didn't move "Nope"


Bruno: "I swear if I get up you're gonna be in for it now come here"


Karri: Looking at my nails "Nuh Uh"


I of no where I ended up against the wall in 3.5 seconds damn how do he move so quick like that? It's the speed of the "MrSexDragon" the tip of our nose touch each others while he licked my lips with the tip of his tongue but I tease him by walking away to the otherside of the room. he stared at me for a minute and saw me smile and walked over to me as my back was up against the other wall he took my hands and pin them up over my head and bit my neck making me slightly moan into his ear but I then get out of his grip and walked out the room smiling at him on the way out.........It's time for the Dragons to play!!!



Chapter 38 Dragon Time!!!


HeadsUp: the viewings of the home is the one we are staying in now not the new one :D may not be suitable for children 


I walked at a steady paste and looked into the twins rooms and they were still sleeping and I turned around to see bruno following me at the same paste so I went down the back stairs that led to the kitchen:


 and stopped at the counter and bruno came up shortly after but he just stood there with just his boxers on giving me that seductive look that I love biting his lip. as soon as he was about to come towards me I moved away again removing one article of clothing (my socks) at a time as I lose him I hid behind the coat closet door watching him look for me and then he disappears. I slowly open the door and looked both ways and he was nowhere in sight so I came out the closet slightly tip toeing down the foyer:


making my way to the living room until I felt him come up behind me and grab my waiste almost ruff but gentle making me deeply inhale as I turned around to face him. I stared long and hard into those BIG mesmerizing brown eyes that were seducing me without saying a word and then we kiss passionately but I pull away making my way to the living room and once I got behind the wall I threw another article of clothing (my shirt) at him disappearing on him again into the music room where it took him 2 minutes to find me sitting on the piano bench with nothing on but this:


which I already had the bra and panty on the shoes were put in here last night. I sat there with my legs crossed and he walked over to me and picked me up pushing me against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waiste he kisses me on neck working his way down to my chest while I bit my lip staring at his every move while losing my fingers in his hair. I unwrapped my legs and walked in to the kitchen as he followed and I stopped in front of the fridge and he looked at me and opened it. at first I was a bit confused about why he was going into the fridge until he pulled out the reddi whip and placed it on the counter going to the cabinet and grabbing the honey he walked over to me picking me up and placed me on the counter and kissed me more passionately then before moving down to my neck and then to my chest down to my stomach down my right leg planting wet kisses down to my ankle removing my shoe then procceeding to the other side doing the same, but then he bit me on my inner left thigh making me jump and moan at the same time he just looked at me and smiled. we kiss again while he tried to attempt to take my bra off but I jump off the counter smh head and walked away to another room where we had oversized sofas because clearly I knew we were not about to get down in the kitchen, nuh uh. I walked in and sat on the couch watching him put the whipped cream and honey on the side table then closing the blinds as it got darker he dimmed the lights  He looked at me with a seductive smile getting the remote to the iHome and it began to play this: (Chris Brown: Wet The bed)


but instead of him trying to take control at that moment I got up and pushed him up against the wall grazing my lips across his then down his neck ruffly but gently I bite his neck and then his earlobe as he gripped my waiste tight groaning in my ear telling me to do it again I smile and do it again but on the other side and griiped my side tighter pulling me closer to his body feeling "Big Daddy" on my thigh I smile again. he then swith positons and sat me on the table that was up against the wall touching every last part of my body then removing my bra he succeeded this time and I push him off me and walked over to the couch but jus when I was about there he grabbed me from behind and pushed me back up against the wall gently pinning my hand above my head with one hand and the other roamed freely while my face is facing the wall he moved my hair to the other side grazing his lips down my neck and bit me as I moaned he begin kissing, biting and licking my neck while he slowly slid his hand down from my chest and my stomach sliding his hand down my underwear and begin making circles around my arousel button I begin to feel weak and helpless as he still has my hands pinned down over my head. he slowly enters his finger inside me my body begins to tremble and I whimper and moan in pure ecstacy he whispers in my ear...


Bruno: "Can I taste you?"


I begin feeling weaker after that question while he's still stroking his finger inside me I weakly answered him....


Karri: "Yessss" I forced out in a sexual voice


He turned me around and placed me me in the chair and got on his knees begiining with my chest kissing all the way down to my underwear pulling them off of me and then grabbing my thighs and yanking towrds the edge of the chair he pushes my legs back I then clothes my eyes feeling his warm tongue and breathe on my arousel button making me gently grab his hair and moan a bit loud but only enough for me and him to hear, but then feel something new something he's never done before so I got curious and look down and he begin to stick his tongue inside me O.O OMG!!!! I threw my head back and bit my lip moaning my ass off until my body got to shaking grabbing his hair a little tighter my back arching and he tightly grips my thighs as my ocean of love overflows. as I try to catch my breathe I feel him pick me up and lay me on the sofa but before my back touches it I flip him so that he ends up on the sofa while I'm on top and grab the honey and dabbed a little on my lip and kissed him. I don;t know what is was about that honey but it mad us even more hotter so I slid back grzing myself over "Big Daddy" making him moan removing his boxers. I take the honey and make a straight line from the middle of his chest down his abs watching the honey go into every line then stop right at the hair line ;). I kissed him again and begin to lick the honey off in circles all the way down to the hair line and I stopped and looked up at him seing that his eyes were closed and I licked and kissed the honey off hearing him moan and groan but since he wanted to do something new I did the same pouring just a little of honey on the tip and just before I was about to do it I looked up and he was looking at me with his mouth wide open and his eyes wide.....


Karri: "Nuh uh no peaking"


Bruno: throwing his head back "Oh my god"


I laughed on the inside and procceeded and man he was moaned so loud but luckily we were not under the kids room sheesh lol!! I pulled him up and he was sitting in a normal sitting position and I straddled him not facing him and slowly inserted him inside me while he gripped my waiste and thrusted the rest inside me I leaned back gripping the back of the sofa and begin to grind on him while he played with my arousel button sending me to a new level of pleasure. this time was all together different because we were talking to each other sexually it was getting to good


Bruno: biting his lip "Damn karri"


Karri: moaned "Don't stop"


I felt like being inventive again so I placed my feet on the sofa in a squatting postion and damn what did I do that for lol!! that positon made me have thee best brunogasm yet. I put my legs down and he wrapped his arm around me keeping himself inside while making me be on my knees on the sofa facing the wall and he's pleasuring me from behind. I grip the back of the sofa he begin to thrust into me deeper and harder I moaned gripping the sofa with my teeth begging him not to stop and he goes deeper going in places he's never been before my body is shaking again and you already know what happened. I turned around and sat at the edge of the sofa while he insertd himself again and pushed my legs back thrusting into me hard I moaned louder. at the past he was going I knew for the both of us it was about to go down I pulled him towards me and kissed him passionately biting his bottom lip I begin to feel that tingly sensation all over my body I begin to shake agrressively wrpping my arms around him while he pushed my legs back further making him go very deep inside me still kissing....


Karri: still kissing him "Oh my god baby, I'm about to......"


Bruno: still kissing me "Oh sheeeeit!!!!!


OMG!! that was so amaaaaaazing!!! XD 


Bruno: trying to catch his breathe "Damn, now that my lady is what you call sex. thank you p90X!!!


Karri: out of breathe "Ahahahahahaha!! shut up boy. I love you"


Bruno: "I love you too"


We begin to kiss and BOOOOOM!!!


Jayden and Jaylen: "Daddy"


Bruno and Karri: O.O



Chapter 39 Wecome!!


Me and bruno sat there looking dumb founded like a mofo but bruno as always saves the day


Bruno: putting his boxers on: hey what are you guys doing up this early?"


Jaylen: "it's not eawly it's 12.....tuddy"


Karri: "Awe mommy baby can tell time"


Bruno: "who taught you that?"


Jaylen: "Untle Ewic"


Bruno: "that's aweome. why don't we go and fix you guys some breakfast, where's your sisters?"


Jayden: "Upstairs playing in my closet"


Karri: eyes wide "WHAT!!! oh my god, brunooooo" still didn't have any clothes on


Bruno: gave me a kiss "I will get them" he giggled


*Bruno P.O.V*


I took the boys into the kitchen and fixed them cereal and headed upstairs to the bedroom and into karri's closet and damn she is gonna be so upset when she sees this, damn they had clothes shoes and make-up every where


Bruno: "omg milani and neveah what have my little princesses have done?"


they just look at me and smile but milani started crying reaching out for me so i picked her up and she stopped, but then neveah looked a me and just walked out of the room and back to her room so I followed her and she started playing with her toys I didn't understand why she did that but I guess it's better if I didn't and then I hear karri coming up the stairs and hurridly cleaned the make up off milani's face but karri was quicker than me and then I hear her


Karri: walking into the bedroom "Bruno where ar......" looked in the closet eyes and mouth wide "omg!! BRUNOOOOO!!" she yelled


Damn here we go. I put milani down and walked into the room into the closet and damn she was pissed but at the same time she was laughing too


Bruno: about to touch her "baby I will clea...."


Karri: put her hand up "JUST do it..please thank you!!" she kissed me and got in the shower


I looked at the mess they made and *sigh* this is gonna take some time


*End Of P.O.V*


I got in the shower and just stood there letting the steamy water run down my back yeah I was mad but then a recap of bruno and I invades my mind. just thinking about it made me want him even more so I shook it off and continued my shower and got out. I wrapped the towel around me and lotioned myself down, but I felt like somebody was watching me until I felt the buldge and hands on my butt I quickly turn around and face him who was looking so good as usual and that body.....wait excuse me that sexy body is very tempting and he could sense that it was turning me on so I walked away into my closet and I Here him giggling so I get dressed:


My hair: 


I apllied my make up:


and walked out the closet, but when I did bruno was standing by my closet door waiting on me


Karri: "Why are you just standing there?" 


Bruno: "my mom and presley are coming to get the kids for a couple of weeks"


Karri: "Why?"


Bruno: "can't tell you it's a surprise" he smiled and softly kissed my lips


Karri: "ohhhh!! ok" squinting my eyes walking out of the room


I walked into the girls room and started getting them ready for this long vacation that they are about to have away from us. I am truly gonna miss my babies but bruno wants to surprise me so I'm gonna go with it. I finally finished and bruno packed up the boys things and then we wait. after about 3 hours they finally arrive and we said our goodbyes and they were off to eric's for the night, but bruno told me to go pack my stuff and I really was getting curious about what he was up to


Bruno: "make sure you pack up something cool and bikinis for this hot weather"


Karri: squinted my eyes again "Mm Hmm" he laughed


once we finished we loaded the suitcases in the truck and headed to the airport, but the thing was I had to wear headphones and a blindfold the whole time because he didn't want me to hear or see where we wre going so I went along. I kinda knew we were on a plane because I felt us taking off but the rest was still a mystery. about maybe 5 to 6 hours later we land and bruno held my hand then we stopped....


Karri: couldn't see or hear "baby why we stop? where are we?" feeling him take the earplugs out my ears and then took off the blinfold and there were two women standing infront of us holding a sari in there hands and said together


Two women: Welcome to Bali Mrs. Hernandez


Karri: putting my hand over my mouth tears forming "omg!!" wrapping my arms around bruno's neck and cried on his shoulder


Bruno: smiling "Awe baby it's ok what's wrong?"


Karri: sniffed "because it seems like yesterday that I was standing in your closet and found the tickets when I thought you were dead and after you finally came home I thought you'd forgotten about it"


Bruno: held m close to him "no baby, ain't no way I was gonna forget about this and besides this is our honeymoon so no crying"


Karri: taking the tissue he was handing me "ok, I promise no crying" wiping the tears off my face


Bruno: kissed me "yeah that a girl, shall we" holding out his arm


karri: interlinked my arm with his "let's go"


We walked out of the airport and our luggage was already loaded into the car and they drove off to the hotel. once we got there we checked In and headed to our room when he opened the bedrrom door omg!!: (bali bedroom)


It was so beautiful and cozy and the view Aha that's just insane, but you know bruno just had to show me the bathroom and wow the view I here was even better: (bali bathroom)


he looked at me winking and biting his lip 


Karri: "dang we just got here let's jus take it all in first geeeez!!"


Bruno: "Oh I'm taking it all in alright" smacked me on the butt


he such a horn dog but I love'm. we decided to take a swim on the beach and wow it was so amazing so I put on my bikini:


and we head out to the beach which was right out the back door. we were having such a wonderful time we were long over due for some alone time and now was the time. we act like grown ups then we would act like complete hooligans people were staring at us like we were crazy, who cares this is our moment....



Beautiful Ending: Chapter 40


We were laying in the sand and begin to reminisce about the old times good and bad and some sad


Bruno: laying on his back "wow you remember when we first met?"


Karri: laying on his chest "Omg, yes when you came up with that cheesy pick up line"


*Recap (Chap 1)*


Bruno: "So..." he smiled 


Karri: looking at some papers "So... what?"


Bruno: "Is this the key to your heart" touching her key necklace


Karri: moved his hand "what?" laughed a little


Bruno: Is this the key to your heart? cause if it is can I have it?


Karri: "How long did it take you to come up with that line" 


Bruno: "Uhh only about a minute ago" he smiled


man he needs to keep that mouth closed because that smile is gorgeous


Karri: "well you couldv'e kept that cause it was straight out corny sweety"


Bruno: "Aww man my lines usually gets the ladies"


Karri: "well not this one better luck with the next one" walked away to my office


*End Recap*


Bruno: laughing "yeah that was a bit to much now that I'm thinking about it but since you wanna go there how bout your first time calling me, huh??


Karri: giggling "oh no that was just wrong" laughing


*Recap (chap 3)*

bruno: out of breathe "hello"

Karri: *silent*

bruno "uh hellooooo anyone there?"

Karri: hung up "dammit what the hell is wrong with you Karri" I say to myself

I am so stupid that was the perfect opportunity to talk to him and I screwed that up ugh!! I'm going to bed now and as soon as I got up to walk toward my bedroom my phone rings...Oh shit!!! I answered the phone but didn't say anything

Bruno: "Cat gotcha tongue?"

Karri: "No... but you do" she said unintentionally

what the hell did I just say

Bruno: talking seductive "Mmm is that right?" he begin to sing "Can kiss you on your lips, baby? put my hands on your hips, baby?

Whlie he was singing I slipped off into another land as I let him serenade me that I didn't even notice that I had moaned in his ear when he said " touch you all over, all over, all over, all over at that moment I didn't care what was going on and that's when I felt a cold chill run through my body, but felt like it was at 101 degrees as I slid down into the couch crossing my legs biting my bottom lip as he finished the last part saying

bruno: "Je t'aime baby"

Karri: *moaned* "je t'aime tres baby"

I said I love you too for those who don't know haha!!

bruno: bust out laughing in my ear

Karri: coming back to reality "omg what the hell just happened?"

bruno: "nothing but that I just gave you this Marssss Sarssss mwahahaha!!!" he hung up

Karri: confused "What??"

*End Recap)*

Karri: laughing "omg that was insane I admit you got me that time, seriously you have a beautiful voice"

Bruno: being cocky "Ahem, what can I say I'm the best" looking up at the sky

Karri: playfully hit him "shut up!! I also remember when you had me beat up that girl"

Bruno: laughing "oh yeah chelseyyyyy"

Karri: "yessss chelseyyyy"

*Recap (Chap 5)*

that bit** just had to say something


chelsey: "why I mean we have the right to be in here" she looked at me "she aint nobod....."


and before she knew it I had grabbed her hair and started punching her in the face


Karri: "you bald headed whanch I'm with yo anorexic a**


I felt someone grab me but I wasn't letting go of this whanch weave infested hair as I wiggled my way out slammed her on the floor and back slapped her 


Karri: blacked out "this will only hurt a lot" punching her in her face then I heard something crack and she screamed


Chelsey: screaming "my nose" 


blood was gushing everywhere and as she was screaming I then grabbed her throat and started choking her


Phil: trying to undo my grip around her neck "let go damn you strong"


Karri: still choking her "MmMm it aint that time yet" 


Haha love you madea lol!!


Alyssa:  "yes it is girl let her go"


I then squeeze harder for the last time and then loosend my grip

*End Recap*

Bruno: "yeah you beat her up pretty bad though I didn't know you could fight I didn't see that in you at all"

Karri: "never under estimate the dragon"

Bruno: "ahhh ok but waht about when you beat me up for telling you that lie about her never being my girlfriend?"

Karri: "oooooh you deserved that ass whippin"

*Recap (Chap 6)*

he walked me over to the couch and I sat down but he didn't


Karri: "arent you gonna sit down"


Bruno: "naw I have to stand up while I'm telling you this"


Karri: confused "whatever"


Bruno: enhaled "ok remember the girl chelsey you beat up... wait let me re-phrase that...that you almost tried to kill today?"


Karri: "yeah"


Bruno: started playing with the ring on his finger "well she wasn't my girlfriend *enhaled talking kinda fast* shes actually my sisters best friend who agreed to act like she was so that I could make you jealous, exhaled"


KarrI: *silent* just stared at him


Bruno: "well did you hear me?"


Karri: scooted to the edge of the couch "MmHmm"


Bruno: "well arent you gonna say something about it?" 


Karri: bit her lip "MmMm"


Bruno: "then wha...."


He didn't see it coming I jumped on him and he fell unto the loveseat while I started pouncing on him




Bruno: balled up "how was I supposed to know that you was gonna react like that?"


Karri: stood up and started pacing the floor 


Bruno: "Baby I'm sorry I just needed a way to be with you and now I have you"


Karri: stopped pacing "yeah now I might end up behind bars because of your STUPID A** accusations"


Bruno: "No you won't she's not gonna press charges but she did say an apology and that leather jacket you just put out would look perfect on her brother"


Karri: "ugh!! fine call her up"


so he dialed her number and we settled the mess we've created and called it even


Bruno: smiled "thank you"


Karri: upset "you can wipe that silly a** smurk off your face cause you're definitley not off the hook mister"


Bruno: wrapped his arms around her from behind "I'm sorry" planting butterfly kisses on her neck

*End Recap*

Karri: dying laughing "you brought that on yourself"

Bruno: "I couldn't believe it first I got dissed then got beat up by he same girl who is now my wife and got TWO sets of twins by. damn" shaking his head

Karri: " but there was just that sad moment that brought us even closer"


*Recap (Chap 23)*

it was one long dreadful night until 7:30am came and then we all just watched the nurses prep him for surgery all I could do was cry I couldn't watch them do it I just nestled my head into eric's chest until I heard bruno's voice calling me


Bruno: "baby commere" he motioned


Karri: walking over to him and he layed my head on his chest still crying


Bruno: rubbing my back resting his cheek on my head "you hear this heart beating?"


Karri: "MmHmm"


Bruno: "well I'm not gonna allow it to stop beating for you. baby everything is gonna be ok. you know what here I want you to hold on to this and promise to pray until I come out but don't put that down hold on to it tight" handing her his cross necklace


Karri: knodded her head she then took off her heart necklace that he got her and place it in his hand "this is to let you know that you will always have my heart, I love you bruno" crying


Bruno: let a tear fall "I love you too just remember to do what I told you ok?'


I watched them roll him out the room crying frantically bernie was holding me telling me it's gonna be ok while they all were crying just as well. I don't know whats gonna happened he was now under someone elses care and there was nothing I could do but just..........Wait -_-


*End Recap*

we sat in silence and then I spoke to break the silence

Karri: "but it got even better when we got married"

Bruno: "yeah that was thee most happiest moment of my life. and still is and always will be I love you Ne'karri"

*Recap (Chap 19)*

Karri: whispered "no crying" I smiled at him and he smiled back


he mouthed to me that I was beautiful and then priest begin to speak and then it was time for our vowels but bruno song me his vowels: (Bruno-Rest of my life)


It was so beautiful I couldn't help but cry his voice is so amazing it just pierce my soul pulling at my heart with every note I was truly in love with this man I was getting nervous because it was time for me to say my vowels I hope I don't choke while saying this to him:


Karri: "The first time I saw you walk through the door my heart stopped beating but once you said hello it began to beat again I knew then you were the one for me. I know I was playing hard to get but I was only fighting my true feelings for you and when you asked me to let you in I was afraid to say yes but my heart told me diffrent and when I did I never felt so good in my life I knew I was making the right choice. you showed me what love looked like, feeled like and....." eyes started to water " whoo uhm *fanning my eyes* I never thought that I was ever gonna love someone again but then you came along and loved me and only me and then gave me two beautiful little angels that I adore even more because they have so much of you in them so sweet and lovable. so I say to you today that I am yours and I want to share forever with you and only you I love you" crying


Bruno: wiping her tears away "heyyy! no crying" he giggled


the priest then asked for the rings and we both placed the rings on and then it was official 


Priest: "I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss your bride


and out of no where bruno grabbed me and dipped and kissed me when I finally got up everybody was laughing and so it was finally time for the reception and bruno told me to brace myself for what I am about to see and so when we got to the door two hostesses opened the door and my eyes were opened wide:



Karri: "OMG!! baby it's beautiful these are the decorations but it's put together so beautifully. did you have this done?"


Bruno: "Eh, I pulled a few strings I wanted to make sure it was perfect and by the looks of it and seeing your face and smile my job is complete"


Karri: kissed him "I love you so much"


Bruno: "I love you too but the day isn't over lets go enjoy it"


and the announcer guy yelled throught the mic "everybody Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Hernandez" and everybody was clapping and cheering us on as we made our way to our seat but as soon as I was about to sit down bruno stopped me


Karri: "what?'


Bruno: "don't sit down yet I have another surprise for you close your eyes"


Karri: closed them as he lead me somewhere in the room I guessed and he whispered in my ear "I love you" and I heard this:  (Rascal Flatts-blees the broken road)


she then quickly opened up her eyes and screamed jumping up and down


Karri: yelling "OMG, THE RASCAL FLATTS AHHHHHHHH!!" turned to bruno "baby how did you....."


Bruno: "don't worry about it just enjoy it's all for you"


*End Recap*


Bruno: "yeah that was thee most happiest moment of my life. and still is and always will be I love you Ne'karri"


karri: tears forming "I love you too....."


Bruno: "Stop don't even say it"


Karri: "Pe"


Bruno: "Foreal karri don't do it"


Karri: "Ok, fine peter" bust out laughing


I got up and ran and he chased me around the beach. it was late and bruno decided that we go out to this lil club that was having open mic night so I get dressed:


He didn't know that I had a surprise for him I was so nervous because I've done this before so when the last person got off the stage they called me up and he was a bit surprised. So I got up there and I actually song to my husband


Karri: "I want to dedicate this song to my wonderful husband and my bestfriend" 


Every women has there dreams but for me I had a Beautiful Nightmare...............The End!!!!