Chapter 8

07/02/2012 21:15

so it was fun to write from Bruno's POV in the last chap but kinda hard too... I'm a girl so how in hell should I know how a guy thinks??? lol from time to time I'll do it again. but in this chap it's gonna be in Caroline's POV... ENJOY!  


I drive out the parking lot when I realize I don't even know the exact way. I just know Mister Brown's house is somewhere in Beverly Hills. So I ask Bruno if he can put out my GPS from the glovebox and enter the address. He hesitates a bit but then says yes. He takes it out and holds it in his hands. I can't see exactly what he's doing I'm driving but out of the corners of my eyes I see he's tapping on the screen a couple of times.

Still looking straight forward I ask him. "Whatcha doing? Turn it on."

He looks at me. "That's exactly what I'm trying, Caro."

I smirk. "Look at the backside. There's a on/off button."

He turns it around. "Oh yeah there. Duh... I knew that." He says grinning.

I look shortly at him and smirk. "Yeah sure." Then I tell him the address.

He taps on the screen over and over again and I only hear a voice saying 

Welcome to the main menu. Please chose one option....

You have chosen the option 'Satellite-Connection'. Please chose your satellite...

He taps on the screen again and again and I hear 

Welcome to the main menu. Please chose one option...

You have chosen the option 'Settings'. Please now set your functions....

Welcome to the main menu. Please chose one option...

You have chosen the option 'Previous locations'. Please chose a location...​

He sighs and turns his head to me. "Caro, I have no idea how that works..." 

I laugh and put my hand out. He puts it into my palm. I chose the right option and enter the address. Of course it takes long 'cause I have to look back on the road after every letter. Then I put it into its holder and glance at him. I can see he's a bit embarrassed. I guess this all I'm-a-man-so-I'm-good-in-technology doesn't apply to him. "Hey, it took me ages to figure out how it works. I'm a dumbass in technology..." I say to comfort him.

"Really? Me too! It's always Bruno vs. technology and I'm the eternal loser..." He says jokingly.

"Aaaawww poor Brunz." I say back and ruffle his hair. "I like your hair. It's so curly but so soft too... you don't expect it to be."

"My sister gave me once this special shampoo and since then I only use that one."

"Oh you gotta tell me which one. I would die for my hair bein' so soft!" I say honestly.

"Erm I don't really know the name. But I know how it looks and where I get it... Next time I'll bring it. But you don't really need it, your hair's soft too!" He says and carefully strokes over my hair.

"That would be great." I smile at him ignoring his compliment. I don't wanna fall for sweet words. More, I love how I can talk with him about those things. How many straight guys talk about soft hair and which shampoo they use? Well I don't know any... "So you have a brother and a sister. Is she also older than you like Eric?"

"Yeah she is. In total I have 4 sisters. Presley and Jaimie are older than me and there is Tiara and Tahiti they're younger. Jaimie lives in LA too. The rest are in Hawaii... What about you?"

"I have one older sister, Maria. She lives in Germany with her daughter."

"Oh so you're an auntie?"

"Yup. Isabella. She's 15 now. It's unbelievable. When you look at children you can see how fast time goes by. I use to fly to Germany every year and everytime I see her she grew so much and learned so many more things."

"Yeah that's true. I'm an uncle too but I only saw pictures of them yet. I wanna fly to Hawaii so bad. I haven't been there for 3 years now... I just have no money for the flight..." He says quietly.

I feel sad for him. It's terrible not to see your family for years and it really seems to upset him much. If only I could help him! 

"But you know Eric's wife Cindia she's pregnant. So soon I can DO all this uncle stuff and not only say that I'm one." He says happy.

I laugh. "Uncle stuff?"

"Yeah! You know buy all the sweets the parents forbid, help them to sneak out, teach them swear words... all the fun stuff that pisses parents off." He smirks and his shoulders move up and down. Oh goodness how can a man be so damn cute but also kinda sexy when he laughs?

"Oh I think Eric will kick your ass if you do any of those things. Do they know the gender already?"

"No. She's in the 2nd month. But Eric says it surely gonna be a boy. It's his first kid, so it HAS to be a boy!"

"Oh bullshit! Why do men always have to be like that?" I shake my head laughing.

"I dunno maybe it's rooted in our history. We can't do anything against it. We're cavemen and always will be." We laugh. "No I'm just kidding. I mean he would be happy if he gets a son, but most important thing is that it's healthy..."

I nod silently. We arrived in Beverly Hills and drive now past big fancy houses and villas.

Bruno looks out of the window. "One day I'll own such a mansion too. But not here. I wanna live in the Hollywood Hills, ya know, walking out to the patio past the pool and then looking down on LA and the ocean..."

I smile. "That sounds perfect. I wish for you that it comes true." I say honestly.

"Would you gonna live there too? Together with me?" He asks suddenly turning his head towards me.

I stare at him. "What?" I look too long at him before I turn my head on the road again causing a little swerve. I slow down a bit and rally again.

Bruno bursts out laughing at my reaction. "Sorry I didn't mean to shock you. It just came to my mind... I think it would be great to live with you."

"What? Oh god Bruno what you're thinking about. We met 5 days ago. You don't know anything 'bout me..." I take some huge sips from my shake and have to swallow hard. I can't believe he said that. Is he serious? No! I bet he's just playin'... messin' with me... havin' fun... 

"I know we met only 5 days ago, but in those 5 days we spent a lot of time together and I already know a lot about you."

"Oh you do?" I ask fast sipping again from my shake.

"Yupp! For example I know that when you're feelin' uncomfortable you sip a lot on your drinks..." He grins.

I freeze and try to put my shake quickly back in the cup holder. I struggle in doing it 'cause of driving and he helps me out. When he takes the cup his fingers lightly touch mine and I don't know why but that sends a chill down my spine. I tremble a bit but then burst out laughing. This whole situation is just too awkward that it's funny again. He puts the cup into the holder and laughs too. His whole body is shaking now again in this sexy-adorable way and I just could fuck him right here. I shake my head at this thought and concentrate on the road again. After some minutes we arrive and I drive through the gates of the Brown Mansion. It's huge and it looks like the house from The Fresh Prince

"Wow this looks exactly like in The Fresh Prince!" Bruno mentions.

I smirk. "I just thought the same."

"Soooouuulllmaaaaates" He yells out and grins. "I told ya..."

I grin back and park the car in front of the main entrance. "Let's do that! I hope it doesn't take long!"

"Should I be extra annoying? So that he throws us out soon?" He asks jokingly.

"That's not funny, Bruno! He still can drop us." I stay seriously.

"I know Caro. I'm just kiddin'. You remember don't take anything serious that comes out of this mouth unless I tell you before! I can behave! You'll be impressed..."

I give him a whatever-look and we step out of the car. Right in the same moment the entrance door opens and Mister Brown walks out with a big smile. It fades away a bit when he sees that I'm not alone but that doesn't irritate him long and he comes towards me with arms wide open.

"Miss Meyer! Nice to see you again." He hugs me tight and gives me a peck on my left and right cheek. "You look wonderful as always. How are you?"

"Hello Mister Brown! I'm fine thanks and it's nice to see you too." I say and look in Bruno's direction. He watches us with a little weird look. Is he jealous? "I have to introduce you someone." Bruno steps beside us. "This is Peter Hernandez. He's the lead singer of the music act I finally chose. I'm so sorry again for letting you wait so long but I wanted to pick the perfect band out of the many we have in our files." I shot a please-play-the-game-with-me-glance to Bruno and he understands immediately. I turn back to Brown. "Your daughter only turns 16 once so I wanted to make sure that it's really special..."

He looks at Bruno first a bit sceptical but then he smiles and they shake hands. "Hello Mister Hernandez, nice to meet you too. I'm curious about what you have to offer."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mister Brown. I'm trying my best to comply with all your requirements, Sir."

It's so funny to hear Bruno talk like that still I'm impressed too. It's nice to see that he's not only a goofball but can act and talk in a professional way as well. We go inside and after boring smalltalk we play the songs and show him the setlist. Like I guessed he's satisfied with it and about after one and a half hour we finally leave.

Back in the car I tell Bruno how surprised I was about him being and talking all so formal. He chuckles and says back that he's just relieved to be out and able to talk normal again.

"He so wants you, you know that?" He asks after a while.

I giggle. "You jealous?"

"Jealous? Of him? Hell no! I just think it's disgusting when old men throw themselves at young women."

"Bruno! He's not old. He's around 40... You forgot I'm almost 30?"

"Ok first 40 IS old and secondly you're 28 NOT 30 and you LOOK like 20... that makes a BIG difference."

I laugh. "Oh thank you for the look-like-20. But it's ok. For his age he's quite handsome. So I don't mind if he flirts with me..."

"No way, Caro! You want him too?" He yells shocked but in a fake way.  

I laugh even harder. If he wants to play... "Hell yeah! If you weren't with me I would have fucked him right on this table!"

"No way! I'm shocked, Miss Meyer!" He says back imitating Mister Brown's way of saying my name.

"But I first would have taken away this white tablecloth with this cute little yellow chicken on it, that probably his wife extra put on to show what a lovely family they are..."

"Miss Meyer! You are a sarcastic little bitch!... I love it."

We both laugh so hard now I really have to focus so much that I won't drive into something. I calm down a bit and turn on the radio. 'The Earth Song' is playing. I let out an 'aw' and put it louder. "I so love that song!"

"Yeah Michael's the best. Back in Hawaii when I was younger I used to impersonate him for a show." Bruno says lightly laughing.

"Really? Sing something!" He hesitates a bit and I beg. "Plleeeeeaaaasssseeee!"

"Yeah I do! But don't you wanna listen to the song til the end?!"

"Oh right..." We listen to the radio til the song is over. Luckily they don't cut it off. It's the end what's the best! "Good radio!" I say out of my thoughts.


"I just thought it's a good radio station 'cause they didn't cut off the end. I hate it when they do that..." I explain.

Bruno nods in agreement. "Yeah same here!"

"But now sing!" I say and turn off the radio.

"What song do you wanna hear?"

"Hmmm... The way you make me feel?"

"Ok." He clears his throats and starts singing and snapping to the beat. "Hey pretty baby with the high heels on... you gimme fever like I never ever known..."

I freeze. His voice, his pitch, his vibrato, the way he's slowing it down and emphasize certain syllables... I'm perplexed... It sounds so like Michael but still unique... I don't even recognize that I took my feet from the gas pedal when he suddenly stops and asks me why I reduce speed though we're on the freeway. I snap out of my amazement and speed up again. I tell him to continue and he finishes the song.

"That was... just... WOW! I haven't heard someone sing Michael as good as you for a long time!" I say still amazed.

"Oh shut up... I'm not soooo good. I just love to sing his songs..."

I think of the MJ tribute. Mary didn't tell me yet that I get it but I'm pretty sure and I already know now who I'll hire first. I smile satisfied but I chose to not tell him about it yet. First I have to get Mary's okay and I don't wanna give him a reason to be forced to be nice to me. I have a feeling that it's not the right time to tell him, so I stay silent. Instead I ask him if I should drive him home or somewhere else.

He answers smirking. "Do you have any more work to do today or are you free for some hours."

"Well not really." I answer. "I need to make an appointment with the caterer for a probational eating next week and have to finish some paper work, but nothing I can't do tomorrow too... Why?"

"If you agree I would like to take you somewhere."

I grin at him. "I might agree if you tell me where!"

"But I wanna surprise you, so I can't tell you! You only have to trust me. I bet you gonna like it and if not... you can punish me!"

I chuckle a bit. "Hm... I don't know if I wanna trust you but... I loooooooove surprises... sooo... okay... Where should I drive to?"

"I think first to your crib and you change into something comfortable and then... to the beach." He says doing again this smile that melts me away.

Not bad, I think. I love spending time at the beach! I guess it's time to have some fun...

We continue talking about MJ and he sings I'm bad a bit what makes me laugh. He can imitate his Uuuhhh and Whhooo screams so good. He tells me more about his childhood that he more spent in venues and rehearsal rooms than at the beach. When he was 4 or 5 he even imitated Elvis. It's fun listening to him, he always cracks a joke and I'm basically laughing the entire drive.

"I didn't laugh so much for ages. You kill me Bruno." I say when we arrive at my apartement. "We're here."

"I don't mean to kill you babes...  quite the opposite." He says back and winks at me before he steps out of the car.

Did he just call me babes? I step out as well and we go inside the house. It's a 11-floor big white-painted building in a good neighborhood. All I can ask for. I live in the 10th floor so we take the elevator. My apartement is in the middle of the 5 that are on the floor. I unlock the door and we go inside. I love my apartement I live here now for 7 years and although I could afford a bigger one I don't wanna leave. It has all I need. A nice bathroom with a tub, a bedroom with a small walk-in-closet, a small extra kitchen and a living room that is big enough for a little eating area in it. I show Bruno the rooms but not  the bedroom. I think it's a private place and it's kinda messy in there so I don't want him to see it. At last we walk into the living room.

"You can watch TV while I change clothes if you want to." I suggest and get him the remote while he's sitting down on the couch. I give it to him and ask with a grin. "Should I turn it on for you?"

He glances at me. "No I'm good."

"Ok... If you wanna change the channels you gotta push those 2 buttons." I say back and point at 2 buttons on the remote. This is fun!

He shots me another glance and I start laughing. He turns on the TV and when it really runs after some seconds he gives me a triumphantly look with a small grin. I shake my head smiling and ask him if he wanna drink something. He declines and I head towards the bedroom. On my way I turn around one more time and ask him what I should wear since I don't know what we'll do. He says I should wear a bikini and on top of it a shirt and sexy shorts. I grin and go inside the bedroom. I take out some shirts and pants I could wear and lay them on my bed. Maybe I should only put on my bikini top and some surfer shorts? My thighs are not in their best shape so hiding them might be good. I think about it when I hear Bruno's voice through the door. I open the door and peek out only a little 'cause I'm in my underwear. He wouldn't see me either due to the fact he's sitting on the couch which is set with the back towards me. I see he's holding his phone to his ear. I thought he's talking to me but now I know he's not. I'm just about to close the door again when I hear him saying.

"No! Not Mandy dude I'm done with her." Mandy? Who's Mandy? I decide to listen a little bit more. I know it's not right and I don't wanna creep but I do it. "Man you know I'm broke. You're my homie. Please do it for 50 bucks!" I hear him saying. "Ok. ok. Let's meet in the middle. I'll give you 70 and next time I'm putting on at Roxy's you can join my drinks-free-table. Deal?... Ok man. Thanks! When should we be there?.... Alright. See ya later." He says and puts down the phone. I quietly close the door again. What the hell does he wanna do? What does cost 70 bucks? And why is he spending so much money when he's broke? For me? To impress me? I shake my head. Wow he really wanna do me good... I put off all my jewelry and just put on my silver cross chain and ear studs. Then I decide to go with my black bikini top, a simple white shirt and my flower-printed swimming shorts. It looks Hawaiish. Maybe he likes it... And I go back to the living room.