Chapter 8

21/03/2012 19:46

He looked so nervous around me. I never get that in my entire life. I used to be the one, whose nervous around guys. “Bruno? Say something. Your awfully quiet.” He looks at me. God, this boy is making it hard for me. “Did you like the movie?” I ask. “What?” “I asked you if you liked the movie.” Finally, got him to talk to me. He looks inside of my car as he opens the passenger door for me. I hopped in, he shuts the door and walks around the car like a Serbian husky. He shuts the driver door and presses on gas. “About the movie, Cass?” “Yeah,” I say, leaning in towards the radio to push a cassette in. “I don’t want to use my thumb to hitch hike with no money. I want to use my arm and my tattoos.” I look at him. “What tattoos?” “I have tattoos, where?” I could say, ‘Are you kidding me?’ or ‘Is this some sort of joke to you?’, but instead I said, “You just said that you had tattoos.” “Oh. That?” “Are you going to show me when we get home?” I plead. “I’ll just talk about them. I have two. One is for my dad, which I got with him and the other is for my mom, her name is Bernadette.” I smile at him. “Did Bueno ever told you that you have a sexy smile?” He questions. I shook my head as if I was saying no. “Oh. Because your pretty hot.” “Is this your way of asking me out on a date, Bruno?” “Well, if I was to nod my head and kiss you, then yes it is.” I lean in toward him and I kiss him on the cheek. “Don’t tell, Bueno,” I whisper.

He drives into my driveway. I lean towards him, putting my hands on his leg. I kiss him. “If you want me, come and get me,” I say, getting out the car and running towards the front door. I see him follow me. I turn around and open the front door. I run towards my bedroom. He hear him coming into my room. I lay on my bed, he goes on top of me. We start to kiss and take each others clothes off.

The next morning, I find myself leanning my head on the wall, as I watch him wake up. “Hey! Cass, do you love him? Do you love Bueno?” I look at him. “I mean, he is you boyfriend, right?” I nod my head. “And you just cheated on him.” I laugh, “Brunz, I don’t cheat. I play.” “Hard?” “Rough.” I start to make some cat noises. He laughs. I hit him with a pillow. “I’m sorry.” “Good. That was funny, but not to me. Ok?” “Yeah. I get it, Cass.” I think I should dump Bueno, but I don’t know how to tell him.