Chapter 8

01/07/2012 20:33

The wekend is finally here and I am anout to go pick up carly and her mysterious fiance. I get showered and put my clothes on, headed to the kitchen fixing me some toast and orange juice when I get a text saying it was from bruno:

" Good Morning darlin just wanted to say hi and I miss you. See you soon! 

Bruno xoxo"


Awww he is so sweet, but I can't sit here and swoon over him I got my friend to go pick up. once I made it to the airport I sat and waited for about a half and hour and there she was, just as I remembered. 

Me: Omg carrrrrrly * I ran into her arms*

Carly: Cha chaaaaaaa! 

Me : oh my gosh look at youuuuuu! It's been so long since i've last seen you, but nothing has changed you're still a beaut.

Carly: Staaaap It! no I'm not

Me: No time for arguing you're case closed now introduce me to this handsome young man here

Carly: Oooooh this is my fiance doug

Oh wow he is very good looking:

Me: well nice to finally meet you doug and I would have never thought you would be getting married carly. you always said it was going to be me first 

Carly: oops! well I guess I am then. So when do we get to meet your night and shining armour?

Me: well he's away on business but I have a web chat with him later you can say hi then

Carly: that'll be cool

Me: sow shall we carreh on

Carly: lets go!

We made it back to my place and they got settled in. about an hour later I get a callfrom bruno, so answered to see what he wanted because were supposed to be having hour video chat in another 15min. I hope he's not cancelling it.

Me: Hey babe whats up?

Bruno: Uhm hey uhm I was calling because I am going to have to take a raincheck on that chat tonight 

Me: omg bruno why?

Bruno: Well because I have something important to do and it has to be done

Me: imortant like what?

Bruno: well I...

Me: hold on, there's someone at the door

Bruno: okay

I was very irrirtated right now because I really wanted to see him tonight but I guess that's a no go. I made it to the door and bruno said something to me before I opened the door

Bruno: who's at the door?

Me: I was just about to open the door to see if you hadn't of said anything 

Bruno: what if it's...

Me: what if it's what?

I opened the door and I was totally shocked and couldn't believe my eyes

Me: Omg babyyyyy what are you doing here? you still had 2 more weeks to go

Bruno: I know but I couldn't wait I was ready to see you and to be honest I think I would have lasted 2 more weeks

Me: awww well come in I want you to meet my best friend from london and her fiance doug

Bruno: okay

as soon as bruno and I made it back to the living room a vibe came over me that I didn't like AT all...