Chapter 8

25/04/2011 15:53

"Seriously, don't you guys have anything better to do? You know, I could sue you for kidnapping me." Alegria said, still angry.

"Naawww, we know you wouldn't do that." Phil said, smiling at Alegria.

Alegria sighed. Yes, she wouldn't do that. She was just trying to scare them so she could let them go.

"You know Alegria, you should just come with us." Eric said.

"As if I have a choice." Alegria said.

"Alegria, please.. Just give me a chance." Bruno said.

"Chance to what?! You just dragged me here, and now you're asking me to give you a chance? I don't even know what you're gonna do or where you're taking me!" Alegria said, still angry.

"Hey hey, what are you so angry about? We just wanna show you something, that's why we sort of kidnapped you. Can you just calm down and go with us?" Phil said.

"Look, you kidnapped me and now, you're taking me to somewhere and I don't where it would be. Now, tell me, how can I calm down?" Alegria said. She didn't wanna go. She just can't go. Just when she decided to have fun and forget him, he pops out and the next thing she knew was she's kidnapped by the guy he wanted to forget.

Bruno looked at the rear mirror and looked at Alegria's face. 'She's angry..' It's his first time seeing her like that. Bruno stopped the car. "I knew this wouldn't work. You know, let's stop this already. Alegria, you can get out of the car now."

"Bro, are you serious? We've planned this for one week, and now you're telling us to stop? Okay. I'll drive. Phil, you sit beside me. Let's give them time to talk." Eric said and he got out of the car. He opened the door to the driver's seat. "Go." Eric told Bruno.

Bruno sighed and got out of the car. Eric sat on the driver's seat and Phil, beside him. Bruno sat beside Alegria. Eric started the car and drove it.

"Look, I'm sorry. But we couldn't think of any other way. Please, just go with us. I promise, we wouldn't do anything stupid." Bruno said, looking at Alegria.

Alegria's heart thumped even faster. She just couldn't resist Bruno's charm. She sighed. "Alright."

Bruno smiled, pleased that he convinced Alegria. They kept quiet for a while and after a few minutes, the car stopped.

"Okay, we're here." Eric said. They all got out of the car except Alegria.

"You can get out now." Phil told Alegria. Alegria rolled her eyes and got out of the car. She looked around, and saw a big house with a swimming pool.

"Bruno, get the blind fold. You put it on her." Eric said and Bruno did as to what Eric had ordered.

Alegria just sighed, but she started getting nervous. They assisted Alegria as they walked inside the room. Then they stopped. Alegria tried to take off the blind fold but someone stopped her.

"What now?" Alegria asked.

"Don't take off the blind fold yet. Wait here." Alegria heard Eric talking. She waited for a few minutes.

"Okay, you can take them off now." Phil said.

Alegria took off the blind fold but got confused. 'Why are the lights out? I can't see a thing..' Suddenly, a spot light was focused on her. Then she heard someone sing.

"There's no light in this room..
It's alright, we got you.
You shine like go-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-old..
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh."

Bruno sang as he walked towards Alegria. Alegria can see a silhouette coming towards her.

"You are bright cause I see,
All the guys, they agree.
You shine like go-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-old..
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.."

Bruno sang the last part and Kenji ended the chorus with a strum of his guitar. The lights were now turned on.

"What is this? What.. What is this all about?" Alegria asked confused. Bruno just smiled and didn't say a word. She looked around and she saw Eric, Phil, Kenji, Jamareo and Phredley smiling at her. But what surprised her was her brother, Calyx.

"Calyx.. Why are you here? Wait.. you're with them?" Alegria asked, astounded. Her jaws dropped as she shook her head. "You're kidding me."

"Alegria, I'll explain everything to you later. Just calm down and watch." Calyx said as he offered Alegria to sit down on a chair.

"What is this? You knew all along, and you didn't tell me? You even lied and told me you had a blind date!" Alegria asked Calyx.

"Alex, I know you're angry. But if I told you, would you come and be here? Bruno told me everything about what happened to the both of you and I exactly know the reason why you ran away." Calyx said, looking straight into Alegria's eyes. "You don't want him to get hurt. That's the reason, right?" Calyx asked Alegria.

Alegria nodded. She's dying, and didn't want Bruno to get hurt. She also didn't want to break her heart. She doesn't wanna think the Bruno likes him and expect something from him. So she decided to stop it while she still can.

"You know, just sit here and watch. I'll explain everything to you later when we get home." Calyx said as he patted his sister's shoulder.

Bruno looked at the boys. They all smiled at him. He turned around and looked at Alegria, and smiled. He walked towards her and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the center of the room. "Let's get straight to the point." Bruno smiled and knelt down. "Will you be my girl?" Bruno said as he looked at Alegria's eyes and.

Alegria was shocked. "We just knew each other for a day and haven't seen each other for one month and you're asking me to by your girl? Is this a joke? Give me a good reason why I should say 'yes'."

"Alegria, I love you. That's the only reason why I want you to be my girl." Bruno said as he got up and looked at Alegria's eyes.

Alegria melted when she heard those three words. Her mind went blank.

Bruno took the bouquet of flowers that Eric handed him. "I know giving a girl a bouquet of flowers is a common thing to do. But I'll give this to you anyway." Bruno said as he handed Alegria the bouquet. Alegria accepted it and said nothing.

"I wanna give you another thing." Bruno said as he pulled out a ring box from his pocket and opened it. They were silver rings and there were two of them but on had a diamond on it. He pulled it out and showed the ring to Alegria. "You and Me. Forever." Bruno said, reading the words carved on the back of the ring. He took Alegria's right hand and put it on her ring finger. "It looks good on you." Bruno smiled as she looked at Alegria's hands.

Alegria shook her head. 'This is ridiculous.' She said to herself and went out of the house, running.

Bruno ran after her and grabbed her arms. "Alegria."

"Let me go!" She shook his hand and continued running.

"Alegria.." Bruno hugged Alegria's back tightly. "Please don't run away again. Don't leave me." Bruno softly said, his eyes turning red.

Alegria turned around to face Bruno. "So, what do you expect? 'I love you too and I wanna be your girl,' is that what you wanna hear?" Alegria said, trying to look angry and fierce in front of Bruno. Alegria was testing him, seeing how he would react. Bruno didn't know what to say.

"So, you're just gonna stand there and do nothing?" Alegria said, as she stared at Bruno. Bruno just kept silent. "I can't believe this." Alegria turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, she heard everybody shouting, calling Bruno. She turned around, curious. Bruno collapsed. "Oh my God.." She ran towards Bruno. "Bruno.. Bruno, wake up!" Alegria said, tapping Bruno's face. "Wake up, you jerk!" She got worried and suddenly, she felt tears running through her cheeks. "Bruno, please wake up. What I said earlier, I didn't mean them! I love you and I'm sorry..I was just testing you, so please! Wake up already!" Alegria shouted at Bruno.

Bruno opened his eyes. "What did you say?" Bruno smiled at Alegria.

"What the..." Alegria was shocked. Everybody laughed.

"See, I told you this would work." Phil said as he faced Bruno, trying to stop his laugh.

Bruno looked at Alegria. "I love you too." He said, smiling.

"Why you good-for-nothing jerk! Don't do that again or I'll kill you for sure!" Alegria said, embarrassed.

"Okay okay, I won't.." Bruno said, laughing. He looked at Alegria's lips and kissed her. Everybody applaused.

"Don't you ever make me worry like that!" Alegria said, as she hugged Bruno tightly.

"Phil, you're a genius!" Phredley said as he laughed with everybody.

"Nice acting, bro!" Eric said as he patted Bruno's back.

"I'm really gonna kill you all after this.." Alegria said, smiling as she wiped her tears.

"Now, the two of you, get up so we can go inside." Calyx said, smiling. He looked at Alegria. "We ordered some food to eat, so let's go inside." They all went inside the house and started eating the food that they have ordered. The sang, they danced, they had fun.

"So, how did you find me?" Alegria asked.

"You put your address on your fan book, so it was easy to track you." Bruno said, smiling at Alegria.

"Ohh.. I forgot." Alegria said as she laughed at herself. Alegria looked at him. "Bruno?"


"Wear yours."

"Wear what?"

"The ring, of course." She smiled.

"Oh, okay okay." Bruno said, and he took the ring box and took the ring out and wore it. "There." He said as he smiled at Alegria. "You should wear that everyday." Bruno said, referring to Alegria's ring.

"Of course I will. I won't take it off no matter what." She said.



"Cross your heart?"

"Cross my heart." Alegria chuckled. "You know, you are such a good actor. You really fooled me earlier." Alegria smiled as she looked at Bruno.

"You too, you made me believe you didn't care about me, and that you didn't love me." Bruno said as he chuckled. "Don't leave me again." Bruno said, looking into Alegria's eyes.

"I won't." Alegria said, and kissed Bruno's forehead and smiled.

"I love you." Bruno smiled at Alegria.

"I love you too." Alegria answered. Bruno caressed Alegria's cheek.

"Eherm.." Calyx coughed loudly, trying to catch Bruno and Alegria's attention. Calyx sat between Alegria and Bruno. "It doesn't mean that I allowed you to see my sister and kiss her lips, you can now touch her here and there. I'll still be here to guard her." Calyx said, protecting Alegria.

Alegria and Bruno laughed. "Don't worry, I'll respect you and your sister. By the way, thanks." Bruno said.

"For what?" Calyx asked.

"For helping me. If it weren't for your help, I maybe would have just been dumped by her." Bruno said as he chuckled and looked at Alegria.

"No problem, man. I just want to make my lil' sister happy." Calyx said. "You know Alegria, Bruno's been spying on us for four days."

"What do you mean?" Alegria curiously asked.

"I've found your house last Wednesday, but I still didn't have the courage to knock on your door and talk to you. So I came back on Thursday night and knocked on the door. I expected you to be the one opening the door, but I was surprised to see your brother." Bruno explained.

"I am more surprised to see 'Bruno Mars' standing in front of my door. You were still not home that time, you were out and buying some groceries, so I let him in and asked him what he needed. He explained to me everything that happened to the both of you and asked for my help. I asked him why I should help him and he just simply said he loved you and he can't live without you. So yeah, I told you I had a blind date and left early so he could fetch you from the house." Calyx added.

"So that's what happened.. You guys are unbelievable." Alegria said as she smiled.

Calyx looked at his clock. "Hey, I need to go."

"Where are you going?" Alegria asked, curious.

"I told you, I have a blind date." Calyx said, smiling at her sister.

"But I thought you just pretended that you had a blind date?" Alegria asked, confused.

"I do have a blind date, but it wasn't at lunch time. So I came here first. Well, I have to go now. Bye Alex." Calyx said and kissed her sister's cheeks. "You take care of my sister, alright?" Calyx looked at Bruno.

"Yes, I will." Bruno nodded.

"Well then, good bye." Calyx said, as he opened the door. Alegria waved good bye to his brother as he watched him leave.

"He's a great brother." Bruno said.

Alegria nodded in agreement. "He's the best. He always does everything to make me happy."

"I can see that." Bruno said and looked at Alegria. "Wanna go to the pool side?"

"Sure.." Alegria answered and followed Bruno. "You know, it's nice in here. Whose house is this?" Alegria asked.

"Jamareo's. He offered his house while we were just planning all of these."

"Wait, you planned this?" Alegria asked Bruno.

"Of course. We all planned this. The boys wanted to help me, so yeah. A big thanks to Jamareo for the house and to all of the boys for their help." Bruno said, smiling.

Alegria suddenly felt dizzy. "What's wrong?" Bruno asked.

"Nothing.. I just.. feel dizzy.." Alegria answered.

"Wait here, I'll just ask Jamareo if he has some medicine." Bruno ran inside the house. "Jamareo, do you have any medicine for head aches?" Bruno asked

"Why? What's the problem?" Jamareo asked, curious.

"Alegria's dizzy." Bruno answered.

"What? Wait, I'll go get one." Jamareo said as he walked inside a room.

"What's wrong, Bro?" Eric asked, walking towards Bruno.

"Alegria suddenly felt dizzy so I asked Jamareo if he had some medicine." Bruno answered.

"Here it is." Jamareo handed Bruno the medicine. Bruno went to the pool side immediately.

"Alegria, the medicine's here." Bruno said as he sat beside Alegria.

"Bruno.." Alegria weakly said as she turned around, holding her nose. Her nose was bleeding. She looked at Bruno. Suddenly, everything turned black.