Chapter 84-88

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“Diamond..” Bruno whispered. “Yes Bruno..” I said my eyes still closed. “What’s your favorite color?” I laughed a bit and shook my head, “That’s a really random question at almost 2 AM.” “Yeah.. but, still?” he said not changing his tone or topic. “Well.. I really don’t have one..” He started to move around and I opened my eyes to his, “Who doesn’t have a favorite color?” “Is there something wrong with that?” I said choking on my words. “A little bit.” he said lowering his tone. I figured that he was either bored or just wanting to talk even though he had nothing to talk to talk about. I on the other hand was tired as hell for some reason and I hadn’t even had a show. “Bruno.. I’m tired..” I said after a moment of silence. “So am I.” I laughed, “Well let’s go to sleep then.” “But, I don’t wanna go to sleep.” I rolled my eyes, “Then what’s up.” I sad putting my arms around him pulling myself even closer to him, so that no space was between us. “I wanna talk.” I frowned, “Right now?” He shrugged, “I mean why not?” “Okay… talk.” I said as I let out a sigh. He smiled, “So how was your day?” I rolled my eyes, “You’re kidding right?” His smile dropped, “I mean how do you feel baby..” I bit my lip and dug my thumbs into his side making him let out a half scream, half moan. He gave me a look and I held in my laughs. ”Good. Night.” Phred said in a sleepy voice. “See I told you..” Bruno whispered raising his eyebrow. I smiled and leaned in and gave him a kiss, “Go to sleep dude.” He smiled and closed his eyes, “Alright.”

I looked out to the thousands of people that screamed in front of me. I took a deep breath before I brung the mic to my mouth, “Manchester..” I backed up a bit and collected my thoughts before I spoke again, trying to fight my emotions. “Today is a special and very sad night because like I said tonight is the last night of our European… our European tour.” I stopped talking and once again scanned across all the faces that I could see out in the audience. “And umm… I don’t think any of us could be happier, celebrating it with you guys tonight so.. thank ya’ll so much..” Before my special ending that I always loved to do, I put my earpiece back into my ear with a smile and spoke once again, “Before we leave, I would love for ya’ll to help me finish this song alright.. so I wanna start it off, I wanna hear ya’ll singing..”

“The way you..” - “Areeeeeeeeeee”

“The way you..” - “Areeeeeeeeeee..”

“You’re so amazing..” - “Just the way you are..”

I couldn’t stop smiling as I listened to the crowd miss not one note. They just didn’t know how good it felt to be up here hearing someone not even from my country sing songs that I had wrote and put all my love into. I put every little thing I had into the last notes of this song, making sure they felt the same emotion that I felt. I had this bitter sweet feeling tonight. It was a feeling that I had really never gotten before, I knew that I was happy and that the time would come to do this all over again. But, I also knew that this moment, this moment right here, this feeling that I was getting would never happen again. I listened to the voices as they screamed and cheered for me over and over again, not wanting me to leave. But, the time came and of course I promised them that I would be back very, very soon. After the show was completely over, I jogged off of the stage grabbing my towel as I always did, finding it harder to wipe off my sweat, since I had just a little bit extra tonight. I took off all of my equipment setting it to the side. I let out a sigh of a little bit of accomplish, and a little bit of sadness as I sunk down into the couch. It had indeed been a long road that finally came to an end. I knew that now, I would actually be able to rest up, but I would miss my fans dearly.

“Wow..” Diamond said looking around the hotel room. I came up behind her, moving her hair to one side. I moved my arms around her, pulling her close, “I know and I made sure that we got a room by ourselves this time..” I whispered into her ear. I would try my hardest to do a better job with noise this time around, I was getting tired of the complaints just as much as they we’re getting tired of hearing it. She grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers together. “I love you.” I said as I rested my head on her shoulder. “I love you too Bru.” she said softly. It was late, and surprisingly I wasn’t trying to get intimate, I was tired after the couple of days on the road to get here. The short week ahead would be a busy one, rehearsals, interviews, you name it, my name was in it. It all led up to one of the most huge award shows here in Europe that I was honored to be in. After this was all said and done, I would be taking a well deserved break from music to focus on some really important things. When the second day of rehersals we’re over and the band and I went out on the town going to a couple of stores one which we almost got stuck in due to the overwhelming number of fans that had numbered up outside. Luckily, everyone got out alive and I was able to make it home that night. Later on me and Diamond sat out on the balcony talking and looking up to the stars. I snuck a cigarette in while she was too busy caught up in a story however, I still made sure that I heard every word.

“Bruno..” she said quickly looking over to me. “Hmm?” I said as I let the cigarette down to my side. “Do you ever feel like things happen to you and only you..” I frowned and looked away from her thinking. I shrugged, “I mean it depends on if it’s good or bad.” “I guess so..” she said exhaling. “What’s on your mind?” “I don’t know, it’s not really that clear to be honest..” I frowned taking a quick puff of my cigarette when she wasn’t paying attention to me, “You sure you don’t want to talk about it?” I said trying not to cough. “No.. I’m alright.” she said touching my thigh and getting up. I watched her walk past me not even looking at me back into the room. I got up and took another puff before putting it out on the wall and tossing it into the huge ashtray. She had started to strip down and go threw her suitcase. “Diamond, you sure you alright?” I asked sliding the door closed. “I’m fine Bru..” she said softly. I could tell by the tone of her voice that she wasn’t alright. I honestly knew it since this was the first time that she hadn’t caught me smoking with me so close to her. “Hey hey come on.. don’t lie to me.” She looked up to me with a frown, “What?” I put on a huge smile as I walked towards her but, it didn’t make her smile. I grabbed her arm and pulled her up from her suitcase, “Come here..” I said softly.

“What Bruno..” she said looking down to the floor. “Talk to me.” I simply said. She shook her head a bit not saying anything and my smile slowly went away. “You know I can feel it when you’re hurting right?” She nodded as she brung her eyes back up to mine. “Right?” I said again nodding. “Yes.” I pulled her closer intertwining my fingers on her back, “Then let me help.” “I just really hate talking about this because I know that neither of us can fix this and I just—” I cut her off, “Hey stop.. just say it.” “I want kids Bruno.” Her words hit me hard and I felt some of the pain all over again. I looked away, “Diamond I’m sorry.” “See this is why I didn’t want to say anything.” I took a deep breath and slowly let my hands go from behind her. I backed away reaching up and adjusting my hat. I brung my hand up to my face lightly grabbing at my nose trying not to let my emotions get the best of me right now. “I try not to think about it, but that was something that I wanted with you for so long, only you and it mean’t a lot to me to have a family.” The more words she said, the more it began to hurt again. I put my hand out waving it a bit, “Can we not talk about it please..” “But, you told me—” “No.. I just can’t think about that alright.” I said shrugging and trying not to make eye contact with her. No one in the world, not even her understood how much pain that the thought of this topic took me through. Sadly, that was the one thing that I actually wanted to forget about. “I’m sorry..” “It’s not you’re fault.. don’t be sorry.” I said sitting on the edge of the bed. That day started to replay over in my head, and I so badly wanted those thoughts to go away.

I took my hat off setting it on the bed next to me. I took several breaths as I ran my hands back and forth threw my hair. “Bruno.. please don’t.” “I’m trying..” I said letting my hands fall back down to my lap. After another couple of seconds, I found myself fighting back tears. I suddenly felt her taking my head in her arms, feeling her heart beat lightly against my face. “I know.. I’m sorry.” she said after a moment. I put my arms around her again turning my head and pressing my face into her chest. I kept telling myself over and over in my head that I was strong and after a couple of minutes I managed to get a hold of myself. I felt her warm hands on my face, moving it up to look at her. She looked down to me with a soft smile, making me feel a bit better. We just looked into each other’s eyes, and I hated that we both had to live with this memory. She kept smiling as she moved her fingers across parts of my face, comforting me like no other. It was a little bit harder for me to sleep that night with those thoughts attacking the ones that I was trying to have but, I managed to make it to sleep some hour or so after she did. I woke up way earlier then I wanted too and took a trip to the bathroom before I threw on some clothes and went out on the balcony to smoke. I took my time finally getting my thoughts cleared enough to focus on something that I had been wanting to think about for a long time now.

I smiled to myself as I talked to my mom and got some plans together for when we came home for the holidays. I saw Diamond sitting up on the edge of the bed as I said to my goodbyes and sent my love out to everyone else. I slid the door open and closed it back with a smile as I walked over to the bed and took a seat next to her. She rubbed her eyes before she looked over to me with a smile. “How about we do something today, me and you..” I said cheerfully. “Okay.” she said threw a little laugh that always managed to make me feel good. We both went out  and spent a short time together that I guess you could call a date. Having some breakfast and sharing our excitement for going back to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. I had more than just a couple of reasons to be happy to get back home, I just couldn’t wait I thought to myself as I watched her talk. The next couple of days went by fast and I woke up the day of the award show with a smile on my face. Today was a big day and I just wanted to get out and have some fun with my band and hopefully celebrate that night with my lady. I hope Europe was ready for all that I had coming their way…




“I’m fine..” I said softly looking down to the floor. “How’s Bruno?” “He’s fine.. I’m pretty excited about his show tonight..” I said with a small smile. “Diamond.. are you sure everything is alright?” I don’t know why I always tried to hide how I really felt. My voice always gave it away. Both Bruno and my mom always knew before I even told them. “No mom, I’m thinking about kids again..” I admitted. I could tell by the way she exhaled that it was hard for her to think about it too. “I’m trying mom, I really am but, I just can’t not picture what it would have been like..” “I know sweetie.” I turned my head shaking it a bit, looking out the window. As soon as I felt myself start to tear up she called me. Her voice sounded faint but, I was just too caught up in the moment to respond. “Diamond.” “Yes mom..” “Have you talked to him about adoption?” I blinked a couple of times realizing that it had never even crossed my mind once. “No.” “Well maybe you could start there.. Bruno has always been understanding..” I nodded slowly really not knowing how I would start the conversation of kids up again with him, especially on a day like today. “Maybe.” I said under my breath. “Maybe.. you should call him right now..” she said mocking me. I smiled a bit, “Maybe.. I don’t wanna upset him all over again.” “Call him.” she said hanging up. I looked at my phone in mock horror, is she serious. I let my hand with my phone in it fall down to my lap. I ran my other hand across my face making a weird noise as it passed my mouth. I looked at my phone and went right to his number. I just stared at it like I was about to make this huge decision. I mean I could always wait, but I didn’t want to wait too long and still feel like this.

“Hype isn’t even the word..” I said as I zipped up my guitar case. “Oh you up there huh?” “You know it.” I said out the side of my mouth. I stood up straight stretching a bit as he looked down to his watch. “Alright man.. I’m gonna go grab me something to eat..” “Cool..” I said shrugging. He gave me a look, “You hungry?” I grabbed at my stomach shaking my head, “Na.. I went to breakfast with Diamond this morning.” He shrugged, “Alright man catch you later..” I smiled as he walked past me and patted me on the back lightly. “Alright Phil.” I said as he closed the door behind him. I looked around to the empty dressing room before looking down to my watch, I guess I should have went with Phil. There was still about 4 hours before I was even supposed to be out on the carpet. I quickly turned around and ran out the door, “Hold up Phil!” I yelled down the hallway as he was about to turn the corner. He smiled, “I knew ya’ ass was hungry.” I waved him off before I got to his side. We went out and got some to a spot that wasn’t too far from the venue. I had been eyeing since we had got here and we sat down in the back and ordered us some cheeseburgers and french fries. It wasn’t the best I had, had before considering that I didn’t need it since I was trying to work on my figure but, I tore it up anyway. 

I sat back grabbing at my stomach with a satisfied look on my face. “Fat as hell..” Phil said shaking his head. I put my hand out, “Ladies love it.” He laughed, “Yeah okay.” I brung my arm up to my face glancing at my watch. Only 30 minutes had passed. I sat up putting my elbows into the table, “Are you kidding me it’s only been 30 minutes..?” “Uh yeah.” he said sarcastically. “Damn man time is moving slow as hell.” “No it’s not you just eating like you ain’t never ate before..” he said pointing to my empty plate. I glanced down to it and smiled, “It wasn’t half bad.” We both lifted up and got our wallets, “Let’s get out of here before I’m tempted to have another.” He shook his head as we slid out of the booth. “You love me.” I said out the side of my mouth. As soon as I turned around my huge smile dimmed down a bit. I made eye contact with a couple of paparazzi that we’re posted up outside. “Oh look company.” Phil said. I felt like they we’re waiting just for me. Just my luck.

“How’s Zadeh?” I said smiling as the wind blew my hair wildly. “Getting big, looking just like his dad.” “Awwww.. I miss all of you!” I said smiling from ear to ear. “We miss you too Diamond.. so much.” “I promise I won’t stay gone too long alright?” “Uh hell yeah girl, we haven’t gotten a chance to go out since I’ve had Zadeh.. you know I’m going threw withdrawls.” I laughed, “I know I know.. that’s the first thing we’ll do when I get home okay?” “Don’t play with my emotions.” she said seriously. “I’m not playing, we’ll all go out, and then we’ll spend a weekend together catching up.” I suddenly heard crying threw the phone and I brung my ear away from it a bit. “Ouch.. he sounds upset..” “He’s just an attention whore like his daddy.” I laughed, “I see.” “I’ll hit you up later, you kiss Phil for me.” “Alright I love you Leiyah.” “I love you too Dymez.” I smiled as I hung up. Instead of calling Bruno earlier, I went threw almost all my contacts calling other people instead. It really had been passing the time by but, of course this was all still sitting in the back of my mind. After standing there thinking about it all over again, I dialed Bruno’s number and didn’t hang up.

“I was just about to call you.” he said making me smile like no other, I could just see his. “Yeah? Well I win.” He laughed, “What’s up babe.. how’s the day treating you..” “Well.. I talked to just about everyone from home..” “Oh yeah? How are they holding up?” “Everyones good.. good.” “Good.. what you doing now?” “Just stepped back into the room.” I said sliding the glass door behind me. “You feel like coming up here.. a little early?” I froze up a bit, I knew it would be harder telling him in person. “That would be awesome.” “Yeah.. I’m just giving up on my hair.” he said laughing. I laughed too, “That’s what I’m here for Bru.” “Alright.. now stop talking and get ya’ ass up here.” he said hanging up. I laughed and shook my head as I hung my phone up. I took the next 15 minutes, freshening up and getting my things together. I didn’t feel like putting on my fancy dress right now, so I packed it to put on later. Getting a cab in other countries wasn’t as bad as it was back home. People might have knew who you we’re but, they didn’t make you feel abnormal. However, my cab driver made me feel awkward the entire ride, smiling at me like I was Bruno himself. “You have a good night.” he said turning around to me as I started to get out. I smiled a bit, trying not to show how creeped out I was. “Thanks you too.” I said before closing the door. I turned around quickly and walked away before I could even make myself look to see if he was still looking at me.

I didn’t know if I was dreaming or not when I felt someones hands move into my t-shirt. I frowned a bit but, didn’t feel anything else. It wasn’t until they got up to my chest that I quickly opened my eyes and sat up. “Whoa.. don’t kill me Mr. Mars.” Diamond said backing away. I grabbed at my shirt, “You can’t be feeling all up on me while I’m sleep.” “I’m sorry you look like you needed to be… touched.” she said whispering the last part. I laughed and pulled her down to me by her thighs, “Come here..” She pushed her knees down into the couch between my legs laughing, I bit my lip before I kissed her softly, “Can you answer one question for me.” She kissed me again, “Mhmm.” I kissed her again, “Why is time moving so slow for me today?” She kissed my nose instead of my lips this time, “Because you got a big head.” I grabbed her arms and pushed her away from me, “I do not.” I said trying to sound hurt. She laughed and looked away, “I’m sorry..” I pulled her back down to me, wrapping my arms around her tightly, “You alright?”

My smile faded. There that question was, the one I knew he would ask. “I’m fine Bruno..” He started to slide his hands into my jeans, “You sureeee?” I started to smile again, “Yes. ” “Don’t you lie to me Diamond, I don’t like when you lie.” he said grabbing my ass. I closed my eyes and exhaled, “Stop..” “Or what?” he said grabbing it a bit tighter. “Or I won’t give you what you’re trying to get right now.” “Shit.. I’m going to get it.. regardless.” he said making the tone of his voice get lower. Before things could get any further than they needed too in this dressing room I pushed at his chest moving myself up and his arms away. “Aww.. you suck.” he said putting his lip out. I shrugged, “Bruno I actually wanna talk.” I said looking at his face but not in his eyes. He frowned, “What’s up?” I took a deep breath and he pulled me back down again, onto his lap this time. “Well.. you know what we we’re talking about last night right..” I said my voice breaking up. “Yeah..” he said slowly. He just stared at me as I took a second and decided on how I was going to put this. His phone started to ring, a second too late. “Hold up.” he said holding me with one arm and going in his pocket for his phone. “Shit.. I gotta take this babe..” he said patting my thigh. I moved from off of him. “Hello?” he said getting up off the couch.

I put my hands up to my face, why am I making this more difficult then it needs to be. Maybe it was because I knew just how much it really affected him. I didn’t pay attention to his conversation as much as I paid attention to my thoughts. “Alright sorry about that baby.. now what’s up?” he said coming over and grabbing a seat next to me again. “You know your new song, how’s the video coming along?” He frowned, “But.. we didn’t talk about that last night?” Oh god, why does this guy have to be so smart I said to myself in my head. “We didn’t, maybe it was this morning.. I don’t know I’ve talked about a lot today..” I said quickly. He gave me and look and put his hand up to my forehead, “Are you sick?” I laughed and moved his hand away, “I’m fine Bru.” “Alright..” he said nodding his head. For the thousandth time in my life, I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and talked about things about Bruno’s career. He told me about how he decided to make a second cut of the video and the more he talked about it the more skeptical I got. “And what’s going on now?” He shrugged not looking me in the eyes, “It just needed more of something..” “What’s going on in the video it’s self is what I’m asking..” “You know.. I think you should wait until it comes out..” he finally said. “Oh okay.” I said nodding.

We quickly moved pass the topic, talking about everything under the sun. He looked at his watch, “See this is why I just need to stay with you all the time, look how fast time has moved.” he said putting his wrist with the watch way closer to my face then he needed too. I pushed him away laughing, “I’m not blind Bruno!” He laughed, “I was just making sure.” “How long you got?” “About an hour and a half.” “I guess we can start working on this..” I said looking up to his head full of curls all tangled and messed up. He reached up and played around in them, “I guess so.” I stood up and went about getting his comb when I turned back around he was messing around in them, trying not to make them seem as worst as they we’re. “There is no point of you trying now..” I said shaking my head. He slowly let his arms down, a defeated look on his face. I put my knees into the couch again between his legs, back in the same position we we’re in earlier. I ran my fingers threw his hair, untangling the big curls first. I listened to his breathing get heavier as the minutes passed. “You alright down there?” I said smirking and continuing. “Mhmm..” he hummed. I smiled even bigger and started to massage my fingers into his scalp. “Owhh..” he whispered. I continued on, going over every spot of his head. “I’m not gonna lie to you, this is turning me on.” I laughed, “I think it’s supposed too..?” He moved his head away looking me in the eyes, “So you’re doing this on purpose?” he said putting on a fake mad face. I laughed, “I mean no but, if—” he cut me off grabbing me by my thighs and holding me up.

“No.. Bruno seriously stop!” I yelled grabbing on the back of shirt for dear life. He laughed and pushed me back down into the couch, pinning me down with his body. I rolled my eyes, “Really?” He went in and started kissing my jawline and of course I grabbed at his arms, trying to stop him. “Just remember where we are..” I whispered my eyes closed. “I know exactly where we are..” he whispered back in between one of his kisses. “Bruno..” I tried to whisper but, ended up moaning. He brung his head up looking at me in the eyes, “You need something?” “What if someone comes..” He frowned, “I don’t care.. you know I don’t care..” he said seriously. I exhaled, “Okay..” “What is today, what is the time, what is the date!” he said quickly. “What?” I said frowning confused. “You’re actually giving in to me..” I rolled my eyes, “Just hurry before I change my mind.” He made a surprised face and went in and started kissing me again his hands moving into my shirt, here this guy goes taking me to the top…




This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

Time suddenly started to move quick as I reached for the button of her jeans, our tongues moving with each others in the process. I stopped for a second, out of breath trying to focus on pulling them off. I guess that I wasn’t paying too much attention to how fast I was moving. “Slow down..” she giggled softly. I looked up to her eyes and smirked. She raised a eyebrow and I held my smirk and nodded. However, I only slowed down a bit, having my jeans unbuttoned also in the next couple of seconds. She pushed herself up and started kissing from my jawline down to my neck, turning me on more than I already was. I felt her hands on mine, helping me push my briefs down over my thighs. “Oh god baby..” I breathed out as she grabbed me softly. She stroked me a couple of times before I pushed her back. I bit my lip and studied her face as I let myself down on top of her grabbing her thighs and pushing them around mine. I adjusted my body before reaching down in between us, sliding myself right in. She immediately bit her lip and moved her hands to my back, grabbing at my t-shirt. I put my face next to hers, thrusting slow and taking in each and every small moan she let out. I loved it when she moaned my name directly in my ear like she was. I wrapped my arms even farther around her thighs, pulling them up even more. The longer I went at it, the better her moans started to sound. I moved my mouth from her ear down to her neck, biting at it gently. “Bruno.. go deeper.” she whispered. I exhaled and pulled her thighs farther into me, doing just what she asked.

I threw my head back, letting out a louder moan, pulling at his shirt more. The grip he had on my thighs was getting tighter by the minute. I could feel him so close to my spot and I so badly wanted him to hit it. I started moving my hips against his and he started to let moans out that made me smile. Each second brought us both more and more pleasure. “Baby.. you almost there?” he breathed out into my neck. “Almost Bru..” I moaned back closing my eyes. I moved my arms around his grabbing onto his shoulders. I moved his now damp t-shirt out of the way, kissing and sucking on his collar bone. He started to speed up and I let my head fall back, just waiting for a climax to start. “Diamond.. hurry please..” he moaned right into my ear. I just nodded, squeezing my eyes tighter. “Shit..” he said under his breath. “What..?” I whispered opening my eyes staring right at is neck. I felt his breath on my ear again before he spoke, “Just hurry..” Him rushing me really wasn’t helping but, I focused as much as I could. He started to push himself into me wildly, biting on my neck a little harder than I wanted him too.

“Baby..” he moaned when I really wasn’t expecting it. Before I could respond I felt him push deeper into me, his moans growing louder than mine. I tried to watch his face out the corner of my eye but, he had it so far down that I couldn’t see it. He let out one last deep one that took me by surprise before he made one tight grip of my thighs. He let them go and froze, not moving anything anymore. I laid there for a second, confused. “Fuck..” he said his voice muffled by my shirt. “Did.. you just cum?” I asked trying not to make it sound too bad. “I’m so sorry Diamond..” I pressed my lips together, holding in a small laugh. He swung his head back up looking me in the eyes, I quickly dropped my expression and studied his sweaty face. “I don’t even know what to say..” he said looking away from my face. “Let’s just get dressed before someone comes..” I said pushing at his chest a bit. “No.” he said quickly turning back around. I shrugged, “I mean there really—” he quieted me with a kiss. I closed my eyes and kissed him back feeling him lift from off of me. When he moved his face from mine he immediately moved my shirt up, going down and kissing my stomach. I started to say something but, then he looked up at me with that look and I just lost what I was going to say. He carefully moved his mouth upwards as he pulled my shirt farther up, exposing my chest. He grabbed onto the sides of my bra, pulling them over.

I closed my eyes again as he grabbed onto one pressing his lips against them gently before opening his mouth and taking my nipple in. He knew just what that did to me, and I could feel his eyes looking right up at me. He sucked and licked on it gently making me squirm. He moved over to the other giving it the same treatment before I felt one of his hands inching its way down in between my legs. He started to play with me, making me arch my back and call out his name. He didn’t give me a chance to react before he moved his mouth from uptop to down below. I quickly opened my eyes and they locked onto him as he stuck out his tongue before it went inside me. He finally closed his eyes and buried his face into me, making sure that he licked in every spot possible. I moved my hands down overtop his that had my thighs pushed up. I watched him go at, loving every movement that he made. I finally felt myself near a peak, and I could tell he knew it. I closed my eyes tight, finally moving my hands to his hair that was damp from his sweat. “Bruno.. I’m gonna cum..” I whispered but, loud enough for him to hear. I felt him open his mouth wider, moving his tongue even faster against my spot. I threw my head back, letting out sharp breaths as a climax took control of my entire body. I moaned countless times, still feeling his tongue take me farther and farther. I froze up, trying to get ahold of myself after what just happened.

He kissed me gently sending one final shiver threw my body before bringing his face up. He smiled at me raising an eyebrow making me smile and look away. “I hope you didn’t think I was gonna let you leave this room without hearing those moans.” he said proudly. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, playing around. He laughed as he crawled off of the couch pulling his underwear and jeans up. “I don’t know what happened though..” he said quietly looking to the floor. “Don’t worry about it..” I said frowning and pulling my jeans up as well. I studied his body as he fixed his jeans, and messed around in his hair. “You need a shower..” I said teasing him. He stood up stretching, “And a nap..” I quickly looked around the room for a clock, “Bruno what time is it?” He looked at his watch and then back to me his eyes widening, “Shit I only got 30 minutes..” I quickly threw myself up from the couch jumping all the way into my jeans. He started looking left and right unsure of what to do. “Go take a shower!” I yelled at him laughing. “Oh right.” he said pulling his shirt over his head, he ran around grabbing things before disappearing into the bathroom at the end of the room. I went to the mirror, fixing my hair and clothes, scared that someone was defiantly going to notice what just happened. I decided to just put my hair up until later until I saw a hickey. “Great..” I said to myself. I quickly turned around to the bathroom door opening.

“Baby.. I need you help me out quick..” he said dropping all of the things in his hands in a chair nearby. I got up, “Alright..” “Starting with this..” he said strongly pointing to his hair. I laughed, before pushing him into a chair behind him playfully, “I got it.” I moved quickly, working with his hair as people started to fill the room, some half dressed, some fully. “Pink suits huh?” I said to Bruno as I continued on his hair. “Yeah you know.. gotta hit em’ with something new.” he said out the side of his mouth. I smiled a bit as I finished up. “Alright.” I said backing away and checking him out. He spun around in the chair making faces at himself in the mirror. I hit him, “Hurry up fool!” He grabbed at his arm a hurt expression on his face before getting up. I left the room quickly, giving them all a chance to finish up getting dressed. I made my way pass countless dressing rooms, reading the signs of superstars that I didn’t think that I would ever meet. I found a window at the end of the hall and stood up on the ledge putting my head out it, just trying to get some fresh air. I could hear everything from screaming to the snapping of cameras. This was a lot bigger than I thought it was. Everything nowadays that Bruno was apart of was unreal. I was waiting on the day when it would just hit me in the head but, it still hadn’t. Maybe it was because he hadn’t changed not one bit. Usually when people got even just a little bit of fame under their belt, they changed for the worst.

“Hey, aren’t you Bruno Mars’ girl?” I heard from behind me. I quickly moved my head in, trying not to fall in the process. My eyes locked on with this lady’s. She was a bit taller than me and reminding me of those models that you seen in the soap commercials. I smiled softly, “Yeah that’s me.” “Aww, you’re one lucky girl..” she said looking me up and down. I paid no attention to it, continuing to be friendly. “Thanks.” I simply said. “Enjoy the show..” she said waving to me and disappearing around a corner. I rolled my eyes when, maybe I was just being simple minded. I wasn’t going to let her upset me, I just couldn’t tell if she was being friendly or rude. I moved pass the situation making my way up to Bruno’s dressing room passing by important looking people that I wouldn’t dare say a word too. As soon as I grabbed at the doorknob, Kameron opened it looking all handsome in his pink suit. “Hey look at you!” I said teasing him. He moved aside, “I know..” I waved him off, my eyes searching the room for Bruno. He walked from out of the bathroom, looking down at his blazer buttoning it. “Wow..” I said under my breath. I never thought he could look so good in a color like pink. He only had one or two pink shirts that I knew of.

He brung his head up, his focused expression dropping when he saw me. He smiled, flashing all of his teeth and raising his eyebrows. I walked over to him and he kissed me, “Guess what?” “What?” I said looking at his lips. “I’m bringing the Harlem shake back.” I shook my head laughing, “What?” “You know the Harlem shake..” he said starting to dance. I just kept shaking my head laughing, I still don’t know how or why I found this guy but, I’m glad I did.




I nodded and spoke a different word to each of the guys as they walked out of the dressing room. Bruno was last and when I got to him, I leaned in and gave him a sweet kiss. He held his eyes closed a bit longer than he usually did as he pulled away. I smiled, “Have fun Bru.” “Oh I’ll be back.” he said raising his eyebrow. Right as he was about to leave he turned around. “Shit.” he said under his breath. I started looking around, “What?” I moved a bit as he reached behind me grabbing his sunglasses that we’re sitting on the vanity. I gave him a look, “Really? Here?” He threw them on and pulled at his blazer, “You know me.” I rolled my eyes and pushed him out the door, making sure I touched his butt some. “I felt that..” he said threw a giggle as he walked down the hallway. I watched him a little longer than I should have, just admiring the way he even walked. I still don’t know why the little things about him fascinate me like they do. I loved the fact that we we’re both alike in one of the biggest ways, we love and cherish the simple things in life. I had never been a girl who was about money, or being popular, actually being a worldwide musician’s wife is a little more than what I pictured life out to be. I took a deep breath backing into the room and closing the door. I sat down at the vanity, looking myself in the eyes. My hair was a complete mess compared to when I had first got here. I laughed to myself, replaying what had just happened a good hour ago in here. I guess Bruno was just going to get me to have sex with him in everywhere possible. But, how could I not love it. You would think that after being with the same person for years, things would just get more boring and you would start to get tired. But Bruno, he was just so different. Each time was a complete adventure, and I loved not knowing what was coming. I exhaled, taking my mind off of sex and back to what was going on right now. Bruno was up for a couple of awards, and he was always confident and optimistic but, I knew behind all of his words that he was nervous as ever.

“Shit..” I said letting out a breath to myself. “You alright?” Phil said from the side of me. I quickly swung my head around, surprised that he even heard me. “Yeah.. I’m good..” I said looking him up an down a bit. “Yeah..” he said sarcastically turning away from me. I  got back to my own thoughts. This all was feeling like the Grammys all over again. I still don’t know till this day how I even got through that day. I started to undo my tie as we made our way back to the dressing room. I was the first to open the door, seeing Diamond bring her head up from her phone, smiling. I instantly started to smile with her. She got up, “How was it guys?” she said bringing her arms up a bit before letting them fall back down to her thighs. I shrugged a bit, finishing up pulling my tie off as the guys started to fill the room again. “You know baby.. same ol’ shit..” I said softly, trying not to aware her too much of how I was really feeling on the inside. She came up to me with that same face that she gave me every time she knew I was feeling unconfident. “Hey..” she said quietly grabbing at my shoulders and sliding her hands down to my arms. I looked up slowly to her eyes, squeezing my tie in my hand. “You got this okay..” she said only quiet enough for the both of us to hear. “I know..” I breathed out moving my eye contact elsewhere around the room. I felt her grip on my chin pulling my face back towards hers, “Be yourself.” I smiled a bit, looking down to the tie in my hands. “Seriously Bru.. you know this isn’t you.. I know you’re happy to be here…” “I am.” I said nodding. She moved her hands to mine, “Then act like it.” I took a deep breath, “Alright baby.. thank you.” I said smiling and looking into her eyes.

I stood in front of the dressing room pacing. I still don’t remember the time when my heart was racing like this. Bruno was about to go out on stage and perform and by the way he was explaining things, it was going to be a lot of fun. I leaned my back against the wall and looked up to his tag next to the door and smiled a bit to myself. I turned my head looking up and down the hallway, tapping my feet and moving my hands in and out of my pockets like I was crazy. What the hell was I nervous for all of a sudden. It was like things took me by surprise when they shouldn’t. Finally the door opened and I quickly moved up locking eyes with Phil. He started smiling and so did I. “You ready?” he said holding out his arms like he was gonna hug me. I didn’t know what to do so I shrugged smiling like a fool. He laughed and moved aside, “I introduce to you, the Hooligans.” he said in a TV announcer tone. I started clapping as each of them walked out of the room making poses like they we’re in a fashion show all in those baby blue suits. When Bruno finally got to me he gave me that soft smile that I always loved. I looked up to his hair and touched it, “I love it.” He laughed softly and looked down to the floor before looking back up to me. “You know what this is for right?” “What do you mean?” I said a bit confused. He took my face in his hands and moved my ear to his mouth. “I choose this color.. because of our son.” he whispered. I closed my eyes tightly and pressed my lips back as he let me go. I suddenly felt myself fighting back tears. “Don’t..” he said softly observing my face. I took a sharp breath in, pulling myself together. He gave me a smile that once again made everything alright.

I stood on the side of the stage nervously playing with Bruno’s ID card I had around my neck. He kept this huge secret of what song he was going to do, and I was just dying to hear. I watched them as they got all set up on stage, standing in their positions waiting for the cue to start. I closed my eyes and grabbed at the chain more as a soft melody started to fill my ears. Bruno took one step forward and rose the microphone to his mouth, starting to sing those all too familiar lyrics of Marry You. I started smiling from ear to ear as he counted down and they began the song with so much energy. I was pretty sure everyone in this hall could feel it. They jumped around like little kids, and I just watched and in a way this performance made me wish I was out there with them. From time to time I watched Ryan and Dre dance a bit in the place they we’re standing in. It was a beautiful moment, and in the end Bruno had yet again sang his heart out. They ran off stage, Bruno running right into my arms still breathing heavy from his jumping around. He sloppily kissed me, “Gotta go.” I wiped my mouth off laughing as I watched him run back down to his dressing room with the other guys. I exhaled out of satisfaction, he didn’t know it but, he seemed to glow when he was happy like that.

Dre went off to find out where we would be sitting while I stood there quietly with Ryan watching people look important and run around like crazy. “You’re lucky..” I heard Ryan say from behind me. I turned around to him frowning, “What?” He shrugged, “You’re just lucky.” I rolled my eyes, “Ok Ryan.” No matter what me and Ryan always fought like we we’re brothers and sisters. It was like a back and forth thing, when me and him we’re having problems he was fine with Bruno. When him and Bruno we’re having problems, I was fine with him. I nervously walked close behind Ryan, honestly wanting to hold his hand because of the feeling I was getting in my stomach. It wasn’t that I wasn’t used to all these different people, it was just the fact that it was so many people. In a way it felt like it was more than the Grammys. We got a seat close to the back end of the place and I took a deep breath as I sat down. “You alright?” Ryan said looking over to me. I turned my head to him trying to smile, “Yeah.” I sat there for 15 more minutes having small talk with him and awkwardly looking at the show still going on it front of me. I had no idea why I was acting like this but, maybe I was just still a little shook up from the performance. The lights got dim again and the show continued with more announcements and performances. Right in the middle of one, I felt Bruno slip in the seat next to me. I turned to him smiling as he kept his attention on the performance going on. I also shifted my attention back and we both clapped and enjoyed it until it was over.

After watching the show go on, and watching my name go across as a nominee each time not winning the category I sat there still happy for whoever else won. I was never one to get jealous especially over something like an award. It only mean’t that there was something I could get better at. “Bru.. what ya thinking about?” Diamond asked squeezing my hand. I turned to her shaking my head, “Nothin’ babe.” “Alright.” she said smiling making me do the same. When another break was over, two announcers came up on the stage and I watched closely as they talked about the next category, the last one I was up for. I felt my heartbeat speed up a bit as the nominees started to go across the screen again. ‘Come on, come on..’ I said constantly over and over to myself in my head, making my grip tighter on Diamond’s hand. After my name left her lips, I almost didn’t know what to do. I felt Diamond lightly push at my side, kind of waking me up from my trance. I let her hand go shaking hands and hugging with Ryan before greeting others across the way and dancing. As I walked up to the stage, one thousand things started to go through my mind. I had no idea what I was going to say or do but, I felt the spotlight on me heavy. They handed me my award and I danced around a bit trying to let out some of the anxiety I felt building up. I went to the microphone and did the first thing my mind told me to do, yell. “YEAHHHHHHHHHH!” I yelled as everyone cheered and screamed with me in front of me. They chanted my name and I felt my heart being pulled at from every direction. I took a deep breath and began rambling on, honestly having no idea what I wanted to say from word to word. I knew that I was nervous, but I had gotten pretty good at keeping it under control by now.

I stood there my hands over my mouth as Bruno spoke on, I could tell by the way he was standing that he was so nervous. In the end, he said the right things and thanked his fans that I was also thankful for. All artists always said at every award show that I had been too or seen that they we’re nothing without their fans but, every time Bruno said something like it I knew that he mean’t it from the bottom of his heart. I watched him walk backstage and I knew that I would get a text message from him soon so I pulled out my phone. Not even one minute later. (YEAH BABY!!!) I smiled hard, shaking my head just picturing the grin on his face. (I KNOW BRU I KNOW!) I texted back so excited that I didn’t even know what to say myself. When we got the signal me, Ryan, and the others followed Dre back to the backstage where me and Bruno we’re reunited again. He took me in for a hug and I finally gave him his congratulations kiss. “You know how much that means to me?” he asked holding me close to him. “I’m pretty sure I know.” I giggled. “And I still can’t wrap my mind around the thought that this is only the beginning baby.. only the beginning.” “And I’m gonna be here with you threw it all.” I said causing him to stare at me. He shook his head, “I love you.” “I love you too Bru.” I said softly staring into his eyes. He hugged me again and I pushed my face into his neck, taking in his scent and leaving a kiss there before we unlocked. “Now..” he said as if he was announcing something looking around him making sure everyone was listening. “IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!” he yelled standing up on his toes. We all threw our hands up in the air, screaming and cheering as if no one was in that entire building with us. I loved these guys more than life.




“You know I really like it when you wear this dress..” I whispered into Diamond’s ear as we slow danced. “I know.” she whispered back slowly. I moved my hands a little bit farther down her hips, watching her start to smile even more out the corner of my eye. “Remember where we are.” “I’m always alert.” I said putting my mouth right on her ear. The night was going amazing so far, everyone had stopped me at a couple of drinks because they didn’t want my birthday to have a repeat. But, if I wanted to have a good time then it was going to happen. “Bru..” “Hmm..” “I’m really proud of you.” I smirked, “I know baby.. thank you..” “No like I don’t think you realize how far you’ve come.” I thought for a second, some of the reality honestly smacking me in the face. Life wasn’t perfect right now, but it was damn near close. I honestly didn’t want a perfect life, cause nothing in this world person or thing is perfect. “And you’ve just worked so hard.. all these years.” she continued. I nodded closing my eyes and letting her words fill my ears. “I feel honored to be with you.” I smirked, “Calm down now… this is turning me on.” She laughed, “Of course it is.” I kissed her ear, still making sure we moved smoothly to the music, “I love you more than the law should allow.” She laughed again, making me smile. “The feeling is mutual.” After the song was over, we both caught a break Diamond going to the restroom and me taking a trip to the bar. I slapped hands with Ryan as I pushed myself up into the stool.

I looked down to my hands playing with my rings as I thought. “Hey B..” “Yeah..?” I said not looking up to him. “You really love that girl don’t you?” I looked up to him a bit his question taking me off guard, he had honestly never asked me this before. “Yeah.. I do.. like a lot. And sometimes it’s so much that I just can’t even express it like I really want too.” I said gesturing with my hands. He patted me on the back, “I can see it.” I laughed, “It’s taken you this long.. to see it?” “No.. I’ve always seen it but, now I can feel it.” I nodded, staring at him for a bit before looking away. Little did he know that words that coming from him mean’t a lot. He wasn’t always too open with his comments and feelings. As I looked up I seen Diamond walking over to me. She got up on the stool next to me rubbing my back, “You okay?” I looked over to him and then back to my hands again exhaling, “Yeah I’m alright babe.” “You sure..?” she asked a little worried. I rubbed my hand on her knee a bit before getting up, letting her know that I was fine. It really wasn’t anything wrong with me but, this entire love thing was pulling at my heart tonight. I scanned around the room a bit before I turned back to Diamond putting out my hand. She locked her fingers with mine and I pulled her back onto the dance floor. I performed a bit and then we took out party back to the tour bus where things get even wilder.

I grabbed my head, wincing in pain as I woke up the next day. I moved my arm in front of my face, pushing my flannel back to look at my watch. “Damn.” I groaned as I realized that it was almost 2 P.M. I looked over to Diamond, still fast asleep. I smiled a bit, slowly pushing my legs from hers. I grabbed at my shirt on my chest looking at it still trying to figure out when I put it on. I let myself down from bunk, slowly creeping down the hall feeling like my own footsteps we’re echoing around the whole bus. I used the bathroom and washed my hands before looking at myself in the mirror. I looked so tired and I knew that I was going to be wearing a hat for awhile. The next couple of days would be slight stressful. That long flight back home and a couple of meetings to go too but, I knew that I would be just fine. I went back to the bunks grabbing a hat and throwing it on my head before walking out into the common area to find Dre sitting at the table. He looked me up and down before looking back to his newspaper. I smirked as I walked over opening the cupboards looking for something I could throw down the hatch. “You won’t find anything in there..” he said from behind his newspaper. “Huh?” I said backing up and looking at him past the cupboard door. “You gonna have to cook something, you ate all the pop tarts man..” I turned my head back to cupboard a bit disappointed. The day before yesterday, the exact moment when I ate the last pack of poptarts, flashed threw my head. “Shit.” I said as I closed them. Dre laughed at me and I mimicked his laugh right back. He moved his paper giving me a look and I smiled like a little kid. “Better ask Diamond.” he said moving his paper back up. I took a deep breath, “I always ask her…” “Ask her what..?” I heard her voice from behind me.

He quickly turned around like a ghost had spoken to him and Dre laughed at him causing him to give him a look. I ran my fingers threw my hair laughing as well, “Ask her what?” I repeated again. He shook his head closing the cupboard and I smirked already knowing what was wrong. “I’ll make you guys some food Bruno..” I said rolling my eyes and walking towards him. He smiled moving out of the way quickly. I began fixing up some eggs and bacon pretty much the last of the things we had, it was pretty bad basically living with like 10 grown men but, they always looked out for me in the end. Eventually by ones and twos they all started to wake up to the smell of the food. Bruno hovered over me time to time making me miss cooking in my own kitchen. However, I didn’t have too much longer to wait. We all discussed our plans for the rest of the day, packing and resting getting ready to separate ways for awhile for the Holidays and winter back home. I couldn’t believe that another year was already passing and it was almost time to go back to Hawaii and then start this thing all over again. I still didn’t know if this tour was officially over but, it really wasn’t up to me. Bruno didn’t know himself but, I’m sure they wouldn’t make him or the fans wait too long to find out.  I ended up taking another nap which I probably didn’t need. I sat up in the bunk kicking my legs over before sliding down. I rubbed my eyes and listened to the noises around me. Kam & Dwayne being overly loud playing video games and Phred & Kenji laughing. I walked out into the main area moving my way down the stairs hitting the top of the wall as I went down. “Yo yo Diamond.” Kam said turning his head around to be for a quick second before turning back to the TV. “TALK MORE SHIT!” he yelled out making me jump and grab at my chest. “Wow..” I whispered shaking my head at his stupidity. “Where’s Bruno?” I said clearing my throat. “Somewhere.” Dwayne said waving his finger around before taking it back to the game controller. I looked to James who shrugged and then went back to reading his book. “Okay..” I said backing up and going back up the stairs.

“How did you even get my number?!” I said trying to keep my voice calm. “I got my ways Peter.” I puffed on my cigarette trying to calm myself down more as I paced across the gravel. “I can’t talk to you right now.. I shouldn’t be taking to you.” I said shaking my head. “Calm down stop being a pussy.” I stopped a closed my eyes tight, “Don’t call me out of my name Nicole.” “Oh I’m sorry Peter.” “That’s not my name either.” I said as I continued to pace again. She started to say something but I cut her off, “Why are you even calling me, what do you want from me?” I said raising my voice. “Wow.. listen to how you talk to me now.. please don’t forgot all that I did for you.” “Okay.. besides that, what could we possibly have to talk about.” I said feeling myself get upset. “I wanna see you..” she said softly. I felt the urge to hang up on her but, I knew that wouldn’t do any good. “No.” I simply said keeping my cool. “Bruno come on..” she said whining. “No.” I said again shaking my head and closing my eyes. “I won’t touch you geez..” she said and I could just see her rolling her eyes. “Nicole..” I exhaled. “I can’t..” “Give me one good reason why.” I frowned, “How about I’m in a committed relationship for a good damn reason.” I said raising my voice again. “Whoa there Bruno we’re friends.. I can’t see an old friend? That’s all I want… I miss your chubby face..” she said whispering the last part. I smiled a bit looking down to the rocks under my feet remembering how she used to always play with my cheeks. “Maybe..” I breathed out. “See now how hard was that.” “I don’t think you understand..” I said pushing my back to the side of the bus. “Bruno I miss you…” she said softly. “I miss you too.” I said back not knowing why I even said it considering I had no idea what I was feeling. “So let’s make a date.” “I don’t know..” I said shaking my head and looking out into the distance again.

“We’ll have a great time.” she said cheerfully. I looked at my engagement ring and spun it around my fingers a couple of times. What was I doing right now, why did I answer the phone, I can’t do this I said to myself. “Bruno?” “Alright.. we’ll figure out something to do when I get home alright?” “Okay.. and you better call me.. don’t make me come looking for you.” she said making me laugh. “Alright I won’t.” I said smiling. “Bye Pete.” she whispered before she hung up. I brought the phone from my ear watching as it faded back into my homescreen. A picture of me and Diamond in front of some graffiti signs that we had found in New York a couple of months back. I locked my phone and shoved it into my pocket dropping my cigarette to the ground before stepping on it. I climbed back up into the bus finding Diamond sitting with Phred and Kenji laughing at something on TV. “Oh my god Bruno.. I was just looking for you please come watch this.” she said threw her laughter signaling for me to come to her. As I sat down she turned her head and gave me a kiss and it kind of caught me off guard even though it was something we always did. “You alright?” she said looking over to me before looking back to the TV. “Of course babe.” I said putting my arm around her shoulder. We sat there for the next hour watching a comedian on that I usually would find hilarious but once again my mind was elsewhere. I just wished that she hadn’t of called me and I wished that I hadn’t of said the things that I had said. It seemed like no matter what I always gave into this girl and it was because once in my life she honestly had my heart, and I thought it was going to be with her forever. That was until Diamond came into my life but, there was just that little piece that was still with her back home in Hawaii.

“Home sweet fucking home!” I yelled as I swung the door open. I dropped my suitcase and bags running in and hugging the fridge. Bruno laughed at me as he pushed the rest of our things in, “It feels good doesn’t it babe.” “Damn good.” I said mocking the way he says it. He smiled and adjusted his hat before closing the door behind him. I ran up on him throwing my body into his obviously taking him by surprise with how big his eyes got. “Damn.. baby calm down I still got a fragile body.” he groaned wrapping his arms around me. “Stopp.. you’re fine.” I said biting my lip. “Yeah okay..” he said giggling and looking away. I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing it down to my face kissing on it softly. I listened as he let a small moan escape right into my ear. “How about we celebrate a little..” I whispered. “What you got in mind..” he whispered back his breathing a little heavy. I reached for his belt, starting to unbuckle it his flannel getting in the way of everything. “I got it.” he whispered his hands moving over mine. I bit my lip as I heard the sound of his zipper going down. I reached up and took his hat off running my fingers threw his hair before I felt myself being lifted up and moved into the living room. He laid me down on the couch getting on top of me and kissing up my neck to my ear. I let out a couple of moans letting him know that I was far too ready. Right as he put his hands to the button of my jeans, his phone started to ring. “Oh no fuck that.” he breathed out into my neck. “Bruno get it.” I giggled.

He took a deep breath before moving up to his knees and pulling it from his pocket. When he looked at his phone he froze a bit and frowned. “Who is it?” I said frowning with him. “I don’t know..” he said shaking his head and looking away making me get a little suspicious. “Oh.. k.” I said staring at him. He continued to let it ring in his hand. “Just answer it Bruno.. what if it’s someone important.” I said raising my voice a bit. “Nah.. it’s not.” he said shaking his head. “But.. you just..” “Shh.. come on baby don’t ruin the moment.” he said cutting me off. He shoved his phone back in his pocket, letting himself fall gently back down on top of me. He started kissing me again and we started to make out but, I couldn’t shake this feeling that I had. “Bruno.” I said as he stopped kissing me. “Yeah?” he said focusing on the button of my jeans. “Who was that.. on the phone?” He slowly brung his head up looking me in the eyes. He shrugged, “I said I didn’t know.” “Bruno can you please not lie.” I said just speaking the first thing that came to mind. “I’m not lying..” he said moving his hands from my jeans to the side of me into the couch. “Well.. I’m getting this feeling and I don’t want it.. and I don’t want this feeling back Bruno.” I said just letting my words run free as ever. “Listen to me baby.. I keep telling you.. it’s all about you alright… I love you so much and I’m not going to ever do anything to hurt you.” he said softly from over me. “Okay Bru..” I whispered as my eye contact with him started to wander. “Hey.” he said quickly making me look back at him. “I love you.” he said smiling and showing his dimples that I couldn’t help but smile with, “I love you too Bru.” He went in for the buttons of my jeans again, “Now this time.. nobody is gonna interrupt me from getting this.” he said sternly making me rise my eyebrows, “Alright.”

I stood out on the patio looking up to the clouds and the purple sky. It felt good to be back home and wearing shorts again. I felt the urge to smoke but, I knew Diamond would come out here as soon as I started so I didn’t. I sat down in the lawn chair kicking back and humming an older song to myself. It didn’t take long for me to break out in song, singing almost at the highest I could enough for everyone around to hear. “Sing it Bru.” I heard Diamond call out from in the house. I stopped singing and turned to the door smiling before I hit a bunch of notes making her clap and swoon. “You’re signed!” she joked as my phone started to ring again. When I pulled it out my smile instantly dropped, that number again. I quickly put my hand to my forehead moving it back over my hair debating on what to do. I had been avoiding contact with her for two days now. “Hello?” I said answering quickly. “Damn Pete.. that’s what you do keep good friends hanging?” I sat up a bit, “Na.. you know I’ve been on the road a lot I was just enjoying being home and all..” I said looking back and froth from the door several times. “Well.. can you come out tonight?” I laughed, “Nikki we’re not teenagers anymore.” She gasped, “Did you just call me Nikki?” I shook my head realizing that was a huge mistake. “Don’t worry hawaii snowflake.. I won’t bring old names back.” I bust out into laughter, “Do you know the last time I heard that?” “Yeah I know.. see we can have some fun together.. but you won’t even give old girl a chance.” “Yeahh..” I said smiling and looking down to the ground. “Come over.” she said her words echoing in my head. I immediately shook my head but, my mouth said otherwise. “Not today.” “Why not.. tonight is perfect, it feels great.” “What she got you all locked up like that?” she said challenging me. “Na.. come on now.” I said out the side of my mouth. “Well come then.. don’t be afraid.. I’m not gonna touch you..” she said reminding me of our conversation that we had before I came back home. “I’ll see what I can do..” I said shrugging. “Alright.. I’ll be waitinggg.” she said cheerfully. I exhaled, “Alright see you soon.” I quickly hung up not really wanting to talk anymore. I let the phone fall in between my legs putting my face into my hands, what the fuck am I getting myself into…