Chapter 8

03/05/2011 16:04

I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling.It was dull.No colour.Just like my life after my mother’s death.Especially after Edward left me.But that was then.At least I had granny to stay beside me and help me went  through those hard moments.I’m having  a much more colour in my life right now.Thanks to Bruno.He cheers me up eventhough we’ve just met not less than a week.It’s crazy,huh?But it’s a good crazy.What’s life without some crazy and fun actions?

I got up and went into my bathroom.After  I took for like, 15 minutes of shower,I got out and there he was,on my bed with his beautiful brown eyes and those innocent smiles looking at me.

‘Morning Beautiful’


‘Why so surprise?’

‘Why so surprise??What are u doing here?’

‘What?!I can’t come to my girlfriend’s house and say ‘good morning’?’

Right.A few minutes earlier I was alone.Now he’s here on my bed greeting good morning?Is that normal?

‘No....just it’s still early.Didn’t u sleep last night?’

‘I did’

‘Right.I bet u were at some club,partying’

‘Hey.........’ He threw a pillow at me.I picked the pillow back and threw at his face.

I went to my closet and picked out my uniform.

‘Cute uniform’

I just smiled. ‘So,where were u last night?’

‘Here.I was here’

‘What do u mean?’

‘I spent the night here’

I gave him a look.

‘Fine.Fine.I went  home last night and Phil and Karen were already there on the couch cuddling and I was a bit lonely.So.....


He smirked. ‘Yeah.So,i decided to go to your house.You were asleep so I didn’t want to interrupt or anything’

‘Where did u sleep then?’

‘On the couch.I got up early helping granny with breakfast’

‘Awww.......No wonder u smell......

He grabbed me and got me on the bed with him.He kissed my forehead,my cheeks,my lips  and totally went mad.It was just like yesterday.Deja vu.

‘Bruno........I need to get ready’

‘Right’ He still didn’t let me go.He was holding me really close to himself and I could feel his soft  breathings.

‘Are u always like this in the morning?’

‘What do u mean?’


Then there was a knock on the door.Who could it be if it wasn’t our dear dear granny.

‘Everything’s okay in there?’

‘Right!!We’re fine.We’ll be downstairs in a few minutes.......’ I shouted.

‘Okay.U kids don’t be naughty’

I got up from Bruno and started to get dressed.

Bruno chuckled. ‘Haha..Right...Don’t be naughty’


He kisskdfkcm


‘Bruno made them’

‘Haha.Right.I know he made those two’.I pointed out to the two odd looking shaped pancakes.One was either burned and the other one’s just weird looking.Wait,was that a cat or a cow?

‘I’m still learning,okay?Btw it still taste the same.Fine if u don’t want to’.He picked his self made pancakes and put them on the plate that he’s holding.


Bruno sent me to work today and  I noticed that he’s still wearing his cheeky smile on his face.

‘Okay,what’s up?’


‘Why are u so happy today?I mean,the face.So mischievious.What’s up?’

‘Nothing’s up’

‘U know u can just tell me.No surprises please.............

He stopped the car in front of the cafe and finally turned to face me.

‘Look,just go to work and have a wonderful day and I’ll pick u up afterwards then I’ll tell u what’s up’

‘Can’t u just spit it out now?’


I sighed.He kissed me again and I got out of the car.

‘Give me a call if u need anything’


‘Love u’

‘Love u too’

I watched Bruno left and turned my head to the cafe.Omg.The car.She’s here.What does she want?


I walked into the cafe and saw Tess were talking to my so called bff on the table.

‘What the hell are u doing here?’ .I dropped my bag and just went straight to her face.

‘Cat’ Tess got up from the chair.

‘What is she doing here,Tess?’

‘Cat,I’m here to see you.I called u but........

I rolled my eyes. ‘I’ve been busy’

She smirked at me. ‘Right,u’re with Bruno after all’

‘And so what?????????????Don’t tell me that u’re here just to tell me that ‘ohhhh,u’re with Bruno after all’.What a waste of time,Lisa’

Tess looked at both of us uncomfortably .‘Guess I leave you two alone’

‘No!!’ I grabbed Tess’s hand. ‘Stay here.It’s nothing personal anyway.You work here so it’s not u who should leave’

‘And I’m a customer here so I have rights!’

I laughed at her face. ‘Right’ . I got behind the counter . ‘What can I do for u,miss?’

It was getting pretty intense in there.How dare she just burst into my workplace in  the morning just to make me mad?Like,seriously? Didn’t she had like, any better things to do?

‘Look here,Cat.Just because you’re dating a celebrity right now doesn’t mean that u’re worth it’

‘Excuse me???? What the fuck,Lisa?For once I thought u came in here coz u might want to apologize about what u did behind my back with my boyfriend.......


‘Yea.....EX..I know!’

‘Seriously,Cat.I thought we are bestfriends........

‘Were bestfriends..

‘Okay okay.fine.

‘What’s your point of coming here actually?Diching class,of-course.Trying to hook up with new guys,probably.And oh! just  making me burst into flames?

‘How dare u!

‘How dare u??!’. I just couldn’t control my anger anymore.She’s the only friend that I’ve got and I still can’t believe what she said to me instead of apologizing.



‘Can u please tell this bitch to get her ass off here coz I want to work and not debating about some ridiculous topic!’

Tess just stands there didn’t know what to do.

‘S’okay,Tess.I understand English and I’m not a cow..............’

She looked at me and moved her head closer to my face.


Lisa walked out of the cafe with a loud bang.Before she got into her car,she gave a one last look at me.My face was burning and I wanted to cry but I was seriously mad my tears just turned dry.The customers who just came in were a bit confused about what happened. I felt pretty much embarrassed. I walked into the storage room and locked myself in there.I needed to be alone at least for a few minutes.I needed to cool off.My heart just continue on beating real fast.Tess knocked on the door so many times but I didn’t move.


 ‘Cat?You’re okay?’

His voice.Am i dreaming?

‘Cat??Open the door please’

I unlocked the door and saw Bruno infront of my eyes.I immediately hugged me and tears were running down my face.

‘Hey hey hey....Don’t cry.I’m here,okay?’

I feel safe when I’m around him.It’s calm and peaceful.I looked at his face and kissed him.

 ‘How did u....

‘Tess called me.She told me about u and Lisa......

‘Yeah.......I just couldn’t see her anymore.Just seeing her face makes me mad.So mad’.I could still feel the anger inside of me.

‘Okay.Now,don’t think about it.You sure u’re okay?You want me to take u home?’

‘S’okay.I can’t ditch work again.I’m good’

‘Okay.i just want u to be fine’

‘Go home Bruno.Get some sleep.Your eyes just look so tired’

He let out a long sighed.

‘What’s up?’

‘Just................I just dropped u to work not less than an hour ago and the next thing I know, I got a call from Tess telling me that u had a fight with Lisa and now seeing u cry in front of me, just not okay’

‘I’m fine.It’s okay to cry sometimes.....

‘No.Crying is no fun.I don’t want to see u cry anymore.I promise to switch your crying activity to laughing after this’

He wrapped his hands around me and my tears just keep on running down to his shirt.I wiped them away but my heart is still hurt by what just happened.She used to be my bestfriend and we were like sisters.I can’t believe i’m losing her just like that.

‘Come on Bruno.Let’s get out.I’m good now’

We got out of the room and I saw the cafe was already filled up with people.Maybe they’re all here because of Bruno.Phil was there talking to Tess and so was that guy who Daniella brought with on the date the other day,Jamereo.He was sitting enjoying his cupcakes.He smiled at me.

‘That’s Jamereo,right?’

‘Yeah.He’s in the band too’


Tess and Phil looked at us.

‘Hey,Cat’. She hugged me. ‘U’re alright?’

‘I’m good now’ I took a deep breath. ‘I’m good’

I turned to Bruno. ‘U should just go home,Bruno.Seriously,I need to work now’

‘Can’t i just stay here and see u work?’

‘No’.I kissed him. ‘I’ll call u if i need anything okayyyy?’

He kissed me back. ‘Promise me’

I watched Bruno and his hooligans left and got back to work.The day’s just been so slow for me.But it’s nice to see customers coming in and out.Having Tess around was a lot of fun too.She’s just so funny and talkative that I didn’t notice that time had passes by.

‘Cat!!!!Your ride is here’ .I heard Tess’s voice screaming for me.


I rushed out of the storage room and quickly grabbed my bag.

‘See u tomorrow,Tess’

I went out of the cafe and saw Bruno in the car with Phil and Karen.They both gave me this cheeky smile.Wonder what are they hiding.....

‘Hey beautiful’.Bruno kissed my cheek.

‘Hi Cat’

‘Hey Karen’

‘How's work?’ Phil asked from the driver’s seat.

‘Well,just tiring.Ahhh...My body’s just so sore’

I lay on Bruno’s lap and fell asleep.


I woke up because of the bumpy car.I opened my eyes and saw Bruno in front of me and I’m still laying on his lap.He was humming to some song and looked down on me.

‘Babe,u’re awake?’

‘Wh...what?We’re still in the car?’


I just lay there and saw the night lights just busier than ever.We passed some tall buildings and there were sounds everywhere.I got up.

Wait!Where are we?’

Bruno looked at me then smiled.‘Welcome to New York city,baby’