Chapter 86

21/03/2012 19:29

”Mooommmmm…..Bella and Anna are going to ride their bikes at Laura’s! I want to gooooo….” Lucy whined a few days after Bruno came back from South America.

”Well then we can go…but you’ll have to use Bella’s old bike….” Evie answered.

”Mommmm….before we go Bruno can buy me a bike! I wana bike!” Lucy yelled walking into the room with her shoes in her hand holding her feet up for her mother to tie her shoes.

” can’t get everything you want…just use your cousin’s.” Evie said.

”But mommmmm…..”Lucy walked toward the room Bruno was in almost dragging him in the room with them. ”I want a bike, Bruno. Can you buy me a bike?”

”What did your mom say?” he asked her.

”I have to use Bella’s….” she said with a sad face almost about to cry.  Evie glared at him don’t give into her shit was the look she was giving him. He looked down at Lucy who was pulling his jacket.

”How about this Luc….” Bruno sat her down at the kitchen table trying to compromise with both Lucy as Evie. ”You learn how to ride Bella’s bike without falling and I’ll buy you a new one.”

”Mommmm…then I can get my own new one? I want a bright pink one!” Lucy answered with a happy tone.

”I think that’s fair.” Evie sighed. ”But you gotta be able to stay up without anyone holding onto you….”

”Let’s goooo!” Lucy exclaimed pulling her mother and Bruno’s hands toward the door. Evie grabbed her purse taking the keys to her car out as Bruno grabbed onto her waist.

”If she dies it’s on your head, Brunz.” Evie whispered as they walked out the door.

About thirty minutes later they drove up to Evie’s sisters house seeing all the kids running around with basketballs, bikes and toys. Oh my god. When did I get old she thought to herself as Lucy jumped out of the car running to the bike laying on the ground seeing her oldest cousin Nathan grab the bike. ”It’s mine…..” he said pulling it.

”But I need it.” she yelled at him catching everyone’s attention. ”I neeeeeedddd it.” she whined watching her mother come up between them.

”Lucy…there’s another one right there…” Evie said picking up the smaller bike. ”Do you wanna try that one?”

”No…I want this one.” she snapped.

”Lucy…we just got here. I don’t want to have to go home right away….” Evie scolded Lucy. Lucy looked over to Bruno who was talking to Laura’s husband lost in conversation. ”Honey..he’s not going to be on your side on this one..go use the other bike please.”

”Fineeee.” she whined going to the other bike. ”Bruno! Come help me!” Bruno turned around smiling at her.

”Give me two minutes, Luc….” he said watching her get on the bike.

”Wait…we need to make it lower Lu-lu…” Evie said moving the seat down. ”Okay…try it now. Can you touch?”

”Yeah…come on!” she said putting on the helmet on her head.

”Wait…let’s make sure it fits. I don’t want your head to get hurt…” Evie said moving the helmet to fit just right as Bruno came up to them.

”Okay Luc…hold on real tight.” Bruno said holding onto her as they moved farther down the street. ”You can do it, Lucy…..” he said to her softly in her ear as she started to tense up putting her feet down.

”No, no, nooooo. It’s too hard.” she cried almost falling off the bike with Bruno catching her.

”Try again…” he told her placing her back on the bike. ”I’m not going to let go until you tell me to….”

”Okay…I can do it….” she said putting her feet back on the pedals.

”You’re doing it, Lucy!” he shouted watching Evie, Laura and everyone else watching them.

”Let go, let go Bruno!” she yelled as he let go of her watching her pedal fast as they neared the intersection of the busy street.

”Lucy! Wait! Stop!” he yelled at her catching up grabbing her quickly a house away from the busy intersection. ”Phew.” he sighed seeing a car pass by them within seconds of his hands landing on her.

”What?” she turned around looking at him.

”You gotta stop, doll. You can’t just keep going. You’ll get hurt.” he told her hearing voices coming toward them.

”I’m sorry.” she answered looking down a little sad.

”It’s okay Lucy…you just have to be careful…” he told her. ”Let’s go back to aunt Laura’s…” he said watching her turn around. ”Are you gonna be able to do it?” he asked her seeing her ride the bike past him laughing wobbling a little near her mother.

”Be careful!” Evie yelled at her daughter seeing her fall down near the sidewalk looking up at them about to cry. Evie and Bruno ran to her seeing her knee bleeding.

”I’ll survive.” Lucy said standing up getting on the bike again. ”But I want a new bike.”