Chapter 8

13/06/2011 21:19

She gets out of the car and into the hotel straight to the reception desk.

„Hi. Can you please tell me in what room Bruno Mars is staying?“ She asks the receptionist.

„Ehm... Who?“ The receptionist asks her back.

„Ok. Don’t play the silly one, okay. You know who I mean. I know he’s staying here. I’m no stupid groupie, okay. I’m a... friend. And I have to talk to him immediately.“

„Well I don’t think he wanna be disturbed. I’m sorry.“

„And I think YOU should NOT think for HIM. But better try to get him here NOW... or do you want a heavily pregnant woman running through your hotel screaming out loud his name???“

„Okay, okay don’t get upset. I’ll call him.“ The receptionist says and picks up the phone. „Hello Mr Hernandez. How are you?... Fine! And your beautiful wife? I hope everything is at your pleasure?!... Oh that’s great to hear... If you have any wish just let me know... Why I call you?... Ehm... yes, I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to disturb you, but... ehm... there’s a woman here... who wants to talk to you. If you don’t want to, it’s no problem, then our security will take care of... What?...Her name?... Ehm...“

„Kelly Skrever.“ She says.


Bruno’s P.O.V.


„Kelly Skrever? Shit... I mean... Tell her I’ll come. Is there any private room I can talk to her undisturbed?“ I ask the receptionist while turning to the wall hoping Sabrina can’t hear what I say.

„Okay I’ll tell her... Of course... I’ll get her there. Just come to the reception and I will guide you there too. And I’m really sorry for the disturb, Mr Hernandez.“

„It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Thanks.“ I say and hang up. „Darling?“

„Yes, my hawaiian lion.“ Sabrina answers chuckling from the bathroom, not heard a word of the calling.

I grab my hair and lie. „That was the receptionist. There’s a problem with the pay. Anything with the credit card. I just go there and fix it. I’ll be back soon, okay?!“

I walk over to the bathroom where she tries to comb her wet hair. Her long, dark blond, lightly curled hair falls down her back. I look at her thinking how beautiful and cute she is with the white towel wrapped around her body. She smiles at me through the mirror. I feel bad but smile back. I don’t want to lie to her. I even promised her some couples of hours earlier that there will be no secrets, no unspoken issues anymore in our re-start, but now I’m doing it. I hug her from behind putting my arms around her waist and my chin on her shoulder and think to myself. ‚I will tell her, soon. But not today. She’s so happy, I can’t ruin her day.’

„Oh sure. Anyways I’m not ready yet. So don’t have to hurry, okay. By the way where are we going today? So I can dress the right way.“ She asks me.

„Hm... well that’s a...“ Before I can finish my common sentence she interrupts me.

„... surprise, right?“ She smirks.

„Babe... you’re a fast learner.“ I smirk too. „Just put on some sexy shorts and don’t forget your bikini. Alright?... and no high heels...“  

„Alright. I’m excited.“

I kiss her neck, put my arms off her and walk out of the hotel room.

While my way down I think of Kelly. How did she find out so fast where I am? And what I’m doing? And that I’m back together with Sabrina? Fuck you damn paparazzis. They surely took pictures of us at Paolo’s and these pics are surely already all over the internet and in the tabloids. Sometimes I really hate all the popularity and what it brings with it. But I knew it before I got into this business so I have to deal with it... I sigh deeply.

When I arrive at the reception, the receptionist immediately guides me to a private room next to the manager’s office. He opens the door, I get in and close the door. I turn around.

There she is, sitting on a chair and sipping a glass of water. She looks up at me with a serious face. I can see she was crying, her eyes are red and look tired. Her belly is huge, no wonder she’s already in month eight. I feel a little bit pity for her when she tries to stand up, putting one hand at her back and the other one at the chairback, shoving her belly up.

When I met her a year ago she was sexy as hell. Well what man who just needs some sex wouldn’t fall for some fake, well-formed boobs and a doll face? But now without her make-up on, without her extensions, but additional pounds on her body, she looks unattractive to me. I regret the weeks I was with her much. She first was after my money, my fame, but then she fell in love with me and got pregnant. She stayed quiet and patient knowing that I was married. But she hoped that I get divorced and marry her. I never raised hopes that I’ll do what she expects, but she didn’t let go of this idea.

„Hey Kelly. What the hell are you doing here?“ I ask her serious and a little bit angry.   

„I?... What the hell are YOU doing here? You forgot about your promise?“ She asks me back.

„I didn’t promise anything to you. Don’t get that mixed up. Only you tell me what YOU want and I answer to think about it, don’t make it a promise.“

„Oh yes? Hm... I wonder what your ex-wife will say when I tell her that you think about being with me.“

„oh fuckin jeez, Kelly, she’s NOT my ex-wife. She’s my WIFE! Get that? I’m back together with her and I’ll NEVER be with you again, although you’re pregnant from me! When do you finally understand this?!“ I yell back to her, but try to calm down. It’s my fault too. I can’t blame everything just on her. „Kelly. I mean... I know it’s hard for you. This pregnancy was unplanned. But I don’t love you. I love Sabrina. I always did, even when I was with you.“

„You’re a bastard, Bruno. How can you say this?“ She starts crying and shivering. „How can you say this to me knowing that I carry your child? The child that was conceived out of our love.“ She sits back on the chair.

„Oh Kelly, please stop that! This child wasn’t conceived out of our love but out of our sex drive nothing else.“ I sigh knowing this will hurt her but I have to be hard so that she understands that there will not be a future between us. „Kelly... Sleeping with you was a mistake I made. Although I regret it, I can’t change it. But I will assume my responsibility. I will take care for you and the child. You don’t have to worry about money or anything else. I already bought you a car and a flat to live. So you see you won’t go short, alright?“

„Fuck you, Bruno. I won’t go short? You think I just care about money, a nice car and a flat? I don’t give a shit about it... All I want is you! I love you, Bruno!“ She falls to her knees putting her arms around me. „Every day I’m in this damn flat, all I’m thinking about is you. I miss you every day and my belly reminds me every damn second of you. I can’t live like that anymore. I don’t want to live without you. I don’t wanna be alone. I feel so alone...“ Her body is shaking and endless tears are running down her cheeks.

I grab her head and press it on my chest. I didn’t know she felt like that. I only saw in her this confident golddigger but now she turns out to be a lonely, depressed girl. I let her alone through all this pregnancy. I just called her or gave her some presents to keep her quiet so that it won’t get public. I was so selfish again, only concerned about my image. I feel bad.

„Shhh... shhh.... Calm down, Kelly. You’re not alone... I tell you, if you need anything I’ll be there for you... But only as the father of your child, maybe some kind of friend... but nothing more, okay?“

„Oh, Bruno... really?“ She stands up smiling a little bit and hugs me. She puts my hand on her belly. „You heard what daddy said? He won’t let us alone anymore.“ She says looking at her belly and then looking back at me. „I know that you never really loved me. I felt it from the beginning. And I didn’t care... first. But after a while, I got to know you better and I fell in love with you. You know that...“

„I know that, but...“

„But you didn’t, I know...“ She sighs. „That’s nothing new for me. You’re not the first man I felt that way but then got rejected. And normally I can deal with it easily. I just move on to the next one, preferring celebrities. That’s my flaw...“ She sighs again and wipes her tears away. „But then I got pregnant. And that was new for me, no doubt... I didn’t know how to deal with it... what to do, what to think, what to feel... I lost control... Didn’t you think I felt bad, getting pregnant from a married man? But I suppressed my feeling of guiltiness and tried to enforce my dream of a happy family... realizing now that it was just a dream no reality...“ She shakes her head and looks at the ground.

I put my hand on her chin and lift her head up. „Hey, we all make mistakes and struggle. We’re just humans... But you’re definitely not alone. I’ll tell Sabrina soon. And then you don’t have to hide anymore, okay?“

„Okay... it’s just... I... I’m so afraid.“ She commits. I hug her and kiss her forehead.

„Don’t be afraid, Kelly. Everything’s gonna be okay, I promise you...“ I go down on my knee and put my hand on her belly. „Heard that lil fella? I promise you too. You’re never will go short. Everything’s gonna be alright...“


They think they are alone, but outside near the window there’s a man. The one who gave Kelly the information where Bruno stays. He followed her, knowing that he will get some good material. He saw in what room she was going and found a way through the garden and waited near the window. A man who has to hide himself, not wanted to be seen. A man who is observing their conservation not only with his own eyes, but also through a lens. He takes some pictures and even films the whole scene feeling happy of all the money he’ll get selling this stuff, but not caring the damage it will cause...


 Sabrina’s P.O.V.


‚Where the hell is he? He’s now away for almost thirty minutes. What takes him so long?’ I think to myself already dressed up and ready to go. I sigh. I grab my phone and call Eve.

„Hey Sabrina. How are you? And Bruno? Everything’s okay there?“

„Hey Eve. I’m fine, Bruno too. Here’s everything fan-tas-tic! We have a wonderful time here. I’ll tell you all in detail when we’re back in L.A., ok? I don’t have much time. Next surprise is waiting for me.“ I smirk. „I just called to hear if everything’s okay with you and Sammie.“

„Yup, all great. Sammie’s sleeping right now and I’m cooking. So you don’t have to worry.“

„Okay, great! I know when he’s with you I don’t have to worry.“

„No you really don’t have to. Just fully can enjoy your love-trip, alright?!“

„Alright. Then have a nice day and give Sammie a kiss from me. And thank you for taking him. You’re the best.“

„I know I am. Hahaha... Have a nice day too and greet Bruno from me. Bye.“

„I’ll do. Bye, Eve.“ I say and hang up. Bruno still isn’t there so I decide to go and look for him. I take my purse and leave the room. I take the elevator to the ground floor. The moment the doors open and I want to get out, I run into Bruno.

„Hey, sweetie.“ He says surprised to see me. He hugs me tight and turns with me around.

„Hey, you. Haven’t seen you for a long time.“ I say back in the same surprised tone he talked to me wondering why he acts so weird.

„Hahaha, you’re so funny.“ He says still in a strange way.

„What’s up, Bruno? Why you behave so weird?“ I ask him.

„Hm? Nothing, babe... just be happy to see you... ehm... ready for the next surprise?“ He asks back.

„Okay... ehm... yes... I’m ready. Are you ready too?“ I say still wondering about his behaviour but I decide to not ask more. I know there’s something wrong, something happened in the last thirty minutes but if he wants to tell me he’ll do sooner or later...

„Yup. Sure. I’m ready. So let’s go.“ He looks at the hotel entrance like he was searching for someone. I turn around and look there too. But there’s noone.

„Okay. Let’s go.“ I say too.

We leave the hotel and get into the car. This time we don’t have a driver so Bruno drives. We don’t say anything. Bruno just stares straight at the street concentrating on the traffic. I look out of the window. The weather is nice. But it’s not so sunny as the day before. Yesterday the sun was shining bright but today there are some clouds in front of the sun. I feel like the weather just reflects his mood. I can feel a shadow darkens our relationship, that just lightened up again. I look at him. He has a serious face and the way his forehead wrinkles and he compresses his lips again and again I see that there are many thoughts running through his mind. I look back out of the window. After ten minutes of silence I break it and ask.

„So what took you so long in the hotel? Any problems with your credit card?“ 

„Hm? No, no... there were just some fans who wanted some pics and signs. That’s all.“

„Okay.“ I look at my hands and see the ring he gave to me yesterday. I touch it. „Remember just yesterday we promised to each other no secrets, no unspoken issues... only trust, understanding and love... remember that?“

„Yes, I remember that.“ He sighs, takes my hand with the ring on it and kiss it. „And there’s something I have to tell you. I will soon, I promise. But not today! I don’t wanna ruin this day. We are just back together for two days now. Let’s enjoy our love and life, okay?“

„Okay, now I’m even more worried. How can I enjoy this day knowing you have something on your mind, what doesn’t seem to be something positive?“

„Sabrina, please. Can you just stop thinking and let us enjoy this day. I planned something really nice.“  

I sigh and hardly think what it is he conceals from me, but don’t have an idea. I sigh again. „Okay. I think I’ll just have to wait until you think it’s the right time to tell me. But just know that whatever it is my baby, you can tell me. We stick together through bad and good times now, I mean that and so should you...“ I say and caress his cheek.

„I know, babe. You’re awesome!“ He takes my hand again, kiss it and intertwines it with his.


Bruno’s P.O.V.


'Oh God. How in this world should I explain her this affair with Kelly? She just has no clue that another woman is pregnant from me. Well we weren’t together anymore that time but does this make it any better? Damn why I always get into this trouble?’ I think to myself while driving. 'Okay stop that, Bruno. Everything’s gonna be alright. She will understand it and deal with it. She’s a strong woman. I just have to show her how much I love her and care for her and Sammie and then she’ll accept Kelly and the other kid. Just believe in it and everything’s gonna be good. Phil always says that. And til now he always was right.’

„Phil told me the day before yesterday, that if I believe strong that we will get back together then it will happen. And he was right. I got you back...“ I say to Sabrina and look at her.

„Can you please look at the street?!“ She giggles and turn my head back to the front. „Yeah, Phil is a wise guy. I miss hanging out with him and the band. I really miss the time on the road. Without worries and problems just partying and living from day to day.“

„That was really a great time, crazy and unforgettable. We definitely have to do some remembering-party when we are back in L.A. with all the tour-videos and pics. That would be fun.“ I suggest happy that we changed the topic and get back to concentrating on us, our relationship and our future.

„Oh yes, that would be much fun.“ She says back smiling.

„Now that’s the way I like you to be, smiling and not worrying. You excited about where we’re going?“

„Of course. Much excited. But I guess you won’t tell me before we arrive. Cause it’s a...“

„Surprise.“ We both say at the same time and laugh.

She looks out of the window reading the street signs.

„We’re driving outside of the city. Plus you told me I should wear a bikini... ehm... Maybe to the beach?“

„Hm... Yes, almost. Just wait. You’ll love it.“ I say and put on my glasses, looking forward to see her surprised and amazed face. I hired a yacht. I planned driving a little bit along the coast, have a good meal, swimming. She’ll love it. I know that she doesn’t need all this luxury but who doesn’t like it spending some money and live the champaign life? We didn’t do that for a long period. But now it’s just the right time to enjoy good life, enjoy us, before we have to face problems again that put our love to the proof. And there will be more problems that I think of, cause I hadn’t any clue of them...