Chapter 9+10

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Chapter 9


They all went to there room


“are you okay Amber?” Bruno hugs her


“huh? Oh yeah im fine thanks” Amber hugged him back


“wait there” Bruno ran out of the room


“where are you going?” Amber shouted


Amber waited for him. He came back in 2 minutes


Bruno had both of his hands behind his back


“whats behind you back” Amber tried to look


 Bruno sat next to her and gave her an ice cream “chocolate flavour” Bruno smiled


“my favourite!”Amber said as she licked her ice cream


“don’t i get a kiss?” Bruno did a sad face


“come here you” Amber kissed him on the lips


Bruno smiled and ate his ice cream


Amber laughed she saw he had ice cream on his nose


“what?” Bruno looked at her


“oh nothing do you want to go to Phil Katie and Eric?” Amber smiled




They both ran Amber got to the door and turned around


“oops” Bruno got ice cream on her chin


“what?” Amber looked him


“oh nothing” Bruno laughed


They got ice cream on each other’s face. They got to Phil’s room and knocked on


“who is it?” Phil shouted


“its room service” Bruno yelled


“what i didn’t order...” Phil opened the door “ohh”


“wow! What happened to you two?” Katie looked at them


“what do you mean?” Bruno asked


Katie got a mirror and showed them


“haha look at you” Amber pointed at Bruno


“i would get in before anyone see’s you” Phil said


They both went into the bathroom and got it washed off


“Bruno can i have the towel?” Amber asked


Bruno passed it over so she dried her face. Bruno waited for her to move the towel away. He got a hand full of water and threw it at her


“hey!” Amber got a hand full of water and threw it at him


Bruno pulled her close he moved her hair away from her face


“only if your lucky” Amber smiled


“oh i am” Bruno slow put his lips on hers


“Phil come here” Katie whispered


“what?” Phil looked where Katie was looking and saw Bruno and Amber kissing


Bruno opened his eyes and saw Phil and Katie looking at them. Bruno walked to the door and shut it


“what are you doing?” Amber looked at him


“shhh” Bruno put his finger on her lips “watch this”


Bruno opened the door and Phil and Katie fall in because the were listening


“really?” Bruno looked at them


“sorry bro i just never seen you fall for a girl that quick” Phil got up and helped Katie up


“same with you Amber” Katie smiled


Amber whispered to Bruno “do you think they love each other?”


Bruno smiled and nodded his head


“what?” Phil asked


“oh umm..... nothing we will leave you two along” Bruno smiled


Phil lifted up his eyebrow


“what time is it?” Bruno asked


“its 5:34pm why?” Amber said


“are you having dinner here?” Bruno asked


“uhhh sure” Amber smiled


“great” Bruno said


Bruno and Amber went to their room and got changed



They all had there dinner and after went down to the beach


“it looks awesome with a sunset” Eric said


Bruno and Amber went a different and hold hands


“im a really lucky girl” Amber smiles


“why” Bruno asked


“because i get to see you all the time, day and night” Amber smiled


“you’re right, you are lucky” Bruno laughed


“oh and your lucky” Amber faced Bruno


“what to have you” Bruno said


“to be famous and to have me” Amber said


Bruno looked behind Amber and saw paparazzi


“oh no” Bruno said


“what did i say something?” Amber looked at him


“no there is paparazzi behind you” Bruno pointed


“oh they follow you everywhere?” Amber still looking at them


“yep” Bruno smiled



Chapter 10


“i think we should go back to the hotel” Bruno said

“what why?”

“cuz’ of the paparazzi”

“.....are you embarrassed to be seen with me?” Amber yells

“what no of course not!” Bruno said

“then why do we have to back because of the paparazzi” Amber lifts up her eyebrow

“i just.....they’ll change it into something bad” Bruno explains


“they’ll never.....ever leave you alone they keep on trying till they get it. They will follow you day and night” Bruno grabs her hand and walks back


They get to the hotel room and open it. Everything was quiet but then Amber saw that the window was open.

“Bruno why did you leave the window open?”

“wh...what i didn’t” Bruno laughed

Amber’s phone buzzed she looked and it said “im coming for you so watch you back” Amber rang everyone to see if they were okay, they were

“i think he’s here” Amber whispered

“who?” Bruno looked at her

Amber looked at him. He knew she meant Edward


 they grabbed all of their stuff and ran to the front desk. The lady there didn’t look at them she seamed calm

“hi don’t mean to bother but can we please change rooms?” Bruno asked

“ sure but that may cost a little...” The lady looked at Bruno “oh....sure what room would you like to say in?”

“the top floor” Amber said

“ok will room 1026 be ok?” She looked into her book

“yeah that would be fine” Bruno smiled

The lady passed the key to them and the got to the top floor. It looked like a 100star hotel (if thats ever possible). Ambers jaw dropped as she looked around

“hmm i’ve seen better” Bruno joked

“in your dreams” Amber smiled

“i only have you in my dreams” Bruno holed her hand

“awww.....really?” Amber smiled

“yeah....and the world’s biggest hotdog!” Bruno laughed

Amber laughed and looked deep into his eyes they got closer to each other and kissed

Amber was speechless “welcome to mars!” Bruno laughed

They went into the room and it was like a house food, new clothes and more it was like a dream house.  


“what was that?” Amber looked around

SMASH it happened again

“Bruno what is that” She looked for him but he wasn’t there

“Bruno where are you?” amber yelled

She closed her eyes really tight then opened and saw she was in a different  place. “help! Where am i?”

Amber saw a man come close but she couldn’t clearly see who it was because the light was on her

“your finally awake” Said the man

He came closer and she saw who it was “EDWARD!?” She shouted

“thats me” He smiled

She looked at her arms and legs they were strapped to the wall with chains “where is Bruno?” she looked around for him

“don’t say that name ever again!” Edward grabbed her chin

“im not scared of you!” Amber whispers

“yeah well maybe you should be!” He walked away

So many thoughts were going through her head ‘where am i. Where is Bruno. How do i get out of here?’

Than the door slammed open. Amber looked to see who it was

“you came for me?” Amber smiled