Chapter 9-12

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chapter 9

I rubbed my hands up and down my jeans anxiously. I kept looking around to random places on the plane. Bruno put his hand on my thigh and rubbed it a bit, “Babe.. calm down.” I looked over to him and he just smiled and made me feel a little more calm again. I took a deep breath, “Aren’t they all sleep? It’s pretty early.” He shook his head and laughed, “No babe.. they’re waiting for us in the airport.” My eyes got big, “Already?…” He reached over and undid my seat belt and then his, “Yes.. now get your things together.” I slowly reached down and grabbed my bag and put it on my lap. The pilot made his final announcements and all of the guys got up and stretched. My heart sped up by 10 times, and I stood up as well. As Bruno got up and stretched he smiled to me, “Alright babe.” I just stared at him and he started laughing and reached out for my hand, “Come on babe, you’ll be fine.” I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up and started to take the slow walk down the aisle. I fixed my hair with one my other hand and listened to the guys talk and laugh. I could hear them talking but, I didn’t understand a word. I was completely in my own thoughts. Bruno stopped walking and I ended up next to him, he threw his arm around my neck and kissed my cheek, “I’ve been waiting for this day.”

I smiled as we walked out of the terminal. I slowly looked around just waiting to see everyone. “Bruno!” a little boy yelled as he ran up to him. He instantly started smiling ear to ear as he dropped his bag and started punching him lightly, “Hey man! You can’t be running up on me like that!” “Well good morning.” a familiar voice said as I looked up. Bruno’s mom walked towards me with her arms open. I slowly went into her arms, “Hi mom.” I said holding back tears. As we unlocked she looked me up and down, “Look at you looking all gorgeous.” I just smiled and looked down to myself, I had no words. She laughed and hugged me again, “I completely understand.” I looked over to Bruno and he was laughing with the boy who I realized was his nephew. Bruno took his mom in his arms and they rocked back and forth a bit. I smiled so hard as they realeased and he kissed her on the cheek. “I missed you.” he said smiling. “I missed you too my little Brunito.. we got a lot to talk about.” she said looking over to me. My stomached started to churn because I really had no idea what she was talking about. I just looked to the both of them and smiled. Eric and hugged her too and then the band followed up. I loved how sweet all of the guys we’re.

We picked up our things again and Bruno’s nephew ran over to me and it warmed my heart. He smiled up to me and I held his hand, it was as if he knew exactly who I was. Bruno put his arm around his mom as we started to walk, “Where are those crazy sisters of mine? Too lazy to get up?” She laughed, “You know it.. if they don’t have to get up for work then there is no good enough reason to get up out of the bed.” I smiled as I listened to their conversations and me and his nephew skipped out into the sun as it made it’s way high into the sky. A couple more of Bruno’s fans noticed him and he took pictures and signed autographs while I talked to his mom. “So.. I’ll wait and ask questions later. Are you tired?” I shrugged and smiled, “I kind of am, I really want to get used to the new time.” She nodded, “I know you’ve all got jetlag.”

I waved to the guys as they started to load their things into their truck to head over to the hotel. Bruno came over and put his hands on our shoulders, “So.. we going to the house right?” he said looking to the both of us. “Yeah got to take Jamaro here back to his mom. He heard me up and getting ready this morning and begged to come with me.” she said looking down to him and ruffling his hair. He laughed as Bruno bent down and started poking him in the stomach, making him laugh, “You’ve been giving my mom problems man?” “Nooo!” he said threw his laughter. I loved the way Bruno lit up when he was around kids, it really made me want to have them with him even more. Anytime our friends would have their kids over, he would be their entertainment and would love every minute of it.

As I put our things into my mom’s car I couldn’t help but think about how much fun this month here at home was going to be. I knew for a fact that the rest of my family would love Diamond. “Here I got it.” Eric said helping me stuff the last suitcase in the truck. We both closed it together and I nodded to him, “Thanks chump.” He laughed and waved me off, “Thanks shrimp.” “Whattt? Man shrimpin’ ain’t easy.” I said getting into the car. I listened to my mom sing along to the radio as we drove into downtown. I smiled to myself as we passed places that I missed dearly. I glanced over to Diamond time to time in the passenger seat and she was looking out the window as well, admiring everything. I looked down to my watch but, then realized it would be off. “What time is it?” “Going on 10.” Damn, I thought to myself as we finally turned onto our street. That was one thing I hated was getting back used to the time here.

“And we’re home!” Bernie announced as she turned off her car. I quickly jumped out and breathed in the sweet Hawaiian air. I smiled as I turned to find my jeep sitting there. I quickly looked over to her as she got out the car, “You kept my jeep mom?” “Yeah. Why would I get rid of it?” she laughed. “Good, I didn’t want to rent a car anyway.” I walked to the trunk with Eric again and we started unloading things. I handed Jamaro a small bag, “Think you can handle this little man?” He grabbed it with no problem and ran off. I laughed and shook my head as Diamond came around to the back. I leaned over and kissed her and it turned passionate quickly. She bit her lip as we unlocked, “We are def going to have a good time in Hawaii.” I laughed as I closed the trunk, “Oh now you’re initiating things?” “Oh no Bruno! I would never do something like that..” she said sarcastically. I quickly smacked her butt while my mom wasn’t looking and quickly walked away. “Just wait.” she laughed as she picked up lugged a suitcase.

I followed Bruno as he followed close behind his mom. I walked into the house and instantly felt the feeling of home. I still couldn’t get over the fact that I was even here. “Alright well I’ll leave you two to rest.” his mom said walking into over to some couches. “Alright, I’ll see you in a couple of hours. I just want at least a nap.” Bruno said walking towards a set of stairs. I followed behind him still familiarizing myself with the place. We both started to pull out suitcases up the stairs. When we almost got the top Bruno started to whisper, “Now look this is my room… from when I was a teenager. Don’t judge me.” I looked back to him and laughed, “Oh my god. I forgot about this one.” He stood in front of the door and just stared at me, “No really babe..” I let go of my suitcase and threw my hands up, “Alright Bruno! I won’t judge you…” “Promise?” I had no idea what he wanted to me promise for, it couldn’t be that bad. I sighed, “Promise.” He smiled as he opened the door and we walked in. He had posters up and a nightstand with a lamp on it with papers everywhere. His bed was a twin also but, a little bit smaller then the ones from college.

I closed my eyes as the small breeze hit me as I walked over to the window. I peered out and I could see the beach right in walking distance. I quickly turned to him, “The beach…? It’s that close.” He nodded and smiled as he sat on the bed, “Yeah babe.. maybe we’ll go later?” “Please.. at sunset.” “Absolutely.” I smiled and bent down and started to untie my shoes, a nap would do me good as well. After he took his shoes off he got up and went to the bathroom. I took that time to look around at things in his room. I laughed at the posters of old rock bands, and some of girls like Halle Berry. I collapsed into his bed that smelled just like him and listened to the sounds of the beach outside the window. It was such a comforting moment and I closed my eyes and took it all in. I was starting to drift off to sleep but, I heard the door close. I quickly opened my eyes and looked up to Bruno. “I’m sorry..” he said threw his teeth together. I smiled, “It’s alright Bru. Come lay with me.” I said patting the little space left on the bed.

He smiled as well and came over and squeezed in next to me. We intertwined our legs and he took me in his arms. I laid my head on his chest and listened to him breathe slowly. He started to play with my hair and my level of relaxation grew even higher. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be right now; in the love of my life’s arms in a beautiful place like Hawaii. His breathing, the sounds of the beach and the light breeze put me fast to sleep….


chapter 10

I woke up and instantly started to smile, I was just really happy right now. There we’re no words that could explain how good it felt to be here at home with Diamond. I looked up to my black rimmed wall clock over in the corner, it was almost 1 in the afternoon. I slowly pulled my arm from around Diamond and got up. I looked back to her once more time as I slowly opened the door and closed it. As I walked down the hall and I got closer to the stairs I could hear talking and laughter. I crept down the stairs and smiled when I seen my mom and Uncle Johnny sitting there. “Heyyy! Look who decided to come to town!” he said standing up from the table. “Aloha.” I said as I hugged him. He patted my back, “Look at you man.. how is everything?” I shook my head, “You know I’m just doing what I can and what I only know how to do.” He nodded, “And that’s what makes you different.” “And staying out of trouble in the mean time?” My mom said walking into the kitchen area. I knew exactly what she was talking about, “Yes ma’am.” “I know you just got here, but are you trying to gig tonight?” my uncle asked. I shrugged, “It’s all up to you, the family gigs are the best.”

“All right well I’m glad that you woke up just now. I gotta get going on a couple errands.” he said picking up his things. I nodded, “Alright just call me.” He kissed Bernie on her cheeks and waved as he walked out the door. I turned back to my mom and she smiled, “I’m so glad you’re here.” I pulled out a chair at the table and sat down, “I’m more then happy to be here.” She came over and pulled a chair up next to me, “So you ready to talk now?” I turned so that I was facing her, “I think now would be best considering no one is up here right now.” “First I wanna know why I don’t have any grandkids from you yet.” she said smirking. I laughed a bit and shrugged, “You know ma that’s a good question and I ask myself that too.” “Well… what exactly do you ask yourself? You’re not going to push around this question like you do in those interviews.” I laughed, “Well.. I just want to be a good dad, I want to be there for them and raise them up right. I don’t wanna be on tour or be in the studio all day while they’re just at home doing whatever. The time isn’t right.” She nodded slowly, “Does Diamond want to have kids?” I raised an eyebrow and shook my head, “More then ever.”

She smiled, “Well I know both of you will make time for it, and no matter how long it makes I’ll be here waiting.” she said rubbing my hand that I had laid on the table. I nodded, “I think that time is going to come a lot sooner then you think.” She smirked, “Oh really?” I shrugged, “I don’t know.. you know..” I couldn’t even finish the question without laughing. She laughed as well, “I missed you and your goofiness so much Bruno, you need to come home more often.” I took a deep breathe, “You know I’d rather be here then anywhere in the world.” She looked down, “I know.” We continued on for the next 40 minutes catching up. She asked me about the whole Las Vegas thing I told her the truth. She said that if it was up to her she would have made me go to jail just so I could have learned my lesson, but I reassured her that I have. I sat there looking around to family pictures on the wall while my mom started to cook something. I had missed her cooking so much and couldn’t wait to dig in. “Is Jamie at work?” I asked looking at a picture of her. “Yeah and Tahiti and the others are downstairs.” “They’re too good to come and say hi to me?” I joked. “Go ahead get them.. and don’t make them scream.” I quickly got up and pushed my chair in with a sly smile on my face, I had missed this entirely too much.

I went to the basement door and slowly pulled it open. I crept down the stairs and I could hear Tahiti and Presley talking about me, I wasn’t surprised at all. “Yeah he’s here up in the bed with his boo boo!” Presley said making Tiara laugh. The way that the couch was angled that wouldn’t see me unless I walked in front of them. I slowly crept towards them as they continued their conversation. “I think she’s good for him though, I talk to her on the phone a lot.” Presley continued. “Yeah? I can’t wait to meet her.” I raised my arms and shook the couch scaring them and making them scream. I laughed so hard I damn near fell on the floor. “Bruno I told you!” I heard my mom yell from upstairs. “I’m sorry!” I said still laughing. They both just stared at me. Presley threw a pillow at me, “Grow up!” I continued laughing and Tahiti shook her head at me. “You do not know… how much I missed that.” I said honestly. They both rolled their eyes and turned back to the TV. I went over and squeezed in-between them making them groan. “Oh I’m sorry.. was I interrupting something?” I said looking to the both of them. “Uhh.. yes!” Tahiti said sarcastically. I put both of my arms around them pulled their heads into my chest, “I missed you guys!” I said in a baby voice. They both laughed and got out of my grip.

Presley hugged me, “I missed you too.. what’s been up?” “Oh you know me.. staying on my grind and making this money one dime at a time.” I said out the side of my mouth. She rolled her eyes, “Stop it!” I laughed, “No.. but I just came from off tour I got a couple shows here in about a week.” “How long are you staying?” Tahiti asked. I looked over to her, “Let’s just say I’m going to be here awhile. What you want me to leave already?” I joked. She shook her head and smiled, “Of course not. I missed your loser self.” “Now.. I overhead a little conversation while I was coming down the steps.. Don’t you guys run her away!” They both laughed, “We won’t.” “Yeah.. okay… be nice.” I said pointing to the both of them. “Bruno… I talk to her all the time.” Presley said flipping threw TV channels. “Alright well good..” We continued on catching up as well and they told me that there was a party tomorrow night and that me and Diamond should go. Of course I agreed but, I still had to ask her first. I didn’t think she would mind though. After I was done I went back up to find my mom almost done cooking. “Diamond’s not up yet?” she asked turning to me. I shook my head, “I don’t know why.. she didn’t seem that tired.” “Well let her rest.” “Nah, I’ll go get her.” I said walking away. “You don’t have too.” “No ma, it’s cool I want her to get used to the time anyway.” I said walking up the steps.

I got to the door and I could hear her on the phone. I put my back against the wall and listened, she sounded upset. “I think I’m just overwhelmed. I’m so happy to be here and everything.. but at the same time it’s like I don’t deserve it.” I shook my head, I didn’t like when she talked like that, she did deserve everything. “I know.. I’m sorry to bother you.. I’m happy I swear it’s just the love that his mom gives me already and I haven’t even meet all of his sisters. It’s all so amazing and yet I’m just this girl from L.A. Everything in my life is finally right..” she said almost whispering. I smiled, I was glad I made everything right for her. I pushed myself off the wall and went for the doorknob. I opened it and she quickly wiped her face. “What’s wrong?” I said even though I knew exactly what it was. “Hold on Bru. Michelle I’ll call you later alright?” she said looking away from me. “Alright.. bye.” she said hanging up her phone. I went over and sat next to her, “Why do you always beat yourself up like that?” She looked up to me with tears still in her eyes, “I try not too.. it’s just my past.. you know I went threw a lot before I met you.” I took a deep breath, the conversations we had about each other’s past got really deep sometimes and it would almost have us both in tears. 

I put my arm around her, “Guess what? You got a future now.. we’re going to forget about the past. It’s over and done with. I want you to live for now, live for tomorrow.” She smiled and I pulled her into my chest, “I love you so much babe..” “I love you too.” “Now you can sit here and make you’re self more upset or you can come down with me and enjoy some of the hawaiian deliciousness.” She laughed, “Hawaiian deliciousness Bruno? Really?” I laughed as well, “Yeah.. I couldn’t think of a better word. She shook her head and I helped her stand up. “I’m just going to tell you now, you’ll probably get bombarded with a lot of questions in these next two days.” She rolled her eyes, “Oh god.” “I know you can handle it though.” I said as we walked down the stairs.

I took a deep breath as he pulled me down the stairs. I was hoping I could handle these questions and answer them without sounding stupid. “Ahh there she is!” Bernie said from the kitchen. I smiled as we walked to the table and took a seat. “Do you eat shrimp Diamond?” she asked me. I nodded quickly, “Yes ma’am I love shrimp!” I looked back over to Bruno and he smiled from ear to ear. Well if the questions are like that, then I’m sure I can handle them. “So when are ya’ll getting married?” Well never mind I thought to myself. “Well..” Bruno started to say……


chapter 11

I quickly shot him a look, I had no idea what he was going to say. He continued anyway, “We’re going to get married in February.” My eyes widened and I quickly looked back and forth between them. “Really? That’s really soon. I’m excited.” she said setting plates on the table. How was he just going to say that when it wasn’t true, I was so confused. As she turned around I mouthed what the hell to him. He just smiled and started to eat his food, I had no idea what he was up to. I watched as Bernie went over to a door that I assumed was the basement door, “Girls come and eat!” she said. I quickly looked to Bruno, “February?! We never discussed this.” He laughed, “We’ll talk about it when we go to the beach alright?” So many things ran threw my mind and I just smiled as his mom came back and sat at the table next to me. I finally looked down to my food and picked up a shrimp with my fork. I set it in my mouth and chewed, my taste buds went on a adventure. “Oh my god.. this is delicious..” I said stuffing more in my mouth. They both laughed and smiled.

The girls came up and they bent down and hugged me before they took their seats at the table as well. We had a pretty interesting talk about Hawaiian culture and things we could do while I was here. I was pretty excited for the day I would hang out with all of them. I loved how humble Bruno was around his sisters and his mom, he didn’t cuss at all and he talked with complete respect. After we ate Bruno’s mom said that she was going to go out to run some errands as well while me and Bruno went to get some different clothes on. “So babe.. we still going out to the beach in awhile?” I said pulling a bright orange shirt out of my suitcase. Hawaii was such a bright and beautiful place and I decided I would wear all my bright clothes. “Yeah.. actually do you want to walk the beach after we get dressed?” “Hell yeah.” I said smiling to him. He smiled as well and pulled out a shirt with a bunch of flowers on it. I looked down to the shirt and then up to him. “What?” “You’re wearing that?” I asked holding in a laugh. He laughed as well, “Yes.” Maybe he’ll be cute in it I thought to myself. I continued taking my things out and laying them on the bed as Bruno went and got us towels and washcloths. “Alright so you going in with me?” I looked at him in mock horror, “No.. your sisters are here..” He shrugged, “So.” I shook my head, “No.. because we’ll have sex..” He laughed, “I know how to control myself..” I started laughing really hard and his smile dropped. His face made me laugh even more, “Bruno that is the biggest lie you have ever told.”

He put on his fake mad face and dropped my things on the bed and walked out the room. I laughed and just shook my head, we would have our time, and I wanted it to be a good one. We spent the next hour getting dressed and I slid my feet into some flip flops. I wanted to feel the sand between my toes. I followed Bruno down the stairs and we went out the side door onto the patio. We walked down a small set of stairs until we got down to the street again. I could see the beach and palm trees slowly swaying in the distance. The water was a dark shade of turquoise. We walked about 4 minutes until I finally sunk my foot into the sand that reminded me of the color of our counters back at home in L.A. I looked around and there really weren’t many people here, a girl sunbathing and a couple guys tossing a football back and forth to each other. I loved how I could just listen to the waves clash against each other. Bruno put his arm around me and I looked up to him as the breeze ruffled the collar of his shirt a bit. He smiled to me and we kept walking. “So, what you wanna talk about?” “What about our wedding in February.” He giggled, “Yeah.. do you wanna do that?” I couldn’t believe we we’re having this conversation. “Of course Bruno..” “Alright well get to planning!” he said out the side of his mouth.

I put my head into his chest, “This is vacation is already amazing.” He kissed my forehead, “Not as amazing as you.” I stopped walking, “Bruno you and your comments!” Even after all of these years they still made me feel so special. He took his arm from around me, “What?!” I looked down like I was sad and he came closer to me, “Babe.. I’m sorry.” I couldn’t believe he actually thought I was mad. I quickly grabbed his fedora off his head and ran away almost tripping since I wasn’t used to running in sand. I lost my flip flops in the process. He laughed as he chased behind me, “Come on now!” I taunted him as I got closer and closer to the water. He finally caught up to me and grabbed me with one arm. I quickly tossed his fedora over into the sand and he took his glasses off with his other hand. He tossed them next to his fedora and then looked back to me with a sly smile. “You asked for this.” he said picking me up. I waved my arms and screamed like I was crazy. He started to walk out into the water, “Bruno, what are you doing?!” I yelled at him. Without responding he threw my into the water with all my clothes on.

Luckily I was a really good swimmer and soon as I went under I started to hold my breath. I watched Bruno’s legs under the water and after a couple of seconds he started to swim towards me. He grabbed by my shirt and pulled me up, “Babe are you okay?!” I laughed at how concerned his face was. He splashed water in my face, “Don’t do that!” Before I knew it we we’re having a splash war, just like we we’re kids. I knew we looked ridiculous to those few people who we’re on the beach. Now that he knew I could swim just fine he continuously dunked me into the water. We both laughed until we couldn’t anymore and after 5 minutes of playing, he finally gave up. He put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he just looked me into the eyes. We both leaned in and kissed each other with just enough passion for the moment. I grabbed his face with my hands and slowly rubbed his ears while I kissed him. As we unlocked he slipped his hands underneath my shirt and started to rub my lower back. We both just stared at each and our eyes talked for the both of us. I played with his wet curls and he kept rubbing my back. I knew the both of us we’re getting turned on by the second.

“You ready to get out?” he said raising a eyebrow. I nodded and released my legs from around him and we both swam out of the water. I never realized how far we we’re until we finally got up to the shore. We both ringed out our clothes and laughed at how stupid the both of us looked with our soaking wet clothes. “The sun is about to set.” he said pointing up to the sky. I turned around and looked up to sky and it was indeed turning orange. “I got the perfect spot to watch it from.” he said reaching out for my hand. I grabbed his wet hand and he lead me over to a palm tree a little bit farther up the beach. He sat down and leaned against the tree and I sat between his legs and laid back on his chest that was still wet. He played with my ears and I held in a laugh as I watched the sun slowly fall. It was such an amazing sight and I couldn’t have asked for a better feeling right now. After sitting in silence just taking in the beauty for 5 minutes the sun was finally about to be gone. “Goodbye sunlight.” Bruno said softly. I took a deep breath as the sun fell behind the skyscrapers. I leaned my head back and looked up to him and his upside down smile. He bent down and kissed me, “Let’s get home really quick before it gets chilly with these wet clothes on.” He helped me push myself up and we went about getting our things we had left scattered across the beach.

I loved how free we we’re able to be here, it was like we didn’t have a care in the world. He threw his fedora on his wet mess of curls and put his glasses on his shirt. We walked side by side talking about the good time we had just had and I knew tonight we would end up having sex some type of way. When we got to the patio he quickly turned to me, “So.. do you think you can be quiet..” he said softly turning me on a bit. “I mean.. it depends on what you’re doing..” He pulled me close to him, “I mean it’s been awhile and I kinda wanna go strong..” “Well, I’m most likely going to be loud..” I whispered. He laughed a bit, and then looked around as if he was thinking. “What are you thinking?” I said smirking. “Oh nothing.. I got a idea.” he said turning to slide the side door open. We walked in to the girls and Jamaro sitting on the couch. They looked at us like we we’re crazy. “We went swimming okay?” Bruno said for the both of us. “With clothes on?” Presley laughed. “Yeah, that’s what we do.” he said going towards the stairs. I laughed and shook my head as I followed behind him. I loved when he answered questions for me. As we got upstairs he opened the door for me and smirked as I walked in and he closed the door behind us.

As I turned around he grabbed me by my shorts and pulled me to him. “What’s your idea..?” I said softly looking at him in the eyes. “I’ll wait another day to be rough with you.. I just wanna make love right now.” I bit my lip, “Do it then Bru.”…….


chapter 12

This chapter is dirty. o.O You have warned, but enjoy!

I leaned in and slowly kissed her. I put my tongue into her mouth and moved my hands up to her hips. We made out until we’re both out of breath, I unbuttoned her shorts and they fell to the floor. I pulled my still wet shirt off while she unbuttoned my shorts. I stepped out of them as I kissed her again. She rubbed down my chest all the way down to my waistline and and I helped her pull her shirt off. “Lay down.” I said walking over to turn off the light. It got dark in the room and the only way we could see each other was by the moonlight that came threw the window. I went and crawled on top of her and grinded against her as I kissed her neck making her moan a bit. I quickly looked up to her and put my finger on my mouth. I could hear the door open downstairs and I was guessing my mom was back but, I wasn’t going to stop now.

I pulled her underwear off while we both just stared at each other. I pulled my boxers off as well and crawled back on top of her. I reached down and guided myself into her and she let out a soft moan and arched her back a bit. I held myself up with my arms on the bed next to her and went a little deeper inside her as she spread her legs more. I stared straight into her eyes and she started to moan my name softly. My bed started to make light noises as I kept going. I watched her as she reached down and gripped the blanket on my bed. “Does it feel good babe?” I whispered to her. She nodded slowly, “Yes Bru.” I bit my lip and went a little bit harder. She started to squeeze her legs against mine and I knew she was going to cum really soon. Her moans started getting louder then I wanted them to and I shushed her. “Brunoooo!” I heard Jamie say coming up the stairs. I started to panic and took one of my hands and put it over her mouth. She widened her eyes but, I kept going. I wanted her to cum so bad.

There was knock at the door but, I still didn’t stop they would have to wait. Diamond shifted her eyes over to the door and then back to my face. I just shook my head and kept thrusting in her making her moan threw my hand. “Oh my god.. I’ll come back later.” she said from the door. I smiled down to Diamond and she rolled her eyes. “Focus.” I whispered to her. She nodded and I took my hand from over her mouth. I let myself go and laid all the way up top of her. I grabbed her legs and spread them even more and she let out a huge moan as I went deeper again. She put her arms around me and I felt myself starting to sweat. “I’ve been waiting so long for this baby..” I whispered into her ear. She kept moaning and with the added noises of the bed, I was pretty sure everyone heard. But, I was at a point where I really didn’t care anymore. I needed her to feel all the love I had built up inside me.

After a couple of more strokes she came, and she came hard. I propped myself up again, “You just can’t ever be quiet..” I joked. “Well you keep doing this to me.. so..” I laughed and crawled off of the bed. I waved my hand signaling for her to get us as well. “I wanna try something a little new.. see how it feels..” I whispered. She raised an eyebrow, “Let’s do it.” I grabbed her hand and lead her over to the wall by my window. I grabbed her hips and turned her around making her face the wall. I got behind her and guided myself into her. I watched as she bit her lip when I got all the way in. I grabbed her hips and thrusted upwards slowly. “Oh my god Bruno!” she moaned. I made my grip on her hips even tighter, “Yes baby… I know..” I whispered. I put my chin into her shoulder and closed my eyes. It was feeling a whole lot better to me also. I felt myself starting to speed up and I put my hands on her’s that we’re on the wall. I intertwined our fingers together and started to hit her harder with each stroke. I kept moving our hands farther up the wall until they we’re far above us.

I even started to let moans escape myself as she started moving her body against mine. I said that I wasn’t going to get rough with her today, but I had changed my mind. I bent my knees a little bit more and went into auto pilot. I squeezed her hands as she got louder each time I hit her. I watched as I went in and out of her. I threw my head back and tried to stop the sweat from running in my eyes. I kept inching closer and closer to cumming and then I remembered that I couldn’t do it inside her. I didn’t want to ask because I knew it would get awkward. Instead I started sucking on her neck making things move a lot faster. After a couple of more strokes I closed my eyes. My face got tight as I was right on the verge of letting go. Before I could I quickly let our arms drop and backed away from her. She quickly turned to me, “What happened?” I put my hands on my hips and took a deep breath, “I can’t do it in you… remember…” “Damn..” she said shaking her head. I just looked around unsure of what to do. “You know what Bru… I’m going to face my fears.” she said walking towards me.

Without me responding she dropped down to her knees and took me in her mouth. I closed my eyes and put my hand behind my head as she went at it, taking all of me in her mouth within seconds. “Babe.. I’m gonna let go.” I said warning her. “Do it.” she said quickly. I dropped my hands to my side and softly thrusted in her mouth, it was the motion I was used too. She went down for the last time and I threw my head back and let out a couple of moans as I exploded. After I was done I looked back down to her and she rubbed my thighs as she stood up. “Fun.” she said smirking. I looked down and then back up to her face.. “You…” “Yes I did it.” she said cutting me off. I started smiling ear to ear as I took her in my arms, “I’m sorry if this is the wrong time to say this, but I love you.” She laughed and hugged me back, “It’s alright I love you too.” It was hard for me to wrap my mind around her doing that after so many years where she wouldn’t. I guess she was finally coming around and I loved it.

We both began getting back dressed and I realized that it was going to very awkward at the dinner table tonight. But, I was old enough to do things like this now, what could they say? I watched Diamond as she shook her head while she slipped into some sweatpants. “What’s wrong?” I said pulling my mickey mouse t-shirt on. “For one.. my arms hurt.. and for two I know everyone heard us..” I laughed at her first comment, “Well.. look just let me go down first and then after 5 minutes you come alright?” She shook her head, “Alright..” I slowly opened the door and closed it behind me as I went towards the stairs. I heard my sisters talking as I walked down the stairs. I tried to walk as if nothing had happened.

“Hey hey everyone.” I said smiling to them. They all turned to me and just stared.”What?” I said shrugging. “I don’t think I was ready for you to grow up.” Jamie said smiling. “Well.. I’m not little Brunito anymore.. I’m a man now..” “Doesn’t look like it..” Presley said under her breath. I shot her a look, “Don’t start with me.” “Hey hey.. chill.” Jamie said being the peacemaker like she always was. “Well.. I at least want to tell you that you’re in trouble with mom..” Tiara said. My smile quickly dropped, “In trouble.. what did I do..?” They all burst out into laughter. “He still does the same face!” Tahiti said threw laughter. “Ha-ha not funny.” I said going to the refrigerator. I pulled out the fruit punch and turned to get a glass when I saw Diamond coming down the stairs. She awkwardly smiled to my sisters and I just continued going into the cabinet to get my glass trying to make things less awkward. She came over and hugged each one of them as I poured my punch. I downed it all in one swallow and then went over and put my arm around her, “This here’s my baby.” I said smiling trying to make her feel comfortable.

“Oh.. we know.. she says you’re name loud enough..” Presley said under her breath again. I mean mugged her and then looked to Diamond, I could tell she was nervous. “Jeeeeze! I’m kidding guys…” she said walking away. We all started laughing and I was just hoping that she was actually kidding…….