Chapter 9 (long one)

17/06/2011 23:13

We got back in the room and I sat on the bed as he packed his suitcase. 

"Don't look so sad." he said and sat in front of me.

"I can't help it."

"It'll get better." he said and hugged me. "I have to go now. Are you okay?"

"No, but I have to be."

"Three days, really like two, okay maybe like one, today doesnt count because we are together now and it's practically tomorrow, so Tuesday really only counts because Wednesday is when I come home and we’ll see each other." I laughed at him and his mind. 

"Okay." I said laughing.

"There's that laugh I love." he grabbed his bag and motioned for me to go a head of him. I walked out and the band members were starring at me. 

"See you in one day." Bruno said at the door.

"One day." I promised, he gave me one kiss then backed out of the door. I closed the door slowly and stood there touching it. I turned around and starred at the empty hotel room. I went in the bedroom, turned on the TV and looked for a movie. I leaned back in the bed but poked something. I turned my head, OPEN ME, it read. I picked it up and opened it.

I got you something to take my place while I’m gone. Try to find it. -B


I smiled and stood up looking around. It took me a while before I found the first clue. It was a picture. It looked like fur, but it was only in the corner of the picture. I flipped it over:




Was all it said. “Trees.” I read. “Trees? Where are there trees?” I looked in the living room, nothing. I looked out the window, “Balcony, TREES!” I smiled and jogged to the balcony door. I looked outside and ran over to the potted tree on our balcony. I looked in the leaves and found nothing. I looked down in the dirt and moved some of it around I saw the corner of a piece of paper. I pulled it out and wiped it off. All it said was: 




“What’s furry?” I walked in and felt the bed, not really furry, I felt the carpet, kinda furry, I looked at the couch and smiled. The blanket on the back was furry. I rubbed my hands on it picked it up. A picture with the word ‘yum’ on it. I walked to the mini fridge and opened it, a single banana was in it. A piece of paper was wrapped around it that said:


Ring Ring


I jogged to the phone. I picked up the part you hold and looked at the base with the number on it. The zero key, room service key, had a smiley face sticker on it. I pressed it and someone picked up.

“Hello?” a girl asked.

“Hi, this is room 302-”

“I’ll be right up.” she said interrupting me. I hung up and waited in the living room. She knocked and I opened the door. There was a silver platter with a lid on it.


*Bruno’s P.O.V*

I threw my suitcase on the bed and unzipped it. I opened it and turned on my phone. 

“Where’s BJ?” Kenji asked me.

“In a special place.” I said smiling.  


*Nicholle’s P.O.V*

 I lifted it and saw a monkey.

I looked at it carefully, I’ve seen this monkey before. The girl left with the cart, I held the monkey in my arms. 

“BJ!” I said realizing it. I hugged him then found my phone. I held BJ in my broken arm and held my phone out with my left arm. I took a picture of me kissing the monkey. I sent it to Bruno. I looked at him and smiled the whole time. My phone dinged.

‘Who’s that? ?_?’ he wrote back

‘my lil monkey friend!’

‘you like him?’

‘yes, how come you gave him to me?’

‘because I figured you would need him more than I would.’

‘thank you.’

‘anything for you.’

‘(: alrite baby well I’ll let u go bc I knwo u got a concert tomorrow.’

‘ok ):’

don’t be sad, it’s one day remember’

‘right, see u tomorrow(: ’

I smiled at my phone and kept the TV on, I fell asleep eventually. 


I woke up to BJ’s face, I smiled. My stomach hurts, a little. 

“Oou, this doesn’t feel right.” I got up slowly and took a deep breath. I ordered some pancakes from room service so I could take my pain medicine. When it got here, I ate took my meds and got dressed. I open my door to go to Loba’s room, but she’s already there.

“Hey, I was comin to drag you down here.”

“Well I’m here.” she came in and saw BJ. “Did you take this from him?” she asked smiling.

“No, he gave him to me!” I said smiling.


“Where is he?”

“New York, concert.”

“Ohh, we should go shopping.”

“Yeah, I have to go check on Hoolie too.” 


I grabbed my purse, phone, locked our door and we left. She had a rental car that we drove back to my house. I filled Hoolie’s dishes and we headed out shopping. I got some sexy lingerie for a special night in the future. All day my stomach has not been feeling good. When we got back to the hotel Loba sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to her.

“So…” she started.


“I’ve noticed some changes in you lately, and I just had a question… are you carrying Bruno’s love child?!” 

“What?” I laughed at the way she said ’love child’. 

“I’m showing already?” I asked and stood up, I turned to the side and did see a little pouch. Oh my god I was just playing along…I looked bigger. I looked at her.

“So you are pregnant?” she asked me.

“The nurse said it could be that or food poisoning. The medicine she gave me for food poisoning worked though. My stomach was hurting all day, but oh my god.”

“May be you’re just getting fat.” she said after some silence. 

“Gee thanks!” 

“We need a party, get some people over so you’re not lonely and thinking about it the whole time.”

“Alright.” my phone buzzed.

‘After the concert tonight, can we webcam?’ it was from Bruno.

‘Yeah, um what time?’


‘C u then(:’


“We’re skyping at 10, should I tell him?”

“No, in person.”

“Yeah.” We called up some people and had a party in my room. Drinks and food were everywhere, but I didn’t drink any, just in case. 

“Nicholle, I know how much you love Bruno Mars, I found this video for you, you should see it. It made me weak in the knees.” Alyssa said on her laptop that she brought. We all walked over and sat around the screen. She put this link in: then skipped to the 4:00 mark of the video. Oh my god, words can not describe how this video made me feel. I have goose bumps watching this. I took a deep breath smiling when the video was over. Alyssa clicked on an interview that was taken today.

“Bruno mars in the house tonight!” the interviewer guy said.

“Yo yo.” Bruno replied.  

“That performance tonight man…them girls were goin nuts!”

“It’s all about the ladies..” Bruno said and popped his eyebrows. 

“When you did Our First Time…” Bruno started laughing a little. “Just by watching that we know you got somebody that you dedicated that to.”

“Definitely I do.” 

“You were thinkin of her while you were dancing all sexually and stuff.”

“Sexually?!” he laughed. “Well, incase she was watching, I had to give her a show. I had to leave her, to come here tonight.” I smiled.

“She’s one special lady.”

“The most beautiful in the world, too.” he said sweetly. 

“Aww.” the interviewer said.  Bruno smiled.

“Is there anything you would say to her right now?”

“That I miss her like crazy, and never wanna leave her again.”

“Look at you, mr. Romantic!” Bruno laughed it off.

“What are you doing tonight?”

“After party, duh!”

“Ooou, better be careful so you don’t get in trouble.”

“I would never do anything like that, with a girl like mine at home.”

“Man he’s scorin some major brownie points with his girl!” the interviewer said to the other guys there. They laughed. He kept asking him more question about his music.

9:50 rolled around and I decided to change into what I bought today to drive him wild. I sit at my desk in my room and turn on my laptop. I log into Skype and see Bruno is already logged in. A box pops up and I click on it, when he comes on screen I smile. 

"Hey sexy." he smiled, looking at what I was wearing, the music in the background was loud on both ends.

"Hi. How was the concert? Oh it looks like your face is getting better."

"Great. What are you wearing?" he asked licking his lips.

"You like? I bought it today, for my boyfriend."

"But wait, I'm your husband."

"I never said it was for you.." I said and let my hair down. "He's here right now, as a matter of fact." I grabbed BJ' making sure Bruno still couldn't see my stomach. "Here he is!" I smiled and held him close to my face.

"Aw." Bruno smiled. "But seriously now.. how you gon wear that while your talking to me and I'm away?"

"Just making sure you don't get in trouble tonight, with a special girl like me at home." 

"You saw the interview?" he asked blushing.

"A friend showed me-"

"Nicki, where's the extra clothes, Veronica spilled Bacardi all over her self!" Cherrie asked opening my door and coming in. She saw what I was wearing and that I was in front of the computer, "Oou who you talking to?"

"Peter cover you cam, don't undo it, till I say." the screen went black. "Nobody, the clothes are by the door. Wipe up the alcohol and I already know Alyssa is dancing right?"

"Yeah." she laughed.

"Record it this time, hurry!" I laughed, she left. "Okay Bruno you're good."

"What was all that?" he asked smiling.

"Having a party." 

"Damn a party I wanna be at." he said.

"But, yeah a friend showed me the concert too.." we starred at each other for a minute.

"What did you think?" he asked.

"That you can definitely work the middle any time you want!" I said playing with my hair.

He laughed, "I was singing to you, you know."

"I do now."

"BRUNO LET'S GO!!" I heard a girl yell.

"Who is that?" I asked.

"My sister, they surprised me and showed up to the after party."

"Oh okay.."

"What, you think I got someone here?"


"Baby, c'mon you know I lov-like you a lot." I starred wide eyed and smiling. "You're probably wondering why I didn’t say it.” I nodded a little. “I want the first time to be in person, not over the computer screen.”

“Oh.” I smiled.

“I hate to cut this short, but I have to leave.”

“Have fun.” I smiled.

“See you tomorrow.” he smiled.

“Bye.” I smiled. We logged off. 

“Ahh!” I fall over in pain. My stomach is squeezing, but opening, I don’t know, it hurt. I have to breath fast because I cant catch my breath. I lay there waiting for the pain to leave. I could finally breathe normally. I changed my clothes and went in the living room with a smile on my face. Whenever Alyssa drinks a lot she gets extra hyper and dances like crazy, she was still goin. I laughed at her. About three more hours, 1am,  we called it a night. Loba helped me clean and left at 2am. My stomach hurt too much to sleep, so I watched T.V. TMZ was on, I always loved watching TMZ.

“Bruno Mars getting into a car with someone...a girlfriend maybe?" TMZ reported. "Looks like too much rough time." they said circling my BRIGHT lime green arm.

“OH MY GOD!” I scream smiling. I jumped up, but fell over again, I couldn’t breath. Oh my god what is wrong with me? I got up and went in the bathroom. I spit up a little bit of blood. I laid in bed and closed my eyes.  


*Preeti’s P.O.V*


"Babe!" I yelled.

"Yes, Preeti what now?!" Xavier said bored walking in the bed room. 

"Are you sure your brother won't mind us coming?"

"Of course not! It's been YEARS! It'll be good to catch up."

"Hey turn that up." I said looking at the TV. he clicked the volume a few times. 

"Bruno Mars getting into a car with someone...a girlfriend maybe?" TMZ reported. "Looks like too much rough time." they said circling the girls BRIGHT lime green arm.

"What is she 15? Really a lime green cast?" I said laughing, "She looks like teenager!"

"Why are you getting so mad?"

"I'm sorry, I always get carried away because when I see him, I see you."  That wasn’t the whole truth. I know her, ugh!

"After two years you think you would know the difference, especially if I’m in the same room as you!" he laughed. "C'mon we gotta go." 

“When should we get there?”

“Around noon.”

“Alright. Kids!”

“Yes mommy?” Caleb said running in the bedroom, followed by Lucy and James.

“Go get your shoes on, we’re gonna leave now.”

“Yay!” they squealed and ran out. I turned off the TV, loaded the kids in the car and we were off.


*Nicholle’s P.O.V*


NEXT DAY(noon)


I woke up groggy, and with a dry mouth. My throat was dry and I felt tired. I got up and was light headed. I stumble my way to the bathroom and spit up more blood. I wiped my mouth and looked in the mirror. I didn’t look so good. The skin around my eyes were blueish/purple, and I looked pale. 


“Could that be Bruno already? Why didn’t he call?” I opened the door and saw Bruno, I think.


“Yeah, babe it’s me.”

“Whoa, you are not Bruno.”

“Why not?”

“Your voice is a little different, and where did your black eye go?”

“I got some cream and makeup from the makeup artist from the concert. No kiss?”

“I’m sorry.” he leaned down and kissed me, something was different.

“Xavier?” Some girl asked.

“Yeah?” Bruno said and pulled away.

“Xavier?” I asked.

“Did you just kiss her?”

“No, she thought I was Bruno, so she kissed me.”

“Preeti?” I asked the girl.

“Nicholle? The green cast, you were getting in the car with Bruno.”

“What are you doing here, and with Bruno? Why did you call him Xavier?”

“Because that’s Xavier.”

“Im not stupid, I know what Bruno looks like.”

“He has a brother.”

“Nicholle, is it?” The guy said.

“You don’t remember my name all of a sudden?” my stomach was really hurting now.

“I’m not Bruno-”

“Why did you kiss me, and you look just like him!”

“This is my wife.”

“You married her?!”

“Sis, calm down.” Preeti said to me.

“Don’t call me sis, I’m no longer your sister.”

“You two are sisters?”

“Biologically yes, any other way no!” I slam the door and walked away. My breathing starts getting fast again, and I felt dizzy. I turned on the TV, to try and calm me down. The TV was still set on TMZ’s channel. An hour passed by and a new episode came on.

“Bruno Mars with…a different girl?” they put a side by side of him and me yesterday, and him and Preeti today. “Looks like Bruno is doing pretty good for himself. Yesterday one girl, a new one today.” I turned off the TV and threw the remote at it. I stood up and kicked the couch, I hurt my foot. I started coughing, I leaned over trying to catch my breath. My vision blurred and I got extremely light headed. I tried to walk to the bedroom but fell over as soon as I touched the door knob. Everything went black.


*Bruno’s P.O.V*


I can’t wait to get home and see Nicholle. God I’ve never missed a girl this much before. Am I, Bruno Mars, falling in love? I’ve never felt like this, I think I love her. I smiled. An hour later I got to the hotel. I walked to the room smiling the whole time. I opened the door slowly, it was quiet, maybe she’s sleeping.

“Babe, I’m back!” nothing. I walked in and sat my bags down. “Nicholle?” I looked around, “NICHOLLE!” she’s laying on the ground, I ran over to her. “Nicholle, sweetie wake up.” I shake her, nothing. I roll her over, her face is so pale. “No, no, Nicholle.” tears run down my face. I grab my phone and call 9-1-1. When the ambulance got here I sat beside her in the back on the way to the hospital. We got rushed into a room, I wiped my cheeks, the tears were still coming out. They hooked her up to an oxygen mask, and put an iv in her arm.

“She’s dehydrated.” the doctor said. I was relieved a little. It still hurt to look at her like this. 

“There’s something else, but we won’t talk about it until she wakes up. Back came the nerves. 

When she finally did wake up I rushed over to her.

“What’s going on?” she asked getting scared.

“It’s okay baby, you’re dehydrated.

“Oh, why are you here?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you not remember today and what you did?”

“What? I was gone all day. I came home and found you passed out on the ground.”

“No, don’t fuck with me! I’ve been through a lot! I’ve been spitting up blood, getting dizzy and falling over non stop, find out your cheating on me with my sister, and I’m trying to hide my baby belly from you!” she yelled.

“What?” I asked tearing up again.

“Are you crying?”

“No.” I wiped my eyes. “Did you say baby belly?” she looked down. “Let me see.” I walked over and put my hand on her stomach, she smacked it away.

“What’s wrong?” I asked getting upset.

“You honestly don’t remember coming by with my sister and saying your name is Xavier?”

“Xavier? Shit!”


“He’s my brother.”


*Nicholle’s P.O.V”


I starred at him like he was nuts.


“We’re twins.”

“And I’m hearing about this now?”

“Well there was never an opportunity to tell you.”

“Knock knock.” the doctor said coming in. “How are you feeling?” he asked me.

“Not good.”

“Well, you’re just getting over food poisoning, you are dehydrated and you are pregnant.” I let out a deep breath.

“Here comes the bad news.”

“There’s more?” I asked.

“The baby isn’t going to survive.” I saw a tear roll off Bruno’s cheek. “Between the food poisoning and the dehydration, it’s not a stable enough environment for it to grow.”

“So what do we do?”

“It’s not worth spending all the money for an abortion, it should not be long that it’s living.” I started crying. “I’ll give you a minute.” he left.

“Shh.” Bruno said hugging me.

“How? I, I-”

“I know.” he rubbed my stomach. 

A few hours later I was released and we went back home. We sat on the couch in each other’s arm, he constantly had a hand on my stomach.

“Looks like you get what you wanted.” I said quietly.

“What? I never wanted this.”

“You said abortion. You cant take that back.”

“That was then, before I knew.”

“Knew what?”

“The feeling of being a father, knowing that a person is growing inside of you right now. The feeling that, I love you.” I smiled.

“I love you too.” he bent down and kissed me softly. He still kept his hand on my stomach.

“You heard the doctor though, we’re gonna lose the baby.”

“Maybe not.”

“Bruno, don’t get your hopes up.”

“If it doesn’t work, we will try again, and again until it works.” I smiled. He rubbed my stomach in circles and sang to me until we fell asleep.