Chapter 9

28/06/2011 13:04

*2 days later, back in L.A. – Sabrina’s P.O.V.*

I meet Eve one day after Bruno and I came back to L.A. to go for a walk. I take Sammie with me because Bruno is recording and working in the studio the whole day. He had to do some additional work cause of the absence of 3 days we spent in N.Y. The time on the yacht we spent talking a lot about our future and how we can fix our relationship again. We decided that I move back to our house as soon as we arrive cause Bruno didn’t want to stay one more night without me and Sammie in our house. ’Our house.’ To say this just feels so good. I’m truly happy but also concerned about the secret he hasn’t told me yet. I know it would be something I have to struggle with, but I want to know it so bad...

Eve asks me about every detail of what happened in N.Y. and I tell her everything: the romantic proposal, the party at Paolo’s, our second ’first time’, the day on the yacht, but also Bruno’s secret.


"What you think, Eve? What’s this secret about? I really have no clue what it could be.“ I ask her desperately. „I mean why can’t he simply tell me. Doesn’t he trust me? I forgave him his betrayal and told him that I’m gonna stick with him no matter what. So why can’t he keep his promise and just tell me honestly what’s up. This suspense really kills me.“ I sigh and turn the baby stroller into the stationery store. Eve has to buy some paintbrushes and drawing paper for her students, so we go in there.

"I don’t know Sabrina, just give him some time. I think he first wanna put up a solid relationship with you again and then he’ll tell you. It will all get better in time.“ Eve tries to figure out. She straightly goes to the painter’s section. I go to the magazine wall to get me the latest Vogue. While skimming through the covers my eyes get caught by one special cover. I take the tabloid and say shocked. "What the hell is that?“


*Bruno’s P.O.V.*

"Ok guys, I really have to go now. I don’t wanna let Sabrina wait any longer. I told her we’re going to diner tonight. So I’m out. See ya’ll tomorrow, then we finish that song, alrighty?!“ I tell Phil, Ari and Phred.

"Of course, man. I’m happy for ya that you both are back together. And I like the way you take over responsibility finally. I know it’s hard to be a father and husband sometimes. But you’re grown now... No more strolling around boy.“ Phil says and slaps my shoulder.

"Yeah I know, you’re right. But it feels great. I really love her, she’s the one... so see ya tomorrow.“ I answer and go out of the studio, to my car and drive home. ’Home.’ I think to myself. ’That house now feels like a home, it wasn’t without her and Sammie. I can’t risk to loose her one more time. All she wants is that I’m truthful. I have to be honest and fair. Maybe today I’ll tell her about Kelly and the kid. If I wait any longer she may thinks that I don’t trust her. And then she loses her trust in me aswell. So today I tell her everything.’ I decide and stop shortly at a flower shop to buy her a bouquet of white roses, her most favorite ones. I arrive at home and go into the house.

"Baby, I’m home. Ready for diner? I’m starving.“ I yell into the house but get no answer. I go into the living room and kitchen, but can’t find her. So I yell her name. Then I hear steps on the stairs. I go back to the hall and look up the stairs. Sabrina’s coming down with a serious, kind of sad look.

"Shhh, you have to scream like that? You wake up Sammie. He just fall asleep.“ She says to me annoyed.

"Sorry, babe. I wasn’t expected him to be here. I thought Eve will take care of him while we’re going to have a romantic diner for two.“ I say smiling and show her the roses I brought with me in the hope that will lift her mood.

"Well sometimes it doesn’t go the way you expect.“ She just says passing by and not caring about the flowers at all.

"Ok. What’s wrong? Why you are in such a bad mood?“ I ask her putting the flowers on the kitchen table and follow her to the living room. She turns on the T.V. fully ignoring me and what I asked and sits down at the couch.

I sigh and sit next to her. "Babe. What’s up? Why you’re so angry?“ I ask again, but waiting vainly for her response. I take the remote and turn off the T.V. "Can you please talk to me? What did I do, Sabrina?“ I ask more demandingly.

She looks at me. „Hm now you’re the one who rules at what time I can watch T.V. or what?“ She says angrily and whips the remote out of my hand.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Why can’t you say what bothers you?“ I scream at her.

"Oh I should tell you everything but you keep secrets from me and lie to me continual. Well if you think so, NOT with me! It’s not gonna work like that, Bruno.“ She screams back at me but then tries to lower her voice because of Sammie.

"What the hell? What are you talkin about?“ I asked confused and think. ’Did Kelly say anthing to her? No she wouldn’t do that.’

"You wanna know what I’m talkin about, huh? Now look at this.“ She says and digs a magazine out of the rack. She holds it in front of my face and I am shocked at what I see. The headline says ’Bruno Mars – 2 women, 1 night... who will he pick?’ Right under it are three big pictures. One with Sabrina and me dancin tight shot at Paolo’s. And below stands ’Bruno Mars back together with his estranged wife?...’ The other two pictures show Kelly and me. On one we are hugging tight and on the other one I knee in front of her with one hand on her baby belly and she smiles. Below these pictures stands ’... or is he building up a new family with this unknown beauty. Hard choice, Bruno. Maybe a threesome?’ I feel anger coming up within me. "These damn paparazzis why can’t they just let me live and stop bothering me with that shit?“

"Shit?! These pictures don't look like fake! Botherin YOU?! Is that all you’re thinking about? Yourself? Hell I thought a little bit different when I saw this, Bruno. You wearin the mothafuckin same clothes in all 3 pics and have your fuckin hand on her fuckin pregnant belly!!! Does it look like this when you give autographs and do pics with some fans, as you told ME? In a small room??! I can’t believe you lied to me after we had this amazing time. I feel so stupid...“ She says and sits back on the couch.

"I know this might look like I met this woman planned and...“ I begin to explain her but she interrupts me.

"Bruno I don’t wanna hear any lame excuses and lies anymore. Just come straight to the point and tell me who this woman is and what you did with her in another hotel room, while I sat in OURS WAITING FOR YOU! TELL ME DAMNIT NOW!“

I sigh. „Okay.“ I sit next to her and tell her everything about Kelly, the affair I had with her, her pregnancy and what happened this day in the hotel. She listens to me patiently without interrupting me. When I finished I sigh reliefed and lean back at the couch.

"Yeah that’s it, Sabrina. Now I told you everything. I know I should've told you earlier, but I couldn’t. I was scared that you will instantly leave me again and I didn’t want to risk that. I’m sorry, but please understand me.“ I take her hand and caress it.

"And what do you expect from me now? Should I welcome this chick to our family or what? I can’t believe you were so incautious. I mean I know that you can’t live without sex. And I didn’t expect you to be celibate after our break, especially on tour. But why didn’t you protect yourself?’“

"I did. But I think I was too drunken to use it properly. I can’t remember.“

"Wait you used condoms and she still got pregnant? Are you sure the baby’s your’s?“ Sabrina asks me with a suspicious tone.

"I haven’t thought of that yet. But I don’t think she cheated on me. She loved me and still does somehow...I mean she was quite all the time with me or the guys...“

"The guys? Maybe someone wanted to get a chance too. She was just an affair, right?“ Sabrina says doubtful.

"Hm I don’t know. Can be possible... Maybe... Now that I think about it. Roger was pretty after her, too. Hell I haven’t thought of that at all yet. What if it’s not mine? That would be... for us I mean...“

"Hm yeah that would be good for YOU, Bruno. Alright at least I’m glad that I finally know about it now. All the suspense was killing me and then I saw this damn pictures. Please don’t do that to me anymore! You can talk to me about everything. I stick with you no matter what, okay? Coz I love you! Got it now?!“ Sabrina says and hugs me. I hug her back and wants to kiss her right when Sammie begins to scream. I sigh and Sabrina giggles.

"I guess there’s someone don’t wanna let you get a chance on me.“ Sabrina smirks and wants to stand up. But I hold her back. "Wait I’m doing that now. You had a stressful day, now I’m takin care of Sammie and you relax.“ I say and give her the remote.

"Okay daddy. Let me know when you need any help.“ She says and leaning back on the couch.

"Ah com’on. That can’t be so difficult huhm. I can do that. I learned with Phil’s boys.“ I say confident.

"Hm okay. If you say so.“ She smirks. "Oh and yeah the diapers are in the yellow dresser.“

"The what?“ I ask and she busts out laughing...