Chapter 9

23/04/2011 22:59

At last we were back together. The court awarded me lots of money for there wrongful judgement. But I didn't care about the money. All I wanted was to be back in his arms. And when I finally did he had to go. He promised he would come back but I doubted it


"I have some bad news" Bru said

"What could be wrose then what's happened the pass few years" I said

"I'm going on tour and I don't think you should come with me" he said "I think its safer for you to stay here"

"Wh-What""We just got back together and you want to leave me again" I said

"I don't want to leave you but I love music too much to just let it go""I'll come back for you I promise"

"Well don't even bother" I said

He gave me one last glance and walked out the door. Out of my life.


Ever since he left my life went crumbling down. All I ever did was have one night stands to fill in the hole he left in my heart. I drank and did drugs to forget about him. But I just couldn't. Eventually I would end up in jail for a few days and someone who bail me out like always. I lost my house. My car. My life. Most of the time I slept at my one night stands house. Then I would just move on.

Move on with what? I thought to myself.


It was another Saturday night. I dressed up all nice so I can pick someone to stay with for the night. I was sitting at the bar table drinking when someone tapped me on the shoulder. My heart literally skipped a beat right there and then when I saw who it was.

"Well Lookie here Lookie here what do we have"...