Chapter 9

03/07/2011 16:13

#Chapter 9 I can't get her out of my mind like I did with other girls…she's different.


I was at the recording studio with the hooligans for more than three hours now, searching for something that I could write down on this paper. Nothing. The night at the club completely killed me. Plus, remembering Kaylee upset like that after I almost...made out with her best friend hurt me a little. All these things were turning loop in my head. Seven hours of sleep, I think that's all I got. I told my boys that nothing would be write as long as I'll be that tired. They told me to get some rest in the sofa while they'll be in the booth, finding a melody. I nodded and sat. A few minutes later, I was already sleeping.




_Patience Brunz, patience! Phil told his friend.

_She didn't call me! I said, disappointed and stressed at the same time.

_B. you really have to wait and see.

_Imagine she never calls me?! 

_Stop being that effin DRAMA QUEEN, that's not like it.

_Wow, I want to see her like now! I said, seeming like desperate.

_Well, if she doesn't call you back the world won't stop to spin around okay? and you know what muthas? you'll still be able to call her auntie and BOOM, ask for Kaylee! he said, proud of his answer.

_I don't want her aunt to know that I like her...

_Man, I sincerely think that she already knows it.

_Whatever…I WANT HER TO CALL! I kept saying to Phil. 


Yes, that's true. This girl completely made me spinning around. I can't help but hope that she'll call me someday. 

I dreamt about her tonight, I could see her smiling, laughing and turning red. I love the way she was ashamed but happy. And when she smiled, oh my god, my whole world stopped and stared for a while. She's so beautiful, it's crazy. Plus, I don't know but there's something about her…I just love her. I can't get her out of my mind like I did with other girls…she's different. 

Phil was tired of seeing me desperate like that so he told me to dress myself and then he put me in the car, i mean, he totally forced me to get in the car and then he drove me to the grove, this big mall with shops and shops and stores and shops and stores and…oh…stores again! 

Phil was so happy to see all these stores again. Actually we were barely back from Europe and he ain't got time to go shopping again until now. Check him out, a 37 year-old acting like a baby boy at Toys'r'us. "Bruno, come on man!!! it's FOOT LOCKEEEEERSSS" he yelled. Damn, this is precisely what I was telling you. He entered like a rocket in the store and tried a lot of shoes and caps while I was siting next to the water fountain. "You don't wanna come bro?!" Phil asked to me, very surprised. "It's okay, I wait for you outside." I replied, a little bit blazed. Well, for the moment all I wanted was fresh air because I was totally suffocating, the stress took me over and I was staring at my Blackberry every seconds. Suddenly, when I was expecting for no one to recognize me or something, a bunch of fans, who could barely believe I was there, looked at me 12473893748493 times before to scream at the top of their lungs and come to me, -almost running- asking for autographs, hugs and pictures. This made me laugh a bit, all these girls loving me, the tiny little hawaiiano, while I was loving someone too and supplying the Lord to make her call me. "Bruno, please, stop staring at your phone! You mustn't act like the desperate boy -even if you are this person tho-" I told myself, faking a smile to pretend everything was okay, signing autographs and hugging people.

When Phil bought all he wanted, I asked to him to go back to my house. I was way too much preoccupied by Kaylee to care about something else. We were walking back to the car when I ran into a woman. 


_Oh my god I'm so sorry madam! I said without even looking at her. 

_Bruno? she said, surprised.

_Yes? I said, turning myself around. Jeanine?! Oh my god! What are you doing here? I said, totally hyperventilating.

_Oh, how lovely! Jeanine! Come here! Phil said, hugging Kaylee's aunt.

_Oh are you guys? she friendly asked.

_Hmm, I'm pretty good but I can't say the same about Brunz! Look what I bought! he said, showing her what he bought, happy.


Jeanine quickly looked at what Phil bought and asked me why I wasn't okay.


_Don't worry, I'm gonna be better…I said with a smile.

_No Bruno, I know you for a longtime now and I can tell you're not okay! I bet it's about a girl….

_Yeah exactly, "a girl". Phil said, ironic.


I punched his arm, he screamed.


_What was that?! Jeanine said, frightened by Philip's scream -she wasn't looking at us when I punched him-.

_No…Phil sighed…nothing!


Jeanine nodded and went back to her discussion with me.


_Well, I hope this girl didn't hurt you B. because you're such a sweetheart and forgive me about my language but she would have been a cunt if she would have hurt you. You deserve someone who treats you with respect and who loves you. Oh, by the way, do you remember about my niece Kaylee?


I suffocated, coughed. Seriously? If I remember about Kaylee?! The hell, I can't even think about something else but Kaylee…if only she could know about it.


_Hm…I"m sorry, my throat is dry. I said, trying to recover a normal voice.

_Okay, so i was saying, do you remember about my niece Kaylee? she asked to me.

_Yeah, of course. How's she? I took the opportunity to talk about her.

_Well, she's fine. And I was talking about her B. because you know, I think she's one the I tell you you needed. 


I suffocated and coughed again. Oh my god, she wants me to be dead or what?! Of course, she could be the one.


_Do…trying to recover my voice again…you really…think she likes me? I asked to her, surprised.

_Please. Bruno. You're her idol, you're Bruno Mars. She got tons of posters of you in her room, it's crazy! 

_Really?! I said, very very surprised.

_Gosh yeah! You know what? I think it could be amazing if you could be able to come and eat with us tonight, don't you think? 


WHAT?! She wants me to come for the dinner?! An another chance to be next to her again. I wouldn't miss it. 


_It'd be a pleasure. I said with a smile.

_Okay B., that's really nice of you! She's going to be so excited! Well, no. I won't tell her. It's going to be a surprise. Wow, she's going to love me! she said, laughing.


We both laughed. Kaylee's auntie looked at Phil and said "Of course Phil you can come if you want to!". He replied that it was nice of her but that he already planned something and that he would be there next time. He told her to say "hi" to her husband too. He was a really nice guy.

Later in the day, Phil told me that if he refused to come it was because of me and that he didn't even plan to do something. He wanted to give me the chance to see her, alone -or almost-, again.

"Thank you buddy!" I said, happily. I had the best friend on earth. 


It's already late and I didn't even find something nice to wear for tonight yet but I'm sure they won't notice what i'm wearing. What if they do I don't think they'll be dressed as for a big event or something. I'm not such a big deal, I'm Bruno Mars. 

I checked my whole wardrobe and all I could put on was this white shirt with this gypsy woman on, red and black checkered jacket, black pant, my blue jean converses and a fedora. Well, I think it's good enough for a friendly dinner. I went to the bathroom and combed my hair, I did that sexy pose and turned lights off. I take a look at my watch, oh god it's time to go. 

I arrived in front of Jeanine's house. I parked and took the two bouquets of roses that I brought for the two girls of this house and I knocked at the door.

Kaylee opened the door to me. When she saw me the only thing she did was covering her mouth with her hands and crying. I gave her the roses and she burst out crying in my hair.

_It's okay honey. -I whispered in her ear- Did you really think I was joking about the phone number, that it was a fake one or that I did that only to have fun? 


She didn't answer anything so I take that as a "yes", she thought I was playing with her and I can't blame her, she doesn't know me but trust tonight it'll be different.

I heard Kaylee's auntie told her from the inside of the house "Kaylee are you okay? Please, invite our guest to come in!". She could barely tell me to come and closed the door behind me. I said "hi" to Jeanine and her husband and she told me to sit on the couch. 


_So Bruno, how are you? How where your concerts in Europe? Jeanine's husband, James, asked to me.

_Oh i'm good James! By the way, thank you for the invitation, it's a pleasure to be here right now! i said, looking everywhere, searching for Kaylee.

_You're welcome B., you're a gentleman and gentlemen are my friends. James said, laughing.


Everyone laughed. We sat around the table and Jeanine brought plates of delicious food in. I was sitting next to Kaylee. She didn't speak that much, she was breathing hard. Damn, why that?! I'm not that dish.

I was a bit nervous to be next to her too tho but I tried to hide it and have fun. During the dinner, I put my hand on her thigh. She rolled her eyes and looked at me, shocked. I smiled and rubbed it. She took my hand, wanting to remove it from her thigh but I interlaced mine in hers. She didn't even dare to move after that. She tried to keep looking everywhere but in my direction, she didn't want her aunt to suspect anything. She talked to them like nothing was currently happening. After the dessert, I told them that I had to come back to my house because it was about to be the midnight. Jeanine brought the coffee and we drank it, still joking or talking, like at a friends dinner. When it was the time for me to go, Jeanine thanked me for this great night, so I did too. I walked towards the front door, Kaylee took me back to the door. She was standing next to the door and I was in front of her, outside. "Thank you for the night", she said, shyly. "No thank you, i had a great time", I said, smiling with all my teeths. I started to walk back to my car. Kaylee was waiting for me to go before to close the door. I turned around and quickly walked towards her. She seemed really surprised. I took her head in my hands, closed my eyes and gave her the most passionate kiss ever. I breathed hard and she breathed hard. She had a big smile on her face. I kept her hand in mine, I didn't wanted to go but I had to. I started to walk backwards to keep looking at her and turned around, getting in my car. I waved at her and took the way home.


My name is Bruno Mars, I'm a celebrity and I will always love her.