Chapter 9

04/09/2011 11:47


"Shhhh, its okay. He showed you he's not good for you." I'll make sure Sasha dumped him. He cheated on the PERFECT woman?! How dare he! I calmed her down for 30 minutes. We walked into the building.

"Let me guess, youre Bruno," a lady who sits at the counter said right after we walked in.
"Yes, I'm Bruno." we shaked our hands.
"And this is?" she looked at Sasha.
"My-" i couldnt finish my word when Sasha snapped it.
"I'm his girlfriend." Sasha shaked her hand. The lady looked disappointed and Sasha winked at me. I was shocked. I still cant believe she said that!
"Wait here," the lady pointed us to a couch. We both sat there.

"Why did you tell her that youre my-"
"Girlfriend? I'm just playing around. Look at her face ! Monday jokeeeeee! hahaha," she laughed until she cant breath. I wish she really mean the word girlfriend.

"Mr. Bruno," a man in a tux came to me. We shaked our hands.
"And youre?" i asked.
"Taylor" he smiled. "And this beautiful lady is?"
"Sasha," she smiled. Her face turned red. "His girlfriend." she lied again! Damn Sasha, every time you said that, my heart skips a beat!
"Too bad," he winked. "Back to the story, let go inside the room and show me what you got."
"Alright, sir." i said.
"Come on, call me Taylor." he smiled and lead us inside the room. "Okay, make me proud." he smiled. I started to sing.
       When I see your face,
       Theres not a thing that I would change,
       Cause youre amazing, just the way you are.

I stopped and about to sing another song.
"Wow! Your lyrics ! Your voice ! Its amazing dude ! Well, of course, your girlfriend is your inspiration!" he smiled. Sasha's face turned red.
"And?" i asked.
"Lets sign the contract!" he smiled again.
"Wait, NOW?" i asked.
"Yes, now" he laughed. I'm so excited. But then, i realizes, what to wear? I started to sing.
    I want to be a billionaire, so fucking bad.
    Buy all the things I've never had.

"Wow! You should finish that lyrics and we can collaborate it with someone!" taylor smiled.
"Sure," he smiled and we says goodbyes. We ate dinner and went shopping (She insisted to buy me new clothes and fix my hair) and went back home. Me and Sasha  were laughing in front of our apartment building when suddenly she stopped and her face changed. I saw Kevin.

"hey baby," Kevin smiled and tried to kiss her.
"I'm not your fucking baby, and we dont kiss. REMEMBER?!" she stepped back.
"What happened?" Kevin asked. He glared at me.
"You cheated on me, now, get the fuck out of my life." Sasha slapped him. He didnt move. She walked through the door and Kevin grabbed her arms. I punched his face and he's on the floor. I pulled Sasha inside the lift and she started crying. She locked herself in her room. Crying is all she knows.

       All she knows is the pain in the corner of an empty home,
      She's so comfortable. I want her to know,
      It can be better than this, I cant pretend,
       Wish we were more than friends.

She stayed in her room but she let me in. I sat next to her on the bed. 
"Dont be sad. I'm here, okay?" i told her. She looked into my eyes. She stood up and stand in front of me. I looked at her face. She came to me slow. She kissed me slowly. I can feel her tongue inside my mouth. She pushed me on her bed and i lay on it. She sat on me and kissed me again. She suck my lips and she kissed me again. I hold her face and kissed her back.

"Sasha?" i stopped kissing her. She opened her eyes.
"Yes B?" she smiled.
"Why did you kiss me? Why you and Kevin never kiss?" i asked. Curious about everything.
"Because, Kevin is NOT Mr. Right. And I miss my old Bruno where he's the happiest man alive before i told him I like Kevin. And now, I wanna know, if my old Bruno will come back to me after I told him, I love him, more than bestfriends. But, if you dont want, then we can be-" her eyes started to sparkles. 
"I can be your boyfriend." i smiled. She started to kiss me again. "You want to know something darling?" i asked her.
"What Bruno?"
"I wish we were more than friends since we were 8 years old. And look at us now. We're 18!" I smiled and kiss her.
"Awww, now, I know, why my family said that I've found my soulmate since I was small. My soulmate is you. Mr. Right aka Mr. Perfect is you! I should open my eyes earlier! And you! You should say you love me more than friends-" i kissed her. I dont care about the world. Finally, she realised it.